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  • The parody of the 1966 Batman TV series is hilarious, featuring some of Mort Drucker's best work. One panel in particular shows the Dynamic Duo entering the commissioner's office through the window, Batman riding on the back of his sidekick, who has a perfectly deadpan expression, as if this happens all the time.
  • From its parody of Return of the Jedi, "Darth Zader" and an Imperial Mook:
    Mook: But we're already working fourteen hours a day!!
    Zader: Well then... just double your efforts!
    Mook: You mean, work twenty-eight hours a day?!
    Zader: Listen, I'm a sadist, not a mathematician!
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  • And from one of the Planet of the Apes sequels, when Ricardo Montalban's character is confronted by a policeman:
    Cop: I'm positive I heard that ape speak!
    Montalban: Impossible! Apes do not have the power of speech!
    Cop: Then how come I heard sound coming out of his mouth?!?
    Montalban: Because that ape is a ventriloquist!
  • 43-Man Squamish.
  • After Superduperman reveals to Lois Pain that he is actually Clark Bent, she smacks him and walks away, admitting that she'll find Clark Bent creepy no matter what identity he assumes.
    • Right before this confession, Superduperman vanquished Captain Marbles by tricking him into punching himself in the face, which somehow causes him to explode.
    • "Shazoom? Waz iz daz Shazoom?"
    • The entire battle against Captain Marbles which is almost entirerly ineffective, since his opponent is just as invulnerable as Superduperman is, and mostly just ignores his attacks while making snide remarks.
    • "It's a bird! It's a plane! is a bird..."
    • The entire room of journalists and photographers drooling over Ms. Fanservice Lois Pain.
  • The Love Story parody has several, especially when Jenny lies dying from "Old Movie Disease," which inexplicably turns her more beautiful by the second. In its final stages, it even straightens her teeth and bolsters her bust.
    • When the male lead walks through Central Park, asking what can be said about what can be said about how unrealistic its idealized depictions of death, college campuses and New York City are, from Heaven, Jenny screams, "BULL#$%&!"
  • Harry Plodder is a Hot-blooded Putz has this gem:
    (Doubledork and Harry are surrounded by the inferi)
    Doubledork: They're hiding Druckermort's horcrux! I've never seen a mindless, dead-eyed army of skeletons like this before!
    Harry: I have! On America's Next Top Model!
  • Book! Movie! is a parody of the tendency movies have to sanitize the content of whatever books they happen to be adapting. The ending of this story has the main character of the Book! version evade legal punishment for murder in as much seriousness a MAD article can muster, while the Movie! version has the main character go to jail for murder, complete with a 50's style overly saccharine song and dance number. Not to mention that the Book! version of the characters are mostly ugly(with one of them being naked) while the film versions of course all look ridiculously attractive.
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  • 11 Ways Jeopardy! Contestants Can Really Piss Off Alex Trebek has the contestants plugging Lenscrafters during their interview time, giving episode titles from The Jerry Springer Show as questions, and bringing in a sock puppet to answer questions for them. #11 on the list? Singing along to the Final Jeopardy theme music.
    Contestant: This is Final Je'par-dy,
    Having trouble WITH this cat-e-gory!
    To-day's champ—it won't be me!
    Don't know Greek myth-o-lo-gy!
    Hope my friends don't watch the show,
    Or they'll see there's NUH-thing that I know and
    I'll look like a total heel.
    Wish instead I'd gone...on...Wheel! DUM DUM!
  • The Back to the Future parody "Bleak For the Future" only runs four pages, but it certainly makes the most of them.
    "Marquee": I've got a mother and a girlfriend there [in 1985], and I like it that they're two different people!
  • In the E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial parody, "Girth" asks why "Q.T." can't use the powers he used to heal "Yelliot"'s cut to keep himself from getting sick. Yelliot reminds her that she can't point out Plot Holes without sounding rude. Girth asks, "Not even ones you can drive a Mack Truck through?" Yelliot answers, "Not if you want to work on a Spielberg picture again!"
    • There's also the punchline: This movie is actually the sequel to Gross Encounters of the Turd Kind, with Richard Dreyfuss emerging from the ship, glad to finally be getting away from those weirdo aliens, as Q.T. boards it.
  • The Intro Dump of the Attack of the Clones parody ends with an appearance by George Lucas:
    I'm sick of the critics saying that my Star Bores movies are lackluster and repetitive! I'd like to see anyone of them write the same movie nine times and make it appear fresh!
