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Electrike Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Electrike [309]
  • Manetric [310]
  • Mega Manectric [310-M]

Notable Biology

The Electrike line are canid Pokemon native to the grasslands of Hoenn. The basic form, Electrike, is a green Pokemon with yellow stripes resembling lightning bolts. Rare blue-skinned individuals also exist. Standing at two feet at the shoulder, they are capable of running at speeds in excess of 80mph, and use the friction gathered from their running to power their electric attacks and move even faster, in a way not all that dissimilar to how the Shinx line of Sinnoh power themselves. As a side effect, they are covered in a static shell that can paralyze a person if they are not careful. They can also attract electricity to themselves, making them very useful in double or triple battles. When the air is arid, or a storm is approaching, they will actually spark. A trend that has recently developed among human owners has been teaching the line to use this ability to generate fire instead.


Electrike's evolution, Manetric, is a blue Pokemon with a yellow mane, forelegs, and upper backlegs. Manetric have the ability to make localized thunderstorms, and a popular legend states that they were actually born from lightning. They constantly discharge energy from their manes, and are most often found chasing thunderstorms on the rare occasion a human actually sees one. Manetric have all of Electrike's abilities, but they can run even faster.

Upon the use of a Manectricite and a Key Stone, the Pokémon use the poorly understood process of Mega Evolution in order to become Mega Manectric. Along with getting bigger, their manes stretch over their backs, taking the form of a lightning bolt.

There are two main subtypes of Electrike. The first attracts all electricity in the area towards itself, using it to power up. The second can draw electricity only from Pokémon of an opposite charge to itself, similar to that of Plusle and Minun. However, upon Mega Evolving, both subtypes lose their original abilities and instead cow their opponents through sheer menace.



The Electrike line prefers grasslands due to the space and easy access to massive thunderstorms. Like a lot of other Electric Pokemon, they are attracted to power plants, with large populations of Electrike making their homes within the vicinity of the New Mauville power plant as well as a smaller population near Sinnoh's Valley Windworks. Within Unova introduced populations have been rarely sighted on Route 3, and within Kalos they are a rare sight on Route 10. A good way to check for the presence of Electrike or Manetric are blackened spots on the ground similar to those done by Pikachu as they discharge excess electricity.



The Electrike line are predators, killing prey by shocking them with a Thunder Wave to paralyze them and finishing them with a Thunder Fang to the throat. Another tactic is to simply use their speed to crash in to a prey Pokemon, stunning and paralyzing them at the same time before going in for the kill. Common prey includes Swellow, Zigzagoon, Linoone, Plusle, Mareep, and Minun.


The Electrike line prefers to run away from humans, but an Electrike or Manetric that feels significantly threatened will defend itself with powerful electric attacks, including Thunder Fang and Thunder. Manetric can also use their ability to create localized thunderstorms to deadly effect, augmenting their own electric attacks with bolts of lighting.

You should never use a metal comb when grooming an Electrike or Manectric, as their static cling will invariably lead to you getting shocked. The Electrike line's ability to attract electricity, commonly known as Lightningrod, makes them very dangerous to have out in close proximity during a thunderstorm. [[Trainer's Note: Trainers have died as a result of their Electrike or Manetric getting them fatally shocked while outside in the rain.]]

Courting and Childrearing

During the mating season, Electrike and Manetric males will fight for females in brief sparring competitions. The winners mate with the females, who lay 7 eggs which hatch after a month's incubation, or gestating them inside her body for about the same amount of time. The baby Electrike will stay with their mother for a year before setting out on their own.

Social Structure

Electrike can be found either by themselves or in groups of 3-5 individuals. Manetric are solitary and only come together to mate.

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