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    Character backstories 

Eugene's backstory will be revealed, as will be Frederic's, Cassandra's, and Arianna's

Eugene's name may be explained

Surnames starting with "Fitz" are normally only historically used when an illegitimate child is legally "claimed" or adopted by another man (ex.: Henry Fitzroy, a duke and bastard son of Henry VIII). Of course, this is Disney so they may have to change it a bit. Perhaps a man named Herbert sponsored Eugene as a child.

  • Confirmed that Eugene's backstory is indeed revealed, in the Season 2 finale of the series (which is canon). But the "illegitimate child" part is jossed, as Eugene is revealed to be the son of a King (Edmund, still living) and a Queen (who died when Eugene was still an infant). The King sent Eugene away as a baby for his own safety. But it is not explained where "Fitzherbert" comes from—King Edmund's last name isn't given. Most probably, it isn't King Edmund's last name, but either the King himself of whoever first took care of Eugene after the King sent him away, gave him that name, to give him a new identity.

Eugene's parents really left to look for a treasure

To add another similarity between Eugene and Aladdin, they ended up becoming heads of a band of thieves.

  • Not exactly. The Season 2 finale of the series (which is canon) reveals that Eugene's birth father, King Edmund, is the head of a group (a "secret society") that's actually guarding a "treasure", the Moonstone (though the guarding is more because the Moonstone is a danger to the world). Also, King Edmund himself didn't leave/travel, but Eugene was sent away as a baby (for his own safety).

The real reason behind the hostility between Cassandra and Eugene

Since "Before Ever After", Cassandra and Eugene have been hostile towards each other, which could be chalked up to her being the captain of the guard's daughter and him being a former rogue. The episode "Cassandra v. Eugene" revolves around this issue. However in the midst of the plot, something interesting is revealed. Cassandra reveals to the audience that she's actually adopted and she doesn't know who her real parents are. She reveals this right after Eugene states his backstory of being an orphan and not knowing his parents. With that in mind, it could be possible that the reason why they often fight each other like immature children is because they're actually long lost siblings who've been Separated at Birth and that they're just naturally arguing with each other by instinct without knowing the actual reason themselves.

Cassandra's mother is/was an outlaw

Cassandra is a rule-breaker and her tomboyish costume implies there's not just perfect citizens in her family. This could also explain why Eugene's friends are so quickly invited to the castle—Cassandra's father knew some criminals had good sides.

Cassandra's Missing Mom is Mother Gothel

  • By Gothel's twisted logic, she was doing Cassandra a favor by abandoning her after she decided to kidnap Rapunzel.
  • Gothel and Cassandra's hair and eye colours look very much alike, there certainly is a physical resemblance.

Cassandra is secretly working for Mother Gothel

She leads Rapunzel to the magic rock, makes no attempt to stop Rapunzel from touching a rock that as far as they knew could have been dangerous, seems overly insistent that Rapunzel keep quiet about how she regained her enchanted hair and tells Rapunzel to just ignore possibly prophetic dreams about Mother Gothel.

Monty is Lady Caine's father

They both show a dislike of Rapunzel due to things that were out of her control. Caine witnessed her father being arrested by order of the king following Rapunzel's disappearance. Monty's reasons, on the other hand, are more petty... or is that just a cover-up excuse? In fact, after being freed, Monty decided to turn from thievery and instead sell sweets to the citizens of Corona. His daughter, meanwhile, was taken in by crooks and began her descent into crime.

Quirin isn't from Corona

The man's speech is oddly formal, like something out of Skyrim, most noticeably when sandwiched between Varian's or even the kings own words. Most likely he stayed in the country as a retired badass due to having a family. It's shown Quirin was the one to warn King Frederic for his shadowy organization, perhaps this is when he first came into the country from a neighboring area.

  • Seems to be confirmed; he's originally from the Dark Kingdom.

Gothel used to be part of the secret society

She learned a lot about the sundrop flower as part of her membership, including the Healing Incantation. However, instead of using her knowledge to help, she broke away to use her knowledge of the flower for her own selfish reasons. The society couldn't find her, so they gave the members the Mark of the Comet so that if anyone went rogue like Gothel did, they could be tracked down.

  • She's confirmed to have been one of Lord Demanitus's apprentices.

Eugene is the son of King Edmund and the heir to the Dark Kingdom.
More details here. There's even a tumblr page about it.
  • And if it's not him, it's either Varian or Cassandra.
  • Confirmed as of "Destinies Collide." It's Eugene.

    Future plotlines 

Lady Caine will be a recurring villain

  • She's put in prison at the end of "Before Ever After", but she'll easily get out soon.
  • Partly confirmed. As of end season 1, she has indeed returned once more and managed to break out of prison, in "Max's Enemy", but she is promptly caught and re-imprisoned. She might return in season 2, even team up with people connected to the black rocks and the Moondrop to plot against the royal family.

