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126 cexadono25th Sep 2012 06:38:00 AM from Fort Collins, CO
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[up] Well, I'm saving the names Red, and Black/White (split personality) for later. Actually, I really just have no idea what to do with them. (Any Suggestions?) Also, I love Gurren Lagann, and serial escalation is one of my favorite things.
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Characters I have named for a very silly project about dreams n' childhood n' shit.

  • Nod, Prince of Dreams: The protagonist I think? An imaginary friend who claims to be the son of the night. A capricious, egotistical, spoilt little boy.
  • Nick the Knack: An cynical artful dodger type of character. Inspired by Mack the Knife.
  • Little Georgia Blue: A character based and named on a friend and workmate of mine who regularly wear and dyes her hair blue. A voice of reason.

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Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.
128 danna4525th Sep 2012 08:14:25 AM from Wagnaria , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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[up][up]Well, at the top of my head, I could see Red being the Wrong Genre Savvy guy who thinks he's the main character of the "story"(because, you know, red = hero in Japanese culture, I think), and constantly opposes the Anti-Student Council, because he thinks they're the villain. Additionally, make him "have a thing" for one of the ASC.(I'm too lazy to type out anti-student council, so its gonna be ASC).

As for Black/White, I can see them either being a guy/girl split personality(in one body), or one of them being the original "spirit", while the other is a very strong "spirit" that constantly switches possession of the body with the first "spirit".(Replace spirit with whatever you want.) Well, just some ideas in a nutshell. serial escalation...will it eventually PIERCE THE HEAVENS?

[up]That's a rather interesting cast you have there. "Imaginary friend" protagonists, I haven't found a lot of them. So far it almost sounds like a Darker and Edgier dreams n' childhood story...

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Well the very basic idea of the story thus far is about a senile old woman who shares her childhood fantasies and dreams with her grandchildren as a series of bedtime stories. It ultimately ends with the woman dying in peace as she holds her friend in her arms. Yeah...was in a very dark mood when I came up with it, but the image of that scene in my head was just too beautiful that I had to try and make it work.

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Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.
130 danna4525th Sep 2012 08:43:10 AM from Wagnaria , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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Damn, that's impressive(Sincerity Mode). The story isn't as epic or grand as some of the others, so it stands out compared to all the stories I've seen so far.(Not that the other story casts are bad, but this one DOES somewhat stand out, you can't deny it right?)

I hope I get a chance to read it. Bittersweet Ending I love 'em.

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131 cexadono25th Sep 2012 09:12:01 AM from Fort Collins, CO
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Wow, that's actually what I was already thinking but slightly different. I was gonna have Red be someone with an actual name like John, but he uses Red as a bootleg Alias and pretends to be important to the plot. Being wrong genre savvy is a really good idea though! Black/White was gonna be a Ranma 1/2 style genderswap character. His/Her body and hair color would change depending on the personality.

As for Serial Escalation, it'd be the same thing (piercing) but in reverse. Telling you more would spoil the plot (unless you're fine with spoilers.)

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Thanks Danna! That really means alot to me :)

Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.
133 danna4525th Sep 2012 10:14:03 AM from Wagnaria , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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[up][up]Nah, I'd rather just wait and read it myself. And the Ranma 1/2 multi-personality multi-body idea is interesting if done right. I haven't read a lot of gender-change stories, so I don't really know what advice to give, but good luck with it XD.

Yeah, having Red as the deconstruction of The Hero trope works strangely well in this kinda story. and Piercing in reverse? O.o, that's one thing I look forward to finding out what you mean. Is it as in piercing through the grounds? Through hell? Or just through the South Pole?

[up] Ah, no problem. Just stating what I thought about it. Do tell me if you get the story done.
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Started classes again this week, decided I'd update the list a little plus some slight edits to existing entries.

Chisame "Christine" Sakamoto- Jovial young woman with sharp reflexes and a new Sector member. She joined up with a "Sector" after some encouragement from Crosse in hopes of adding some meaning to her life and giving back to the city of Stronghold in some way. Chisame has come to the realization that with each fight she's found herself starting to enjoy it. She wields a folding sword to complement her arsenal of hand-to-hand and free running skills, making her more speed oriented. Something of a visual learner, she can imitate physical techniques just by watching to some degree of success.

Edward Crosse- Chisame's hard-working friend and mentor, a talented fighter skilled in the sword, hand-to-hand combat, and Fire elemental magic. Has a strained relationship with his father, the company president of Horizon Security who has some doubts about his son not staying with the family business. The director of the Redemption sector asked him to scout around for new members with potential, and he started attending Chisame's school for that purpose as well as getting her to help in his endeavors.

