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Man With A Mission (often spelled MAN WITH A MISSION) is an alternative Japanese band formed in 2010 in Tokyo. Its lineup consists of members Tokyo Tanaka (vocals), Kamikaze Boy (bass), Jean-Ken Johnny (guitar and vocals), DJ Santa Monica (DJ) and Spear Rib (drums). They're pretty unique in that each member constantly wears a differently designed wolf mask. Their music explores a bunch of different genres, mixing pop, hard rock, dance and punk elements. They're mostly known in Japan, but have also briefly toured the US and parts of Europe and were invited as guests to Japan Expo 2012 in France. One of their songs, "Emotions", was used as a theme for Hentai Kamen's 2013 live action adaptation. They're better known, though, for being the artists behind "Database", the original opening theme for Log Horizon.

  • They have released the following albums:

    • Welcome to the New World (2010)
    • Man With A Mission (2011)
    • Trick or Treat e.p. (2011)
    • Welcome to the New World - standard edition - (2012)
    • Mash Up The World (2012)
    • Untitled EP (2014)
    • Tales of Purefly (2014)

  • Singles

    • Man With A Mission (2010)
    • Rain Of July (2011)
    • Never Fxxkin' Mind the Rules (2011)
    • distance (2012)
    • Emotions (2013)
    • database feat.TAKUMA (10-FEET) (2013)

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