  • Annette Funicello comments on how much more violent and gory beach movies have become between her movies and Jaws. One of the other characters agrees, but adds that Jaws is still almost as nauseating as her work.
  • MAD apparently became the first piece of print media to spoof The Sound of Music, and their parody shows no mercy when calling the movie a money-grubbing Cliché Storm.
    Dough...means cash for all of us!
    Ray...for musicals like this!
    Me...a star so big that by couldn't really miss!
    So...insipid is the plot;
    La-De-Da, although we know,
    Tee-De-ous it is, a lot,
    It willl bring us back much dough...dough...dough...dough...
    • The "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" parody ends with "Mitzia" proclaiming, "With all these profits,/Things will be fine!/When we top 'Fair Lady,'/!"note 
  • From the parody of "The Hobbit"
    Thorazine Maxishield: From left to right [my cohorts] are Teeny, Weeny, Hokey, Pokey, Artsy, Fartsy, Rice-a-Roni, Laffy, Taffy, Oshkosh and B-Gosh! Or possibly from right to left. Peter Jackson doesn't care, so neither should you!
    • Also, in a scene with Saruman, Gandalf, Elrond and Galadriel:
    Saruman: We are the four inhabitants of Middle Earth who are the most skilled at standing around. But when we stand around together, our standing around power is unstoppable. Also, unstartable!
    Galadriel: You were right to bring the news of the Necromancer's return to our attention. The threat is so catastrophic, I'm seriously considering strolling over to the balcony and stand around there instead!
  • Buttman Returns is a non-stop laugh-fest, with gems such as:
    The Penguin's mother: He was born three months ago, and we still haven't found a suitable name for him!
    The Penguin's father: A suitable name? We haven't found a suitable biological classification for him!

    (The Penguin is visiting his parent's graves)
    The Penguin: These are my parents, peacefully sleeping!
    Man #1: Why are they so far apart?
    Man #2: That's how they slept when they were alive! They didn't want to take a chance of ever having another one of those!

    The Penguin: Catwoman, your outfit is driving me crazy!
    Catwoman: Forget it, it wouldn't fit you!
  • Abominable House has the Flounder expy pick up 288 marbles from a shop for the climax. The shopkeeper notes "Hmmm...that's two gross!" "NOTHING'S too gross for THIS movie!"
  • From "A Mad Look at Harry Potter", the kids' reaction to the rotating staircase... which happens to be an Escher drawing.
  • The slow-drip delight of "A Psychedelic Diary," which is a diary by a MAD reporter who takes a tab of LSD to see the effects.
    People are staring at me! I'm a staircase! I try to explain that some funny things have happened to my, but it's no.
  • "The Faketrix" ends with Moreforus thanking Underdone with another speech, only for Underdone to repeat the same trick the Agents used on him and make Moreforus' mouth disappear.
  • "Reality Street" (which, unlike other parodies, is a vastly more cynical version of the source material) ends with the set being torn down for a new construction project, with the person responsible proudly stating that it will be plagued with labor disputes and lead to negative economic repercussions down the road. Gorgon asks what would justify all this, such as a park, library or hospital, but the construction/demolitions person dismissively says that it's for a munition development plant. Gorgon admits that this is probably the best example of how the real world works.
  • Issue #355 has "MAD in the Year 2038", where Desmond Devlin and a team of MAD regular artists gather to do "future" versions of recurring MAD features. Highlights include a nuclear fallout-themed "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions", Sergio Aragonés offering "A MAD Look at Alzheimer's" (which devolves into a grocery list halfway through, has drawings spilling out of the comic borders, and ends with Aragonés forgetting how to spell his name), a Spy vs. Spy where the two Spies are sitting out in front of a retirement home for five panels until White Spy's pacemaker gives out, and a "The Lighter Side" where Roger Kaputnik is now just a head attached to machinery... only to discover that he has head lice.

The Animated TV Show

  • Any of the "rejected" segments. Here's a listing:
  • Grey's in Anime, especially when the patient starts hallucinating his operation as an anime mashup of Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sailor Moon, and a giant robot anime.
  • Several from Cliffordfield:
    Elmo: (running and flailing) Aaaaaaahh!
    Freddie: Quit panicking!
    Elmo: Who's panicking? This is how we run. (continues running and flailing) Aaaaaahh!
    • Oscar the Grouch coming out of his trash can to reveal some sexy ladies' legs.
    Oscar: What? It's from my mother's side!