Maki Koehler Nakazawa- The half-Japanese half-Gleitrolle childhood friend of Chisame. Appearing cold at first, she can be a whole lot nicer, however she isn't always as "composed" as she appears. She is a full-contact Ice mage as well as a powerful hand-to-hand combatant. The other half of her heritage is a race prided on its large number of magic users and talent in its use, with some of the best mages in the world(full contact and traditional) hailing from it.

Tetsuya Fujikawa- A slightly irritable but skilled martial artist, and close friends with Chisame and Maki. Once bullied as a child, he isn't afraid to stand up for his classmates and strangers and give their tormentors well deserved comeuppance. Fights with martial arts taught to him by his stepfather adapted to street fighting and other realistic scenarios. Tetsuya hits hard and isn't afraid to use more "pragmatic" moves in high-stakes fights. He and Maki sometimes fight alongside each other when out in the city, fighting for themselves, for others, or for a band of street kids they saved last year. Unlike the others he relies very strongly on his raw physical abilities (but refuses to use weapons) thanks to mana fortifying his body, preferring not to bother with most magic or weapons in general.

Alex Benson- The energetic half-Japanese best friend of Tetsuya. He can handle himself in a fight, but rather dislikes violence. Alex is aware of the Sector involvement of his friends and classmates, so he takes to the streets to get intel for their cases when he can.

Younha Baek- A loud Korean upperclassman and friends with Chisame and her group. A young experienced Sector member who has gone on various missions alongside Edward, as well as being rather close friends with him. Lately, she's found herself at odds with Chisame due to the younger girl being assigned as his new partner by the Director. She is a Human Weapon of Terran and Sigma herritage, skillful in the use of her "takeover limbs" preferring to sprout the blades from the palms of her hands.

Dr.Stillman- Redemption's middle-aged veteran doctor who can treat a wide variety of injuries and illnesses and perform minor in-house surgeries if the moment calls for it. Sometimes the Sector members, experienced or otherwise, come to the Doctor for a little advice. The good doctor knows his stuff, although whether the same applies to fighting has yet to be seen by many.

Alena Mercer- The chatty and playful traceur mentor of the Redemption Sector. Known for deadly dodging and fights bare-handed more often than not. She instructs new members in practical unarmed combat as well as how to escape pursuers and travel efficiently on foot via parkour, whether it be on rooftops or the streets. Although she is very patient and slow to anger, when she does lose her temper her fury is quite tranquil, making it all the more frightening.

Nikolas Rockwell- A well humored gunslinger as well as another of the Redemption mentors, formerly an apprentice to a traveling assassin. He teaches the newbies how to handle firearms as well as how to adapt to multi-combatant encounters with help from Nana. Nikolas is one of several members who has prior military experience, due to his involvement in a special wartime project several years ago.

Priska Titavio Kalakos- Another of the mentors, Priska isn't very talkative but can be very snarky when she does. She wields a heavy blade in tandem with extremely powerful Ice and Force magic. As a teenager she was as an orphan torn from the streets by a (now defunct) twisted pharmaceutical company and unwillingly subjected to a wide variety of experiments and drugs that would allow her body's mana to finally flow as well as increase her magical and physical capabilities to allow her the use of astounding spells and raw power. The experiments were conducted to produce super-soldiers capable of astounding physical feats and the use of uncommon and deadly magic. The successful subjects would then be sold to foreign militaries or anyone with enough bank to be used as weapons. Around 16 subjects out of the initial 21 are known to still be alive, including Priska. Surprisingly enough (or not), Priska's family on the mother's side have a history of ancestors and descendents that are either unable to use magic or can't harness their mana in any manner whatsoever. One of her most recent ancestors was Icarus Titavio, one of the founders of modern Sectors in the West. While for years she hated herself for her great power, it was only a matter of time before she came to terms with this gift and resolved to make the most of it.

Cassius Claymore- A gadgeteer genius of sorts from the Kingdom of Hanover in the Northwest and part of the Sector's repair crew. He's often out in the workshop, fixing up weapons for the other members and tinkering with older model weapons for kicks, all the while drunk off the whiskey and rum he keeps at his workbench. Cassius is very laid-back, so sometimes members come in just to chill in the workshop during their off-time, the reason for his relaxed nature being that he usually never participates in direct combat, instead relegated to the side lines. However, that isn't to say Cassius is a weakling either, he's quite good with a wrench.

