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Caterpie Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Caterpie [#010]
  • Metapod [#011]
  • Butterfree [#012]

Notable Biology

Native to the forests of Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos, Caterpie are small Pokémon that are highly reminiscent of caterpillars, primarily that of a swallowtail butterfly. They have feet like suction cups that allow them to climb any surface. Caterpie generally spend their lives eating vegetation on trees, away from predators such as Ratatta, Pidgey, and Spearow. Caterpie eat their weight in leaves every day, and can strip a forest bare if left unchecked.

If their head feeler is touched or if they are attacked, the Caterpie will release a foul smell to discourage their predator. While this can work on mammalian Pokémon such as Rattata, avian Pokémon such as Pidgey and Spearow have little to no sense of smell. In that case, the Caterpie will attempt to wrap up their adversary with String Shot, binding them to the ground with silk and gving them time to crawl away. Caterpie silk is biodegradable and will weaken in an hour, but it is also fairly strong and a predator can have a much easier time with a bound Pokémon.


When a Caterpie has eaten enough, it will wrap itself in silk and evolve into Metapod. Metapod are green Pokémon that resemble a chrysalis. They spend most of the time suspended from trees using their silk, and require nothing to eat, as they survive off the energy they gained as a Caterpie. Their shells are as hard as iron, and they become even harder when they use Harden, leading to Metapod becoming a phallic symbol in some corners of the Internet due to its shape, especially when the Metapod knows String Shot as well.

Once a Metapod has spent enough time growing, it will evolve into its final form of Butterfree. Butterfree live off pollen, honey, and nectar, and can fly in any weather due to rain-resistant scales. These scales also have different properties, allowing Butterfree to use Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, and PoisonPowder. Sleep Powder in particular is used to knock out the guards of a Combee or Beedrill hive so that Butterfree can steal their honey.


Butterfree are docile, unlike their predatory Beautifly cousins, but will defend themselves if threatened, with the spores used depending on the severity of the threat. Higher-level Butterfree can also learn Psychic moves such as Confusion and Psybeam.


All members of the Caterpie line are found inside forests. Caterpie can be found either on the ground or in trees. Metapod are also found within trees, mainly for safety from predators. Butterfree spend most of their time flying through the treetops.


Caterpie live off of leaves, whereas Metapod don't eat anything. Butterfree live off of pollen, nectar, and honey.


Caterpie and Metapod pose no threat to humans, although the occassional Metapod hanging up in a tree may fall on a trainer's head. Butterfree prefer to fly away than fight, but if they are threatened significantly enough, they will defend themselves by attempting to put the offender to sleep with Sleep Powder. If that doesn't work and the threat persists, the Butterfree will use either Stun Spore or PoisonPowder to put an adversary down for good.

Courting and Childrearing

During the mating season, Butterfree will form huge flocks over water. Male Butterfree will then start looking for females to mate with. If the female is receptive, they will do an aerial mating dance before mating. Afterwards, the Butterfree will then fly over to a new forest to lay their eggs, often under leaves. Butterfree do not practice parental care, and the young Caterpie are left on their own. There were rumors that Butterfree die after mating, but the rumor was proven false.

Social Structure

Caterpie can be found in groups, but possess no true grouping instincts. Metapod are found by themselves, and Butterfree are either solitary or found in flocks if food is particularly plentiful.
Written by rmctagg09

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