The Baron is a Greater-Scope Villain

He's been mentioned a couple of times, so they're probably building up to something. He'll kidnap Eugene before a big celebration, and use his untimely disappearance as proof he can't be trusted, when in reality, he is attempting a coup.

The black rocks have a master of some kind who will be a villain

Someone will be a Big Bad Wannabe

  • Varian—he will try and will probably be upstaged by another villain, perhaps causing him to have a Heel–Face Turn.
  • This could be the case, given that as of "Secret of the Sundrop", Varian is incarcerated and a mysterious stranger able to cut the spikes has turned up. We'll have to see.

Rapunzel's hair will change back to brown when she no longer feels trapped

  • In the movie, that was what the long hair symbolized: shackles chaining her to Mother Gothel. Although Rapunzel is glad to be with her parents, she can't help but feel like she has traded one Gilded Cage for another. After many adventures, during which she proves that she can take care of herself and her subjects, the King and Queen will give Rapunzel the freedom to live life her way, and with this promise, she will be ready to commit to Eugene without sacrificing any parts of herself. At that point, the golden hair will disappear.
  • Maybe Rapunzel cuts her hair with a spike?
    • Nope. Already tried.
We will meet one or more of Eugene's "exes"

  • Given Flynn Rider's reputation for being The Charmer, one wouldn't put it past Eugene to have hit up a lot of women before Rapunzel during his exploits. Even Cassandra thinks Eugene is a womanizer. Certainly, all that will come back to bite him sooner or later.
    • The above never happened in Season 1, except for a casual mention in "The Return of Strongbow" of that he once got up to something with a pair of twin sisters; though Rapunzel is completely relaxed about it. As for how this will play out from Season 2 onward is yet to be seen.
  • We do see in the movie that he was familiar with Lady Caine. Mayhap she's his ex?

Eugene will be knighted

It would be a great honor for him. In addition to returning his daughter, Eugene will fully earn the King's respect in a huge way so that he is rewarded with knighthood. The king would say something like: "By the right of the crown, for the honor of Corona, Eugene Fitzherbert, you may rise".

Mother Gothel will return somehow and start targeting Varian

Possibly as a ghost or something. She'll want revenge on Rapunzel and take advantage of Varian's desire for parental approval and affection to convince him to help her. If she's a ghost, she'll try to convince him to help her come back to life and possibly restore her youth, in exchange for helping him free his father (spoiler alert, she'd most likely be lying). She'll eventually decide that Varian has outlived his usefulness and either abandon him or cause him harm in some way (I picture her doing so by using him as a human shield during the final showdown with the heroes), prompting him to betray her and possibly kickstarting his redemption.

Rapunzel will find a way to travel to a few very distant lands

  • This could be combined with any or all of the crossover WMG's. She can go to Agrabah, China, etc.
    • Well, at the Season 1 finale, she decides to follow the rocks when she realises they are pointing her the way to... somewhere. So who knows where she might end up in / spend Season 2, but it looks like it'll be outside of Corona, and who knows how far.

Cassandra is or will fall in love with Rapunzel

  • The way she acts antagonistic or at least petty towards Eugene and how willing she is to make Rapunzel feel good and protect her. While you can say she's doing it because Punzie is her princess and that she has to protect her, Cassandra didn't have to take Rapunzel outside. She did so because she wanted to make her happy. I can understand how people would see Cassandra and her feelings for Rapunzel as just friends or even sisterly but Disney is aware of the changing times. They know how people responded to shows like The Legend of Korra, Steven Universe, and even Gravity Falls for LGBT representation in kids programming. Rapunzel won't reciprocate or end up with Cassandra as we know from the short, but there's still something to be had with Cassandra. She'd still care about Punzie and would want to be there for her in whatever she'd need and being happy in the end. Maybe there'll be a female outlaw or someone who will be Cassandra's girlfriend.
  • At the end of "Under Raps" we see that Cassandra has rose in her dresser indicating that she is in love. The rose was for Rapunzel.
  • While I'm sure this plot would be well written, I'm not sure the show would go through with, even ignoring the foregone conclusion. Even if it's not the princess herself, the idea of a character in a Disney Princess production being lesbian/bisexual would probably raise quite a bit more controversy than usual given that Disney Princess projects have focused on heterosexual relationships.
  • It's plausible Cassandra and Rapunzel's constant bickering/fighting (and then often making up) during Season 1 is Belligerent Sexual Tension, so why not. But Rapunzel ends up marrying Eugene in any case (as shown in Tangled Ever After), so apparently her romance with Cassandra (if any) is broken off at some point. Fridge Horror / Tearjerker: the much-discussed on the Fridge and WMG pages "Why isn't Cassandra at Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding?" question's answer is "Because she's in love with Rapunzel and too heartbroken to attend."