Nana Adanju- A mild-mannered girl around Chisame's age, from the hot Southeastern country of Khamala. Her specialty is the difficult and uncommon magic of summoning. She often works together with Nikolas and obligingly helps train Chisame by using her relics to summon warrior and beast familiars each with different skills that she must defend against.

Maya Shigoro- The first major antagonist, an unstable multiform Human Weapon with the rare power to duplicate the abilities of her victims and opponents by stabbing them in the gut and absorbing the necessary amount of mana. Her gauntlet, launcher, and segmented whip forms were taken from other H Ws she bested in combat. During her first encounter with Chisame she toys around with the latter before impaling her in an attempt to steal Chisame's mana induced reflexes. By a stroke of luck the duplication doesn't work, and Edward and Alena arrive and fight her off with comparatively more ease forcing Maya to flee as the two had called the cops as well.

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"After Hours-Verse": After the 1960's, some parapsychologists started to find evidence of psychic powers. At the same time people appeared that had abilities most would call superhuman. This being the 1960's and early 70's, gas was poured on the fires of history. From the oil crisis to the fall of the wall, history ran a very familiar course to our world. There was a Cuban missile crisis, an actor became president, AIDS was a tragedy and the Cubs still haven't won the world series.

However, laws had to adapt to the new powers of the mind. Heroes patrol the skies and supervillains rob banks and plan mega-heists. There is a space station in orbit that houses 1,00 astronauts. Supersonic flights are common and Bill Clinton was impeached. Bush won Flordia after locking in the Esper vote. Despite the Esper Guild's leadership endorsement, Mc Cain would lose to a Senator from Illinois. Mutants and espers tired of a decade of war in the Middle East.

Humans fear mutants and have pitted espers against them. The espers remember the bitter fight for civil rights and view humans as greedy and mutants as unable to control their powers. Mutants are tired of being blamed for a few criminals and try to remind espers we are struggling together. They haven't forgiven the Esper Guild for Clinton's impeachment.

Flash forward to 2010 in the Sun City of El Paso Texas:

Allan Moore: No, not that one. Parents are prominent Espers from the "Blood Raven" group in Oklahoma/North Texas/Kansas/ The Dakotas. Working as a freelance P.I. until the heat dies down from a noodle incident. Betrothed to Zenaida, Allan wants his parents to call it off. His parents (and the Blood Ravens) have other plans.

Mary Sue Lebowski: Genki girl, she's a mutant (catgirl-naga hybrid). Can’t see why mutants, espers and norms are fighting, does find the pressure on espers to have familes "creepy". She's Allan's assistant since the job market for mutants without a college education is limited.

Edward Marks: Leader of the El Paso esper group. A former member of the "Killing Doves" esper movement. He's now a white-collar manager but under the surface the revolutionary is still there. Doesn’t like Mary Sue (calls her the squeak toy), but is good friends with Allan Moore. In love with goth-emo cross-dressing skater Jess “Jazz” Jones.

Jess “Jazz” Jones: 21 year old emo boy who got his esper powers at the age of 17 (late for an esper but his parents were normals. Gets some flack for dating "the boss". Edward doesn't care but Jess has punched out a few epsers for making jokes. He is a student at UTEP.

Benjamin Peter Waters: Former marine, now a patriot soldier at Fort Bliss. He just returned from Korea. Esper, was dating Zenaida.

Zenaida Laetitia Rossi: a ██, her mother was a ██ her father an esper. ██ eyes (blue with contacts), dyes her hair black. Esper and channler and ██. She fears going insane like all esper-██. In love with Ben, betrothed to Allan via her father and grandparents. Has ██, complete. The Killing Doves want her to have kids ASAP since she's high on the esper scale.

The Green Penguin: superhero. Mutant with wings and a green costume. The mask is a holdover from her mentor's old costume. Reporters said his mask made him look like a Penguin. The Esper Guild's policy is to avoid her. The Police and FBI are supposed to arrest her, but like Batman they put up with her because she's fought several "villains" and rouge espers.

The Purple Moose: sworn enemy of the Green Penguin. Styles himself after Al Capone, he runs lots of organized crime operations. Had avoided or turned many attempts by the Esper Guild to break up his empire. The Mutant Mafia has him on retainer.

The Foggy Bottom Boys: In the backrooms of Washington, there are groups trying to "save" the republic. They love democracy and would hate to see it destroyed by well meaning heroes, villains or an overreaching Esper Guild. They are working on a solution and will soon give it a test run.

