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Teleportation and time-travel are used to bring the guests to the House of Mouse.

This explains not only why characters from completely different eras and countries can regularly meet up at the same club, but why so many of them seem to show up at different points in their lives. Consider: Simba is sometimes seen as a cub, other times an adult; Ariel is usually a mermaid, but sometimes a human and with Eric; and in one episode the Beast is dating Cruella de Ville, with no sign of Belle!


But who would have such power? The fairies of course. Cinderella's godmother's wand at the very least is capable of time travel, as seen in "Cinderella III: A Twist in Time." The Fairies bring the characters to the House of Mouse, pulling them from random points in their lives each time. Upon returning to their own lives, their memories are wiped, and the forth wall is closed again. If they retain vague memories of the place they dismiss it as dreams. But as soon as it's House of Mouse time again, they regain all, or at least most, of their memories, and pick up where they left off.

The House of Mouse is still up and running
Just because the TV series ended doesn't mean Mickey's club did. A decade and a half after opening the House of Mouse is still going strong. Current events include, but are not limited to:
  • Dr. Facilier being the latest male villain to attempt romance with Maleficent (she bops his talisman with her staff, breaking it, and causing him to be dragged away by his Friends from the Other Side).
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  • Rapunzel's hair ends up in Lady and Tramp's spaghetti, leading to some mayhem. It gets worse when Spider-Man’s webs get in the spaghetti too.
  • Pete wants to build a wall around the House of Mouse (to keep the acquired characters out), and make the Three Caballeros and the cast of Coco pay for it.
  • Assuming the above WMG is true, Kovu and Kiara run into Simba and Nala, all four as cubs, leading to cuteness and confusion.
  • In addition to the Code Blue (kiss from a price needed due to poisoned apple), there is now also a Code Green (kiss from a princess needed for someone turned into a frog). Thankfully there isn’t one for the Infinity Stones just yet.
  • In light of all the mayhem villainous guests have caused over the years, rotating security guards patrol the House, including Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Darkwing Duck, Bonkers D. Bobcat, Lucky Pickles—er, Piquel, Miranda, Bolt, and Agent P. The Guardians of the Galaxy also auditioned at one point but got turned down for this.
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  • The Electric Mayhem and the Max Rebo Band have both been guest bands. The Modal Nodes have tried for a spot but were found to be “too repetitive” in their performance.
  • Chewbacca brings his embarrassing Yuletide holiday of Life Day to the House of Mouse, and we explore all sorts of Yuletide celebrations.
  • Oswald has taken a job as the warehouse manager. His first day would have him manage items like Pym Particles, Ernesto’s skull guitar, and a Keyblade.
  • Hopper uses Pym Particles to get revenge on Flik, inadvertently shrinking Mickey to the size of a real mouse.
  • Much like how many of the male villains are after Maleficent, Loki becomes the apple of the eyes of many female villains, notably Mother Gothel, Captain Phasma, and... Madame Medusa?
  • Mortimer tries to make his own bootleg House of Mouse, but Constantine has other, darker ideas for it...
  • Julius the Cat returns to the House of Mouse, surprising everyone.
  • The cast debates about whether to let in characters from the further ends of the Disney family (ABC, 21st Century FOX, etc.) to the house.

The series will be rebooted one day
With the ever-expanding Disney universe, there are just so many opportunities for a modern-day take on the House of Mouse. For starters, Mickey and the gang will be drawn in the Paul Rudish style. It will also include characters from modern Disney movies and TV series, as well as those from Pixar, the Marvel Universe and Star Wars, (and possibly other acquired properties as well) all alongside the classics who appeared in the original show.

The villains Daisy booted out at the beginning of "The Mouse Who Came to Dinner" were starting to form a Psycho Rangers team.
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