Cassandra will be a Shipper on Deck for Rapunzel and another man

The most likely candidate will probably someone she doesn't know personally, but with a position she respects, like a soldier. Even if she does not consciously act on her belief, Rapunzel and Eugene will rightfully treat it as crossing the line.

Cassandra will finally confess to her part in Rapunzel's hair growing back

  • With the threat of the black rocks looming closer, she will admit to her part in both their growth and Raupunzel's hair returning (most likely after either Rapunzel or Eugene call her out on how long she's been making them keep the secret, just to keep her job).
    • Jossed. The King finds out in "Secret of the Sundrop" by reading Rapunzel's diary, and punishes Cassandra as she feared.

Cassandra dies sometime during the series

  • Seeing how she doesn't appear in Tangled Ever After, there should be a reason why she's out of commission.
  • Cassandra is also an adventurer, so she may have been abroad during the wedding or on a diplomatic mission on the kingdom's behalf.
  • Cassandra also might have gotten injured or sick during the events that cause Rapunzel to lose her golden locks again and was recuperating during the wedding.
  • Or they'll Retcon her to be there, it's just that we didn't see her.
  • Or the King found out about her role in Rapunzel having long hair again and banished her for it.
    • In "Secret of the Sundrop" it is confirmed that the King indeed banishes her (or puts her in a convent) for that. However, this is unlikely to be the reason for her not being at the wedding, since there'll be at least a season 2 of "The Series" before "Ever After" happens In Universe, and it's very unlikely the real life writers will write off her character by putting her into a convent never to be seen again. She's much more likely to be still with Rapunzel in season 2. King Frederic has plenty of reason to withdraw his decision to send her away, because half of Corona's guards are out of commision after the events in "Secret of the Sundrop" and he needs every good fighter (she is one) he has.

There'll be another chameleon for Pascal to interact with

Either there'll come another chameleon for one episode, in which it plays an important role, or Pascal gets a chameleon friend, or even a chameleon girlfriend or boyfriend, that'll be with him.

An episode will be about Big Nose and the girl at the end of Tangled the movie

At the end of Tangled, we very briefly see Big Nose meeting the girl he according to the narration, finds true love with. That story could well be worked out in an episode, further expanding on what happens after the scene of their meeting and how they eventually get in a relationship.

The real Flynn Rider will be introduced

He will not be what Eugene and Varian expected, but instead will be retired, being a "Dread Pirate Roberts," or will be similar to Gilderoy Lockhart as an arrogant fraud of some kind.

How Quirin will be freed

A mysterious warrior has the same marking as Quirin and a black magic sword that has the power to cut the black rocks. If that sword can cut the black rocks, it's the only thing in the entire world that can also cut the amber and free Quirin.

When this series ends, the last episode will be Tangled Ever After, told again

It will show Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding ceremony (again). Tangled Ever After barely showed Rap and Eugene, and focused totally on Maximus' and Pascal's antics. This time, we can get a sort of Once More With Clarity: we see what happened in the church during the time when Max and Pascal were chasing after those rings. After all, we don't know if it was just "everybody listening to the priest's boring speech"; something interesting or exciting could have happened in the church during that time.

Season 2 will have a subplot will be one with Varian
While Rapunzel is away, maybe there will be a subplot where the King and Queen are trying to get Varian to cooperate so they can help him.
  • Jossed.

The Moon Opal, like the Sundrop Flower, kept Quirin, Adira, and possibly King Edmund young via exposure.

The Baron died from the spider bite
I know there was a line about how getting him the antivenom but we never saw it happen and when he was last seen in the season 2 opening he was still poisoned. I think his daughter will reveal he died and try to avenge him.

will pull a Redemption Equals Death at the end of the series, or at least before it.

The season 2 finale ended on a rather surprising note, with Cassandra betraying Rapunzel and Eugene by taking the Moonstone for herself. Of course, her behavior in the previous 2 episodes is a giveaway to this plot point. However, I didn't think she crossed the Moral Event Horizon given that her desire to be respected by others and not be seen as second fiddle are legitimate. Perhaps she will do something to earn back Rapunzel and Eugene's trust again , and will ultimately die to showcase this. Given that she doesn't appear at their wedding in Tangled Ever After , which takes place after the series, it's a distinct possibility.

