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Broken Base / Tangled: The Series

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This show has quite a few elements that split the fanbase to say the least:

  • The timeline of the show is interesting. It takes place after the end of the movie, but before the events of Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding in the Tangled Ever After short. Therefore in the pilot of the series Rapunzel starts out with the short, brunette hair she had at the end of the movie, but then regains her 70 feet of blond, magic note  hair. There are those who don't mind bringing it back, since it's about the journey not the destination (as the creators once said). On the other hand there are those who wish the series took place directly after the short and actually showed the struggles of being a royal couple.
  • Half of the fanbase adores the more adventure based story-lines in the latter half of the first season and consider it to be the definite Growing the Beard moment of the series, but the other half wishes that it would have stayed a Slice of Life cartoon and that the shift to a darker tone, while a good idea in theory, was handled clumsily, citing Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy as a reason why. There are also those who think it's trying too hard to be like Star vs. the Forces of Evil, another Disney show about a blond haired princess that's also been accused of handling Cerebus Syndrome poorly.
    • The Cerebus Syndrome in general is this, switching from more epic, story driven stories to more fun, lighthearted episodes. There are those think the show switches tones pretty well, or those who think the tone is inconsistent, and can't decide whether to be fairly serious or fairly lighthearted.
  • Is "Rapunzel's Enemy" a refreshing take on the "trying to befriend someone who doesn't like you" plot, or is it a poor episode where it treads sensitive ground that's very rarely pulled off well?
  • Is "Secret of the Sundrop" an epic conclusion to Season 1 that manages to open the opportunity to get better, or does it suffer greatly from trying to do too much and not fully capitalizing on the idea?
  • The writers' decision to turn Varian into the season one Arc Villain. This split the fandom somewhat, between those who commended the tragic turn of events in following Varian's fall from well-intentioned desperation to outright kidnapping and attempted murder, especially with how Varian's VA portrays him, claiming it as well written development of a Tragic Villain. Another portion criticizes the development, claiming that Varian should be written more as a child and treated as such, while seeing it as a Shocking Swerve for those who preferred his previous altruistic development as an ally. This spans from splits surrounding how at blame he is for the events surrounding "Queen For A Day," and continues after his imprisonment in "Secret of the Sundrop," with opinions on what should happen to him next running the gamut from "rot in prison" to "redeemed instantly" and everything in between.
    • Even putting all of that aside, "Queen For A Day" is either seen as a dark and thrilling special with tons of high stakes and maturity, or just an okay special with poor pacing and a false sense of darkness and maturity (with Rapunzel's parents brush with death and Pascal's Disney Death being the prime offender, as most Tangled fans know for a fact that they make it to Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding in Tangled Ever After, which nullifies all possible stakes.)
  • Season 2 has proved a bit divisive so far for the following reasons:
    • There are those who think that moving the action away from Corona was a smart move to allow the show's lore to expand, and those who think that doing so means that Corona still isn't greatly expanded on, and thus feels like wasted potential.
    • So far, the season is following a theme on staying in a certain location for a few episodes, essentially slowing down the main plot. There are those who don't mind it due to seeing it as an opportunity to expand on the world while simultaneously building up the plot, or those who find it a boring distraction due to essentially acting like it doesn't matter.
    • Many of the locations visited so far are downright bizarre, from a cottage that has a couple who uses magic to turn people into birds, to an island society of strange creatures, and water beasts, to name a few. The excuse is that this is because no one knows what the outer area of Corona is like, which some believe, and some don't, feeling it's trying too hard to act weird like some other shows, especially compared to how grounded in reality the season started out. The contrast with the original movie is especially jarring, as the former treated magic as exceptional rarity and made the setting seem even more realistic.
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  • The art style is also up for debate, with one group calling it "cheap flash garbage" (even though this is hand drawn) and calling it dated or those who praise how the colors blend together well and are reminiscent of Rapunzel's paintings in the movie, giving it a sense of elegance.
  • The humor is also up for debate, namely in how some episodes ("Way of the Willow" for example) seem a bit more concerned with trying to squeeze in a lot of jokes, or have jokes that undermine the episode (like episode 5). Again, this is all about preference.
  • The way some of the arc driven episodes are handled, mainly in how Downer Endings are rather common, is another topic for debate. One side argues that it works since it helps show that not everything can be sunshine and rainbows, and how this show is for older kids. The other side argues that the series should take an approach like Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor, two Disney Junior shows, and still put a good emphasis on the happy moments even when things get bleak.
    • To build off of this, one major complaint the detractors have with the more serialized nature here is that it often seems like the show is prioritizing style over substance, particularly in doing things that look and sound cool, regardless of what happens to the characters. This comment from the character designer on how they planned on Cassandra's face heel turn as far back as 2014 makes one wonder if there's genuine planning involved or not.


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