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Dr. Carmilla and The Mechanisms are the 7-piece bastard brainchild of two diesel punk cabaret bands- Dr. Carmilla and, unsurprisingly, The Mechanisms (number of members subject to sporadic change). They formed in Oxford, UK sometime during 2010.

The current roster is:

  • Dr. Carmilla: The Captain. A lesbian vampire and mad scientist who created the band in order to offset her lonliness. She is most often seen providing vocals, guitar and/or piano for live shows.
  • Jonny d'Ville: Carmilla's First Mate and an unloveable traitor. His main goal in life seems to be finding as many different ways to a) throw Carmilla off the ship and b) get as many people to hate him as possible. He usually provides vocals and occasionally a touch of harmonica.
  • The Toy Soldier: A battered, old, very British robot the band found one day. It tends to offer vocals, glockenspiel and sometimes mandolin.
  • Nastya Rasputina: A princess from the Empire of Cyberia. She serves as the ship's engineer and also provides the band with delicious viola and synthesizer melodies.
  • Ivy Alexandria: An Archivist for the crew who has no recollection of her life beforehand and seems to have joined the crew because, why not? She's the band's woodwind section, offering flute, oboe and penny whistle thusfar.
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  • Ashes O'Reilly: Former mobster and the crew's Quartermaster. Ashes provides the band with bass guitar and silent judging. Also, cake (although none of the band seem to have been adventurous enough to try it).
  • Drumbot Brian: Brings some delicious beats to the music and wine to the afterparty.
  • Gunpowder Tim : A veteran of the war with the moon Kaiser, and guilty of the destruction of the moon. Gunner and Guitarist.


Tropes featured by Dr Carmilla And The Mechanisms as a whole:

Tropes featured by The Mechanisms

  • Beard of Evil : Jonny D'Ville. Just look at him.
  • Clone Jesus : Close enough.
  • The Irish Mob : IN SPACE! Ashes' backstory.
  • Murder Ballad : One Eyed Jacks is Jonny D'Ville's origin song in which he murders his father. And then proceeds to kill everyone else too.
    • Fantasia, also a song about Jonny, features him being stalked and murdered by some kind of creature in a dream sequence. He dies on the moon.
  • Quintessential British Gentleman : There are many jokes in their stage performance relating to The Toy Soldier, including references to tea and heavy use of the British accent.
  • Thrown Out the Airlock: the fate of Dr. Carmilla (allegedly - Jonny maintains it was an accident).


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