  • From WALL•E-nator: after spending the entire sketch hunting down anyone contributing to the amount of trash on Earth, the titular robot sees a commercial for MAD and declares that they're the "biggest producers of gahbage."
  • Yep, you got ninjas.
  • The entirety of Pokémon Park, complete with Ash as Jeff Goldblum.
  • From "The Buzz Identity": Buzz speaking a mix of English and Spanish, with the subtitles trying to understand him.
  • Winnie-the-Pooh repeatedly mauling Bear Grylls on Mad vs Wild.
  • The Reading Womb even works with twins!
  • The entirety of Pooh Grit.
  • Rejected Transformers.
  • The Airbender Technical Institute sketch.
    "At the Airbender Technical Institute, I learned I have the power of earthbending! Now I'm an electrician for some reason!"
  • Ben 10 Franklin, particularly when Ben turns into Humungousaur and defeats the British before going over to England to smash Big Ben.
    Big Ben, meet Bigger Ben!
  • The Man Who Forgot His Hand Was a Bomb. Now entering its fourth season!
  • From "Avenger Time:"
    Iron Man: Man, what was our budget back then, a dollar?
    Captain America: What's going on? Who are you?
    The Watcher: I am The Watcher!
    Captain America: What do you watch?
    The Watcher: Episodes of MAD, mostly. Funny show! But sometimes, I catch something called, Adventure Time, which is where you and your friends are now.
    Captain America: That's where we are? Hmm, what else do you see?
    The Watcher: I see the crews of other cartoons sitting in a deli, complaining about MAD like a bunch of sissies!
    Captain America: Ha! They'll be sorry, because MAD probably wins an Emmy in the future, right?
    The Watcher: You'd better get back to your friends.
  • Katy Putty's "Flammable" music video, particularly the ending where, after setting fire to a clay man, a paper-stock (think South Park) cutout woman, and a Captain Ersatz Muppet, Katy Putty is carted off by a police officer as she sings about listening to the fire marshal.
  • "Yu-Gi-Bear"!
  • Denzel Washington manages to stop Thomas the Unstoppable Tank Engine mere seconds before he runs over Strawberry Shortcake's village. However, after hearing Strawberry Shortcake lives there, Denzel lets Thomas scoot a few more inches and destroy her town. The narrator closes the sketch by informing us that "nobody regretted any of their choices."
  • "ThunderLolcats" is one nonstop tribute to the memes of the internet with some ThunderCats goodness mixed in.
    • "Thunder...Thunder...Thunder! Thundercats, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!"
  • "Kung Fu Blander":
    • The green pig's Screw This, I'm Outta Here! line: "From now on, every moment is a gift!"
    • The Goat Lady calling the pile of dead colorful animals, "something that Walt Disney threw up."
      • Also Po calling the Goat Lady an "old goat" & walking away(after being blasted by one of the birds)... Only to reappear from the left to say "That sounded mean, but actually, she is an old goat". He gets blasted again after that.
    • Po using Pepé Le Pew as a shield against an Angry Bird.
      • For that matter, when (amongst other "every day" objects), he uses "these Pokémon", pulling out Zekrom and Reshiram, to block the birds.
    • Immediately after Lord Shen blasts his own temple...
    Grenade Bird: You know that was your own temple you destroyed, right?
    Lord Shen: I know, but firing these things is so addictive.
  • From "Captain American't":
    • Everyone gasping at the sight of pre-transformation Steve Rogers, until one of them reveals that it's actually Gollum. Then the real Steve Rogers comes in, and scares everyone just as strongly.
    Steve: (hissing) My precious...(normal voice)...desires to join the Army!
    • Peggy calling Steve's USO Captain America costume the most ridiculous outfit she ever saw, only to find Lady Gaga as Captain America and Steve wearing a suit made of raw meat.
    • Red Skull commenting on the fact Captain America and Bucky seem unimpressed at his owning a mask that looks like a real human face.
  • The simple phrase used to remember the Periodic Table.
  • "Wolves. We're still out there."
  • In Twilight Stalking Dawn, Two and a Half Women: Starring Buffy Summers and Bella Swan and Bella's baby.
    • "Queen Elizabeth: We are not vampires, we're just really pale!"
  • Some of the product ads, like the Wolver-Clean, Hulked on Phonics ("We take credit card"!), Sponge-Wow, and the Bieber Bowl.
  • Poké-Harmony:
    Hitmonchan: I always found myself dating losers. But Poké-Harmony set me up with a champ! A Machamp!
    Hitmonchan: I do!!
