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Akaneia titles: Shadow Dragon and The Blade of Light, Mystery of the Emblem, Shadow Dragon, and New Mystery of the Emblem
  • "I am Monk Lif. I cannot fight, but I can use healing staves. If it's fine with you, I would like to join." Explanation 
  • "Marth has no pants! What he has in Super Smash Bros. is just spray paint!"Explanation 
  • Win Spear Explanation 
  • You can't be Sirius! Explanation 

Gaiden and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
  • "Shut up, Tobin." Explanation 
  • 3rd Gender: Gold Knight.Explanation 
  • Rinea and fire jokes, following up the examples of Sigurd and Flora.Explanation (HEAVY SPOILERS!) 
  • BOATS! Explanation 
  • "UNCLE!!!!!" Explanation (Spoilers) 
    • "Nothing but lies! Lies, lies, lies, lies, LIES!!!!" Explanation 

Jugdral titles: Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776
  • "Kill X For Y" Explanation 
  • SHE. HAS. FURY!!! Explanation 
  • Sigurd having an extreme hatred for fire is a common joke with players.
  • Invitation to BBQ Party at Belhalla!Explanation 
  • Marty: The Man Whom Dagdar Loved. Explanation 
  • Dastard! Explanation 
  • "Those idiots have fallen right into my trap! In America!"Explanation 

Elibe titles: Sword of Seals/Binding Blade and Blazing Blade
  • CANAS WAS KILLED BY CONTINUITY ERRORS! Explanation (spoilers) 
  • Marcus, the Crutch Character, after a wall of text, quickly became a divine figure on the FE7 board on GameFAQs. He deserves it, too.
  • Raven is most susceptible to being RNG screwed. Explanation 
    • Seriously. ._. Explanation 
  • Blazing Blade gives us Batta THE BEAST, and Glass, who is known for his peerless swordplay. Explanation 
  • This is a message from Lord Nergal. "I await you on the Dread Isle." Explanation 
  • Lyn's story about her tribe getting wiped by bandits is bullcrap because everything from Sacae is broken.Explanation 
    • On that note, Nomads can fly with their asses! Explanation 
  • Oh, by the way, watch out for archers. Explanation 
  • Wolt. Explanation 
    • Because of Wolt's Memetic Loser status, a somewhat popular Self-Imposed Challenge is playing through Binding Blade... using only him. The first person to complete such a seemingly impossible task, through sheer brains and strategic placement alone, has earned the eternal nickname "Placement General".
  • "What happened to Dorcas?" "I put poison in his mutton!"Explanation 
    • Alternatively, "What happened to Dork-ass?!"
    • "I put steroids in his mutton!"Explanation 
    • Ascended in Heroes: One of his face-petting quotes mentions that he had some "bad mutton" earlier.
  • Elisomething Explanation 
  • Hectare Explanation 
  • "We need disguises." *put on Paper Thin Disguises* "Perfect!" Explanation 
  • "Craven cur!" Explanation 
  • "I'm ready to die." Explanation 
  • Pierced by Eliwood's Durandal! Explanation (Spoilers) 

The Sacred Stones
  • "Eirika will break the rules to stab you in the face." Explanation 
  • "Save me, Eirika!" Explanation 
  • "Joshua is an Assassin now. He forgot how to do regular attacks." Explanation 
  • Gerik lacks the proper CON to wield axes. Explanation 
  • GHEB Explanation 
  • Seth-TierExplanation 
  • Ephraim: "I don't pick fights I can't win."Explanation 

Tellius titles: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn
  • Radiant Dawn allows us to view the 3-13 Archernote , perhaps the only competent allied NPC in the game most powerful character in the universe, stronger than the gods. He does not die, he simply refuses to help you anymore. Truly, he is an hero. Explanation 
  • "The beasts... The beasts wish to... CONSUME ME!" Explanation 
  • "Goldoa will not move!"
  • "Danved, who is definitely not Devdan, will fight like ten men! Like a bear! Like a tiger! We don't need Largo and Calill, because Danved is pretty amazing." Explanation 
  • Edward tanks axes with his face. Explanation 
  • In Japan, two memes that spawned from Path of Radiance are especially popular: "Yaa", "Shikkoku House", Explanation  and "Volt Axe Shogun." Explanation 
  • "Lord of the Dance" Pelleas. Explanation  (Note: video contains a Rick Roll)
  • Path of Radiance shows Oliver, who is also the only truly beautiful character in the game.
  • It is popular in the Japanese fandom to mock Radiant Dawn Ike's design with the Fan Nickname "Gorrilaguz", due to him being compared to a laguz more than a few times in-game and his bulked-up appearance.
  • "Green Zephyr (lol)" Explanation  and "I will protect Micaiah!" Explanation 
    • "Micaiah will protect me!" Explanation 
    • "Know your place!" Explanation 
  • "Moldy onions!" Explanation 
  • Micaiah: Ike, "hero" of the Mad King's War, leader of the Greil Mercenaries, and father of Sothe's children... Explanation 

