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The happy ending just got hairier from this point on.

Spoilers Off applies to the Moments subpages. All spoilers are unmarked.

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    Before Ever After 

Before Ever After, The Movie

  • "This is the story of how I died... and went to heaven!"
  • There are a lot in the first song:
    • Rapunzel is being groomed by three of them tightly pulls the ties around Rapunzel's corsets.
    • The Pub Thugs have apparently moved into the castle and have adjusted quite nicely, as King Frederic puts it.
    • Since Rapunzel doesn't wear shoes, she accidentally tracks in the dirt on her feet to the floors of the castle. Lady Crowley is less than pleased.
  • It's smack in the middle of a dramatic scene, but even when proposing to Rapunzel Eugene can still get in a great one-liner:
    Eugene: I want to spend the rest of my life here with you.
    Rapunzel: Here? In this castle?
    Eugene: Well, I mean, we could rent, but it's hard to see how we're going to top this.
  • "Fantastic. I just poured my heart out to a frog."
  • Stan, the guard with the ascot, who insists it brings out his mustache despite it not being regulation.
    • When Maximus is sneaking Rapunzel and Cassandra back into Rapunzel's room, he comes upon the two guards. While the captain of the guard still has his title, Maximus clearly still has authority. The two guards are clearly intimated by the horse's stern glare. The one without that ascot (Pete) quickly informs Maximus he told him that the ascot was not appropriate. Maximus sends them off with the air of superiority before signalling that the coast is clear for the two girls to sneak in.
  • After Rapunzel’s hair grows back, and she and Cassandra escape the black rocks and collapsing bridge, we get this exchange.
    Cassandra: See? Told you I’d get you in and out without anyone knowing. Piece of cake.
    Rapunzel: "Piece of cake"!? Uh, did you see the 70 feet of "My father’s going to kill me" growing from my head?!
    Cassandra: One problem at a time, please.
  • Cassandra's increasingly desperate attempts to cut Rapunzel's Nigh-Invulnerable new hair, culminating in trying to chop it off with a huge battleaxe that breaks Rapunzel's table in half but has no effect on her hair.
  • After finding out that Rapunzel snuck out, Eugene (with Pascal) attempts to look for her and promptly bumps into her father. A classic and awkward (kind of) son-in-law and father-in-law conversation ensues.
  • Eugene doesn't take the return of The Hair all that well.note 
    • What makes it even funnier is the Funny Background Event of an uncharacteristically distressed Cassandra walking around Eugene and Rapunzel and randomly picking up and moving around heaps of Rapunzel's hair, while Eugene delivers this speech.
    • After learning about the hair, Eugene tells Rapunzel not to hide things from the people she loves. Then...
      Queen Arianna: (Calling from outside Rapunzel's room) Rapunzel, honey?
      Eugene: (without missing a beat) Hide. Your. Hair. Woman! You gotta hide yo' hair!
    • When Pascal sees the hair is back, his expression is one of absolute and utter unbridled joy!
  • This exchange between Eugene and Cassandra:
    Eugene: Look, Cassandra, I know you don't like me for Rapunzel.
    Cassandra: Oh, that's not true. I don't like you for anyone.
  • After her evil plot is foiled, Lady Caine tries to escape, vowing to return someday and exact revenge. Then as soon as she unblocks the door Maximus and the guards knock it down on top of her. Cassandra and Eugene then proceed to take the piss out of her.

    Season 1 

Season 1

What The Hair?!

  • Eugene dares Cassandra to name one time he couldn't keep a secret. Cue a long string of Gilligan Cuts.
    • The best part is that Rapunzel has her long golden hair during the cuts, which means that these all happened in the past week!
  • Big Nose and his cheesy love poetry.
    • There seems to be hours of it, too, given that the other thugs dread having to listen to it and give death glares to Eugene when he asks Big Nose if he's written anything new. After Big Nose finally finishes reading (by which point everyone is clearly bored out of their skulls), Eugene leaves and Shorty, who up to this point had been sleeping on the bar, wakes up and asks Big Nose if he's written any new poems lately, to everyone else's chagrin.
  • Maximus trying to get an apple and ending up caught in a pile of goo.
  • The reveal that the mighty and terrifying wizard Varian is actually a shrimpy teenage alchemist. Who is a big fan of the Flynn Rider books and seems to think Eugene is the real thing.
  • In the middle of making a dramatic proclamation to solve Rapunzel's problem, Varian manages to accidentally knock himself out with a piece of his own equipment. What really sells it is how he starts out talking normally after and then suddenly collapses mid sentence.
  • Eugene finally finds a "Wanted!" Poster of himself that got the nose right. Varian destroys it with his strange sword by accident.
    Eugene: Oh, come on!
  • Varian's response when Eugene asks him to simplify what Rapunzel said to him earlier.
    Varian: (totally serious) Mr. Ryder, when the princess of Corona speaks directly to you every word is important.
  • Cassandra's long chain of logic as to why Rapunzel can't tell Eugene the truth.
    Cassandra: Rapunzel, I want to trust you, and I trust that you trust Eugene, but I don't trust Eugene, and if I can't trust Eugene, I can't trust you, and you're just going to have to trust me. (beat) Trust me, that logic tracks.

