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Treecko Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Treecko [#252]
  • Grovyle [#253]
  • Sceptile [#254]

Notable Biology

The most notable feature of a Treecko is the bright, vivid green skin. This skin contains small amounts of chlorophyll. All three morphs obtain their sustenance from external sources, but they rely on their chlorophyll as a quicker method of obtaining energy rather than eating. This special skin lining also means that they are capable of using Grass-type moves with ease, and thus Treecko are also the official Grass starter of the Hoenn League.


The first form, the Treecko, is the smallest. Almost wholly arboreal, wild Treecko may never leave the trees. It is nocturnal, and relies on its keen sense of touch and large, bulbous eyes to find its way in the dark. Their hands and feet are covered with microscopic ridges, which allows them to clamber up almost any structure. When moving full tilt from branch to branch, Treecko rival Chimchar in terms of agility. Treecko are very intelligent, and many are possessed with a mischievous streak. (Trainer's note: If your Treecko goes missing, look up. Chances are that it is hanging just above your head.)

The adolescent form, the Grovyle, are larger, yet even more agile than their smaller cousins. Unlike Treecko, they also possess leaves on the underside of their arms, their rears and on their head- it is believed that these plants are symbiotic growths that provide simple sugars for the animal. However, they will only become sexually mature in the species's final evolution.


A fully grown Sceptile is a force to be reckoned with. Lithe and agile, a Sceptile can blend in with the foliage around it and render itself nigh-invisible. They possess a keen intelligence and can navigate themselves through three-dimensional environments with ease. Despite this size and strength, they are relatively docile and will spend most of the day sleeping. The tail of a Sceptile is ringed with symbiotic plants akin to that of Grovyle. Curiously enough, only male plants will grow on the animal. The female plant is an independent epiphyte. The male plants constantly emit microscopic pollen in the chance that one will fertilize a female plant nearby. (Trainer's note - Trainers with hay fever or allergies should not choose a Treecko as their starter.)



Treecko, Grovyle, and Sceptile are arboreal. Some may never leave the trees. They are very rare in the wild, and, being a Starter Pokémon, most are found in captivity, under the care of Trainers.


All three animals are carnivorous. Owing to their cold-blooded metabolism and their photosynthetic supplements, they do not need to eat as much as other carnivores of the region. Treecko are insectivorous, and is preferential to small Wurmple and Nincada. Grovyle will occasionally make forays onto the ground to hunt larger prey. After killing a smaller Pokémon (such as a Taillow or Wingull) they will retreat to the trees to enjoy their kill in peace. Wholly carnivorous, Sceptile have been known to attack humans, but will most often eat Linoone and Swellow.


All three animals are possessed of a strong independent streak. They do not like to be held or touched, and some may respond to such a disturbance with violence. In addition, their simple stimulus-response prey identification system means that they are prone to wandering off in search of food, sometimes in the midst of battle. In addition, Sceptile are immensely strong, and can shatter a man's arm bones with a bite, if sufficiently angry.

Courting and Child-rearing

Solitary by nature, Sceptile will rarely encounter another of their species. If the two are of the same gender, they will ignore one another or get into a fight. If they are different genders, a brief, informal coupling will take place, with the female laying eggs a few months later. The female Sceptile will lay eggs in the ground and abandon them. The baby Treecko will hatch three months later and part ways.

Social Structure

Most Pokémon of this line are solitary. They will stake claims using claw marks on trees to mark their territory.

Written by Locoman.


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