Tropers: Toko WH

Hi. I'm Toko WH, though the 'WH' part is suppose to be combinded with the 'Toko' part. Apparentally, TV Trope's servers don't allow for such a combination... Anyways, I'm an amiture fanfic writer who lives a fairly average life. I like to draw and write in my spare time, and I'm currently planing on doing several fics in the future, but currently I am still in the planing stages for a lot of them. I take a long time to write chapters, mainly because either life gets in the way or because I'm just too plain lazy. (Or both.)

I have a account, an Archive of our Own account, as well as a dA account, though there's not much to look at on the last one sense I've still got a long way to go on my drawing skills. I've recently gotten back into fic writing after three or so years of playing in Play By Post games, which is pretty nice. Mostly I tend to write Spyro fics at the moment, mostly set in the 'classic' continuity, though I pretty much like all three continuities equally. (Even though Skylanders is more so it's own thing than an actual Spyro continuity.)

Also keep in mind that a lot of my fics on my FF.N account were from years ago, so they might not be as up to my standards as they are now. As a helpful starting point, I consider my 'Two Stinky Tails' fic where my writing reached a turning point and started to get some sense of quality to it. If you really want to read below that to see where I started, go a head... Though I warn you, a lot of my earlier works aren't exactly pretty...

When it comes to me as a Troper, I normally don't add too many examples unless I'm really familiar with the work. Mostly, I just clear up mis-used examples, examples that are explained in a passive aggressive way or could start fights, and examples where people weakly try to justify the Trope's use.

Works I've either headed or had a part in that have their own page

  • Two Stinky Tails *
  • Genre: Cross-over.
  • Symbosis: When Tails gets a reading from a Chaos Emerald and Sonic is out searching for others, it's up to him to get to it before Robotnik does. Little does he know the town of Acme Acres isn't the easiest place to find something...
  • Comments: Actually a redux of an older fic I made long ago, this was based off a dream I had where Tails traveled to Acme in search of a Chaos Emerald and ended up in a classic Fifi/Pepe short. Took me three years to write this monster, and even longer if you consider the original draft I wrote when I was dead tired... Though that's not really saying much sense it's only around 10,000 words. I mostly blame procrastination and constainly second guessing myself at the time. XD;;
    • That said, I do consider this the turning point where my writing skills improved dramatically, as I started to put a lot more work into my stories after this fic. Regardless though, keep in mind that I was just really starting to develope as a writer at the time, so some parts might feel a bit stiff dialogue wise. There's also a part at the end which I personally consider to be an Ass Pull due to finally starting to get tired of how long it was taking to write, but that said many people also consider it massively awesome character developement for a certain character so... YMMV on that. Still, I hope you enjoy it. (Hopefully a lot more than I did writting it towards the end there. lol /shot)

  • Retsuraed
  • Genre: MST
  • Symbosis: Every day on the internet, millions of fanfics are uploaded by millions of people. Some of these are surprisingly good, though most of them... Yeah. Now, it is up to one man, armed with only his snarky wit to read though the worst of the worst. For those who wish to keep your sanity, the door's right there. For those willing to endure this journey with him, sit down, grab a bucket of Brain Bleach, and Retsuraed.
  • Comments: Yeah, decided to give MSTing a try, though prefer to think of it as more 'MST meets Abridged Series'. Besides general snarkyness, I also add some additional scenes to the fics I'm reading that generally poke fun at the plot holes and Fridge Logic some of these Fics bring up. I also have a guest on with me every now and then, for additional snarky pleasure. Also, yes, I got the name from Retsupurae. Sue me.

Stuff I've contributed to:

  • The Infinite Loops
  • Comments: Yeah. When I saw this, I knew I had to give it a try. If it wasn't obvious from the profile, I write the Spyro loops. (Covers both the Classic and Legends series)

This Troper usually uses or has comments on the following tropes

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: I was diagnosed with mild ADHD as a child. I've gotten a lot better about it in the past years since then, though it still tends to be apparent when I'm in an overly good mood for some reason. (Tends to happen more in the summer.)
  • Character Development: Several people have told me I'm pretty good at writing this, even for canon characters. (Especially when it comes to female characters.)
  • Idiot Ball: I tend to get this sliped into my pocket rather frequently... Yeah, the less said about how those occassions turned out, the better...
  • Large Ham: I tend to slip into this on occassions where I'm just goofing around. Also my favorite character type to write. :P
  • No Sense of Direction: I still have trouble telling east from west...
  • Ron the Death Eater: If there's one trope I absolutely can not stand, borderlining on my personal Berserk Button... It's this. I go through great lengths to avert this in my works that have characters that usually get this treatment.
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: Though I try to Avert this Trope as much as possible, some days I'm less observant than others, and tend to make this mistake (as well as normal spelling and grammar mistakes) a lot... As a lot of other Tropers like to point out. /shot