Rapunzel's Enemy

  • Poor Rapunzel is so sheltered, she apparently doesn't know what booing is, and seems to think it's some kind of exotic cheer.
  • Eugene using the fact that he and Cassandra are agreeing on something as an arguing point when trying to convince Rapunzel to let it go.
  • Rapunzel tries not to think about getting booed, and immediately starts hearing the syllable "boo" in everyone's conversations.
  • It's amusing how the otherwise sweet-natured Uncle Monty immediately turns into a Grumpy Old Man when he interacts with Rapunzel.
  • "Operation: Make Stuff", with Rapunzel's desperate attempt to win Uncle Monty over with hand-made gifts, including a scarf (he doesn't like the color), a chocolate sculpture of his head ("In my day, a good chocolate sculpture was solid!"), and re-painting the sign over his shop (he doesn't appreciate her touching up the hand-painted sign without his say-so).
  • Eugene calling Cassandra irresponsible because she was careless enough to trust him with taking care of the gopher.
    Cassandra: I gotta get some lotion for his paws. Could you watch him for a few minutes?
    Eugene: Oh, you sure I can be trusted with this hallowed Corona institution?
    Cassandra: I was talking to the gopher.

Fitzherbert P.I.

  • The montage of Eugene trying (and failing at) various jobs.
    • First he tries to become a baker, but falls victim to Oven Logic.
    • Then he becomes a carriage driver. Not only does he go way too fast for his first customer's tastes, he drops her off at the wrong house.
    • Then he tries working at Feldspar's cobbler shop, and does a pretty good job...until Feldspar recognizes him as the guy who stole a shipment of boots a few years back.
      Eugene: Does this mean I'm getting the boot?
      Feldspar: No, it means you're getting fired!
  • Shorty accidentally gets roped into the trials for the royal guard because he thought he was getting in line for the men's bathroom.
  • Queen Arianna's royal portrait is hidden away in a storeroom behind some tarps, because it's her posing with an awkward assortment of implements for her various hobbies. It seems being a polymath runs in the family!
  • Eugene shows up for the final guard exam determined to throw the Captain off. The Captain gets up in his face and boasts that he's made the course extra difficult just for him. Eugene responds by hugging him.
    Eugene: I'm touched.
  • Mr. di Giovanni's outrageously snooty attitude, leading up to his dreadful attempt at painting Rapunzel's portrait, which helps Eugene realize he was an impostor.

Challenge of the Brave

  • The montage near the beginning contrasting Cassandra's badass practice for the Challenge of the Brave and her mundane duties as a maid at the palace.
  • The mere image of dainty and bright Princess Rapunzel entering a contest of strength and skill alongside a bunch of drably-dressed thugs (and Cassandra) and actually holding her own.
  • Rapunzel's incredibly awkward attempts at Trash Talk that not only morphs into her complimenting a thug's tattoos, but also proves more effective than Cassandra's own attempts by causing another thug to decide to go see her mom instead of continuing to participate.
  • Eugene gets thrown out of the event for annoying the fans and spends the whole episode trying to get back in. He tries to convince the guard to let him in claiming he left his wallet in the stands. Finally, after buying a ticket from Shorty, Eugene sprints back into the stadium... only to discover the tournament's already over.

Cassandra V. Eugene

The Return of Strongbow

  • This Looney Tunes-esque bit from the heist in the flashback:
    Lance and Flynn are hiding from the guards behind a rock.
    Lance: Check to see if the coast is clear!
    [Eugene slowly looks up, and the camera pans to show a furious looking guard standing 'right there' leering directly at them, and growling no less. He slowly sits back down.]
    Eugene: (completely deadpan) Yeah, not really.
  • The entire scene where Eugene and Lance flee down a darkened hallway in the Baron's mansion.
  • When Eugene introduces Lance to Rapunzel and Cassandra, Lance eases his way along the fire mantle, sneaking all the valuables on it, while Eugene is trying to sneak all the pieces back on to the mantle?
  • Rapunzel carrying a plater of snacks for the boys, but they're not in their rooms. As she walks down the hall, Cass arrives.
    Cassandra: Hmm, what do we have here? A plate of cheese and crackers.
    Rapunzel: Uh... it's because I'm terribly hungry and thirsty, thank you very much. (takes a bite out of a cluster of grapes) Mmm! (Cass glares at her) Okay, fine! Yes, they're not home! But what's to say they're not out having fun?
    Cassandra: Oh, I never said anything about them not out having fun. I'm just suggesting they're most likely stealing stuff while doing it.
    Rapunzel: Okay, that's it! I've had just about enough, Cassandra! Y'know what? Let's go find Eugene so I can prove to you that you were wrong! (she takes a sip from the glass of milk, leaving her with a milk mustache)
    Cassandra: Okay. But when I'm proven right, you're gonna have egg on your face.
    Rapunzel: Oh-ho-ho! I promise you this, I will not have anything on my face tonight! (she storms off)
    Royal Guard Pete: Uh, Princess, you have a milk mustache.

  • Eugene and Lance's attempt to steal back the Queen's ring from Rapunzel:
    • Rapunzel sleeping in an incredibly awkward pose.
    • Lance accidentally wakes Pascal when the hot wax from a candle dribbles onto the little chameleon's tail.
    • Cassandra confronts the two, and Lance offers to deal with her.
      Eugene: Wait, she'll destroy you! ...On second thought, go ahead.
    • Rapunzel smacks Eugene so hard with her frying pan it leaves a dent shaped like his face, by which Rapunzel is able to identify him.
  • The reveal that Lance Strongbow's real name is Arnwaldo is funny enough, but near the end of the episode it turns out his last name is Schnitz.

