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Starly Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Starly [#396]
  • Staravia [#397]
  • Staraptor [#398]

Notable Biology

Starly are small Flying Pokemon that are mainly found in the Sinnoh region, though wanderers have been spotted in Kanto as well as a separate population in Kalos. They are known for living in large noisy flocks that move around looking for food throughout their habitat. These flocks are made up of hundreds of individuals and often undulate over a food source. Starly are also known to compete with Pidgey and other Starly flocks for food, and are considered pests in some areas.

Staravia are larger than Starly, but also live in flocks. Staravia have foward-facing eyes to intimidate prey and a floppy feather crest. They are more predatory than Starly and live mostly on Bug Pokemon, though Staravia that are close to evolution may kill and eat a Bidoof. If two Staravia flocks collide, they will fight for territorial dominance, with the losing flock moving elsewhere. They are also known for fighting with Pidgeotto on the rare occasions that they meet, with the more physically robust Staravia normally winning.


Staraptor are apex predators and generally live solitary lives. Staraptor generally stand at 3'11" and are capable of carrying a human being if so inclined. Their strong leg and wing muscles allow them to carry away a large variety of prey, and their talons are sharp enough to scratch iron, making them among the strongest of Flying Pokemon in terms of physical strength. Few Staravia reach this stage, and the ones that do immediately leave their flock. They are also quite agressive, and will attack enemies much bigger than themselves. Staraptor are also very quick flyers, though not as quick as Pidgeot or Swellow.

In some members of the Starly Line, a rare mutation exists that gives them brown outer plumage. These Pokemon are prized by collectors.



Starly and Staravia are found inside forests and fields. Staraptor can be found in a variety of environments, including deciduous forests, conifer forests, wetlands, mountains, and grasslands. As mentioned before, while the species is mainly native to Sinnoh, small populations do exist within Kanto, mostly in and around Pewter City. Within Kalos, they can mainly be found in flocks on Route 11.


Starly eat mostly berries, nuts, and small insects. Staravia eat mainly Bug Pokemon such as Kricketot, Burmy, Mothim, and Wormadam. They may also occasionally eat other Pokemon such as Bidoof or Rattata. Staraptor will eat anything they can catch, including decent sized Pokemon such as the occasional Stantler or Miltank, though they generally prefer to kill what they can carry away, which happens to be a lot. They hunt by flying above their prey, diving down, and killing it with their beaks or talons. Then the Staraptor will either eat it on the spot, or will carry it unto a perch to eat if it's light enough. [Trainer's Note: If your Staraptor happens to hunt, it may bring its kill to share with you. It is best to train them to refrain from this habit when around humans that are not its trainer, as they may be less than appreciative.]


Starly and Staravia do not pose much of a threat to humans, though flocks will attack what they consider to be a threat. These attacks will leave a person covered in peck marks and scratches, but otherwise unharmed.

Staraptor are generally uninterested in humans as prey, though there are unconfirmed reports of Staraptor killing and carrying away small children to eat when food is scarce. They are also very aggressive, territorial, and are much stronger than most other Pokemon of their size, so they are not to be trifled with. Their feet can break an arm, their claws can rip open a human's chest, and they can create massive whirlwinds by beating their wings. Their wings can also hit a human with enough force to break a rib cage. [Trainer's Note: For this reason, it is inadvisable to approach a wild Staraptor if you don't have any strong Electric, Rock, or Ice types to protect you.]


Courting and Hatchling Care

Mating is done by either Staraptor or Staravia, though all forms are capable of breeding. The latter mate by fighting for females, whereas the former do a mating dive after an endurance test. Both Staravia and Staraptor care for their young until they are capable of flying, at which point the fledgling Starly leave to join a flock.

Social Structure

Starly and Staravia live in large flocks with hundreds of members. If they are separated from their flock, they will cry loudly to gain a response. [Trainer's Note: Be sure to train your Starly or Staravia out of this habit, or you'll find yourself evicted by angry neighbors] Staraptor live either by themselves or with a mate, with the trainer taking up that spot if unavailible. They are also known to catch small Pokemon for their Trainers to eat, making them very useful for lost travelers and falconers.

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