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136 Hollownerox28th Sep 2012 10:18:20 PM from Burgerland , Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
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This thread seems like fun, so I'll just post the characters I've been making for a story I'm writing for kicks. My story is kind of a weird one, the story kicks off with the usual Doomed Hometown with the "Hero" witnessing the "villain's" soldiers wandering around the ruins. Due to the soldiers sense of fashion, (They wear completely black armor with very scary faceplate's, though this is because of a belief in practicality as well as pride) the "Hero" assumes they are the ones who destroyed his life. And so the Hero goes on a quest in order to seek out the evil organization that ruined his childhood. Funny thing is that the soldiers were just investigating a forest fire since it was really close to their base, and got there a tad bit too late to stop the fire. And so the story is told mostly from the "Villains" point of view as the "Hero" constantly misunderstands the intent of the protagonists and consistently makes things go from bad, to worse. I'd like to say my story is a Deconstruction, but that's giving myself far too much credit. Anyways onward to the Character List!

(Free cookies for whoever can figure out the theme naming for these guys :P)

The "Good Guys"

The Main Characters, AKA the "Bad Guys"

I'm probably going to change the names later on, right now they seem a bit over the top for me. If anyone's wondering why the main characters have such fancy titles, well I'll let this quote I got from a book I just finished reading say it for me.

"You give yourselves a lot of names."

"We tend to kill a lot of people."

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Ooooh, this thread looks like fun! Okey day, here we go: (organized by story, somewhat)

High Fantasy Story:

Adam Miller - beggar on the street who teams up with the main character, becomes a main character, a bit of a conspiracy theorist in high-fantasy times

Annette Kneighland - royalty, betrays main characters then her father

Kai Kilke - red headed young bard from the northern moors, has his tongue cut out, joins main cast

Kkristophe - with a name like that, he HAS to be the bad guy

Susa - main character's mother

Mina - main character's best friend, eventually becomes a shell searching for revenge

Elijah - BEST CHARACTER EVER, works for the bad guy, kills loads of sympathetic people, yet remains a sympathetic character himself

Sophie - Adam's little sister, sold into slavery then lives with desert nomads

Steampunk Story:

Kyla - wench working in a gritty factory, runs off to have an adventure with...

Sael - merchant's son who finds an amulet

Science Fiction Story:

Justin - quirky old professor/inventor type, he used to have fantastic adventures and it shows

Aden - main character who grew up in poverty, got good enough grades to go to university, accidentally caused the catastrophic death of 36 people (including her best friend), sent to jail, and gets out right at the beginning of the story

Nova - main character's old best friend who died in the catastrophe

Axel - main character's little brother who joins Aden on her quest only it turns out that HE, not Nova, had died in the catastrophe and he was DeadAllAlong

Dystopian Story:

Mac Donald Calway - a quiet guy who spent the last ten years teaching himself languages

Tiffany Long - a short, female, half-Asian demolitions expert I made to avert the stereotype of the huge, rugged male demolitions expert

Greywire - robot who thinks he's a Gandalf-like ranger

Andre - somewhat Camp Gay guy who is the Only Sane Man

Daisy - a little girl where a little girl SHOULD NOT BE

Pazuzu - the demon possessing Daisy; but he's actually not too bad a guy

Liam - rugged Scandinavian who leads a local battalion

Marcus Dewight - double agent

Dr. Alva Kowalski - only present in old recordings (named after Thomas Alva Edison)

Naomi Weiss - Samus Is a Girl, was a guard but decided to save the hero instead

Supernatural 1918 Story:

Anthony Miller - poor boy from a poor family spare him his life from this monstrosity

Marie Moore - easy come, easy go, will you let me go?

Vera - NOOO we will not let you go
Okay, time to crank out all my characters that have so far been named, with a few tropes to describe them:

POV Characters:

Noah- Byronic Hero, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Broken Ace, Manipulative Bastard, Supporting Leader

Brittany Heartnet- Straight Man, The Lancer, Broken Bird, Supporting Protagonist

Peter Gray- Deadpan Snarker, The Smart Guy, Badass Bookworm, Genre Savvy

Charlie Cooper- Nice Guy, Overshadowed by Awesome, The Heart, Happily Married

Marcus Stevens- Genius Bruiser, The Big Guy, Rags to Riches, The Alcoholic

Christine Walker- The Idealist, The Cutie, Dumb Blonde, Happily Married

Jason Williams- To Be Lawful or Good, Honor Before Reason, Heroic Spirit, I Should Have Been Better, Inspector Javert