In Like Flynn

  • When Rapunzel's painting his portrait at the beginning of the episode, Pascal is posing lying on his side and with a rose in his mouth... like a human pin-up model.
  • Upon seeing the vandalized statue of her father, Rapunzel comments that you'd have to be a total moron to think it was funny. Cue Eugene seeing the statue and cackling at it. During which Rapunzel, Cassandra and the Captain of the Guards stare at him awkwardly with a "Dude, REALLY?" look on their faces, until Eugene embarassedly stops laughing.
  • King Frederic's entire Not So Above It All demeanor throughout the episode.
  • Rapunzel's efforts at "pranking" people throughout the episode. And her enthusiastically exclaiming that from now on "pranking" will be known as "Rapunzling".
  • The Royal Seal of Equis turns out to be King Trevor's pet seal. And it doesn't seem to be too bright either. After the day he's already had, Eugene's response is to just give up.
    Eugene: O.k., O.k., so now I'm confused; you said "I" and "we" in the same sentence, which I'm finding means the same thing—not to mention the fact that I couldn't get the proper definition of "seal" from you!!!

Great Expotations

  • Eugene's... disturbed reaction to Rapunzel's "Vegetable Slicer". Plus the fact that Rapunzel's creations all were already invented... besides the giant hairdryer.
  • Varian is putting on a cocky front as he walks into what he thinks is a broom closet...only to learn too late that it's a staircase, which he ends up tumbling downward, with the camera focusing on Rapunzel wincing as we hear the crashing sounds.

Under Raps

  • EVERYONE agrees Andrew is handsome. Including Eugene.
  • Cassandra runs through a list of things to prove Rapunzel can't keep a secret.
  • The 5 foot long list of things that Rapunzel wants to do on her and Eugene's double date with Cassandra and Andrew, and the cute little drawing of all four skipping and holding hands surrounded by hearts. D'awww.
  • Pascal playing a teensy little Spanish guitar to help serenade the lovers.
  • When Rapunzel mentions Cass' fighting strengths, Cassandra proceeds to kick her so hard that the table lifts up.
    • Not to mention Rapunzel's blank expression when Cassandra kicks her, as though thinking "Well, that hurt."

One Angry Princess

  • Everything about Rapunzel calling on Ms. Crowley as a witness in Attila's trial.
    • After she first tells Rapunzel about what she saw, she eerily slides over to behind a bush and vanishes in a flash of light. A lot of moments in this episode are a bit scary, but also over the top and funny in their ridiculousness. Also, Rapunzel's nonplussed reaction.
      Rapunzel: ...Ooookay then.
    • Nobody knows who Miss Hortense Q. Crowley is until Rapunzel calls her "Old Lady Crowley"
      Eugene: Uh, Blondie? This is a court of law, you can't just make people up.
    • It turns out to be utterly pointless because Crowley thought Big Nose was Attila.

Max's Enemy

  • When someone cries out "Thief!", Eugene, Lance, and the pub thugs put their hands up, while Shorty holds up a fish.
  • Maximus's Imagine Spot of Axel marrying the horse he has a crush on. A human wedding, including The Wedding March being played and a priest to perform the ceremony.
  • After Max rescues the carriage with Lady Caine on it, she offers him a job as her new stallion. Cue Rapunzel immediately yanking her away from him and tying her to a tree, all while Caine has the biggest kill-me-now expression on her face.

The Way of the Willow

  • The reason Rapunzel hates wearing shoes is because Willow loves going barefoot as well. What she sums up even provides the quote for Earthy Barefoot Character!
  • Willow gives Arianna a hamster-like creature called an Uumlaut.
    Arianna: Oh, Willow. This is so... [The Uumlaut retches out a hairball] ...thoughtful.
  • This-
    Lance: So, your Majesty, lemme ask ya; How much does a King pull down a year? After taxes? (Eugene angrily tackles him.)

Queen for a Day

  • Varian breaking into a little Happy Dance when his father agrees to let him come along to see King Frederic.
    Varian: (dances) Varian and dad going to see the King!
    • Varian then happily offering to pack some ham sandwiches for the trip.

