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Voltorb Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Voltorb [#100]
  • Electrode [#101]

Notable Biology

Voltorb are small, spherical Pokémon that resemble a Poké Ball due to their coloration. What appears to be eyes are actually LED systems that serve the same purpose. Their exact origin is shrouded in mystery, but they were first sighted in Kanto shortly after Silph Co. invented the modern Poké Ball. While Silph Co. executives continually insist that the company had nothing to do with their creation, some theorize that they were an accident created during the Poké Ball creation process that escaped, due to Silph Co. keeping its Poké Ball creation secrets under wraps. They are most infamous for being an extremely volatile, bad-tempered species, violently exploding at the slightest provocation. They feed on electricity and are commonly found in the vicinity of power plants. When a Voltorb absorbs too much power, it will explode to release some of its excess energy, usually without giving any sort of prior warning. They are also very fast, and are capable of rolling at speeds up to 55 mph.

Electrode, Voltorb's evolved form, is very similar, except for being bigger (at nearly four feet in the average specimen), having a reversed color scheme, and having a visible mouth, which it uses to absorb more energy. Just like Voltorb, Electrode will explode at the slightest provocation; in many instances, no provocation is required, with the Electrode exploding just for fun. This has led to Electrode's most infamous nickname being "the Bomb Ball". They feed on far more electricity than Voltorb, due to their mouths, and large amounts of them are capable of causing citywide blackouts. Similar to Voltorb, they are very fast, in fact, they can roll at speeds over 150 mph. They are so speedy, that only three known Pokemon as of its writing outspeed it.



Voltorb and Electrode are commonly found in cities near power plants. During the time when Zapdos made its roost inside the at the time abandoned Kanto Power Plant, large amounts of both Pokémon, among other Electric-types, crowded the place and made it impossible for it to be reclaimed until the involvement of Red. Another famous infestation was the one inside the New Mauville power plant in Hoenn. Within Kalos, they can be spotted within the ruins of the Lost Hotel, though their reasoning for picking that spot in the absence of electrical power sources remains unknown.


The Voltorb line feeds off of pure electrical energy. This energy is normally acquired from power plants, though Voltorb and Electrode are capable of feeding off the energy produced by lightning bolts if need be.


The Voltorb line, due to being generally temperamental in disposition and literally explosive, is considered to be extremely dangerous. A Voltorb's Selfdestruct is capable of taking out everything in a 30 ft radius, and Electrode's Explosion is powerful enough to blow a small building to pieces. For this reason, any trainer owning Voltorb or its evolved form must have a permit, and can only allow it to use Selfdestruct or Explosion if the area is suitably protected and open. In fact, the Voltorb line's penchant for exploding has been used in the past by terrorists, suicide bombers wearing Voltorb belts and having them explode on command. While the Pokemon themselves are fine afterwards (aside from the fact that the move causes them to faint, which just means that they cannot battle or explode again for some time afterwards until they have recovered,) their adversaries tend not to be. [Trainer's Note: The most common cause of death involving Voltorb involves having an ignorant trainer mistaking one for a Poke Ball and picking it up, due to the fact that they sleep with their eyes closed, causing it to explode.]

Apart from the most obvious danger of a violent explosion, Voltorb and Electrode are Electric-type Pokémon and will defend themselves with moves such as Spark and Charge Beam. They can also emit an ear-piercing screech; while this is not harmful in and of itself (aside from the possibility of repeated exposure leading to hearing damage), the sheer unpleasantness tends to make its victim lower their guard and leave themselves open to a vicious attack. Voltorb and Electrode can also attack with Sonicboom, which can cause serious internal injury. [Trainer's Note: Considering the Voltorb line's temperament, anything other than an explosion is considered lucky. If you meet one, your best bet is to move away slowly, making no sudden movements.]


Courting and Childrearing

Voltorb mate by simply combining some of the electrical energy from both parents into a new Pokemon. The Voltorb line does not practice parental care otherwise.

Social Structure

Voltorb and Electrode can be found in groups, particularly around large sources of electricity, but possess no true grouping instincts otherwise.

In Human Culture

While the Voltorb Line has a not wholly undeserved reputation for being volatile in temperament, and unsavory uses for their explosive abilities abound, more positive uses involve controlled detonations for building demolition and mining. Electrode can be used as electrical generators in a pitch, but the process can prove harmful over a long period of time, as best demonstrated by the Electrode-powered generator used by Team Rocket in their Mahogany Town base.

Due to the tendency of Voltorb and especially Electrode to cause blackouts from overfeeding, power plants often have special fences and Ground-type Pokémon to discourage them from getting closer and defend against packs of these Pokémon.

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