Billy Snow- Lovable Coward, The Sidekick, Fat Best Friend, Undying Loyalty

Alan Shepard- Adorkable, Pretty Boy, Black Sheep

Athalia- The Ingenue, Purity Personified, Nice Girl, Fallen Princess, Deconsturction of Princess Classic

Human Characters:

Elizabeth- The Innocent, Undying Loyalty, The Dulcinea Effect

Colette- Love Martyr, Ill Girl, The Fool

Royal Family Characters:

King Byron- Bait-and-Switch Tyrant, Honor Before Reason, Good Is Not Soft, The Fool

Prince Athel- Inadequate Inheritor, Manipulative Bastard, Royal Brat, The Blind Leading the Blind

Prince Caal- Posthumous Character, Brains and Brawn, Really Gets Around

Ismene- Posthumous Character, The Ophelia, Proper Lady

Arthern- The Stoic, The Dragon, Reasonable Authority Figure, The Good Chancellor

Asarn- Smug Snake, Big Brother Bully, Cultural Posturing

Patrocles- Long-Lost Relative, Heroic Bastard, Knight Templar, Light Is Not Good

Ismene II- Long-Lost Relative, Heroic Bastard, The Innocent, Genius Cripple

Royal Guards:

Elah- The Alcoholic, Survivor Guilt, Sour Supporter

Creon- Cool Old Guy, Honor Before Reason

Dorette- The Ace, Good Feels Good, A Father to His Men

Belen- Failure Knight, An Arm and a Leg, Fat Best Friend, Unknown Rival

Ralor- The Sociopath, Handsome Lech, Token Evil Teammate, Villain with Good Publicity

Western Rebels:

Salarth: The Stoic, Brutal Honesty, Principles Zealot, Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk

Karth: The Brute, The Berserker, The Dreaded

Carzen: Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Mad Doctor, Dead Man Walking

Lem: The Good Sheperd, The Vicar

Eastern Tribespeople:

The Warrior Queen: Lady of War, Complete Monster, Anything That Moves, Ax-Crazy

Sadald: Undying Loyalty, Ax-Crazy, Sibling Rivalry

Slarakold: Bodyguard Crush, Sibling Rivalry, Undying Loyalty

Rykest: Sex Slave, The Voiceless

Smukat: Dragon-in-Chief, Ax-Crazy, Brains And Brawns, The Starscream

Independant Characters:

Virgil: Pragmatic Villainy, Big Bad, Manipulative Bastard, Master Swordsman

Nealkott: {Pirate}, A Father to His Men, Long-Lost Relative, Talking Your Way Out

Chis: {Pirate}, Apologetic Attacker, Gentle Giant

Enid: {Pirate}, The Smart Guy, Real Men Cook

Harven: {Pirate}, The Rival, Foe Yay, Good Scars, Evil Scars

Mako: {Pirate}, Morality Pet, Young Gun

Ikina: Street Urchin, Guile Hero, Action Girl, Teen Genius

Teeth: Only Known by Their Nickname, The Fagin, Would Hurt a Child

Tid: Action Survivor, Butt-Monkey, Depraved Dwarf, No Respect Guy

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A list of all the villains in my Superhero story.

  • Nate Novaks – Corrupt Corporate Executive
  • Noah, the Prime-Mate – Gorilla Eco-Terrorist
  • Zim Zola Zip – Trans-Dimensional Sprite
  • Raaja Ram (no known aliases) – Sociopathic Illusionist
  • Atomo, the Nuclear Menace – Mindless Kaiju
  • Jeffrey Hails a.k.a The Weatherman – Inept Gimmicked Criminal
  • Scott Monday a.k.a The Amazium Man – Radioactive Counterpart
  • Verner Drex (various aliases)– Villainous Immortal
  • Multiple A Xiom I Ntelligence Engine a.k.a M.A.X.I.N.E – Robot Supremacist
  • Professor Thomas Terror – Mad Scientist
  • The Red Soldier (various aliases) – Communist Bomber
  • Commander Thur Ux -Alien Conqueror
  • Ixthulith – Cosmic Entity
  • Byron Brandt – For-Hire Mercenary
  • The Shadow – Abstract Malevolent Tormentor
  • Nicole Baxter a.k.a The Architect – Intellectual Sorceress
  • John Jiang “The Law” Zhao -Criminal Mastermind
  • Aemet the Unstoppable – Berserk Golem

Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.
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Four houses in close proximity and the families associated with them, these people form the core ensemble of the story.

Children listed in decreasing age.