Not In The Mood

  • Thanks to one of Xavier's potions, Rapunzel, Eugene and Cassandra get their personalities reversed on the day of an important political meeting. Sweet Rapunzel becomes brutally honest ball of irritability, arrogant Eugene becomes timid and comically insecure, and cold Cassandra becomes a perky, ditzy sweetheart. Hilarity ensues.
    • Angry!Rapunzel wearing her hair in an exaggerated manor so that her signature curl completely covers one eye. She also gets in some great lines.
      Rapunzel: woah! Insecure much, half pint?
      Rapunzel: Maximus! Pascal! What did you two do?! And don't try to cute-squeak your way out of this, because this Princess ain't buying it!
    • Cassandra happens to be set to run a guard post that day. Of course, thanks to the potion the audience can already tell she isn't in the best state of mind to be guarding anything. When a hulking, Obviously Evil thug cuts past the line to enter without a pass or identification she... lets him through with a smile and a wave—which leads to her getting removed from duty again. Amusingly, she then cheerfully runs off to apparently hang out with the guy.
      • This amusingly works out in her favor when he saves her in the finale. When Cassandra wonders why his personality wasn't reversed by the potion, he lampshades his character type with "What personality?"
    • The foreign dignitary visiting the kingdom is notoriously insecure and takes offense at everything. Naturally, Angry!Rapunzel insults him every single time they talk, while her parents stumble over themselves trying to fool the guy into thinking she was complimenting him. Even better, every time the insults get more and more extreme.
    • When they find out what happened, the trio confront Xavier. During this, Angry!Rapunzel is making angry faces at him, Timid!Eugene is off to the side trying not to get involved, and Nice!Cassandra is running around in the background playing leapfrog.
    • Later a whole roomful of people get a dose of the potion, and while Frederick turning into an warmongering dictator isn't so funny, Ariana turning into a jeering, belching slob and the Captain getting the mentality of a ten year old certainly are.
    • Heck, just the fact that Xavier is so used to the whole "friends get on each other's nerves" plot that he made a potion to resolve it quicker is this on a meta level.
  • Upon being named MC of the banquet, Eugene spends the entire episode obsessed with using fog machines while everybody tries and fails to tell him that it's a horrible idea.
  • Rapunzel made individualized gift baskets for every single person attending the party, including a personal portrait made of each of them. The only thing both Eugene and Cassandra can agree on is that it was a colossal waste of time.
  • Maximus giving Pascal a high five after they realize their plan of slipping Rapunzel, Cassandra and Eugene the potion has worked... Forgetting that he's a horse and Pascal a comparatively tiny chameleon, Maximus sends Pascal flying. Since this is played as slapstick humour, luckily Pascal isn't hurt.

The Quest for Varian

  • Cassandra's hair turns neon pink when she blows magic dust away and it goes into her hair. Her annoyed expression is funny to begin with, but also that Pascal finds it very funny In Universe as well and gets a laughing fit—until his head temporarily turns into the same colour pink. Eugene chuckles about it as well—but moments later gets a dose of the dust as well, his hair turning purple with multi-coloured stripes, and his face blue...
  • Upon the return to the tower, Eugene gives Maximus a grand tour of his first encounter with Rapunzel, describing being knocked out, stuffed in a closet, and dying like he's recouting a chance enounter at the mall.

Secret of the Sundrop

  • Eugene shows Rapunzel a room full of birthday presents for her, and he shakes the boxes to guess what's inside. One of her presents is a pair of socks, and she doesn't even wear shoes!
    • He also shakes one and realizes it was something fragile and he shouldn't have shaken it.
  • Lance's role in the breakout? Distracting the guards by getting one of them to play accordion. He's...not a good player, and Lance has to hold spare presents over his ears.
  • The hook-footed thug realizing that Eugene only picked him as backup because Eugene wanted to use his foot-hook to pull the bars off Rapunzel's window.
    Hook-Foot: Seriously? This is the whole reason you needed me? Couldn't you have used a regular hook?
    Eugene: Um...possibly, but probably best not to overthink it...
  • After the queen's kidnapping, everyone in Corona gathers round and makes plans on how to attack Varian and get her back. Their solution if he tries to take Rapunzel as well? Dress Shorty up in a yarn wig, dress, and a pathetic green sock-puppet of Pascal on his arm. Pity we never got to see him in action.
  • In a scene where he otherwise is really intimidating, Varian gets a laugh when, after Rapunzel addresses Fredric as "Dad", he nonchalantly leans against his shoulder and says "She's right, Dad." in the most snarky tone possible.

    Season 2 

Season 2

Beyond the Corona Walls

  • When a stranger refers to Rapunzel as annoying, Eugene naturally comes to her defense...while Lance insists their group prefers the word "irrepressible".


  • Cassandra in general is The Comically Serious in this episode, contrasting her cautious intensity with Rapunzel's free and at times irresponsible spirit. Most of the humor comes from her increasingly incredulous reactions to everything, especially her loud, exasperated "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" when she realizes she's been turned into a bird.
  • At one point while they're exploring the woods, Rapunzel sneak attacks Cassandra with a flower crown. It's as adorable as it is funny.
  • Though it comes with a pretty tense problem, there's something hilarious in the fact that while Rapunzel - who is a canary - has a bird call that befits her as a cute, melodious cheep, Cassandra's - as a mockingbird - is a goofy, undignified squawk.
  • Rapunzel discovering the rest of her friends have been changed into birds, so nobody's coming to save them. ...but then Lance starts bragging that at least he's the strongest bird.
    Eugene: Not now, Lance!
  • All the others are turned into birds that match the way they look as humans. Except Shorty, who turns into a peacock. That can lay eggs!
    • Also, his reaction to being changed back:
    Shorty: That's weird. I'm a person!
    (Continues walking like a peacock)

Vigor the Visionary

  • How Eugene describes snakes when he is confronted with a lot of them in the Canyon of Snakes
    Eugene: They're just really long, gross turtles without the shells and legs!

There's Something About Hook Foot

  • When the main characters react shocked to the existence of a mermaid, the mermaid points out they shouldn't be so shocked about a mermaid in a universe with magic hair/tears/flowers.
    Rapunzel and Eugene: She's a... mermaid?!
    Hook Foot: So? You're a woman with 70 feet of hair.
    Mermaid Serafina: ...and you don't see me staring.
    Rapunzel: Yeah... You got me there.

