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Vanillite Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Vanillite [#582]
  • Vanillish [#583]
  • Vanilluxe [#584]

Notable Biology

The Vanillite Line is a species of Ice-type Pokemon native to the mountains and snowy locales of the Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar regions. The first form, known as Vanillite, is about a foot in height with a rather large head covered in snow, blue eyes, and two stubby limbs on a body resembling an ice cream cone. Due to their tendency to freeze themselves upside down to ceilings to sleep, people once believed that Vanillite were actually born from icicles exposed to sunlight. Despite their appearance, Vanillite are actually composed of colonies of a microorganism that incorporates trace amounts of the mysterious compound Regicite in their bodies along with ice, though the strength of this Regicite is of a much lower grade than the kind that comprises Regice's body.


Some of these microorganisms form a sac deep inside Vanillite and its evolutions that serves as a cryo-sac. This cryo-sac allows Vanillite to produce freezing vapors of nearly 60 degrees below zero. Due to their Regicite, they incorporate ice and snow from their surroundings for use in fixing their ice shells if they get damaged in some manner.

For movement, Vanillite and its evolutions float using a form of localized telekinesis that only works on their bodies. Trainers can utilize their limited psychic abilities to create a Light Screen, and they can learn Mirror Coat naturally. The Vanillite Line can also use their crystalline bodies as a lens to shoot blasts of light as a defense mechanism. With the use of TMs, Trainers can teach these Pokemon the devastating Steel-type technique Flash Cannon.


The second form, Vanillish, still looks like an ice cream cone, but they "stand" two feet longer than Vanillite and have pointier bottoms. Their cryo-sacs are more highly developed, allowing them to use more powerful techniques such as Ice Beam, and older Vanillish are capable of using their cryokinetic powers to create massive hailstorms, though their normal recourse against most foes is to hide within fog created by their icy breath.

The final form, Vanilluxe, is a foot longer than Vanillish, and has grown a second head, as well as a tube resembling a straw, giving it the appearance of a double scoop of vanilla ice cream. In some cases the transformation can also occur if two half-melted Vanillish stay in close proximity to each other long enough to freeze together once the temperature drops. While generally rather easygoing, if attacked or angered they can attack enemies with blizzards expelled from the tube on the right head. Older Vanilluxe are also capable of shooting the blast of absolute zero known as Sheer Cold, though they prefer not to use this except as a last resort.


As an interesting note, Vanillite and its evolutions tend to be very artistic, using their cryokinetic powers to create beautiful ice sculptures of their surroundings. This is done through pinpoint control of their Ice Beam technique and highly developed eyesight. This often comes into play when attracting mates (See Courting and Childrearing).

Two primary subtypes are known to exist. One can easily heal when damaged in a snowstorm, while the other is better at camouflaging itself under snowy conditions. The second eventually evolve into Vanilluxe capable of summoning snowstorms at will. Occasionally, there are Vanillite born that can move faster if their shells are broken, but take a much longer time for the shell to heal, and are more vulnerable to direct attack while in this state.

[[Trainer's Note: Occasionally, Vanillite can be born with purple "cones" instead of the normal blue. These Pokemon are highly prized by collectors.]]


The Vanillite line is found mainly in northern mountainous and snowy regions, due to their need for cold to maintain their ice shells, though they can be found in warmer places that happen to have mountains high enough for a snow line. They will also inhabit the areas around human buildings that exude cold temperatures, such as the former Cold Storage building in Driftveil City. At one time they could be more often found in more southerly locales, but the retreat of the glaciers following the end of the Pleistocene forced their migration further north, except during the winter, where they can be found in and around places such as Unova's Route 6, Twist Mountain, and Dragonspiral Tower. Recently, a Vanillite Line population has made its home within the Giant Chasm of eastern Unova.

Within Kalos, they can be reliably found in and around the Frost Cavern north of Dendemille Town. Within Alola, they can be found in the foothills and slopes of Mt. Lanakila. In Galar, they are most often found on Route 8's Steamdrift Way and Route 10, though snowy weather can attract them to the Wild Area.


Vanillite and its evolutions mainly eat plants such as mountain grasses and moss, and will also eat lichens. They also eat microorganisms filtered from the water they drink and will accept treats of popsicles or ice cream from their Trainers.


While the Vanillite Line are very friendly if not purposely antagonized, often approaching humans of their own free will, they do have their dangers. For example, Vanillite and its evolutions have surface temperatures as cold as the breath they exude, so precautions must be taken to avoid severe frostbite from touching them. [[Trainer's Note: For this reason, it's always a good idea to wear thick gloves when physical contact with a member of this line is required.]]

Another is due to their shape. Despite their appearance, they are not ice cream cones and attempting to eat one is not a very good idea. Once a drunk man spotted a Vanilluxe and tried to suck from its tube. The Vanilluxe panicked, unleashed an Ice Beam from its tube, and the man died from being frozen inside-out. Luckily, these are freak occurrences and they are safe to keep around older children as long as you've explained the necessary precautions for dealing with them.

Probably the most serious danger is that of an angered Vanilluxe swarm creating a massive hailstorm, blizzard, or avalanche. For this reason, on the rare occasion that one has to deal with a swarm, you must move very slowly as to not disturb the Pokemon. [[Trainer's Note: Vanillite can use Avalanche, but they're more likely to use it just to prank you by burying you under three feet of snow.]]

Due to their ice shells and lower grade Regicite, it is not recommended to have them outside for long in arid regions such as Orre. Though they can withstand shorter periods of large amounts of heat, such as that from a Fire-type Pokemon, over a long period of time they can suffer catastrophic damage to their internal systems.

Courting and Childrearing

Mating is done in the winter and is participated in by Vanillish and Vanilluxe. Mature Vanillite can also do it, but it is a rare occurrence outside of captivity due to their relatively underdeveloped cryo-sacs. During the mating season, male Vanillish or Vanilluxe will create ice sculptures of themselves and the female they're interested in. The female decides her mate by the quality of the sculptures, and she happens to be a very harsh critic due to their species naturally sharp eyesight.

Once she's found a male with a suitable sculpture, they will go into a nearby cave and mate by releasing sperm and eggs into the air. These gametes have organelles that allow them to fly through the air. Soon after fertilization, the zygotes fall to the ground, and the parents freeze the area around the eggs. They will then viciously guard it against any intruders until the eggs hatch. Once the egg hatches, the microorganisms inside take over the ice and transform it into a Vanillite. The parents and hatchlings form a family unit until the young are close to evolving, at which point they leave.

Surprisingly, Vanillite are one of the few types of Pokemon that will breed with Pokemon outside of their immediate line without being coerced, though they tend to do it mainly with their Cryogonal cousins. There is one case of a researcher's Vanilluxe and Gigalith falling in love as well.

Social Structure

Apart from their family groups, the Vanillite line normally either lives alone or in groups of five. Rarely, they can form very large swarms around a large enough food source or hang around other species of Pokemon such as Cryogonal not interested in them as food or even a Roggenrola. The differences in general temperament between Vanillite and the latter species can create rather humorous anecdotes.

Written by rmctagg09