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     Vandalize here! 
  • This first vandalizations is brought to you by the Blue Lantern Corps ~raigakuren
  • Being the second vandal, I feel it is my duty to point that out. Also, HAI. ~skyflower
  • Third. I would post more vandalism but I don't socialize... ~raigakuren
  • I'm writing these words because they happen to be what I feel like saying. Of course they may also have to do with a forum game I'm playing. - Completely Normal Guy
  • Rainbow Vandalism - Stolen By Faeries
  • I'm pretty sure every form of the, "I have nothing to say" joke has been used, so I'll just tell you outright. I have nothing to say. Toodles! ~skyflower
  • Finally, somewhere new. - Physical Stamina
    • Of course you stole what I was gonna say. :P —Tre
  • I'm not trying to cause a big sensation. I'm just vandalizing about my generation. - Completely Normal Guy
  • Welcome to Hell, Circle number 2, enjoy your stay. ~Asmodeus
  • Evil huh,and I have ruled the world!-Xiphos Orochi 666
  • Epic guitar and violin solo!

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