Rapunzel: Day One

  • The goat. Just that goat. Every time Rapunzel tries to acquire Mint, that goat keeps eating it.

Mirror Mirror

  • Bordering on Black Comedy, Lance shrieking that the Mirror!Rapunzel is not the real Rapunzel while, in spider-like fashion, she crawls up a wall carrying Lance upside-down.
  • Mirror!Eugene attempting the smolder. And failing.
  • Mirror!Eugene narrating that the real Eugene was the first of their party to be claimed. ...And then pointing out that it's no surprise, since Eugene is the vainest out of the group.
  • According to Cassandra, the real Rapunzel refers to cherry pits as "fruit rocks".
  • Remember the smolder? It's not just a pick-up move that Eugene only think works. It actually does work. What's more, even though she's an evil mirror double, it works on Mirror!Rapunzel.

You're Kidding Me!

  • Cassandra going gaga over a toy top as though she were a little girl.
  • While escorting Kid-Lance for a Potty Emergency, there's this entire running gag of Lance asking continuous questions.
    Kid!Lance: NOW do you wanna play chase?
    Eugene: No, I don't want to play chase, I thought you had to go to the bathroom.
    Kid!Lance: What's that?
    Eugene: That's a sculpture.
    Kid!Lance: What's it do?
    Eugene: It doesn't do anything. It's art, it's for people to look at.
    Kid!Lance: What people?
    Eugene: Just people. Now quit dilly-dallying.
    Kid!Lance: Can I have a piggy-back ride?
    Eugene: For the fourth time, no.
    Kid!Lance: What's that?
    Eugene: That's another sculpture.
    Kid!Lance: What does it do?
    Eugene: It does the sa... [growls] Look! Can we stop with all these pointless questions because you are killing me!
    Kid!Lance: [whimpers and tears up]
    Eugene: Oh no, no, no, no, no, please don't cry! [starts talking fast] Please don't cry! I hate seeing kids cry, it's gonna make me cry and I have a really ugly cry face— Hey! How about that piggy-back ride?
    Kid!Lance: [instantly perks up] Yay! Giddy-up, giddy-up! [mounts a resigned Eugene, *Beat*] ...What's that?
    Eugene: [tiredly] It's... another... sculpture.
    Kid!Lance: What's it do?
  • Even as a baby, Shorty has a beard.
  • Kid Cassandra playing Lava.
  • Eugene being so done with the Inn of Yesterday's Tomorrows that when he opens a door with giant octopus tentacles, he just casually shuts it as though it were some ordinary closet door.

Lost and Found

  • Vigor the Visionary speaking in Timothy Dalton's voice. That is all.
    • While the ending is part nightmare fuel and Tearjerker Eugene looking for potential traitors in Max, Pascal, Lance and Shorty is funny in a way.

Destinies Collide

  • King Edmund's crow tries to fistfight Pascal, but the bird ends up punching itself silly and falls down a hole in the floor. Before taking the win, Pascal makes a hilarious "WTF?!" expression.
  • After Eugene falls:
    Eugene: Oh, that was thoroughly unpleasant! [an axe lands beside him and he looks up to see the bear figure standing before him] Oh, thank heavens, you're okay.
    • After The Reveal that King Edmund is Eugene's father:
      Eugene: Father? [backs away slightly] You are my father? [Edmund nods. *Beat*, then Eugene bursts out laughing] Well, of course! Of course you are! [gets up and walks over to Edmund] I don't know why I didn't see it before. The dark soulless eyes, the unbridled aggression that drives one to attack TOTAL STRANGERS!
      [Edmund picks up Adira's shadow sword and slices through a spike with it; Eugene gapes in shock]
      Edmund: I am your father.
  • While "Everything I thought I knew" is supposed to be a sad song, when Eugene is looking back on all his memories from the past series, there's something out of place about seeing the time he was turned into a bird among his memories.
  • Lance Comically Missing the Point when Edmund calls Eugene his son.
    Lance: [genuinely thrilled for Eugene] You finally got adopted!
  • King Edmund himself is a lot weirder and funnier than you'd expect. What else did you expect from Eugene's father?
    • He somehow got his hands on several of Eugene's wanted posters. Turns out that they went above and beyond getting his nose wrong on several, and he and Eugene complain about them together.
    • He attempts to "glower" Eugene into submission. Done with the same sound effect (and result) as Eugene's "smoulder".
    • Edmund delivers the blow to destroy the last possessed statue of the Dark Kingdom's past rulers in order to save Eugene. And what does he say as he does it? "Our family is... just awful."
  • During her narration, Adira casually lampshades how inaccurate it was for King Edmund to name his best soldiers "The Brotherhood" when one of them (Adira) was not a man.

    Season 3 

Season 3

Rapunzel's Return

  • When Ulf arrives at the Dark Kingdom, Shorty reveals he is fluent in miming.
  • Eugene and Lance pointing out the flaw in Varian naming his new memory erasing gas after his father.
    Eugene: But once the people are affected by this gas. They will forget that they turned their back on your father...
    Lance: Yep, that's some flawed logic right there.
    Varian: (starts stammering) No... ye... so! You know what I mean!
  • While fighting, Andrew undoes his man-bun and shakes his hair loose. Eugene and Lance are amazed at how much hair he was able to keep tied up.
  • Seems even after his Face–Heel Turn, Varian is still the same Adorkable Bungling Inventor he always was. Like when he's experimenting with his memory erasing chemical, which promptly explodes in his face.
    Varian: (after being thrown against the wall) Evidently, my calculations were not correct. (proceeds to Face Plant into the floor)
  • Lance revealing that Varian's new Beard of Evil is in fact drawn on by rubbing the beard off his chin.