"Fo Wa Da Wi Household" - Polyamorous

Helen Wihongi - romantically involved with Catherine, long-term friend of Ian. Viewpoint Character

Catherine Dawson - romantically involved with both Helen and Ian.

Ian Walker - romantically involved with both Andrea and Catherine, long-term friend of both Helen and Artur. Viewpoint Character

Conal Walker - son of Ian.

Carlin Walker - son of Ian.

Vanessa Walker - daughter of Ian.

Talia Walker - daughter of Ian.

Andrea Fowler - romantically involved with Ian. Viewpoint Character

Artur Hauptmann - from Germany, life partner of Bettina, long-term friend of Ian. Visiting New Zealand at the time of the story. Viewpoint Character

Bettina Hauptmann - Artur's life partner. Visiting New Zealand at the time of the story. Viewpoint Character

Karl Hauptmann - son of Artur and Bettina. Visiting New Zealand at the time of the story.

Erika Hauptmann - daughter of Artur and Bettina. Visiting New Zealand at the time of the story.

"Callaghan Household" - Farmers

Malcolm Callaghan - husband of Joanna. Viewpoint Character

Joanna Callaghan - wife of Malcolm.

Bryan Callaghan - son of Joanna and Malcolm, husband of Caitlyn.

Caitlyn Callaghan - wife of Bryan.

Ashley Callaghan - son of Bryan and Caitlyn.

Sheree Callaghan - daughter of Joanna and Malcolm, romantically involved with Cassiopeia. Viewpoint Character

Cassiopeia Smith - romantically involved with Sheree, daughter of Katrina.

Katrina Smith - Cassiopeia's mother.

"Bede Household" - Christian Polygamists

Martin Bede - husband of Angela, Lorraine and Martha. Viewpoint Character

Angela Bede - wife of Martin, long-term friend of Lorraine. Viewpoint Character

Lorraine Bede - wife of Martin, long-term friend of Angela.

Martha Bede - wife of Martin.

Joshua Bede - son of Angela and Martin.

Matthew Bede - son of Lorraine and Martin.

Mary Bede - daughter of Angela and Martin.

Sarah Bede - daughter of Lorraine and Martin.

John Bede - son of Martha and Martin.

"Desmond Household" - Eco-friendly-Life-Style

Peter Desmond - husband of Alice, brother of Natalie. Viewpoint Character

Alice Desmond - wife of Peter.

Jason Desmond - son of Alice and Peter.

Erin Desmond - daughter of Alice and Peter.

Natalie Johnson - sister of Peter, wife of Andrew.

Andrew Johnson. husband of Natalie.

Michelle Johnson - daughter of Andrew and Natalie.

Other characters who live elsewhere but still impact on the plot in some way -

Gareth Hammond - long-term friend of Ian and Artur, husband of Eileen.

Eileen Hammond - wife of Gareth

Warren Gilmore - flatmate of Eileen and Gareth

Sue Campbell - long-term friend of Ian and Gareth, wife of Alan.

Alan Campbell - husband of Sue

Connor Mac Donald - long-term friend of Ian and Gareth, husband of Jan.

Jan Mac Donald - wife of Connor.

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For your consideration, my ME Vs (modern era villains):

  • Krieg AKA Spiral AKA Spiro Allen (first is his real name, second is the name he usually uses, third is his public name) - criminal mastermind / wealthy entrepreneur with ample free time
    • Al'lan - Right-hand man.

  • Carrowite - lord of all Vampires. Completely nuts, believes he is the target of a conspiracy to keep the Vampires weakened headed by the Illuminati.
    • Soma - Right-hand man. Formerly an Israeli carpenter. Roughly 2000 years old.

  • Ether - Supervillain, Omnicidal Maniac. Deceased.

  • The Survivors: Supervillain group
    • Scorn - She's not a Woman Scorned, she just likes the sound of Scorn.
    • Kaitlyn Lee - She couldn't think of a good name.
    • Barrage - goes boom
    • Wolf Wight - Kills people for money. Also is an anthropomorphic wolf. Crazy stuff.
    • Element Enigma - See that thing over there? No you don't, because it's an illusion. *ghost sounds*
    • Revenant: Walking Zombie Apocalypse.

And last but not least:

  • Case - Big Bad. Last of His Kind Draconic mage with aims towards reviving his race.
    • Time Lord - unwitting pawn/"supervillain" (in much the same way Marvel's The Walrus is a supervillain)/random schmuck.

