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06:25:40 AM May 16th 2015
edited by TokoWH
Am I the only one the slightest bit concerned this page seems to have been taken over by the GameFAQs community? In addition to the fact that a vast majority of the memes listed here are Zero Context Examples... I feel like a Trope Repair Shop discussion page may be in order.
07:35:29 AM May 16th 2015
I'd delete or hide the Zero Context stuff, doubt any other action is needed.
06:40:27 AM Mar 8th 2013
edited by proman232
"Heroes always arrive late" refers to the late addition of Sonic to the character roster. HAL Laboratories decided to introduce Sonic to the adventure mode, The Subspace Emissary, just before the final boss. Sonic, who is a hero, arrived late to the adventure, thus the phrase "Heroes always arrive late.
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