Return of the King

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

  • Some sheep being so scared by the werewolf from the night before that they're stacked on top of each other.
  • While watching Creighton scarf down her food, Lance doesn't know whether to be impressed by her appetite or disgusted. He later decides disgust is the better reaction.
    • Meanwhile, Angry is apparently impressed, whereas Red is with Lance and chooses to be disgusted.
  • When confronted by Rapunzel on the full moon, Monty confesses his deep dark secret: he gave Rapunzel the licorice offering because he had stale licorice and wanted to get rid of it!
  • Creighton at the werewolf's mercy. She goes from a merciless hunter to this blithering coward claiming she's a dog person.
  • There's something surreal and sweet about seeing a big, nasty old werewolf benignly give our heroes a loving group hug.

The Lost Treasure of Herz der Sonne

  • While daydreaming about what he would buy with the treasure, Max imagines riding in a buggy being pulled by Eugene and Lance.
  • Feldspar reveals he can read the Saporian script on the map, and tells Rapunzel some disturbing news:
    Feldspar: (darkly) "All who claim the treasure shall be made to banana!"
    Rapunzel: Made to banana?
    Feldspar: Oh, what am I thinking? "Tharofe" is banana. "Tharofo" means suffer an eternity of doom!
  • Ruddiger trying to trap Maximus like Wile E. Coyote.
  • Varian's Freak Out when the curse first activates.
    Varian: Ten on the doom scale! Ten on the doom scale!
  • When the zombie-skeletons emerge from their tombs, Xavier, who bored Varian the whole time with other legends, reveals he knows that legend as well. Varian's reaction is priceless.
    Varian: What?! You know, next time LEAD with the high-doom-ratio legends!
    • Even better, Xavier manages to bore one of the skeletons to death with his stories, LITERALLY. Only made funnier by the fact that the skeleton is already a dead being.
  • The final shot of the episode shows Old Lady Crowley is still stuck in the thorn bush.

No Time Like the Past

  • A magic hourglass transports Rapunzel's and Pascal's minds into the past and the bodies of the Stabbingtons. Hilarity ensues, as both still act like Rapunzel and Pascal while everyone else is really confused about the Stabbington brothers' antics.
  • Young Eugene working on his Smolder. And accidentally making a duckface. Towards the end, Young Lance helps Young Eugene adjust it when it's so close to being what it is today. In other words, Lance essentially was midwife to "The Smolder" when it was born.
  • In the past Pete is wearing the moustache while Stan is clean shaven. Pete doesn't take it well when Rapunzel suggests that Stan should be the one wearing the moustache. He picks up the matter later again after they catch Lance.
    Pete: And secondly, who do you think has a better face for a stache, me or Stan?
    Lance: Stan.
    Pete: Lock him up!
  • Maximus, being only a foal, is still more competent than most of the royal guards. And already as determined as ever to catch Eugene.
  • Varian makes a cameo, as the most apathetic-looking child ever seen.


  • When Rapunzel comes to him for advice, Eugene suggests that she find something in common with Cassandra for them to bond over. He starts to fondly recall his past heists and burglaries with his own friends to Rapunzel, when Frederic, who is both the king of the land and his girlfriend's father, walks in on him, instantly cutting that short.

The King and Queen of Hearts

  • As Varian initiates his experiment to restore Frederic and Arianna's memories, he cackles like a Mad Scientist. Turns out, Ruddiger is tickling him inside his shirt.
    • The first thing said experiment does is cause Frederic's beard to poof out.
    • Then it causes Rapunzel and her parents to be covered in pink goo, and coats Rapunzel in a second layer for good measure. According to Rapunzel said goo tastes like strawberries.
  • Amnesiac Frederic's obsession with eggs.
  • Just how angry Rapunzel is in this episode. It's hilarious seeing the usual Pollyanna All-Loving Hero act as aggressively as Angry or Cassandra.
  • Rapunzel explaining why getting her parents back together will stop mass heartbreak, civil war, and the destruction of the Earth.
    • The explanation ends with Rapunzel kicking the presentation down and angrily asking Lance if that's what he wants happen. The scene then goes to the others terrified out of their minds.
  • 8:00 sharp is the designated time to toss Shorty around at the Snuggly Duckling.
  • King Trevor's ridiculous facial expressions when he shows Arianna Herz de Sonne's journal.
  • Despite being mostly amnesiac, bits and pieces of Frederic and Arianna's true personalities bleed through from time to time.