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142 Jabrosky12th Oct 2012 09:01:13 PM from San Diego, CA
I'm still brainstorming ideas for NaNoWriMo 2012, but I have some characters concepts which I've put on a spreadsheet here. BTW, Kametu is a Fantasy Counterpart Culture of ancient Egypt whereas Eber has a Biblical Israelite flavor.
143 MrMallard13th Oct 2012 01:58:43 AM from Australia, mate
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Kiskol: A brave boy with great potential for space exploration. A bit dumb, but he usually gets out of scrapes okay. Was banished to a small planet with virtually nothing else on it. Name is inspired by Ky Kiske and Sol-Badguy from Guilty Gear, but not in that way.

Eva: A woman who's apart of La Résistance who comes to get Kiskol so he can fix ships. A snarky badass with pretty decent aim. Named after EVA.

...Yeah, I'm bad at names.
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I have quite a huge cast for my anime, ULJA, though I don't have them all set yet. So I'll just do what I have as of now.

Main Characters:
  • Aya Masa- The Hero and main protagonist. Though an Anti-Hero at the very beginning, her practice as a Magical Girl Warrior helps her break through her troubles and allows her to help others.
  • Suzume Masa- Aya's protective mother. Actually a Lady Justice, a very powerful magical girl
  • Miki Tenjou- Aya's best friend who has love problems due to her bisexuality. Is Aya's Muggle Best Friend until Part III.
  • Chou Bo- One of Aya's friends who has eating problems and concerned on her physical appearacne since she's pick on for it. Becomes a magical girl in Part III.
  • Kyoko Liu- A Child Prodigy who is always stressed by what his parents want. Becomes magical boy in Part II so his parents can understand.
  • Athena- Aya's pet falcon. An event cause her to be an Eldritch Abomination, yet the Mascot Mentor of the series.

  • Magical Girls:
  • Shizuko Ayumi- Aya's shy mentor in Part I. Killed by Ashley the Social.
  • Maxine Stapleton- A Meganekko magical girl. One of the smart ones. Can analyze situations and objects very well.
  • Miyako Hale- A purple-haired hoded nun first strangely possessed. Now a magical girl who can manipulate light.
  • Lia and Ria Ustez- Two twin, but opposite magical girls. They can handle some things on their own, but are much stronger together.
  • Kaikei Hakusho- A delinquent magical girl. Part of an all-girl Busuzuko gang. Can transform machines and fights with a long lead pipe.
  • Kirsten Verdandi- A Magic Idol Singer who uses a microphone and streamers as weapons/sheilds.
  • Chiba Lala- The Cute Witch. Has pink hair and can bring inanimate objects to life.
  • Sergeant Mei- Aya's trainer in Part II. Takes Drill Sergeant Nasty to the necessary, unlike her Evil Counterpart, Theseus the Emotional.
  • Private Mei- Sergeant Mio's assistant. Gets killed in the beginning of Part III by an angry John Livarre.

Other characters:
  • Ashley Haylon- Aya's school bully. A Green-Eyed Monster. Is actually an AMF commander and kills Aya's new friend.
  • Detctive Finch- An investagator to looks into the activities between the magical girls and the AMF. Sometimes comes in to support the protagonists.


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The Darkness Grows

Zoë Franklin: one of four main protagonists, The Atoner and Child Soldier with Psychic Powers.

Jamie Randall: second of the four, The Stoic and also Child Soldier with Hydrokinesis searching for the person who killed her parents.

Rayne Avninder: third of the four, she is a Master of Illusion who escaped from a government facility, and is trying to stay sane.

Ian Dinapoli: fourth of the four, a ferrokinetic and Technopath investigating his brother's death.

Kaelynn Avninder: Rayne's overprotective older sister, and the four's greatest ally.

Victoria Tanner: Jamie's older sister and occasion mentor, a Seer who sends the four to wherever they need to be.

Bela Donner: Ian's sociopathic older sister and head of the government branch trying to recapture Rayne.

Iris Dinapoli: Ian's mother, the Big Bad of the series.

George Franklin: Zoë's father, The Dragon to Iris

Sylvia Randall: Jamie's mother, who spends the series helping both Jamie and Iris.

Nathaniel Avninder: Rayne's father, one of the Fiction 500.

Donavon Randall: Jamie's Knight Templar Big Brother.

Lucien Lawrence: Zoë's younger brother.

Artimus Avninder: Rayne's older brother.

Nemer: the series Bigger Bad

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Craziest of all

Can I see your characters?smile
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and the Cubs still haven't won the world series.

I lol'd.

Mary Sue Lebowski

Something about this name... I can't put my finger on it.

And the Foggy Bottom Boys - Just the name makes me think Nixon and Deep Throat for some reason.

