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Shellos Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Shellos [#422]
  • Gastrodon [#423]

Notable Biology

Shellos are among the most interesting of Pokemon due to their variety in shape. Found mainly on beaches in Sinnoh, they spend most of their lives feeding on seaweed and other algae. An interesting facet of their biology is the fact that East and West Coast Shellos have radically different forms. West Coast Shellos are pink with a white underbelly, pink knobs on their hides, and spikes on their backs. East Coast Shellos are blue, with a green underbelly, back ridges, and white tipped fleshy protrusions resembling horns. Scientists believe that this allopatric speciation was due to the Coronet mountain range bisecting the region and preventing genetic flow between the two populations.


Shellos have very sticky skin, which often leads to them being covered in various debris when they go on land. It also allows them to climb up any surface. Shellos can also absorb water, making them very useful for double and triple battles.

Once Shellos evolves into Gastrodon, it gains a Ground typing. Just like Shellos, Gastrodon look very different depending on which region they are from. Studies of Gastrodon tissue samples indicate that at one point the species had a rather thick shell, but lost it over time for unknown reasons. To defend themselves from predators such as Gyarados, Sharpedo, and Octillery, Gastrodon can release an extremely sticky foul smelling and tasting purple liquid comparable to a greasy sweat to escape. If that doesn't work, they can use moves such as Muddy Water, Mud Bomb, and Water Pulse to fight off an opponent. Trained Gastrodon are also capable of learning moves such as Earthquake, Surf, and Ice Beam.



Shellos and Gastrodon are found living on the sea shore in tidal pools. Though they can move on land, and are often found in the grass near beaches, they prefer tidal pools due to their abundant water supply.


Shellos and Gastrodon are herbivorous, living mainly off of seaweed and other algae, which they remove off rocks with their radulas. They will also accept lettuce and other leafy greens from their Trainers. They are also known to filter feed for plankton.


The Shellos line is very docile, preferring to run away (technically more like contract away with its foot) from danger, but are capable of defending themselves if threatened by a predator or human. Both Shellos and Gastrodon can learn Water and Ground type moves, and Gastrodon's Body Slam is capable of breaking a human's spine. Luckily, you'd have to be really antagonistic for them to attack you. Most of the time they'll either run away, ignore you entirely, or start crawling on you. Trainer's Note 

Due to their lack of a shell, Shellos can dehydrate very quickly, making it hard to use them in desert regions such as Orre. Due to their Ground typing, Gastrodon can last much longer, but having them fight when it's very hot is still not recommended.

Courting and Childrearing

Mating is done mainly by Gastrodon, though Shellos can do it in captivity. Gastrodon mate by making mating cries that attract the nearest members of the opposite gender. After mating, the female places 10 Shellos eggs on the male's back before leaving. The male then cares for the eggs by staying submerged for the duration of the incubation period and not eating at all. Once the Shellos hatch, the father cares for them for about a month before they leave their parent and form small groups.

Social Structure

Shellos can be found in small groups of about 3-5 individuals. Gastrodon are either solitary or live in groups of two.

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