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Barboach Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Barboach [#339]
  • Whiscash [#340]

Notable Biology

Barboach is a small piscine Pokemon that is primarily found at the bottom of rivers within Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Kalos. Most Barboach are about a foot long with blue fins and whiskers, which are more properly known as barbels. There are also rarer individuals that have golden fins and barbels. Barboach also have a lateral line resembling a fault line, which allows them to sense the minute changes in the water that signify earthquakes.


Barboach spend most of the time on river bottoms foraging for food that has sunk down from the surface. To protect themselves from predators and underwater parasites, Barboach cover themselves in a slimy film. If a predator tries to grab a Barboach, it can simply slip out of its grip. This film also serves as a measure of vitality, with sick Barboach lacking the coating. When hunting, Barboach bury themselves in mud while leaving only their two barbels visible to detect prey. When prey, such as a Goldeen, Wooper, or Corphish, touch the barbels, the Barboach will pop up, expand its mouth to three times the size of its head, and swallow its prey whole.

After three years in the wild, Barboach will evolve into Whiscash. Whiscash are blue Pokemon with yellow barbels and underbellies. They also have blue fins and a yellow mark on their forehead resembling a "W". Rarer individuals with orange underbellies and barbels also exist. Just like Barboach, Whiscash also possess the ability to sense earthquakes. Whiscash, despite their goofy-looking appearance, are very territorial and dangerous, and will claim an entire pond as its territory. If it finds an intruder, it will chase it off with tremors that can extend for over three miles. Most often, their competitors are other Whiscash or Crawdaunt, which are similarly territorial.


During the day, Whiscash will sleep in the mud at the bottom of their home, and leave it at night to hunt. They are voracious hunters that will eat just about anything. While the average Whiscash is only three to five feet long, six and even seven foot specimens have been caught in particularly isolated lakes. Despite their deserved reputation as rather dangerous, there are tournaments in parts of Hoenn where humans will go into a Whiscash pond, swim down to its hole, and catch the Pokemon with their bare hands. The winner of the contest is the person who has caught the biggest Whiscash. Barboach and Whiscash meat is very tasty if fried or baked, and is a common staple in Hoenn and Sinnoh restaurants.



Barboach and Whiscash prefer the bottoms of slow moving rivers, lakes, and large ponds within Hoenn and Sinnoh. There is also an introduced population in Johto within its Safari Zone and Violet City. Unova also boasts an introduced population on Route 8. Within Kalos, they can be mainly found within Routes 14 and 19.


Barboach are omnivorous and live off a diet of sunken berries and smaller Water Pokemon. Whiscash are primarily carnivorous and will eat just about anything they can swallow. This can even include Barboach and smaller Whiscash.


Barboach pose little danger to humans, and will most often try to swim away rather than fight. If they are crossed, however, they will fight back by either shooting pressurized water blasts from their swim bladder, in the form of Water Gun or Water Pulse, or hardened mud in the form of a Mud Bomb. They can also throw around water and mud to weaken the power of Electric and Fire moves. Older Barboach can also cause localized earthquakes of variable strength, better known as Magnitude.

Whiscash, on the other hand, are much more dangerous due to their territorial nature. Stories abound about Whiscash killing foolish people who were stupid enough to attack them with their powerful Earthquakes. [[Trainer's Note: If you find yourself near an area that is known to have Whiscash, do not under any circumstances go into the water and irritate the Pokemon. If you find yourself under attack by one, reach into its mouth and grab its gills. That will stun it long enough for you to get away or to drag the Pokemon to shore if you're a noodler.]] They are also fairly cunning, and will simply eat Pokeballs thrown at them. Stories also exist about large Whiscash swallowing small children and adults whole, so be very careful.

Courting and Childrearing

While Barboach can breed in captivity, only Whiscash breed in the wild. During the mating season, which takes place in the spring, male Wishcash will exude pheromones that will entice female Wishcash to come and mate. Once mating is concluded, the female will lay her eggs under a rock and leave the male to guard them. After a month long incubation period, the eggs hatch, and the male will keep the Barboach fry in his mouth for several months until they are strong enough to forage for food themselves.

Social Structure

Barboach and Whiscash are a solitary species, only coming together to mate.

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