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What can I say? I'm a native Spanish speaker (check my Spanish below) and also talk some English (check my English right here). I love videogames such as Sim City and Final Fantasy, denounce the evils of truth and love DRM and Microsoft, like Chocolate and bread, and work halftime doing consulting for some teachers who want to put up their web pages in the internets . In my somewhat-spare time I write Fan Fic for fun and web codez for food for the learning. Longs to meet a cutesy female who enjoys humor and comedy and won't protest to some mating sesions under a soft rain.

Yeah. Also, Chaste Hero, except the Hero part, and The Informant for most of the times I have to do teamwork, if only because too many people fit The Lancer better than me. Languages: Spanish and English. Oh and before I forget it Spoiler Hound.

Yo mismo, ¡en Español para mis coetáneos!

¿Qué puedo decir? Que soy un hablante nativo de Español y además hablo inglés. Me encantan los videojuegos, en perticular Sim City y Final Fantasy; me dedico a exponer los males de la bondad y el amor el DRM y Microsoft, me gusta el chocolate y el pan, y trabajo a medio tiempo en un cibercafé. En el medio-tiempo libre me dedico a escribir Fan Fic y a crear páginas web. No me molestaría conocer a una hermosa hembra que aprecie el humor y la comedia y no objete a unas cuantas sesiones de apareamiento bajo una lluvia fina.

Además, bueno, Heroe Casto (excepto por la parte de héroe) y soy el informante en muchos equipos que trabajo porque la posición de The Lancer está ya copada. Además soy un cazador de spoilers.

My works / Mis obras:

I have written some fics for the spanish-speaking community under a different penname, and three or four works for the english-speaking one under my penname "Solovino".

Works in active development

  • Sixth — life adventures of a Lileep. Final chapter going re-completion (don't ask).
  • Stars Of Suoce: The classical Trainer fic every Pokémon fic writer must go through once in their life. On the write.

Works in planning stage

  • Frothed Glasses at the Morning: A story of what the heck was Cid doing during disks 2 and 3 in Final Fantasy VIII.
  • The Guild Of Rienna: A story of a secret organization Power Rangers-like in a Pokémon world. First arc completed, development (and publishing) halted until I can steady a job.

Works in the backburner

  • Scalar — musings of a Ninja infiltrating the city of Vector. Moved to the backburner in 2011.
  • Los Angeles Lost Days. Imagine everything bad that happens to the city of Los Angeles in television, going out at the same time. Angel, 24, Bionic Woman, whatever. Then throw in Volcano and Terminator for good measure. Currently only the prologue and ending written.

Most of my fics are at the moment discontinued back to the design table due to Reality Ensues and having hard times getting inspiration, I mostly work them by rewriting instead of getting to publish new chapters. Nevertheless some of my fics have done good: Sixth was nominated for the Serebii Fic Awards 2009 and did pretty good considering who was I going against; and my first One-Shot, Playfield got the third place in PokéCommunity's SWC 2009 Contest. And I'm proud of it because despite having to write it in a hurry, I put my heart in the ink keyboard, being a story that came from my feelings back then. With some luck, once I'm finished with my thesis I'll be able to go back to my fics for the remainder of the year!

TV Tropes Contrib

I am a long-time anonymous lurker here at TV Tropes, but registered some time ago when I found a precise YKTTW that I had to contribute to. I don't even remember what it was about but it was about swords... :D — Anyways, I have contributed in the naming of the following tropes:

Soy un contributor anónimo hasta hace poco, me registre´para colaborar en un YKTTW cuyo nombre ya no recuerdo aunque tenía que ver con espadas... :D — Como sea, he colaborado en YKTTW y en el tema de los traductores en español en algunas proposiciones de nombres.

Tropes I have Authored or Named

Articles for The Pokedex Extended Fanon Edition:

Tropes where I'm protecting culture and fighting the Lowest Common Denominator

The following is a list of trope names that I am defending or have defended from stupidization and SPOON-like renamings in the so-called Trope "Repair" Shop.

For the record, I am not a member of FORKS.

I swear, this wiki becomes more stupid-leaning each time I visit.

YKTTW Activity

Threads where I usually lurk:

  • The Pokédex Extended Fanon Edition of ocurse.
  • Useful Software Thread
  • Anything in the Tech Wishlist that has to do with internationalization of the engine and the site.
  • Anything in On Topic Conversations that has to do with SCIENCE!
  • More recently, the We Are All Pokemon Trainers thread(s).

Tropes that Apply to Me


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