  • It is definitely possible, but I don't think that this will happen until the very end. Cassandra stealing the Moonstone for herself was the ultimate Moral Event Horizon for her. She has explicitly betrayed Rapunzel for her own self-gain and has imbued in herself that power that directly contrasts Rapunzel's own. In my opinion, she is probably going to be the third season's main antagonist.
  • Cassandra might very well be the Arc Villain for Season 3, but just to make sure this is understood, a "Moral Event Horizon" isn't just a term for a really bad act of villainy (though it usually is pretty bad). It's the sign that a person will never come back from being a villain, which would seem to preclude redemption, involving death or otherwise.

On that point, Cassandra took the Moonstone as a Heroic Sacrifice to save Rapunzel.

Adira has implied that Rapunzel could die if she takes the Moonstone with her bare hands. This is supported by Edmund when he says his wife died because of the Moonstone, shows Eugene a picture of children trying to touch the Moonstone, and says that the Moonstone destroys everything that touches it. Cassandra took the Moonstone not only for glory, but to become a conduit so Rapunzel could neutralize its power without touching it directly. Cassandra just Didn'tThinkThingsThrough and became corrupted. At the end of the series, Rapunzel will heal Cassandra, even if there is a full circle to the original film with Cassandra almost dying from being corrupted.

Cassandra took the Moonstone because of a magical vision she experienced during "Rapunzeltopia".
Cassandra has demonstrated signs of wanting an important destiny before. However, at the end of "Rapunzeltopia", when she reappeared she glared at Rapunzel and pulled away from her. Something clearly changed that episode. Perhaps, like Rapunzel, she experienced an image of her ideal world, and somehow (either in the vision or in Cassandra's own mind as she broke free of it) the implication arose that it would never happen thanks to Rapunzel, unless Cassandra took matters into her own hands.

Cassandra took the Moonstone as part of a revenge plot.
Cassandra is the biological daughter of Mother Gothel (notice their similar facial features). When she heard of Gothel's demise, she got in good with the royals and began a long and complicated plot to avenge her mother.

Rapunzel was the reason Cassandra rarely saw Gothel. Those times Gothel would go out were times she went to check on Cassandra (without the Captain of the Guard knowing, since he doesn't know Cassandra's true parentage), and unlike with Rapunzel, who she manipulated to stay in the tower so Gothel could continue prolonging her lifespan, she had genuine love for Cassandra.

You may be asking HOW Gothel had Cassandra? In a word: Zhan Tiri. As a demon, virgin birth is probably within his power.

Cassandra's plan involves taking the Moonstone, killing Rapunzel and Eugene, and using both the power of the Moonstone and Sundrop to become a god and bring back Mother Gothel and Zhan Tiri, then take over the world in Zhan Tiri's name.


    Crossovers with other works 

There will be Easter Eggs hinting at future Disney projects

There will be villains who allude to other Disney films, possibly coming from where those films take place

A traveling thief from Agrabah who is an Evil Counterpart to Eugene; an evil mermaid who was exiled by a certain trident wielding king, etc.

There will be a crossover with Frozen

  • There will be passing references to Rapunzel having family "Up North."
    • Or Arendelle will outright get name-dropped.
  • There was an ambassador in the Before Ever After movie who wore a uniform similar to the Duke of Wesselton.
  • So there are certain...rules that Disney has in place that prevent many crossovers, as the Star vs. the Forces of Evil creator once testified to, but come on! How awesome would that be? See the girl with the magic hair see the girl with the magic hands cast ice around? Have the two of them deal with Elsa's winter curse? Maybe even get a chance to meet the magical sisters? I mean, Rapunzel and Anna were born to be best friends! And it could also have Rapunzel play a different kind of role: the role of mentor to the sisters who also lack formal experience in being a princess or queen in practice.
    • This could work very well, and be awesome. Rapunzel seems to have a very similar character as Anna, and they would definitely click. And Rapunzel and Elsa share a lot regarding having to deal with being different because of having magical powers. All three girls were raised lonely and as social shut-outs. And imagine Maximus and Sven together, they could have a great dynamic!
  • Even wilder mass guessing: Hans shows up in Corona... He has left the Southern Isles now that he has nothing to lose there anymore, and he now tries to usurp the crown of Corona as he did before with Arendelle. He manages to make Rapunzel fall in love with him like he did with Anna (which makes Eugene go mad, of course) and uses his charms to make Rapunzel's parents like him more than Eugene. Only Eugene and Cassandra see through him, and will have to team up to prevent Hans from fooling everyone else.
    • As much fun as that would be, the timelines don't really add up. Rapunzel's cameo in Frozen has her with short brown hair again, and since her parents reportedly didn't let her leave the kingdom between them finding her and her hair growing back, the Arendelle coronation couldn't have happened until after the events of the series have been resolved and her hair goes back to normal again. Of course, that doesn't mean we couldn't see Hans or his brothers from before the events of Frozen though...
  • My theory is that after Frozen 2 comes out, we're going to get a Frozen tv series (it's so popular they'd be fools not to make one), and the series will also be 2d animation, and at some point we'll get a crossover special like they did with the Aladdin and Hercules series back in the day.

