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Yeah, so now I have one of these walls for tropes and vandalism.

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    Tropes others have noticed about me (Free to edit via Wiki Magic) 

  • Thanks for editing the Infinite Warfare article. I was going to add "The Mole" for Akeel Min Riah.
  • you seem similar to me. Except for the left-handed thing. That's just sinister. Also, I'm the only black guy who can put "wanderer" in his titles. You're not allowed! -WanderlustWarrior
    • Surely we can share?
  • This is quite a tidy page. I can fix that! -splashes vibrant colors and mysterious sigils everywhere- Oh, and that had better be dark chocolate that you love! -ARandomSerf
  • Older than you look? I'm 29, and I was hit on by the teenage girl at the ice cream shop, who assumed I was in high school also. When she mentioned graduation and I assumed she was talking about college (I didn't know she was a teenager), she said "no, high school! Why, how old are you?" Then when she found out, "you look good for 28!" :P -BonsaiForest
  • I think it's great that you like music from videogames because I do also. Most of my favorite videogame music mainly comes from the Sonicthe Hedgehog Series, especially the older games from way back in the early 1990s decade. Plus the classic Super Mario Brothers theme music is just fabulous. I recommend you should visit my Troper page. If you can, PLEASE try to leave a nice comment about it for me OK? Life is better with friends, not enemies. (8^) - AlBundyFan365
  • You will never defeat me! Legionnaire
  • Shhh, I wasn't here Counterclock
  • A fellow Lyoko and Xiaolin Showdown fan? Dude, you're awesome! - Nekoalexa
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us. -YouMustDie
  • Hi! Nice to meet you! - Balmung
  • Hello! Your Western Animation folder took me back to my younger days. I'm already rather young, so good work. -@steampowered
  • (Füschlatz O'Reilly runs towards you at 800km/h and glomps you without slowing down.)
  • you're cool because ice cream cone
  • Hey. - Calamity Jane
    • -Waves hello-
  • I wrote on your page! - Agent Dragonhunter
  • "Nihilism will never win! *stabs Nihilist!Tagg*" Good times, right? :P - Rex
  • Are you me? - Somedude1337
  • Video games music is awesome! Of course, it all depends on the game. - Amused Troper Guy
  • Hiya. SNDL
  • Fixed the Portal link for you. No thanks necessary. -Quarter
  • Hello, fine sir! I am here for the job offer. -Beri
  • i know those unrequited love feels - dreamedkestrel
  • Hello. My name is Uilleam. You killed my free time. Prepare to die.
  • Goddamnit, I was about to edit the Chuggaaconroy page. >:( You took it when you could so you can edit the page since he completed his current LP. I must kill you. - Machop
  • who is this guy and why does he keep talking to me - Metanoia

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