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Tynamo Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Tynamo [#602]
  • Eelektrik [#603]
  • Eelektross [#604]

Notable Bio

The eel-like Tynamo Line is one of the most unique of Unova’s Pokémon denizens. Despite being piscine Pokémon (Though that status is being debated due to observations posted in Courting and Childrearing.), and spending most of their lives in water, they lack a Water typing and are classified as pure Electric types by the Pokemon League. Similarly to Pokémon such as Mantine and Sharpedo, they have cartilaginous skeletons that make them far more flexible than most other Pokemon. All the members of this line possess an electromagnetic organ that allows them to float above the ground using magnetic repulsion, with the time spent floating depending on the form, as well as a specialized swim bladder that works as a lung, allowing them to breathe air.


The first morph, Tynamo, is a small piscine Pokémon under half a meter in length and about three tenths of a kilogram in weight. White in color with black eyes and a cross shaped mouth; they also have a yellow lateral line running across their bodies. Tynamo on their own are relatively weak Pokémon, though not as relatively defenseless as either Magikarp or Feebas, and are limited only to tackling, electrified tackling, and a rather weak electric blast. To circumvent this weakness, Tynamo typically travel together in schools that are hundreds strong. Together, the electricity generated by the combined strength of a Tynamo school is about as strong as a lightning bolt and just as deadly. To communicate, Tynamo and its evolution use a combination of cries and flash patterns similar to those created by Pokémon such as Ampharos and the Chinchou Line, and just as complex [[Trainer's Note: In one case, a Tynamo that had an accident involving an MP3 player ended up being able to communicate only in flash patterns. As an interesting side effect, it pretty much became a living MP3 player.]] Once a Tynamo has grown enough, it leaves the school in order to complete its evolution into Eelektrik.


The second morph, Eelektrik, is an over one meter long petromyzine Pokémon, with the average specimen weighing about 22 kilograms. They are dark blue in color, with a red tail, a beige underbelly and vertical front fins, and a red, sucker-like mouth containing four fangs. Eelektrik also have innocuous yellow spots on their bodies and around their eyes that are actually electricity Unlike Tynamo, Eelektrik are a bit more solitary, preferring to live and hunt alone, with older Eelektrik spending most of their time at sea. Due to this fact, they are seen even more rarely than their earlier form and rarely float, staying mainly in the water or on the ground on the rare times that they come ashore.
Artist's rendition of an Eelektross on the hunt, by Cometwing. (For the full size version, click here.)

The final, rarely seen morph, Eelektross, is the most powerful and dangerous of all. In order for an Eelektrik to acquire this form, it must acquire a Thunderstone and be exposed to its unique radiation. Due to the rarity of a wild Eelektrik actually finding a Thunderstone, the vast majority of Eelektross are in the possession of trainers. Standing at over two meters and weighing in at over 80 kilograms in the average specimen, Eelektross boasts a similar color scheme to Eelektrik, except for the fact that they have red eyes with black irises, as well as much longer, wider spaced fangs. Their two fin-arms allow them to grab objects, including potential prey, while their modified pelvic fins allow them to walk on land by acting as feet, making them one of the Unova region’s top predators.

One of the most peculiar features of Eelektross is the astounding number of techniques that it is capable of learning when trained due to its highly developed omnisacs, being capable of learning techniques from each and every type. This makes them highly valued amongst trainers for their versatility. Unlike the mostly pelagic Eelektrik, Eelektross stay closer to shore so that they can better catch prey due to their body plan making them not quite as adept swimmers as their previous morphs.

On rare occasions, Tynamo can be born with red lateral lines that evolve into Eelektrik and Eelektross that are bright green in color. These Pokémon are highly prized by collectors.


The preferred habitat of the Tynamo Line tends to depend on evolutionary stage. Tynamo spend their lives inside underground rivers bordering areas of high magnetism, with the one within Chargestone Cave being the most famous example. To avoid predators they can occasionally float away from the river and enter the main cave itself, where they are most commonly encountered and caught by trainers. Tynamo tend to have a poor resistance against high water temperatures like those found in the tropics, which is why they reside mainly in temperate waters. Despite this, there have been sightings of Tynamo within the caverns of islands off the coast of Hoenn.

Eelektrik, on the other hand, are pelagic Pokémon that spend much of their time off Unova’s coasts once they’re old enough, rarely coming close to shore except to breed and watch over their Tynamo progeny. Being fairly good travelers, they can also be found as far out as the continental shelf, and there have been reports of vagrants in other regions. Within Unova, the best chance of getting a sighting of a wild Eelektrik would be within the Seaside Cave of northeastern Unova. The few examples of wild Eelektross, due to the rarity of an Eelektrik actually acquiring a Thunderstone, tend to stay close to shore so that they can better ambush prey on the shoreline when they’re not hunting the diet of their previous morphs, though they still happen to be fairly good swimmers, if not quite as good as Eelektrik.


The Tynamo Line is entirely carnivorous, with every morph being a hunter of other Pokémon. When just hatched, Tynamo ammocoetes are mainly filter feeders before shifting to a more actively predatory diet. Lone Tynamo will stick mainly to catching young Basculin and Frillish, though Tynamo hunting as a school can hunt adult Basculin, Jellicent, and even the occasional land dwelling Pokémon that runs into their path. Since Tynamo line members have an unusually high tolerance for iron, Steel types are occasionally on the menu, though they are normally not the first choice since punching through their armor is a very tough endeavor. Occasionally, Tynamo acting either alone or in schools will parasitize much larger Pokémon for their bodily fluids, which can cause them to get an infection due to their saliva acting as an anticoagulant.

