Tropers / Dvdmacyoshi


Gather round, dear listeners, a I regale you all with the tale of a cold October night in 1885, (It may have been slightly later than this) when the man known on these parts as Dvdmacyoshi came into existence, and has made everyone's lives better as a result. Now, I'm sure you've heard the rumours... that He shot J.R, that He is the terror that flaps in the night, that He is actually just editing this page to talk about how awesome he is. Of course, who knows if any of these are true? Oh wait, I do. Yes, yes and yes, for those of you interested (Which should be you all.)

Feel free to Vandalise this page, but I must warn you, Trespassers will be shot... out of a cannon and into the sun.


Hey. I'm the first vandal. HOORAY! ~Inhopeless Guy