Day Of The Animals

  • Kiera's annoyance at Varian's Techno Babble.
    Kiera: Anyone wanna switch seats with me?
  • While approaching a dangerous roadway, Varian nervously hides behind Rapunzel's hair. Leaving Rapunzel to look at him with a confused expression.
  • Rapunzel tries to get the animals to "shake hands and get along" only to remember that the animals don't really have hands and she has difficulty getting the terminology for their appendages right until she settles on "shake whatever you've got and get on with it."
  • When the group first get stuck in the shell:
    Rapunzel: Okay, either we've somehow been magically been shrunk down and imprisoned inside the shell pendent...
    Catalina: Or?
    Rapunzel: Or... yeah, sorry, I was hoping I'd think of something more positive sounding by the time I finished that thought but I've got nothing.
  • Rapunzel noting the weirdness of the situation:
    Rapunzel: We have been in much worse situations, definitely not weirder but worse.
  • When Rapunzel and her younger friends start to realize they could be trapped inside the shell as tiny people forever, Kiera takes it the hardest.
    Kiera: What did I ever do to deserve this?!
    Varian: Didn't you steal... from, you know, dozens of people?
    Kiera: (glumly) Oh, right. We're doomed.
    • Kiera tosses a pillow at Varian for his remark, and he's eagerly ready to toss it back in retaliation before Rapunzel confiscates it. While Rapunzel tries to cheer up her friends, Varian can be seen frowning at her in the background.
  • Catalina startles Varian with the skull of a long dead parrot.

Be Very Afraid

  • While some of the visions from the red rocks are horrifying and/or heartbreaking others are hilarious. Eugene's vision, for example, is just of having a cowlick in his hair.
  • Rapunzel paints a sign to prevent people from approaching the red rocks, depicting Varian and Eugene hugging each other while screaming in terror. Eugene complains that it makes him look bad. Rapunzel just says it makes him look adorable, to which he actually agrees.
  • When Rapunzel and Varian enter the Demanitus Chamber, Varian mentions how he'd love to have met the man. Rapunzel then casually brings up the time she actually did.
    Rapunzel: (nonchalantly) I did, nice guy. He was a monkey. (Varian looks at her confused) It's a long story.
  • The talent show in general. While the intention is to do something that will calm the townspeople and lift their spirits, until Lance shows up the acts only ever manage to do the exact opposite of that.
    • Vladimir hosts a class on painting ceramic unicorns. He does pretty well... until someone in the audience turns out to be deathly afraid of unicorns. Cue another victim of the red rocks.
    • Old Lady Crowley does a stand up routine. It ends - predictably - with zero laughs, and her yelling at everybody.
    • The best / worst of the lot: Kiera and Catalina decide to do a sideshow routine by having Catalina turn into a werewolf in front of everyone. Again, while everyone is one bad vision away from mortal terror. Cue widespread pandemonium as the entire crowd screams and runs in panic. Best part being Eugene's Oh, Crap! reaction when he realizes what they're planning to do.
      • The mere fact that Kiera and Catalina thought that this was good idea in the first place. One has to wonder what they were thinking.
        Catalina: (in her normal voice, despite being a giant wolf) But I didn't even get to my softshoe routine! (curtain closes on them)

Pascal's Dragon

  • In a meta sense, when series director Tom Caulfield mentioned how Rapunzel rode dragons when meeting Sofia and Amber , Craig Gerber then said "Praying the dragon doesn't force Raps to listen to his a cappella singing group". Tom then responded: "That was the closing number but due to budgetary concerns 😅."
  • During the episode, Pascal tries to hide the baby dragon in a cupboard. Much like when Rapunzel tried to hide an unconscious Eugene in a cupboard back in the film. Pascal has even less success than Rapunzel did.
  • Little Big Guy and a guard having a scream-off, each one more surprised than the last.
    • Then there's Nigel's expression, who, unlike most versions, is looking back and forth at who is screaming. He gets so tired of it, with a "You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!" look on his face, before knocking out Little Big Guy himself.

Islands Apart

  • Pascal mistaking a crab for a giant bug.
  • Eugene being 100% done with the island's curse madness, but this line really cements how much his wit about it actually edges out Cass' when the Captain finally decides to turn the balloon around.
    Eugene: (oozing with sarcasm) Wouldja believe I'm actually starting to miss the real Cass? Her wit, her charm, the fact that there's only 'one' of her??

