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Sewaddle Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Sewaddle [540]
  • Swadloon [541]
  • Leavanny [542]

Notable Biology

The Sewaddle Line is a species of insectoid Pokemon native to the forested areas of the Unova region. This line is particularly noted for being one of the most intelligent species of Bug type Pokemon known, due to their advanced social structure and tailoring skill. The latter of these traits is possible by their ability to create thread by chewing up leaves and combining it with silk. They also have photosynthetic cells containing chloroplasts covering their bodies, allowing them to gain some amount of their sustenance from sunlight. These cells also allow them to move faster in strong sunlight.


The first form, Sewaddle, is about a foot long in length, with a rather large tan-colored head containing two black, white irised eyes, a mouth containing two fangs, and a white underside. Their bodies are also covered in a leafy suit either made by a Leavanny or sown together by the Sewaddle itself. Rarer individuals exist that are a light green in color with darker leafed suits. The reasoning for the latter is unknown, but scientists theorize that it may be due to fashion sense on the side of the Pokemon.

Sewaddle mainly spend their days eating leaves on the ground and in the trees, all the while attempting to avoid being eaten by predators such as the Venipede Line. To protect the progeny of the brood, at least one Leavanny keeps watch over them. (More in Social Structure.)

After a Sewaddle has gathered enough nutrients through eating leaves, it will then evolve into a Swadloon. Swadloon are only eight inches taller than their pre-evolution, yellow in color, and cover themselves in a cocoon of leaves, with lighter leaves on the outside and darker leaves on the inside. They see the world through a crescent shaped slit, and their faces are stuck in a perpetual frown. A rarer variety of Swadloon use lighter colored leaves, and their gray bodies and brown eyes give them an appearance reminiscent of a vampire.


Swadloon are sorted into groups of five by the Leavanny, and spend their time walking together through the forest on the ground eating leaves, as their body structure prevents them from climbing or jumping into trees like their previous and final forms. Swadloon are very important for the health of a forest due to the fact that their nutrient rich droppings help revitalize the soil.

Besides strength in numbers supplemented by Leavanny overseers, as well as a heat source during the Unovan winter, the Swadloon band together to assist their evolution into Leavanny. Swaddloon can only evolve once they have high amounts of a certain hormone coursing through their bodies, which is only created by making bonds with others. Though they can do this with other Pokemon and humans, the default wild choice is other Swadloon.


Leavanny, the final form of Sewaddle, stand at nearly four feet high and weigh a little over 42 lbs in the average specimen. They have round yellow faces with long antennae, red eyes, a body covered with a leafy coating, including a makeshift hood, long yellow feet, and an abdomen covered by leaves. There also exists tan-colored Leavanny wearing lighter colored leaves.

The arms of a Leavanny end in blades that resemble leaves, but are actually made up of hard chitin. These blades make Leavanny very adept at making clothes for themselves, Sewaddle, and other Pokemon. Due to Leavanny's instinctive need to take care of smaller creatures, they have been known to take care of other species and even the occasional human child that have gotten lost in the woods near their homes.

Leavanny are also willing to make contracts with other species of Pokemon, making clothes for them and caring for their kids in exchange for assistance from predators. A famous example of this would be the relationship between the Leavanny and Throh/Sawk populations of the area in and around Pinwheel Forest, in which they decorate their "gis". Another example would be the contract the Leavanny of eastern Unova have with the Machop Line population near Route 15. [[Trainer's Note: If a Leavanny makes clothes for a Trainer, they'd be a fool to refuse it, as the kind of silk they use makes their outfits far more durable than their appearance would suggest.]]

There also exists a rare subspecies of Sewaddle that can make a much thicker silk. This allows them to make clothing that is better resistant to indirect damage, such as the kind caused by a hailstorm.


Sewaddle and its evolutions live their lives within forests. Sewaddle can be found either in trees or on the ground, Swadloon is completely terrestrial, while Leavanny prefers the ground, but can jump into trees to hide from or ambush threats to the Sewaddle. Stable populations of Sewaddle and it's evolutions can be found in Pinwheel Forest, Lostlorn Forest, and Unova's Route 6. In recent times, populations of Sewaddle have established themselves in Hoenn along Routes 101 and 104.


All of the members of the Sewaddle Line are folivorous, eating mainly leaves, though they can supplement their diet with sunlight and berries. Until they're mature and close to evolving, Sewaddle don't leave the inner core, so most of their food is brought to them by Leavanny. Once they're mature enough to leave for the outer core, Sewaddle feed themselves by climbing up trees and eating their leaves.

Swadloon aren't as mobile, so they walk along the ground and eat leaves that have fallen amongst the roots of their trees. Leavanny can either jump into a tree and eat its leaves, or they can use their arm blades to cut off a branch and then eat the choice leaves.

A Trainer looking to feed their Sewaddle, Swadloon, or Leavanny should try feeding them mainly berries and leafy greens such as lettuce or cabbage. The Sewaddle Line seems to have a particular love for maple leaves, and Trainers can use them as a treat.


In general, the Sewaddle Line will leave humans alone if left undisturbed. However, they do have their dangers, particularly in the case of the latter two morphs.

Sewaddle have very few defenses against predators besides either biting, or summoning one or more Leavanny. Swadloon can bite, but they prefer to fire razor sharp leaves at potential attackers.

Leavanny are the most dangerous if provoked, especially if they're protecting Sewaddle and/or Swadloon. Leavanny blades can cut down to the bone, and a group of them working together can chase off or even take down something as dangerous as a Scolipede. Things can become even worse if client species such as Sawk and Throh get involved, but luckily a Sweaddle would have to be severely threatened for this to come to pass.

Courting and Childrearing

In the wild, mating is done by Leavanny, though mature Sewaddle and Swadloon can breed in captivity. Leavanny females choose their mates based on two requirements. One is the quality of their clothing, and the other is a high Sewaddle survival/predation ratio.

Once she finds a male who meets this criteria, they mate and the female lays 10 eggs in a nest made of fermenting leaves. These leaves help incubate the eggs over the month needed for them to hatch. Once the eggs hatch, the Sewaddle become the responsibility of the swarm, and everyone takes equal care of them. (More in Social Structure.)

Social Structure

At first glance, the Sewaddle line population would appear to lack much organization at all. Sewaddle can be found all over the place while Leavanny are rarely seen at all. Once you take a closer look, the organization becomes more apparent.

Similar to a Nidoran colony, a Sewaddle colony radiates in several sections. At the center, newborn Sewaddle, Sewaddle eggs, and the children of contracted species are watched over by a core of Leavanny. In the next ring, mature Sewaddle move around while Leavanny watch them from a distance. The second farthest ring is populated by Swadloon groups watched over by some Leavanny, and the farthest ring is home to the Leavanny advance guard.

To protect the inner core, silk trip lines are left all over the general area. If an intruder trips one of these, the advance guard will mobilize, while the inner core gathers up the baby Pokemon to be moved to safety. Predators are normally stopped by a large group of Leavanny brandishing their arm blades and slashing at them. While this normally works, a very persistent predator can break into the inner core, though at this point they're normally weakening from their wounds.

At this point, the Leavanny summon their allies, and the threat is chased off or killed in short order. In the case of the latter, the Leavanny either dispose of the corpse themselves or have a client species drag it away for their own consumption.

Written by rmctagg09.

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