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Cherubi Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Cherubi [420]
  • Cherrim [421]

Notable Biology

Cherrim is a small, red Grass type Pokemon that has a green leaf and a stem connecting two heads. The larger head serves as the brain, whereas the second head contains nutrients needed for evolution. As a result, Cherubi don't eat a lot, and get most of their nutrients from their second head, which is actually a deformed conjoined twin. Since its sibling is its main source of food, Cherubi spend a lot of their time sunning and hiding from flying Pokemon such as Starly, which will try to peck off its second head and eat it. [[Trainer's Note: If you are ever stuck in the forest, Cherubi fruits are a good source of nutrients, and the Pokemon is capable of surviving without it.]] As Cherubi get closer to evolution, their bodies get redder, and their second head begins to shrivel.

Once a Cherubi has absorbed a necessary amount of nutrients, which takes about three to six months depending on the presence of the berry and availible sunlight, it will evolve into Cherrim. Cherrim take on two forms depending on the weather. The first, known as Overcast Form, looks like a purple bud with a pink stem, bottom, and legs. The second known as Sunshine Form, is a yellow Pokemon with red fruits on both sides of its head, red eyes, and a "skirt" made of pink petals. When in Overcast Form, Cherrim tend to be rather docile, but in strong sunlght, they become a lot more active. The sunlight powers an organ that creates endorphins, making them always happy as well as giving them a power boost.



Both Cherubi and Cherrim are forest Pokemon that are most often found in and around trees. They are mainly located in Sinnoh, but some have been introduced to the National Park in Johto and Route 11 in Unova. They have also been spotted within the forests of an island off the coast of Hoenn.


Cherubi eat very little due to their second head and photosynthetic leaf, but they are quite partial to sweet things such as honey. Cherrim live off of tree sap, berries, honey, and pure sunlight.


The Cherubi line is one of a few Pokemon species that possess little to no threat to humans. Both Cherubi and Cherrim can be safely handled, and will even approach humans of their own volition. However, they are not incapable of defending themselves if threatened.

The Cherubi line's first line of defense is to hide. If they cannot hide, then they will fight. Cherrim's ability, Flower Gift, allows it to power up in sunlight, increasing the power of the already devastating Solarbeam. Other Grass moves they are capable of learning include Magical Leaf, Leech Seed, and Petal Dance, all of which can cause serious injury. Luckily, you'd have to really be trying to antagonize these Pokemon for them to attack you.


Courting and Childrearing

Mating is done mainly by Cherrim. In late spring, male Cherrim release thousands of pollen spores in the general direction of any females. Once the females are impregnated, they lay eggs after a week inside a tree hollow. The females then protect their eggs until they hatch, at which point the newly hatched Cherubi leave the nest and head for the ground.

Social Structure

Cherubi can be found in small groups of about 3-5 individuals, often related. These groups stay together even after evolution, where they join up into groups of 20 individuals.

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