There will be a crossover with Aladdin

  • Cassandra and Razoul will bond over their dislike of the street rats who got into the royal families they serve.
  • Rapunzel and Jasmine certainly seem like they would relate very well to another, since both feel similarly shut-in. Remember Jasmine's "I feel so trapped [in this palace]"—Rapunzel feels the same way about her life at the royal court.

There will be a crossover with Big Hero 6: The Series

  • Both of these series are the first animated series in about ten years to be based off of Disney movies, so why not? Maybe some magic, technology, or both, ends up causing a weird things to happen to their dimensions/eras, possibly creating a portal. And like the Jimmy Neutron/Fairly Odd Parents crossover, there will be an animation shift for characters travelling to the other dimension. The heroes work together to fix the problem, butt heads while they're at it, yadda yadda yadda, you know the deal here.
    At the end when everyone goes back to their original place, either they get amnesia and forget the events of the crossover, or make an aside comment about how the other show's technology/magic techniques were weird/have gotten weird ("Invincible, glowing, and flowing gorgeous hair? I wonder if we got shampoo like that, gotta get me one of those bottles."/"A talking pillow knight that can fly using fire? Remind me to never underestimate the pillow population."), or they do keep their memories of the crossover, they just vow to never talk about it ever again/there's no practical reason for them to ever bring it up again. Might result in a Broken Base for the conflicting genres and possible mishandling of that, though.
    • Bonus points if they also make references to other series based off of the movies, maybe even others like The Lion Guard and Sofia the First/Elena of Avalor. Maybe Kingdom Hearts could get one too?
    • While the idea sounds pretty cool, I don't think it would happen. Disney's animation is really gender specific these days. Disney Channel skews more towards girls. Disney XD skews more towards boys. Disney Junior is more gender neutral, but generally ignored. I mean, in recent years, projects based on The Disney Princess franchise air on either DC or DJ, not DXD.

There will be a crossover with Elena of Avalor

Maybe Elena travels back in time or something, since Sofia the First establishes that Tangled is a legend/happened quite a while ago.

The Moondrop is Elsa

Background: Tangled and Frozen are generally thought to happen in the same time period (early 1800's, if we'd have to pinpoint it in our real life world). The appearance of Rapunzel and Eugene note  at Elsa's coronation in Frozen not only confirms this, but establishes that the Corona and Arendelle royal families actually know each other and are on friendly terms. Fans often speculate that Rapunzel actually is Elsa & Anna's cousin; this hasn't been confirmed by Word of God, but let's go with that theory and assume one of Rapunzel's parents is the sibling of one of Elsa's parents (most likely, Arianna and Iduna are sisters).

Now: Queen Arianna and Queen Iduna were pregnant with respectively Rapunzel and Elsa at the same time. As we were shown on Tangled, Arianna fell ill and was given the Sundrop flower, the power of which went into Rapunzel. What never was shown in Frozen, was that at the same time, Iduna was given the Moondrop flower. That is where Elsa's powers came from. Rapunzel and Elsa thus are a Fire/Ice Duo: Rapunzel got the Sun (Fire) powers, Elsa got the Moon powers (which manifest in our world as ice/snow powers).

The black rocks are related to Elsa's Moon powers. To be precise, when they start to appear in Corona during season 1, in Arendelle this is the time period before Elsa's coronation. Up until now, Elsa had been successfully hiding her ice powers ever since she was told so by her parents, but her impending coronation makes her stressful and she can't control her powers anymore. This is what caused the black rocks to appear in Corona; because Elsa and Rapunzel are related and have "complementary" powers, when either one of their powers is out of whack, that manifests in both their countries.

  • Word of God states that Elsa has her powers because she was born a thousand years after Saturn aligned with something. This can either debunk this theory (Elsa's powers are unrelated to the Sundrop/Moondrop) or support it (Saturn aligning with the Sun and the Moon could've been the cause).
  • Seemingly jossed as of "Destinies Collide." Cassandra has the power of the moonstone.

Cassandra betrayed Rapunzel because...
She's Bill Cipher. Yes, you read that right. Cassandra is BILL MOTHERFUCKING CIPHER.

You may be asking how this is possible since Bill got punched to pieces by Stan. It's simple, really: that backward-talk before he shouts "STANLEY!" is some kind of incantation to come back to life. His body may have been destroyed, but his conscience wasn't. So, he went to the Tangled/Frozen universe, and created a new identity as Cassandra, making it so everyone has always known that the Captain of the Guard has always had a daughter.