    Bulbasaur: I was worried at first, seeing as he's evolved enough to be my father.
    Venasaur: But we had so much in common, like being captured in Pokéballs, and being forced to fight for the amusement of humans. And that's not easy to find!
  • "Dol-Phineas and Ferb Tale", particularly when the duo give the dolphin telekinesis.
    • Also the opening scene.
    Sawyer: "Oh, you poor washed up thing!"
    Nicolas Cage (wet and covered in barnacles): "Hi, I'm Nicolas Cage, I'll bounce back."
    Sawyer: "I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about that!"
  • "My Little War Horse":
    Fluttershy: (ahem) Attention ponies.
    Pinkie Pie: She doesn't seem so bad.
    Fluttershy: (coughs again to switch to a much deeper and intimidating voice) YOU'RE ALL ABOUT TO BE SENT TO FRANCE TO FIGHT ON THE BATTLEFIELD OF WORLD WAR ONE, which was called the Great War because we didn't know we'd HAVE more than one war. But now that we do, it just makes it less confusing to the movie going public. YOU GOT THAT?!
    Pinkie Pie: What's a movie?
    • Not to mention the horrified expressions on Pinkie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash's faces when she starts yelling.
  • Doctor Doom on Victorious. The entire skit.
  • The Green Care Bear, especially at the end when Hal actually manages to make the cutesy creed sound badass.
  • Gaming's Next Top Princess: If you didn't think some of the writers were gamers, this skit pretty much proves it.
  • Real Veal: "Now just do what I do." (The cow bot nods and runs off, we cut to spinning newspapers of it being in movies and hosting the Tony Award before he comes back panting) I mean do what I do from this point on." (The cow bot gives him a look as if to say "Why Didnt You Say So?!")
  • "The Averagers", primarily the ending where the Hulk gets mad about his limited screen time in the film and beating up everyone, including Joss Whedon because of Firefly being only one season long. It becomes a Running Gag throughout the episode with him appearing in 2 skits and 1 transition.
    • In the same episode there's also "Legend of Dora", which ends with Dora asking the Hulk if he knows how to bend, then she knocks out two pro benders with water and fire. She then asks Hulk what he can bend, followed by the Hulk grabbing a third and bending his spine. After being told that the episode's over he demands more screen time, then Dora tells him to say it in Spanish which he does as he punches the camera.
  • The Teaser from Taking Nemo/Once Upon a Toon
    Reporter: Cartoon Network celebrates its 20th anniversary, but still isn't old enough to stay up past nine.
    • Marlin questioning how Liam Neeson can breathe underwater.
    • "From Pixar, the movie you've all been waiting for, now in 3D! It's Liam Neeson Punches You in the Face!"
    Liam Neeson: I couldn't punch someone wearing 3D glasses...sure I could!(punches the screen)
  • Everything from "Outtagascar".
  • When the Titanic is tipped upside-down in "The Poopsiden Adventure", a guy falls to the ground on his feet while everyone else is falling all over the place.
    "Ha! I was doing a handsta-" (gets crushed by piano)
  • In a skit during the Thanksgiving Episode, a pilgrim gives an Indian a subpoena:
    Pilgrim: You're due in court on Monday.
    Indian: You know, no kid's gonna get this joke.
  • In "The Monday Project" (a parody of Garfield and The Mindy Project), Odie inherits a billion dollars from his original owner Lyman, who had been missing for so long he was legally pronounced dead.
  • One skit lampshades Hawkeye of The Avengers using a composite bow instead of something more modern, pointing out that he could have used something more inconvenient like a catapult, a lance, an aero-bike, a witch hunt, or The Black Death.
  • From the "Go, Dragon Ball, Go!" skit, when Diego notices how inconsistent the Dragon Ball parody is:
    Diego: Wait, Goku is an adult, but Piccolo is evil, so are we doing Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z?
    Goku: Just be glad we're not doing Dragon Ball GT.
    (Goku and Diego high-five with "GT STINKS" written in the background)
  • The entirety of Pokémonsters Inc.
    • Speaking of which, "SpongeWow".
  • The Daleks' inexplicable favouritism toward Wayne Brady in "Doctor Whose Line Is It Anyway", as well as the Eleventh Doctor's proclamation that "points are cool".
  • All of "Monsters Community". All of it.
  • The end of Not A Fan-A Montana. Elvis is in charge of everything and then they blow up the earth.
    And just like the ancient Mayans predicted, the world will one day end because of Miley Cyrus. Don't look it up, that's how it happened.


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