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Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Ditto [#132]

Notable Biology

Ditto are small, amorphous Pokémon that look like purple blobs with two small beady eyes, a large mouth, and two stubs that resemble arms. There are rare Ditto that are blue instead, and are prized by collectors. Their most famous trait is the ability to alter their cellular structure to become any species of Pokémon, as well as inanimate objects and even humans. This transformation is complete down to the genitals, allowing Ditto to breed with just about any living thing. As a side effect, Ditto as a species probably have the greatest libido out of any Pokémon.

Though their transformation ability is normally flawless, with different Ditto having different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to transforming, Ditto tend to need to see their subject or else they will start forgetting features, with the most common mistake being putting their faces in place of that of Pokémon they were trying to mimic. They can be knocked out of their form by laughter breaking their concentration or by being defeated in battle, though there are some Ditto that can keep it up for longer. [Trainer's Note: There is a rare mutation in which a Ditto is born without the ability to change in size when they transform, or they grow too much. These Ditto are prized even more than shinies.] Ditto also have a strange habit of transforming into other Ditto when they meet each other in combat, only to stop when they realize what they're dealing with.


Two known submorphs of Ditto are known to exist. The first is completely incapable of being paralyzed by any means due to their amorphous shape. The second, much rarer submorph, is more solid, but has even more advanced transformation capabilities than the first.


Ditto are often found in the outskirts of cities, caves, and forests within Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, though they are normally never very far from people. Very small populations also live within Unova's Giant Chasm and deep within Kalos' Winding Woods. Within Alola, they can be found on the slopes of Mt. Hokulani. In Galar, stable populations can be found along the Wild Area's Lake of Outrage and the shore of the Isle of Armor's Workout Sea. People rarely see them due to Ditto disguising themselves as rocks or other such objects to protect themselves from predators, giving the impression that they're very rare.

Rarely, they will be found alongside other Pokémon, transformed into the other species and living as that species. It may happen often, but as the impostors are rarely discovered except by chance, there are few confirmed instances. Debate over the reasons is fierce.



Theoretically, Ditto's Transform would allow it to pretty much eat whatever it felt like by altering its digestive enzymes to break down whatever material it ingests. As a result, the meal of a Ditto is based entirely on personal preference, making them fairly easy to feed depending on the particular tastes of the Pokémon.


Ditto are very shy as a species, and prefer to keep away from conflict. However, if faced with a threat, they will transform into their aggressor and do battle. Due to their unique body structure, particularly in the case of the first submorph, they are incapable of being paralyzed, and even in their normal form, they are fairly resistant to physical attacks, though they can't fight back due to said shape.

Courting and Childrearing

When Ditto want to mate, two parent Ditto meld into a seamless mass and exchange genetic information through transposons before separating into both parents and a new Ditto. The three then go on their separate ways. Breeders commonly believe that Ditto which have recently bred with other Ditto are less likely to make as great an effort for other Pokémon than if they haven't. The other, far more common option, is that the Ditto will just split into two new Ditto.

Due to Ditto's special ability, they are used in Pokémon breeding to breed with just about any Pokémon, and are most often caught for this express purpose. Curiously, a Ditto's genetic sequence is distinctly unlike that of any other known creature, and its genes itself are mutable. A breeding Ditto imitates an altered version of its partner's genes. One who has become female and been impregnated is partially mode locked until its egg has finished forming; its genes are still those of its partner. Offspring of a Ditto and some other parent inevitably take after the other parent, with an unusually high degree of familly resemblance. It has been theorized that Ditto actually assist in a form of parthogenesis or pseudogamy.

Folklore tells about Ditto taking the form of friendly, simple humans and later impregnating or being impregnated by true humans, later having human children. There is little evidence for or against this ever actually happening, but there is little doubt that this hasn't stopped certain people from finding out for themselves. Ditto are highly adaptive and willing to learn elaborate courtship rituals and the various details of another species' cultural details. However, the more fantastical folk tales, where Ditto successfully impersonate royalty and traveling merchants, are most likely false or tales about extraordinarily intelligent Ditto.


Social Structure

Ditto tend to be loners, and can have issues getting along with their own kind, though they are not averse to groups. The species is rife with outliers, with some individuals choosing to live among highly social Pokémon and some interacting with others only as much as needed to breed or eat.

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