Cassandra's Revenge

  • The comical attempts at hiding Eugene's surprise birthday party from him.
  • A lot of Eugene's actual birthday party counts, such as his father pointing out that the reason he'd never had a party before was because he abandoned him as a child and Eugene's whole life was a lie.
    • When Cass crashes the party just as Eugene is about to blow the candles. She then starts out casually swiping a piece of the cake, then revealing her demands.
    Cassandra: Swell party. I'm guessing my invitation got lost in the mail?
    Eugene: I think for the next party, I'd like to have at least some input on the guest list.
    (Cassandra takes out her sword and drags it along the ground as she walks)
    Cassandra: If you don't mind, I'll just help myself to a slice of this cake.
    Lance: (gobbling a box of popcorn) What does she want? Why show up here now? Is she here to apologize or for a fight? She's probably here for a fight.
    Eugene: Quiet!
    Rapunzel: It's...Where've you been?
    Cassandra: Helping myself, you might say. It's about time I helped myself, doncha think? (she slices a piece of a cake with her sword)
    Lance: I think she wants to fight!
    Eugene: Shut up!
    Cassandra: (mock sadness) I thought a lot about how we left things and it makes me sad.
    Rapunzel: Oh, it makes me sad too! I've missed you, Cassandra. I want us to be friends again.
    Cassandra: Yeah, we both have things the other wants. Which brings me to why I'm here. I want you to give me the scroll.
    Eugene: I wouldn't do that! The scroll has the instructions to wield the power of the Moonstone and the Sundrop.
    Cassandra: Stay outta this, Fitzherbert! Blondie can think for herself, hmm? Gimme the scroll, and I'll leave Corona in peace.
    Rapunzel: Cassandra, I don't think—
    Cassandra: Oh, I know. It's hard making decisions when the only friends and advisors you have left are ex-convicts and losers!
    Eugene: Hey! We are not ex-convicts!
    Lance: Technically, we've never been convicted of anything. (he and Eugene fist bump)
    Cassandra: I'll give you sometime to decide. Enjoy your party, Fitzherbert! (She tosses the plate of cake at Eugene's hands. Lance catches the cake in his mouth. Cassandra leaves out the door, leaving the whole party frozen in shock.)
    Eugene: Just to be clear, 'cause I think it's important, I did not wish for that.
  • Eugene's reaction to finding out he's a year older than he thought is to spend most of the rest of the episode on a Running Gag worrying about aging while Lance teases him about it.
    • At one point he gets hold of one of Varian's alchemical potions which makes him look like an old man.
  • When Rapunzel says she doesn't have the scroll Eugene says "Well if you don't have it, who do have it?" we then cut to Varian doing a best metal contest while Ruddiger prepares hot coco via lab equipment.
  • The Failure Montage of Rapunzel and company trying to get into Cassandra's tower:
    • First Eugene and lance try Kuzco and Pacha's method of wall-climbing to reach the top, and fail miserably.
    • Then, on Lance's suggestion, the characters try using tree sap to Wall Crawl their way up the tower, but the sap is too sticky and they just end up getting stuck.
    • They then trying having Max catapult them up with a nearby tree (complete with Pascal pulling his ear like a lever) only to completely miss the tower, land on another tree, get catapulted back, and land in a net with Kiera and Catalina nearby.
      Rapunzel: Anybody else got an idea?
      Kiera: We do.
      Eugene: This is quite literally the exact same plan.
  • Lance getting himself, Max, Kiera, and Catalina increasingly lost inside Cassandra's tower.
    • In the end, Lance ends up catching Varian after the boy had been sent falling to his death moments before. Lance actually claims it's because he had led them to Varian.

A Tale of Two Sisters

  • Gothel's secret room has magic mirrors that play back recorded logs of her narcissistic anecdotes of people adoring her beauty. If you thought she couldn't get anymore egotistic and vain, think again.


Once a Handmaiden
  • At one point, Cassandra is nearly exposed when her cloak lands on a gopher, forcing her to put it back on and change into a variety of characters. She's mortified when one of those characters is Eugene. Let that sink in for a moment: Cassandra has developed into a cold, hardened ruthless antagonist for the better portion of season 3 and she still rivals with Eugene. Some things never change.
    • Also, one of those characters she changes into is Frederic in her handmaiden outfit! That's enough to make you laugh your butt off.
  • The entirety of the play reenacting "Return to Corona".
    • Cassandra/Faith finding herself playing Rapunzel.
    • Vlad playing Cassandra, right down to so dramatically claiming "Your destiny is now mine!" It's transparent people have already begun to see Cassandra as a two-dimensional, melodramatic Disney villain.
    • Kiera and Catalina playing props (specifically, the black rocks).
    • When Cassandra tries to make up "Rapunzel's" lines where she apologizes to her Play-version, Vlad shouts "I can't work with improvisation!"

Plus Est En Vous

  • Varian has the most discouraging line in the song "Through It All", and yet he has a big smile on his face when singing his part.
  • Before climbing up to Demanitus' tomb Rapunzel says that, as acting queen, she got to learn a lot of secrets. The example she gives:
    Rapunzel: You know the great oak tree in Corona park? It's not an oak, and it's not that great.
    Lance: [Gasp]
    Rapunzel: I've said too much.
  • Demanitus' tomb is sealed with a riddle. As soon as it's read out, Red and Angry immediately start throwing out childish, unhelpful guesses, only for it to turn out they're just playing charades with Lance. Funnier still, Lance proceeds to just offendedly solve the riddle.
  • The device that switches people's minds with those of monkeys, which causes much comical mayhem.
  • During Rapunzel and Cassandra's fight in the castle, they don't hold back at all. The only exception is when Rapunzel asks Cassandra to not break the vase Willow made, and she agrees.
  • All the weird changes that happen to the group in Limbo.
  • This line from King Edmund as he and Eugene are being pursued by Hector on their way to Cassandra's stronghold:
    Edmund: Why did I ever let him get a rhino?
  • This exchange between a Brainwashed and Crazy Edmund and Eugene:
    Eugene: Dad, I beg you, if there's an ounce of compassion left in your heart...please... Stop calling me Horace.
  • Zhan Tiri's reaction to obtaining the Sundrop and Moonstone is at first akin to a toddler that got the toy they always wanted, or a teenager that got the latest phone brand, just before she dissolves into downright horrifying evil laughter and gains a far more monstrous form and voice.
  • Eugene's comment on Zhan Tiri's demonic form:
    Eugene: Okay, if that thing is that little girl, then she's hit a really unfortunate growth spurt!
  • Zhan Tiri, a powerful demon, getting knocked out by Cassandra with a frying pan.
  • As the Royal Engineer, Varian may have finally gotten his hot water invention working, and even has his father helping him... but there's still the occasional explosion. Same old Varian.
    • It's even funnier if you go with the assumption that it's because of Quirin the machine exploded.



  • Shorty's theme song takeover. It's equal parts disgusting and hilarious.


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