Getting in good with the royals, making Rapunzel's hair regrow, getting the Moonstone? All part of an eldritch ritual to get back to Gravity Falls and get revenge on the Pines family. The third season (and probably the final episode of the entire series) will end with a Crisis Crossover, in which Rapunzel recruits Varian to bring heroes from other universes to help, including Phineas and Ferb, Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz, Scrooge McDuck, Milo Murphy, Cricket Green, Hiro and Baymax, The Avengers, and Spider-Man, as well as Dipper and Mabel, who have had the most experience with Bill, to defeat him once and for all (I didn't take any characters from Star Wars Rebels or Star Wars Resistance to avoid tampering with its very, very tight continuity).


Varian, the alchemist, is somehow related to Mother Gothel

  • He has her dark black hair and the silver blue eyes, he may be her abandoned and illegitimate son. He also is fully aware of Rapunzel's former powers and is capable of magic himself.
  • Cassandra also shares those features, and is the one to protect him—shared relations perhaps?
  • And now with the ending of "Queen for a Day", he's on his way to a darker path.

Varian is being hunted

This theory goes hand-in-hand with Varian having the Moon's power. Quirin was a member of a secret society that protected the Sundrop and its counterpart the Moondrop, keeping the powers away from evil hands. When King Frederic's soldiers took the Sundrop flower to save Arianna and Rapunzel, the society sent Quirin to destroy the now volatile Moondrop. But through an accident or a desperate Emergency Transformation, the power was transferred to baby Varian. Unwilling to kill his son to fulfil his mission, Quirin betrayed the society by running away with Varian. He cut most of Varian's hair to hide the magic, leaving one lock, Varian's blue streak, as a small bit of power if Varian ever needed it. As of the season 1 finale, the society has come to the conclusion the Sun and Moon powers must be contained, even if it means killing their vessels. Hence the mysterious person with the black rock sword going after Rapunzel and Varian.

At some point, someone (most likely Rapunzel) will give Varian a Cooldown Hug

It may or may not be enough to redeem him, but I don't care because dear God does the poor boy need one...

Varian is tied to the rocks in more ways than he's aware

If the blue he has in his hair isn't an animation choice, I submit that Varian is to the Moon as Rapunzel is to the Sun, explaining why the black rocks multiply in his village despite not being near the castle at all; but he has no magic since his father was aware of what would happen and actually cut his hair. The bluish-grey streak is proof of the Moon's power inside him, and Rapunzel couldn't heal him in his debut because, as her counterpart, he naturally cancels out her power. Quirin tried to stop Varian from studying the black rocks for fear that his son would learn his connection to them, possibly one that led to his wife's death.

If Varian undergoes a Heel–Face Turn, it will be in a Redemption Equals Death way.
Maybe he'll discover that his father can be freed from the crystal, but only if someone else takes his place, or maybe it'll be something else. That would forestall any outraged protests about him getting off easily, while closing the plot thread of him never thinking through things/taking responsibility and giving a bittersweet Dying as Yourself ending to his arc for the fans who preferred him as the Adorkable if accident-prone hero he was. It would also explain why he doesn't appear at Rapunzel's wedding in Tangled Ever After.
  • Well, Varian’s only 14...
  • The lines "Just you wait, I'll make it up to you/If it's the last thing I ever do" from Let Me Make You Proud could lend some support to this theory. Foreshadowing, maybe?

Varian is Rapunzel's brother.
Quirin warned Frederic that taking the sundrop flower would have consequences. Maybe taking Varian away was one of them. Varian has the king's coloring and the queen's face shape, and doesn't resemble Quirin very much, nor his mother (although she was only seen briefly in a portrait with her eyes closed, but still).
  • This might actually be able to work. Perhaps Varian was born with powers similar to Rapunzel's, but, unlike Rapunzel, his were, even as a baby, incredibly unstable, to the point where he had to be sent away for his own protection. Frederic refers to Quirin as an Old Friend in "Queen for a Day," so maybe Frederic, knowing how Quirin and his wife were unable to conceive a child of their own, entrusted his infant son to him, trusting that Quirin would be able to protect Varian and perhaps even cure him of his powers. And, judging by how Varian doesn't seem to have any powers, it's likely Quirin succeeded. Of course, considering some of Varian's later actions (which includes attempting to murder Frederic, Arianna, and Rapunzel out of spite), a heavy dose of Fridge Horror is added to this whole scenario.

Varian and Caine will have a Commonality Connection.
Leading to Varian falling down the path of darkness even more and/or him realizing that he doesn't want to be like Caine.

Varian is King Edmund's son.
Quirin (and for a while, his wife) was entrusted with taking care of him. His letter would've revealed that while Varian isn't his son by blood, he still loves him all the same and is proud of him.

