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Trivia: Street Fighter III
  • The Danza: Makoto is voiced by Makoto Tsumura, also the voice of Astro Boy.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • For Dudley, there's Studley, Dudeley, Doodley, and (to a much lesser extent) Duddles.
    • Gilley for Gill.
    • Due to Urien's Unfortunate Name, there're Urine, Piss, and many others...
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • The Other Darrin: All the returning characters, sans Ibuki and Akuma, got new voice actors in 3rd Strike.
    • Michael X. Sommers voiced Alex in the first two games, Patrick Gallagan in 3rd Strike (complete with a noticeable Brooklyn accent).
    • Bruce Robertson voiced Dudley in New Generation and 2nd Impact. Francis Diakowsky (the voice most commonly associated with Dudley) voiced him in 3rd Strike. Averted in the case of Naomi Kusumi, as he is Dudley's first Japanese voice actor.
    • Yun was voiced by Koji Tobe in New Generation and 2nd Impact. Kentarō Itō takes over for 3rd Strike and all subsequent appearances.
    • As for Yang, Wataru Takagi voiced him in the first two games, and Masakazu Suzuki assumed the role in 3rd Strike.
    • Michael X. Sommers voices Necro in the first two titles, Lawrence Bayne voices him in 3rd Strike.
    • Isshin Chiba (the voice of Dio Brando) voiced Sean in New Generation and 2nd Impact. Mitsuo Iwata ("That's MISTER Kaneda (or Kusanagi, if you prefer)for you!") takes over in 3rd Strike.
    • Hotaru Fujino voiced Elena in New Generation and 2nd Impact. Mie Midori was her seiyuu for 3rd Strike.
    • Averted with Ibuki. Yuri Amano was the only seiyuu besides Akuma [Tomomichi Nishimura] to keep voicing her character after 2nd Impact.
    • Kan Tokumaru voices Oro in New Generation and 2nd Impact, Takashi Matsuyama voices him in 3rd Strike.
    • Yuji Ueda is the voice of Urien in 2nd Impact, Lawrence Bayne in 3rd Strike.
  • Name's the Same: In terms of Makoto's special moves, one of them (Hayate) is named after a swordsman from the Street Fighter EX series.
    • She also shares her name with another incredibly strong female fighting game character, Makoto Nanaya.
  • Promoted Fanboy: In Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, the last of the ten parrying trials is "EVO Moment #37", a.k.a. "The Daigo Incident."
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Michael Sommers, the voice actor of Alex, also provides the voice of Necro in New Generation and 2nd Impact.
    • Len Carlson is Q and Hugo, and Lawrence Bayne is Gill, Urien, Necro, and Twelve.
    • Bruce Robertson, the voice actor of Dudley, also provided the voice Gill and the annoucer in New Generation and 2nd Impact.
    • Wataru Takagi and Koji Tobe (the seiyuu of Ryu and Ken in the first two titles of the III series) also voiced Yun and Yang in those games.
    • Necro has the same voice actor as Alex in New Generation and 2nd Impact. In 3rd Strike, Lawrence Bayne voices Necro, Gill, Urien, and Twelve.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: A rumor was circulating that Makoto was originally going to be Ryu's sister, which may explain their resemblance.
  • What Could Have Been
    • Believe it or not, Dan was considered for Street Fighter III.
    • Sean was initially supposed to the only Ryu/Ken-type in Street Fighter III. If that would have remained, he may have still been wet behind the ears, but he probably wouldn't have been nerfed in 3rd Strike. Heck, he probably wouldn't be treated like a joke.
    • Gill's original design was to have him manipulate light and darkness. However, Capcom, for many reasons, decided to use the fire/ice alignment to showcase their spiffy new hardware. His secondary color is a reference to the original direction (but he still retains fire and ice control).
    • The dev team planned to include Hugo in New Generation, but he had to be Dummied Out due to time constraints.
    • Shin Akuma might have possibly been planned to appear in Third Strike, as he has nearly complete Dummied Out code in the game and can be completely playable with a hack.

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