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Being the precursor of all modern Fighting Games, you know that the Street Fighter series is rife with Awesome Music.

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    Street Fighter 
Let's appropriately begin with the game that started it all, shall we?

    Street Fighter II 
It goes without saying that the title that made Capcom synonymous with fighting games was known for its music just as well as it was known for its gameplay.

    Street Fighter Alpha 

    Street Fighter III 

    Street Fighter IV 

    Street Fighter V 
  • The character select theme, one of the first tracks in the game to be heard by the general public, is pretty hype.
  • The stage music, as usual.
    • The first stage BGM to be unveiled was Forgotten Waterfall (New Zealand), an adventurous theme with an incredible sense of wonder to it. The version that plays during round 1 features a unique flute segment that adds a distinct "frontier" feel.
    • Hillside Plaza (Brazil), which accurately reflects the vibrant party atmosphere of Brazil.
    • Bustling Side Street (China), specifically when round two hits. This was used in a lot of early trailers for the game, and it's easy to see why.
    • Kanzuki Estate (Japan), which has an awesomely dramatic and traditional feel to it.
    • Union Station (England), a rocky orchestra theme, evoking the very best of British rock and roll, with so much energetic and epicness, especially round 2.
    • Underground Arena (Russia), instead of having the usual style one may expect from a stage set here, goes with something that's electronic, upbeat, and wouldn't feel out of place in Tekken.
    • Apprentice Alley (India) melds traditional and modern styles together for one energetic piece.
    • Lair of the Four Kings starts with a theme that instills a sense of ominous dread, and switches to one that gives a feeling of a desperate fight.
    • It turns out that Guile was too awesome for one theme, so he got another remix which also goes with everything - the Air Force Base stage theme.
    • Kanzuki Beach's theme is jazzy and upbeat, just the kind of thing you want to hear on a tropical paradise.
  • The game's main menu theme during the first two beta phases was quite heroic and epic.
  • As usual, the character themes are top notch.
    • Ryu's theme, now with a mixture of both orchestra and rock, similar to his Alpha theme.
    • Chun-Li's theme is once again very traditionally Chinese, but like Ryu has a very heavy orchestrated rock sound, making it more heroic and determined sounding than past versions.
    • Charlie Nash's theme, a darker remix of his Alpha theme. Static distortions, synthesized drums, and an ominous distorted guitar crescendo every so often paint a horrifying picture of a man brought back from death.
    • M. Bison's theme still has a techno feel to it, but more aggressive this time instead of trance-like, showing that this time, he's going all-out. (Come to think of it, that seems to be a pattern with returning characters here.)
    • Birdie's theme calls back to his roots as a British punk rocker, with a very grimy remix of his old theme from SFI and the Alpha series. Very befitting of his newfound slob status.
    • Cammy's theme is much faster paced than before with an energetic electronic rock sound backing a classy piano riff.
    • Ken's theme, one of the first character theme samples that Capcom released during development. And it rocks hard and fast, perhaps the most blood-pumping his theme has ever been.
    • Necalli's theme. Heavy horns, ominous choir stings and powerful jungle percussion create a fittingly ominous theme for Street Fighter's most frightening monster. "Soul Destroying Darkness" indeed. It may also remind more than a few people of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
    • Vega's classic theme is darker and more sinister sounding than ever, with an undercurrent of madness behind the vanity. It has a very cinematic orchestra sound to it, with a lot of cello, Spanish guitar and flamenco sounds.
    • R. Mika's theme, a reinterpretation of her theme from Alpha 3, "Prismatic Stars", given a Puroresu-style treatment. It sounds like something you'd hear in Virtua Fighter.
    • Rashid's theme, an fast-paced Arabesque dubstep piece befitting a man known as the "Turbulent Wind". It starts out almost sounding like ARIA's theme, ".execute" from Killer Instinct, but about a minute in, a Tokusatsu chorus kicks in and it gets awesome. RAAAAA-SHIIIII-DOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    • Karin's theme is as elegant as you'd expect from her, with a very jazzy and classy sound. It even includes a sample of her Alpha 3 theme, which was one of the most popular tracks on that game's OST, toward the middle.
    • Zangief's theme, a triumphant, military orchestra-style remix of his iconic SF2 theme to let you know that the Red Cyclone is back and ready to protect the Russian skies once again.
    • Laura's theme, an upbeat Berimbau-style tune with electro elements.
    • Dhalsim's theme, a more mystical, rock remix of his SF2 theme, sounding like something you'd hear from The Beatles. It combines elements of his original theme and his often-overlooked theme from Alpha 2.
    • F.A.N.G's theme has a very laid-back, Austin Powers feel to it. It's a jazzy techno track with many Chinese elements abound, but midway through the song, the sound begins to twist and warp, fading in and out at random, emulating the feeling of being poisoned.
    • Alex's theme returns with an updated funky urban rock sound. He's Back!
    • Guile's theme,, now with Eric Clapton/Carlos Santana-esque riffs to rock out even more, and it still goes with everything.
    • Ibuki's theme is a lot more intense this time around, where it was previously very quiet, making battles with her much more exciting.
    • Balrog's theme has also gone up in intensity from IV, and samples his Alpha 3 theme make him sound a lot more foreboding and violent.
  • The 3rd Beta Phase has brought us a new Online Menu Theme, and it is sure to get players pumped up for another fight coming their way with Guilty Gear style heavy metal. The song also gets used as part of the game's CG trailer.
  • The full character lineup trailer gives us the debut of the game's theme song, "Survivor" by Japanese band Man With A Mission. With its catchy beat, it's almost certainly going to be to SF V what "Indestructible" was to SF IV.
  • The credits song starts out as relaxing and smooth, and shifts to a rocking tune, fitting because it symbolizes the end of Shadaloo and that the ones who suffered can now finally have peace with their lives (as long they don't cross the Illuminati).

    Street Fighter EX 

    Fan Mixes 

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