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Greetings, I'm rmctagg09, or Tagg for short. (Pronounced as R-M-C-Tagg-oh-nine) Basically, I'm a 29 year old science and history geek who plays videogames and is very good at absorbing large amounts of information related to things I like. I'm also a major videogame music enthusiast, with over 90% of what I listen to consisting of videogame soundtracks. I don't talk much, but I do open up to people once I know them long enough. Wiki wise I mainly deal in minor edits and trope additions to existing entries (Though I have managed to create a few works pages as of late), and I'm also a contributor to The Pokédex - Extended Fanon Edition.


All vandalism and tropes you think apply to me can be directed to here.

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  • Author Appeal: Most of my main characters tend to have jobs as scientists and/or historians, or the equivalent thereof.


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