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Torchic Line

Morphs[Oak Catalog #]

  • Torchic [255]
  • Combusken [256]
  • Blaziken [257]

Notable Biology

Primarily found in the tropical Hoenn region, the members of the Torchic line possess a pyrosac that can release flames in excess of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. A Torchic has a very warm body temperature as a result, causing them to feel as hot as a warm water bottle when hugged. This unique biological trait has caused Trainers to use them as a cheap heating source if they can't make a fire if they're somewhere that's cold, similar to the use of Darumaka droppings by Native Unovans. Torchic are generally timid and often imprint on the first thing they see, which is why they are often found right behind their trainers or their Blaziken parents.

In contrast to the quiet and timid Torchic, Combusken are loud and aggressive. They are primarily solitary creatures, and are known to fight upon seeing another to test their strength. Combusken get stronger by running through fields and mountains, and can kick hard enough to break through rock.

Blaziken, Torchic's fully evolved form, stand at six feet high and use a martial arts style that is used in tandem with fire moves. The flames on their wrists and legs are generated by fire producing glands underneath its skin, which allow it to use Fire Punch and its most famous technique, Blaze Kick. The feathers on its wrists are burnt off and regrown as the Pokemon gets older. They can jump over a 15 story building in a single bound, due to their powerful leg muscles and feathers for lift. Blaziken also have fleshy pads inside their feet that act as shock absorbers, lessening the damage from falling from such heights. They are apex predators in their natural environment, using their flames to corner and dispatch prey.



Members of the Torchic line live in grasslands within Hoenn, though Combusken and Blaziken do go up into the mountains to train and breed. Due to overhunting in the past, they are very rare in the wild. A good indicator of the presence of Torchic or its evolutions is the smell of either charred meat or burnt grass, a sign of a recent kill. Domesticated Torchic and their evolutions are raised on large farms, where they're raised for their unfertilized eggs and meat.


Torchic eat seeds and small insects, the size of their prey increasing once they learn Ember. Combusken have a more carnivorous diet, hunting smaller Pokemon by cutting off their escape routes using fire and either burning or beating them to death. Blaziken have a similar diet and technique to Combusken, except that they hunt bigger Pokemon such as Tauros and Miltank.


All members of the Torchic line are capable of burning a potential threat to death. Torchic prefer to run from a threat, but can cause second-degree burns when using Ember, and if grabbed can raise their body temperature high enough so that the attacker can get burnt. They also can cause nasty cuts through scratching.

Combusken can break bones and are very fast and aggressive, so it is advised not to anger one. If a wild Combusken comes out to challenge a person personally, they would be wise not to take it up on its offer, as the Pokemon is capable of viciously beating a person to within an inch of their life. Blaziken, while not as aggressive as Combusken, can still easily injure you, especially when their young are threatened. [Trainer's Note: For this reason, it is inadvisable to attempt to catch a wild Torchic, as its parents are often not too far away.]


Courting and Hatchling Care

When it is time to mate, male Blaziken make vocalizations that can be heard for miles around. If a female comes, both begin to fight to test the others stamina. This culminates with both Pokemon jumping in midair to meet with a Blaze Kick or Sky Uppercut, and then finishes with them grabbing each other and spinning in midair downwards, copulating all the while, before breaking apart. The mating dive is often done while on fire.

The parents then find a secluded spot to lay their eggs, which hatch in about a week. The newborn Torchic are born fully feathered, ready to walk, and are capable of getting their own food, leaving the parents to simply guard them from predators. Once the Torchic are capable of using Ember, their parents depart and they are left on their own.


Social Structure

After leaving their parents, Torchic live in small groups with their siblings, keeping a lookout for predators. Once a Torchic evolves or is close to evolving into a Combusken, it leaves the group and lives a mainly solitary life, fighting anything it deems a worthy opponent in order to get stronger. Except for mating pairs, Blaziken are solely solitary Pokemon.

In captivity, Torchic and Combusken live in large flocks with one or more Blaziken as the effective leaders.

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