Hollownerox: Reading that last line in your "Good Guys" section made me think of earlier stories I once had. If you can't think up other characters for your merry band, its best not to just throw in more just for the sake of having more. Nothing wrong with a Power Trio.

I can't help but notice a lot of people are using the surname Moore for a character or two.

John Jiang Zhao

His name is my name too?

Mr. Mallard: I'm curious as to how someone has "potential for space exploration".

[up][up] Talk about dysfunctional families.

[up] ._. I wasn't expecting that.
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Here are the five new characters I added to my roster with Dawn of a New Century. :)

Arcturus: Demetrios and Lily's first son. He already has his father's adventurous spirit, as well as his black hair and blue eyes.

Rosemary: Demetrios and Lily's daughter. She's already taking after her mother, right down to her light silver hair and blue eyes.

Dante: Demetrios and Lily's second son. He's only a baby for now, but he's quite cheerful. He also has blue eyes, and his dark silver hair is already coming in.

Cliff: Michael's pet Siberian Husky. He's one of the reasons Michael became more relaxed and easygoing.

Lynessa: One of the Stone Cutters' Paladins. As an angel, she's very beautiful, as well as having golden-brown hair and blue eyes. She's sweet and fun-loving, though a little shy around Anne-Marie. Because she's in love with her.
Aurora is Best Princess.
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All the characters I have named so far for A History Of Melahawk Sea, in no particular order.

Wurhan Grommelson: Young historian, dragged along on a mission to stop Scaebious. Wields a large mace, good at sketching and scribing.

Naea Vaudrick: Blood Templar of Aeil, the builder god. Official leader of the mission, though she defaults to others who have more expertise than she. Wields magic Templar armor, a greatsword, and is good at gardening and landscaping.

Krixie of Eklina: Umber Shade soothsayer, joins mission because she has had visions of them. Wields a spear and kukri.

Allezzio da Brincia: Enchanter/mercenary/roguish con artist, joins because he thinks the church of Aeil (who sanctioned the mission) can help him regain his memory and soul. Wields a shortsword and crossbow with enchanted bolts.

Derzin Kirato: Gear Assassin from Gien Lao. Young, joined because his master wished to help. Wields two retractable wrist-blades.

Scaebious: Main villain, trying to awake Ardesiel. A powerful sorcerer and warrior, fights with a stave and curved sword.

Thail Manslayer: Scabious's hulking bodyguard. Wields a greatsword.

Agate: Dancer.

Estra: Wurhan's wife.

Cerestia: Prophet of Aeil, founder of modern Cerestium.

Ysgir Vandred: Dracon-Slayer, young, but one of the most prolific for his time as a Slayer. Wields a broadsword and earth magic, like most other slayers.

Huaticya: Umber Shade spiritual leader. Wields sacred bow and pair of falcatas.

Kyoza Shirobi: Gien Lao warlord.

Tazeeri: Umber Shade ambassador in Gien Lao.

Mialya: Tazeeri's pregnant wife, Leaf Shade.

Hraig Stone-Claw: Dracon-Slayer Hunter Lord.

Relius Cordae: First Citizen of Cerestium.

Yuro Tamizawa:Hare-Emperor of Gien Lao.

Arnae Icewalker: Leader of Vicarian Loyalists.

Cossil Bonehilt: Leader of Vicarian Separatists.

Zaro'Kel: Atherite Monarch

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Me and my friend's collaborative webcomic:

Forged Men
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Anita Campbell: One of the main protagonist of my story. Plucky and sweet girl next door who looks out for others.

Hogan Mills: Other main protagonist. Friend of Anita and Jolie. A bit out there but cares about his friends.

Jolie Ducan: Third main protagonist. Best friend of Anita and friend of Hogan. Likes to comment about her friends oddities and quirks but detestd her own perceived lack of personality.

Logan Campbell: Single father of Anita. He is a loving father who just happens to spend most days at work or the local bar.

Terri Duncan: Mother of Jolie and Jud. Mother figure to Anita. Works at home, and doesn't really have time for her children's arguments.

Al Duncan: Father of Jolie and Jud. Friend of Logan. Spends all day working then usually comes home to nap in his arm chair.

Jud Duncan: Jolie's younger brother and what she considers to be her biggest problem. Considers Hogan to be his best friend. Does not take the fact his parents don't have time to pay attention to him well.

Jewel Mills: Hogan's single mother.

Roz Royale: Anita's cousin. A bit of a bitch to everyone except sometimes Anita and her friends.

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