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Burmy Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Burmy [#412]
  • Wormadam [#413]
  • Mothim [#414]

Notable Biology

Burmy are small, caterpillar-like Bug Pokemon that are found living in trees in the Sinnoh and Kalos regions. Distant relatives of the Caterpie and Scatterbug lines, they are generally sedentary, rarely leaving the trees in which they are born. Their most famous feature are their cloaks made out of various materials, which they make instinctively with any material on hand and silk.

Shortly after they hatch, Burmy make cases out of leaves and silk in order to better protect themselves from the cold of their native Sinnoh. This case is known as a Leaf Cloak, and are used to help them blend in as well. However, these cases are rather fragile, and often break apart during battle. As a result, Burmy will form a new cloak out of any materials on hand. Two known variants of Burmy cloaks are the Sand Cloak and the Trash Cloak.


Burmy that happen to find themselves in a region with little suitable foliage and plenty of gravel will make a Sand Cloak out of gravel. These cloaks can break rather easily as well, but help them blend in better with their surroundings. Burmy who live near buildings inside cities will make a Trash Cloak out of building insulator. This also has the unfortunate tendency to cause asbestos contamination in humans and other Pokemon. As an upside, insulator keeps Burmy the warmest out of any cloak, though that downside means that trainers tend to have Trash Cloak Burmy the least, as their lifespans can be shortened depending on how long they have the cloak.

Once a Burmy evolves, their form is based on the gender of the Pokemon. Female Burmy evolve into Wormadam, which have a different secondary type depending on the cloak they had on before evolving. The Leaf, Sand, and Trash Cloaks make a Wormadam have a secondary type of either Grass, Ground, or Steel respectively, depending on which one they had on before they evolved. Unlike Burmy, a Wormadam's cloak is permanently fused to their body in the evolutionary process that gives them their secondary type, and as a result they can learn powerful moves such as Leaf Storm, Fissure, and Iron Head. They can also learn Psychic moves such as Psybeam and Psychic. As their cloaks are permanently fused, there is no way to remove the cloak without killing the Pokemon, as they become part of its body. Even taking a piece off would be like peeling off its skin.


Male Burmy, on the other hand, lose their cloaks once they evolve into into Mothim. Mothim are wanderers, spending most of their time flying around the Sinnoh region looking for nectar. Like Wormadam, they can learn Psybeam and Psychic, and powerful Bug-type moves such as Bug Buzz and Silver Wind. Mothim like to steal from Combee hives, and will enlist the help of other Pokemon such as Butterfree to put the Combee guards to sleep with Sleep Powder and steal their honey. If working alone, they will slip in silently, take some honey, and then leave unnoticed. Due to their wandering nature and strong fight muscles, particularly exploratory Mothim can be spotted as far south as Kanto and Johto.



Burmy and Wormadam are generally found in forests, being reliably found in honey trees throughout Sinnoh as well as Kalos' Route 3, though small numbers can be found in mountains and cities with suitable greenery. Mothim have no particular habitat, as they are always traveling while searching for nectar.


Burmy and Wormadam live off of leaves and sap from trees, while Mothim live off of nectar and pilfered Combee honey.


Burmy and its evolutions are very docile, preferring to flee than risk direct confrontation. However, Wormadam and Mothim especially are capable of harming a human being if significantly threatened. Wormadam know fairly powerful moves, and Mothim prefer to use Poisonpowder or Psybeam to put down a particularly dangerous threat. For this reason, always be sure to keep some Antidote on hand. Trash Cloak Burmy and Wormadam have a tendency to cause asbestos contamination and mesothelioma in their trainers from prolonged exposure if their insulator was acquired from a particularly old building. For this reason, it is a good idea to clean your Burmy after a battle, or wear a breath mask once it becomes a Wormadam. [[Trainer's Note: Due to Burmy's instinctual need for a cloak, it is a good idea to keep an eye on it at all times, lest it makes a cloak out of say, your clothes or a wedding dress, often ripping them apart in the process.]]

Courting and Childrearing

When it's time to mate, Wormadam release special pheremones into the air, attracting Mothim from miles around. When a Mothim arrives, they mate and the Wormadam attaches her fertilized eggs to the Mothim, which then deposits eggs in groups of two on any suitable tree. This can cause them to go as far down as Johto, which has lead to a small population of Burmy inhabiting Route 38. After placing down eggs, the baby Burmy are left on their own.

Social Structure

The Burmy line possesses no true grouping instincts, though Mothim can be found in large flocks, and Burmy and Wormadam can have up to six members sharing the same tree.

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