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Fridge: Street Fighter
Fridge Brilliance
  • Cody's theme in SSFIV is heavily based off of the intro from Final Fight. The rapper repeats the words "Turn the beat back!" quite often. This is a look into Cody's psyche; he longs to relive his glory days as a hero and get out of his funk, but sadly has convinced himself that things can never go back to how they were.
    • Near the end, the song gets rather uplifting and whimsical...until it loops and goes back to being a gritty rap. More than likely, it's Cody remembering his time as a hero, only to go back to his current, uncaring self.
  • In Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Makoto is introduced as a upper-tier, fairly strong (competition-wise) character. When she's added to the roster in Super Street Fighter IV, her tier ranking takes a nosedive and she unfortunately ends up as bottom tier and the only character lower than Dan. However, Super Street Fighter IV takes place prior to 3rd Strike in universe. Makoto at this time would most likely have limited experience battling against different styles of martial arts, having just inherited the dojo. When she realizes just how much she has yet to learn, she returns home to Take a Level in Badass and undergo Training from Hell before making her return in 3rd Strike and becoming a high tier character.
    • Kinda doesn't work anymore now that Makoto has risen quite high in the tier lists thanks to the buffs she got in Arcade edition and Arcade edition 2012.
  • One aspect of the US marketing was slapping on surnames to some characters, and Ryu became Ryu Hoshi. Factor in the Japanese name order, and it ought to be Hoshi Ryu. And 'hoshi' means 'star' so the full name in kanji can also be read as Seiryu - one of The Four Gods.
  • Dan is significantly less wimpy in Street Fighter IV than in previous appearances. You might think this is because the developers are just trying to make him more fun to play but think about what Dan has been doing for the past three years. He's been hanging around with Blanka and Sakura. Even if he is getting his butt kicked regularly, practice with both fighters is bound to improve his fighting style.
  • Juri hates Shadaloo for killing her parents and maiming her. S.I.N. is stated to have been Shadaloo's weapons division. In her Story Mode, Juri joins S.I.N. and works for its leader, Seth. Is it that she has/had no clue of the link between Shadaloo and S.I.N.? Well, if you examine her ending, it can very easily be a case of her playing the role of The Chessmaster, playing both sides against each other to make the whole organization destroy itself from within—that would be her ultimate revenge!
  • Seth's was named after former Capcom employee Seth Killian and is also derived from the Biblical Seth (Being that Street Fighter's Seth replaced Abel as Shadaloo's main experimental subject after the latter fled). Seth's name also coincidentally could have a third interesting level of meaning in referencing the Egyptian god Set (also known as Seth), which fits with his desire to become a god-like being.
  • Why does Dan's Japanese voice sounds so husky and gritty in SFIV and its subsequent sequels? Well, since Osamu Hosoi voiced him from the Alpha series up until he was replaced by Toshikyuki Kusuda, it could be a sign that constantly screaming "OYAJI!!!" for years eventually took a toll on Dan's vocal chords.

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