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Tear Jerker: Street Fighter
Somehow, even Street Fighter manages to get in on the heartstring tugging action.

Moments from the Games

  • In Super Street Fighter 4, a couple of the endings are genuinely sad, namely Guile and T Hawk's endings. Guile's is more bittersweet, as he visits Charlie's grave and has a toast on it, vowing to finish his takedown of Shadaloo so that Charlie can have closure. T Hawk's is genuinely depressing, as he finds Juli/a with Rose's help, but her experience with Shadaloo has totally traumatized her, and she is unable to remember who Hawk even is. Guile's can put a bit of a glow in your heart knowing that he succeeded, since Shadaloo is gone by Street Fighter 3's events, so Charlie can rest in peace, but Hawk's ending is probably one of the most depressing things you would ever see in a fighting game.
  • Guile's original ending in SFII was a big-ass tearjerker, actually. Julia and Amy practically have to beg Guile to not kill Bison because they don't want him to lower himself to commit deliberate murder and plead with him to return home with them. One single, simple phrase can still make a player sniffle like a little child once in a while:
    Guile: "A-Amy? Is that... my little Amy...?
  • The Alpha series gives us Juni's downright heartbreaking ending, where she and Juli (aka Julia, T. Hawk's friend/girlfriend) hug each other in front of Bison's body as they become Empty Shells (And they won't get better for a LONG time.) The montage in which Charlie and Chun-Li discuss the project that made them borderline Robot Girls really dosn't help.
    Juni: We are... we are... Always... Sir Bison's...
  • Whether you ship Guy and Rose or not, the scene in Guy's ending where Guy holds Rose in his arms and begs her not to give into darkness is pretty heartwretching. And it becomes a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming in Rose's own ending, since she hears his voice and manages to wake up.
  • Decapre's ending in Ultra Street Fighter IV. To put it mildly; Cammy may have become an agent for Bison all over again, just to save her "sister" Decapre.
  • Cody's entire character developement from Final Fight to Street Fighter. In Final Fight, Cody and his best friend Guy fought to rid the city of the Mad Gear gang, and rescue Cody's girlfriend Jessica. And while both were lauded as heroes, Cody was thrown into prison by a corrupt cop he had defeated along the way. While in prison, he developes an addiction to fighting that he carried with him when he got out, resulting in him walking the streets, looking for even the slightest reason to fight. When he is thrown back into jail, everybody but his best friend Guy abandon him. Eventually, he breaks out of prison to enter the various World Warrior tournaments. And while deep down, Cody is still a hero who longs to return to what he once was, he seems to have mostly convinced himself that he can never be a hero again.

From the film

  • Guile's (fake) death earlier on can qualify to those of us who watch the movie without much familiarity with the series, and so end up getting the impression he was Killed Off for Real.
  • Charlie is mutated and tortured halfway into insanity, and then he, and the man who tried to help him die in an explosion. Talk about depressing!
  • Before the final battle, Guile reminisces some happy memories he had with Charlie with Worth Fighting For by Angelique Kidjo playing.

Moments from the Animated Media (original animated movie, Street Fighter Alpha The Animation, Street Fighter Alpha Generations, the USA cartoon, SFII V, The Ties that Bind, etc.)

Moments from fan works

  • Ryu: Then and Now, an animated short made by Egoraptor (of Game Grumps and Awesome Series fame). The short begins with Ryu during the SFII days, getting ready to take on the world. It then skips ahead to 20 years later, in which he is now a businessman. The short ends with him looking at a picture of his young self and remembering the good ol' days, and starting to tear up as he does so. Anyone who grew up with the series is sure to shed a tear when watching this.
    • It becomes even more sad when you read the comment from e69alpha, who symbolizes the video with the Capcom company as a whole. (how they used to be so fun and exciting, but now all they care about is business and money)

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