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Shinx Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Shinx [403]
  • Luxio [404]
  • Luxray [405]

Notable Biology

The Shinx line is a species of social feline Pokemon that serve as one of the Sinnoh region's top predators. The first form, Shinx, is a small feline Pokemon with a blue front, black back, and a yellow tail tip. Male Shinx have a higher mane, whereas the females have all blue feet. On its forelegs are yellow rings that are actually electricity glands similar to the electric rodents. Shinx and its evolutions gain electricity through muscle contractions in their forelegs as they walk. In a way, it could be considered the organic equivalent of a pedometer. Since Shinx are younger and weaker than their evolved forms, when they are confronted by a threat, they can make their fur glow bright enough to temporarily blind them so they can get away. They can also use this glowing to communicate with others of their kind.

After about a year, Shinx will evolve into Luxio. Luxio are bigger than Shinx, with an average size of nearly 3 feet at the shoulder. They also have a black mane on their heads, and sport two electric glands on their forelegs. At this stage, male Luxio are kicked out of their prides to prevent competition and inbreeding, and form bachelor prides with each other. Luxio communicate through cries and electrical impulses generated through their claws. [[Trainer's Note: If a Luxio gets declawed, that can serve as the equivalent of a human being rendered mute.]] With a charge of 100 V, even a light scratch from their claws can either render an opponent unconscious or kill them outright. Luxio can also wrap their tails around each other and create even stronger electrical charges.


After three years, Luxio will evolve into Luxray. Luxray stand at an average height of 4'7" at the shoulder, and are nearly completely covered in black fur. Luxray have three electric glands on their forelegs, and are even more powerful than Luxio in terms of claw voltage. They also have the unique ability to see through any object by using X-rays emitted from their eyes, which is signified by their eyes glowing gold, giving it the nickname of the Gleam Eyes Pokemon. This ability not only allows it to find prey hiding behind rocks or inside trees, but also allows it to find missing Shinx cubs. [[Trainer's Note: Luxray's X-ray vision can also be used to see what species of Pokemon are inside a Poke Ball at any given moment. This ability is very useful for both police and theives.]] Using their X-ray vision does use up a lot of their electricity, so they spend a lot of time napping between hunts in order to store up energy.


Pokepaleontologists have found fossils and in some cases frozen corpses of the Shinx line that were far larger than modern specimens. Dubbing this species "Cave Shinx" due to their regular abode, this species was fairly common in Sinnoh during the last Ice Age. Following the arrival of the Holocene epoch, it is believed they became extinct due to the thinning of the numbers of Mammoswine and competition from the smaller, but more adaptable modern Shinx line. Humans may also have played a part.



Shinx and its evolutions live primarily in Sinnoh's plains and grasslands. There are also smaller populations living within Kanto and Johto, though they are very rare. During the winter, the Shinx line will find caves to live in while they wait for the spring to come.

Following the attempts to awaken the super ancient Pokémon, members of the Shinx Line have been spotted along Hoenn's Route 118. Within Galar, they can be found on the Isle of Armor to the mainland's east.


Shinx and its evolutions are carnivorous, living entirely off of meat. Shinx, once they are old enough to be weaned, will hunt small Pokemon such as Starly and Bidoof, whereas Luxio and Luxray will hunt a variety of Pokemon including Staravia, Bibarel, Stantler, Tauros, and Miltank. Their main method of hunting involves chasing down their prey and killing it either by touching it with their electrified claws, or by a electrified bite, commonly known as a Thunder Fang, applied to the neck or back of the skull.


As a general rule, the Shinx line should be considered very dangerous, especially in the case of the latter two forms. Shinx are the least dangerous, especially since they prefer to run from threats rather than face them head-on. However, they are capable of using Spark when threatened, and have a fairly nasty bite. They can also cause minor electric shocks if touched, and the flash can attract other members of its pride if they are close enough. [[Trainer's Note: If you see a wild Shinx, make sure its evolutions are not around before you attempt to catch it. One woman once found a bunch of Shinx cubs and started playing with them. Their mother Luxray wasn't pleased, killed her, and actually started to eat the woman in front of her children, who were with her at the time.]]

As mentioned in the Biology section, the voltage from a Luxio's claws can easily kill a human. They are also fairly territorial, and will actually fight even harder if they perceive their opponent as being of the same gender, a trait which is also true of Shinx and Luxray.

Due to Luxray's X-ray vision, it is more or less impossible to attempt to hide once it has an inkling of your general location. Your only recourse would be to either fight it with a Ground-type Pokemon, or attempt to run where it couldn't follow you, a hard task due to Luxray's X-ray vision. If you cannot get far enough away, try evading it long enough that its X-Ray vision will run out and it is forced to stop its pursuit. [[Trainer's Note: Remember, treat your Shinx well, and you'll have a loyal partner. If you don't, the eventual Luxray or Luxio will end up killing you if it ever gets the chance.]]

Courting and Childrearing

Though all members of the Shinx line are capable of breeding, in the wild breeding is done by Luxray and Luxio. The breding season for Luxio and Luxray takes place from mid-spring to early summer. After mating, the female will lay 2-6 eggs which hatch within four months, or birth them oviviparously. [[Trainer's Note: During this time, the female will segregate herself from the rest of the pride. This period is when a Luxray is at its most irritable and dangerous. Do not approach a pregnant Luxio or Luxray at all.]] The cubs are fed off of their mother's milk for the first few months until they are capable of eating solid food. After that, the Shinx will learn from their mother and the rest of the pride how to hunt for themselves before the males are chased off after evolving into Luxio.

Social Structure

Shinx and its evolutions live in prides of up to 20 individuals. One or more male Luxray serve as leader, with exclusive mating rights with all the females and first choice on the spoils of a kill. There are also Luxio and Luxray that lack a pride and wander on their own or with a bachelor pride. Shinx that wander too far from their prides are either caught by trainers or killed by predators. If a new male takes over, he will kill every Shinx which is not his own in order to protect his bloodline.

In Human Culture

Shinx and its evolutions to many epitomize bravery among Pokémon, thus the phrase "Heart of a Luxray" or "Luxray-hearted" when such terms aren't being used to describe the closely related Litleo Line of Kalos. Due to the Shinx line's popularity as a symbol of courage, a popular movie series involves a male Shinx who is the heir to the throne of a Pokemon kingdom, only to be chased off by his evil uncle. There have been legal battles with another company who claims they stole the idea from their own series, which has a similar premise involving a pure white Shinx.

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