  • NUNSWITHAXES Explanation 
  • Tharja, Head Priestess of the Yandere Goddess. Explanation 
  • Batman! Explanation 
  • Frederick: "Pick a god and pray!" Explanation 
  • Everyone is Frederick for Chrom! Explanation 
    • NTR'd by Chrom Explanation 
  • The shipping lord has come. Explanation 
  • DON'T MESS WITH A BUNNY!! Explanation 
  • I WANT TO BE MANHANDLED! Explanation 
  • Owain. Explanation 
  • Surgecop Explanation 
  • Walmart Explanation 
  • For whatever reason, a popular fanon element and joke in both the American and Japanese fandom is that "Lucina has a cutting board in her chest." Of course, this is referring to her flat chest, though why a cutting board is a mystery. This has so much related fanon that some think it is canon is that she binds it or has A-Cup Angst.
  • "Hello. My name is Inigo. You killed my parents! Prepare to die!" Explanation 
  • Lucina is cute! CUTE! Explanation 
  • "B-baka..." Explanation 
  • A semi In-Universe example, most songs in the OST are named after quotes pronounced by characters during the game.
  • Cherche and her virgin-killing armor.Explanation 

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
  • Ever since its announcement in January 2013, the game has had no footage of it shown at all, with the only information about it being vague comments from interviews and assurances that it's still being made. Fans, either jokingly or seriously, believe the game is in Development Hell or Vaporware, and call it Nintendo's Half-Life 3 or The Last Guardian. This died down when the game finally had footage of it shown on the April 2015 Nintendo Direct.
  • There Has Been A Fusion Accident Explanation 
  • Chrom's Emo phase Explanation 
  • Tharja's in? Gonna buy this game! Explanation 
  • Vagina Bones. Explanation 

Project X Zone 2
  • Okay, Chrom, we managed to fit you into a game.Explanation 

    • While we're on the subject: Don't use Jagen!
  • "Are Marth and Roy in this game!?"Explanation 
    • This meme became less relevant with the remake of Shadow Dragon (aka THE ONE WITH MARTH) debuting in the West, and Ike, who had his games released in the west, replaced Roy in Brawl.
    • Fire Emblem Awakening almost almost made it seem like it was playing with this meme to hell and back — both Marth and Roy (along with every other Fire Emblem protagonist) are available and playable as SpotPass or DLC units.
      • In fact, it directly plays with it in one of the DLC chapters, where the player faces off against a large army of protagonists and important allies from the previous games. Marth and Roy are right next to each other.
      • They were definitely playing with it in the Smash Brethren DLC maps, where the first two maps have the heroes siding with either Ike or Roy's army to fight off the other character's group, a not-so-subtle nod to the Fandom Rivalry between fans of each title, and, by extension, the question of who should rep Fire Emblem alongside Marth in Smash Bros. (Ironically, Smash Brethren 3 has the player taking on the combined forces of both armies.)
  • BUT MAAAAAAARRRS!"Explanation 
  • [Insert Character Here] is no hero. He/she's a [Insert Class or descriptor here].Explanation 
  • The enemies suck 'cause they never spin. Explanation 
  • "Let's call this character 'Vergil.'" Explanation 
  • "What are you doing?! You had a 60% chance to hit! The odds were in your favor! YOU HAD A 40% CHANCE TO DODGE! THE ODDS WERE IN YOUR FAVOR!!!" Explanation 
  • They have feet/no feet! Explanation 
  • We last left off where Seth decided to go to Valor on his black dragon Erath. And when he got there...And if anyone forgot the story, Kyan found his long lost friend Seth on Valor, and his black dragon Erath. Kyan is a mamkute that can still use swords as well as dragon stone attack. Explanation 
  • "Chrom is FINALLY getting his chance!" Explanation 
  • I'M A GREEN UNIT! Explanation