  • This makes sense when you consider Quirin's admittedly lax treatment of Varian- most parents would be beyond furious if their child blew up half their village (even if it was an accident), but Quirin is only disappointed. This suggests that Varian might not be his child, and instead might be a hidden royal that Quirin has been assigned to protect for whatever reason.

An upcoming episode of Season 2 will have a B-plot focusing on Varian.
Which will possibly end with Varian escaping from prison.
  • Jossed.

Varian will be instrumental in restoring Cassandra back to normal
In "Destinies Collide", Cassandra's hair turned a vibrant blue once she absorbed the power of the moonstone. Now consider that suspicious blue streak on Varian's black hair. It's possible that Varian also had significant contact with the moonstone, especially considering Quirin was one of King Edmund's warriors. Unfortunately, one is in prison and the other is frozen solid. Clearly Rapunzel must settle these problems before asking further questions.

    The Mysterious Figure 

The Mysterious Figure is Quirin's wife

To explain Varian's Missing Mom and why the mysterious figure has the same tattoo as Quirin.

  • As of Season 2, she's revealed to be the character of Adira, and there is no indication she's related to Quirin and/or Varian, so most probably jossed.

Whoever the Mysterious Figure is, it's a woman

Even in the few seconds the person is shown, you can see they have feminine hands and calves, and they wear an earring in at least their right ear (IIRC only Lance is ever shown to wear earrings, but generally men in Corona don't wear earrings). They must be a woman.

  • As of beginning Season 2, confirmed as she's indeed a woman, Adira.

The Mysterious Figure is Mother Gothel

Her body died at the end of the movie, but, just like Sauron, "her spirit endured" and "she is forever seeking it, seeking it..." "It" here being a body (preferably attractive), and eternal youth again. From what is shown, she obviously somehow has already gotten a body again. It isn't an immortal one though, and with the Sundrop Flower gone, she has to resort to an alternative—which is the Moondrop that is shown on the scroll that Rapunzel found in "The Quest for Varian" and that might (see other WMG's) be (in) Varian (hence her now having the same tattoo as Quirin). Of course, she's also out for revenge against Rapunzel, Frederic and Arianna. That will be the main plot arc in season 2.

  • As of beginning Season 2, the mysterious figure is revealed to be Adira, a different woman than Mother Gothel, so most probably jossed.

Adira's keeping herself young by magic, like Mother Gothel did; who knows how old she really is.

In the flashback shown in the Season 2 premiere, taking place 25 years earlier, Adira looks the same age as in the present. She's probably artificially stopping her aging, like Mother Gothel did with the magic flower (and later Rapunzel). Seeing that Adira didn't have access to the magic flower / Rapunzel, she probably did it some other way. Since she seems to be connected more to the Moon power than the Sun power, maybe she did find and use the "Moon Flower" counterpart to the "Sun Flower" to keep herself young and heal her. Also, this Moon Flower (in contrast to the Sun Flower) is still alive and being used as of Season 2.

Adira will betray Rapunzel and company in the season 2 finale.

This does sound farfetched, but let me bring up this video . The video brings up the following points starting at 8:30 :

1. They seem to be a magnet for danger whenever she's around. Given her connection to the Dark Kingdom, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

2. After the events of the Great Tree special, she disappears from the group for seemingly unknown reasons. Maybe she's hatching a scheme. Hector warns the group of how they will meet their doom at the Dark Kingdom if they go with her.

3. In the penultimate episode of season 2, there's the fortune on how someone in Rapunzel's party will betray her. Although Cassandra gives a somewhat sinister looking smile, it could be for plotting against her due to doubting her since day 1.

It would definitely be interesting to say the least.

  • Jossed. It's Cassandra.


The animators will fail to get Eugene's nose right in at least one episode

Eugene is the only one who notices.

Corona has a dark, hidden past involving magic

The black rocks represent some form of magical corruption, and Rapunzel will lose her magical blonde hair in the process of saving Corona from it

  • In Tangled and "Before Ever After", that's what the long hair symbolized: shackles chaining her to Mother Gothel. Although Rapunzel is glad to be with her parents, she can't help but feel like she has traded one Gilded Cage for another. After many adventures, during which she proves that she can take care of herself and her subjects, the King and Queen will give Rapunzel the freedom to live life her way, and with this promise, she will be ready to commit to Eugene without sacrificing any parts of herself. At that point, the golden hair will disappear.
    • Maybe Rapunzel cuts her hair with one of the black rocks?

The Mother Gothel who appears in "What the Hair?!" is either a dream or a hallucination

  • The trailers of "What the Hair?!" have teased Mother Gothel's return, but chances are, that isn't her. It's not a stretch to say touching the black rocks had disastrous consequences—with their magic causing Rapunzel to have visions of Gothel, be it a nightmare or a hallucination. Let's face it, Disney always teases us with unlikely scenarios such as this, only for us viewers to discover that looks can be deceiving.
    • If that is the case, quite possibly, Rapunzel will have to undertake a ritual to sever her connection with Mother Gothel.
    • Confirmed. It's a nightmare Rapunzel's been having since she touched the black rocks.

