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Kricketot Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Kricketot [401]
  • Kricketune [402]

Notable Biology

Kricketot are small Bug-Type Pokemon found primarily within the Sinnoh region. They are about a foot in height with red bodies, a white "collar" and center streak, black eyes, black wing buds, and two large black antennae. Females happen to have bigger "collars" than males. On rare occasions, there are Kricketot born with an orange coloration instead, which are highly prized by collectors.


Kricketot communicate by vibrating their two antennae together, a sound often described as similar to that created by a xylophone. During the early mornings and night in autumn, the air is often filled with the music of hundreds of Kricketot looking for partners for the winter hibernation.

Kricketot have poor offensive capabilites, and as a result their main method of defense is mainly to curl up and let their enemy pound them, building up potential energy all the while, before unleashing it all in the form of Bide, allowing them to get away while their enemy is knocked back.

After about six months, Kricketot will evolve into Kricketune. Kricketune are red in color and about three feet in height, with a more elongated body, longer wings, and scythes for hands. Their feelers also hang under their heads, giving Kricketune the appearance of a mustache, with females having noticeably smaller ones.


Unlike Kricketot, who only come out during the morning and night to evade predators, Kricketune are found during every hour of the day. This is mainly due to the fact that their scythe arms allow them to fend off a greater variety of predators.

Their musical abilities are far more advanced than Kricketot, allowing them to compose entire melodies ad-lib. For this reason, Kricketune are fairly popular amongst traveling musicians. There is also a village where they hold Kricketune singing contests. Their scythe arms can also be used as makeshift violins if the Pokemon is feeling particularly inventive. [[Trainer's Note: Trainers may want to use earplugs if they keep a Kricketune outside of its Pokeball, as you may find the cries as you're trying to go to sleep annoying.]]



The members of the Kricketot line can mainly be found living in and around trees in Sinnoh's forests. There are also smaller populations living within the National Park and Viridian Forest of Johto and Kanto respectively, as well as an introduced population living within Unova's Dreamyard. They have also been seen within the mountains and forests of islands off Hoenn. Kricketune can be found during all hours of the day, but Kricketot are matutinal crepuscular, being only active at dawn to avoid predation.


Kricketot and Kricketune are omnivorous with a herbivorous slant, living mainly off of nuts and berries, including those produced by Grotle. They are also known to scavenge the remains of expired Pokemon and actively hunt occasionally.


The Kricketune line is fairly even-tempered, making them good Pokemon for beginning trainers. However, like most Pokemon, they are not to be trifled with. Kricketot prefer to run away from enemies, or if grabbed shed their skin to get away. If not they'll simply use Bide to launch you away, breaking a few bones in the process.

Kricketune are a bit more aggressive in defending themselves, and will fight back against a perceived threat if they can't simply put it to sleep with Sing. Their scythe arms are capable of slicing down to the bone while using Fury Cutter, X-Scissor, or Night Slash, and they are capable of using sound-based attacks such as Bug Buzz.

If a Kricketune is heavily injured, adrenaline coursing through its body will allow it to enter "Swarm" mode, powering up all of its moves. Finally, if all else fails, older Kricketune are capable of using Perish Song, which will kill both parties in the form of a noise flush. Of course, this would only be seen if you severely antagonized a Kricketune, as they're normally very docile like their pre-evolution.

Courting and Childrearing

During the spring, male Kricktune attract mates by competing in singing contests to prove their mating worth. While this is generally how mating disputes are settled, if the two males are evenly matched, they will fight for the right to mate with the female. While 99% of these fights end mainly in a bruised ego, particularly nasty fights can end with serious injury or death due to their sharp blade arms.

After the mating is completed, the female Kricketune will lay her eggs in tree hollows and rotten logs before leaving them to their fate. After a week the eggs hatch, and the baby Kricketot stick together until they evolve, after which they join other groups.

Social Structure

Kricketot and Kricketune live in groups of five within a population. These small groups join up into far larger ones during the autumn as they prepare for winter hibernation. After hibernation, they separate into smaller groups once again.

In Human Culture

Humans are generally fond of Kricketunes for their musical chirping. In popular culture, a Kricketune serves as the conscience to an animated puppet in a children's tale turned into a popular animated film. He is also the keeper of the journal in a popular spinoff videogame series based on the film's company's multiverse. Most recently, Kricketune's staple cry of "LELELELE-WHOOP" become famous on the internet for being connected to several misleading links that when clicked,will play the cry loudly.

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