Eelektrik hunt alone and will attack any potential prey through coiling around it and paralyzing it. Like Tynamo, they are also capable of parasitism, with Eelektrik occasionally taking a bite out of much larger Pokemon such as Wailord. Eelektross is an ambush predator, waiting for prey to show up on the shoreline before popping up, paralyzing if not killing it outright with an electrified bite, and dragging it underwater for consumption through the absorption of bodily fluids. They are also known to herd prey to the shallows so that they can electrocute them dead. [[Trainer’s Note: Eelektrik and Eelektross in particular are known to have very large appetites, so it is important that they be fed fairly regularly.]]


While the members of the Tynamo Line prefer to run away from conflict and rarely consider humans as potential prey unless their usual prey is unavailable (Though cases of mistaken identity are not unknown.), if cornered or threatened they will attack. Tynamo by themselves attack with tackles and electric shocks, which are capable of causing fractures and brain damage respectively. Engaging a Tynamo school is not recommended, as they are capable of generating enough electricity to send an impertinent trainer to the intensive care unit of a hospital if not the morgue. Eelektrik, while lacking a movepool quite as large as Eelektross, are capable of attacking opponents in a number of ways.

Aside from stronger versions of what Tynamo can do, these ways include biting with their fangs, creating puncture wounds that may necessitate sutures that may also have trouble healing due to the anticoagulant saliva, spraying corrosive acid from their mouth that can suppress abilities and necessitate treatment for chemical burns, constricting opponents tight enough to asphyxiate them, firing even more powerful electric blasts, and in the case of older Eelektrik, trashing around wildly enough to cause massive internal injuries to what they hit. Luckily, afterwards they become dazed due to fatigue from exerting themselves so greatly, allowing a quick getaway.

Eelektross can do everything their earlier forms can do, but are made even deadlier due to the addition of proper arms and highly developed omnisacs, which was showcased when a group of Pokémon Rangers attempted to subdue a trained Eelektross that had gotten startled and went on a mini-rampage as a result. Said Eelektross was capable of firing gouts of flame, batting down opponents with its arms, tossing large rocks and dirt, cloaking its tail in water or a metallic coating and slamming opponents with them, and wreathing its claws in emerald flames similar to the kind created by draconic Pokémon and raking enemies with them, making it very hard to properly subdue.

In the absence of large amounts of Repel, it can be difficult to defeat a member of this line in battle due to their levitation organ rendering them more or less immune to Ground type attacks. However, if they are forced to land for whatever reason, they are subject to the same weaknesses as any other Electric type. [[Trainer’s Note: An especially good repellent to keep away members of this line is the scent created by the deceased members of this species. Upon smelling it, they will clear out as far away as possible.]]

Courting and Childrearing

Mating among Tynamo Line members in the wild is mainly performed by Eelektrik since Eelektross are rarely seen in the wild. Eelektrik are anadromous, so Eelektrik from all over return to the caves of their birth during the mating season in order to breed, using their sense of smell to find the way. Once they get there, they use flash patterns to entice mating partners to breed. After the mating is completed, the female Eelektrik or Eelektross will lay her eggs in an alcove above the water so that the eggs will be safe from predators. When the eggs hatch, the Tynamo fall into the water, where their parents will take care of them until they’ve grown large enough to defend themselves on their own.

Strangely enough, Tynamo and its evolutions are incapable of breeding with other piscine Pokémon, though they are capable of having viable offspring not only with species such as Gastrodon but even Ghost types such as Chandelure and Gengar. The reasons for this continue to vex researchers, though it is why some researchers have stated that Tynamo should be placed in a sister clade to other piscine Pokémon because of this.

Social Structure

Tynamo live mainly in large swarms up to hundreds strong looking for food. Sightings of lone Tynamo are likely due to separation from the group while trying to avoid a predator or the Pokémon being almost ready to evolve. Both Eelektrik and the rare wild Eelektross are solitary, only coming together when either there’s a large amount of food, mating season, or rearing their children, though they are known to be among the seafaring Pokémon that get tended to by Alomomola.

In Human Society

Tynamo and its evolutions are rarely seen in most media, but they are considered consumable (being much meatier than most other piscine Pokemon) and were seen as a delicacy amongst the Unovan nobility in medieval times. Though a popular Pokemon amongst competitive trainers due to their power and versatility, they have gained somewhat of a negative reputation over time due to the old practice of Unovan nobles starving schools of Eelektrik (or just one lone Eelektross) and throwing people they were displeased with to them to be eaten alive, as well as being seen as pests due to their habit of hunting choice aquatic species such as Basculin. The fact that the infamous true leader of Team Plasma, Ghetsis Harmonia, happened to be the owner of an Eelektross has done little to dissuade this opinion. At the same time, the fact that the Champion of the Sinnoh region, Cynthia *** has recently acquired an Eelektross is starting to give the species a slight reputation boost amongst the general public.

While they are rarely seen in popular culture outside of horror movies, Eelektrik are seen as minor enemies in a cult videogame about a psychic going to a special summer camp that trains others of his kind, and the ravenous tendencies of starved Eelektrik are shown in a popular series of children's books. On the Internet, one popular form of shock picture is to photoshop Eelektrik mouths unto fingers to freak people out.

Written by rmctagg09.


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