Lady Caine's father is still alive somewhere, plotting revenge on the king

Uncle Monty hates Rapunzel because her abduction brought trouble to Corona

  • Look at the harsh punishments Frederic doled out to criminals after Rapunzel's abduction, and how even when Rapunzel returns, Frederic has nerves on the verge of paranoia. Uncle Monty could be upset at Rapunzel because she indirectly brought fear to Corona.
    • Jossed. He hates her because similar to everyone else's complaints, he doesn't like how she isn't being a proper princess, breaks traditions, and she got rid of a festival's seal he liked. At the end however, they come to agree to disagree.
    • In actuality, Monty resents the princess mainly because her kidnapping was the main reason he was imprisoned and separated from his daughter Caine. After his release, he was sadly unable to get back to his family, so in order to redeem his former ways as a thief as well as to ease his emotional pain, he decided to become a friendly "uncle" figure to everyone by starting a candy business, harboring the small glimmer of hope that one day he could see his daughter again. Cue an episode where Rapunzel attempts to reunite father and daughter.

The "Seven Kingdoms" mentioned in "Challenge of the Brave" are Corona's territories in other parts of the world

Corona seems fairly diverse, and it clearly has friendly enough relationships with the other European countries like Weselton and Italy in order to have visitors from those places. Throw in that it seems unlikely that there are only seven kingdoms in at least Europe, this would explain the "from around the world" statements; Corona has colony kingdoms, mostly in Europe, but with a far enough reach to make the society more stretched out in its culture.

Rapunzel based the scavenger hunt in "Cassandra v. Eugene" on games Gothel made for her

To keep up the facade of a loving parent, Gothel would have to regularly give some commitment to her daughter's happiness, and placing tiny clues and riddles to hunt around an enclosed space sounds like a smart idea to keep a lively and curious child occupied. Besides, it's easy to believe that Rapunzel was channeling some inner Gothel with that Evil Laugh.

Rapunzel's hair and the black rocks are a part of a "Could Have Avoided This!" Plot

Varian states in "Queen for a Day" that if the black rocks growth continued then they would make their way to the castle in months, and they seem to be tied with Corona being at its weakest. And Varian's dad implies he knows more about what's going on with them than he was willing to share. Had Rapunzel been upfront about what really caused her hair to regrow, at least to Varian's father, a lot of what happened during "Queen for a Day", and possibly what will happen later on, could have been avoided.

The origin of the "drop of sunlight" will elaborated upon by someone who knows more about the black rocks

Maybe that'll bring a declared, trained wizard into the show.

All of this—the black rocks, Rapunzel's hair growing back, the hair starting to move, the hallucinations of Mother Gothel—is part of something bigger

  • The sun is trying to reclaim the Sundrop, by reclaiming Rapunzel who is now a manifestation/incarnation of the teardrop. All those black rocks are something like a "ladder" back into the sky. The hair moving upward foreshadows the sun's intent on taking her back. So why is it sending Rapunzel visions of Mother Gothel? For the same reason it's trying to reclaim the teardrop: it's grown disillusioned of humanity. It sent that teardrop in hopes of helping humanity, but all that did was give Gothel a longer lifespan. So now, it wants it back.
  • However, Rapunzel won't be claimed by the sun without a fight, and her family and friends won't give her up either. They will ultimately convince the sun that Rapunzel deserves to stay on earth, and that she has made a difference in Corona where the Sundrop failed.

Part of the magic teapot spell that transforms people into birds includes a caveat that there will always exist at least one bird-person with the power to lay the eggs that transform the birds back to people.
One of the other birds on the tree lay all the eggs that Mother and Father had in their basket in the beginning of the episode, but after Rapunzel turned that person back the power to lay the eggs transferred to Shorty. That's why he was able to produce the eggs that turned him and Rapunzel back to normal. Totally not an Ass Pull. Nope.

Rapunzel will lose her golden hair sooner than anticipated
Instead of at the series' finale, how about somewhere in the middle of season 3?

Once Rapunzel's hair returns to its brown short state, she will find new ways to keep up her Action Girl role. The season will have Rapunzel gaining magical abilities in other ways (magical tears like in the movie, maybe magic hands, maybe she'll even take alchemy note ).

  • I was thinking that, too. Rapunzel will have to heal Cassandra, and that will mean breaking the curses of the Moonstone and the Sundrop. This could leave Rapunzel in her normal state when Zhan Tiri returns for the second half of Season 3.


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