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    Escape from Orb 

  • Freakella at first is very displeased with the quality of Aargh and Slobulus's spaceship.
    Freakella: This ball is keeping her two feet on the ground.
    Wolf Breath: (appears with a bunch of his Badballs) Hold it right there, Madballs!
    Freakella: (quickly bouncing into the spaceship) Well, a girl can change her mind, can't she?
  • "Just hit the Big Red Button!" "Why?!" "'Cause it's always the big red button!"
  • Wolf Breath's Oh, Crap! reaction to the Madballs' spaceship destroying his monument.
  • Aargh and Slobulus both claiming responsibility for shooting out the bathtub at Wolf Breath' ship.
    Screamin' Meemie: Say, who released the photon bathtub?
    Aargh and Slobulus: (in unison) Must've been me!

    Gross Jokes 

  • The tape begins with a warning stating, among other things, that side effects of watching the video will include nagging backache, swelling of the nose, throat, and abdomen, and loss of facial hair. It is then stated that repeated viewing of the tape will result in the loss of one's bodily functions, redistribution of facial features, and a difficulty in forming simple sentences. When saying "simple sentences", the announcer stutters a bit, implying that he watched the video himself, and did so more than once. What really sells it, though, is the warning's concluding statement that the show is definitely recommended if you are seriously considering a rewarding, challenging career as a lawn ornament.
  • The Poetry Corner sketch... specifically how it ends.
    Screamin' Meemie: You know, I have just one thing to say about that poem... WWWWAAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!
  • The sketch where the Madballs are students at a school and Screamin' Meemie is the teacher. Just about everything is hilarious, from the diagram of a flower with every part labeled as "Thing" to Bash Brain's excuse of staying up until midnight studying because he started at 11:55. It's especially funny when Screamin' does a Wild Take where his graduation cap turns into his normal baseball cap in response to Bash Brain mentioning he has worms, as well as when he starts to completely lose patience with the stupidity of his students.
  • At the end of the episode, the Madballs try to come up with an idea for the "grand finale". Their meeting room turns out to be a dumpster that is picked up by a garbage truck. The truck hits Slobulus, who was walking around earlier with a picket sign reading "The End is Near", and the green drooler responds by cursing "Sunday driver!" and waving goodbye at the audience.
  • The end of the "Name That Smell" skit. The Madballs are contestants on a game show, and have to guess the source of a terrible smell coming from a box. None of them get it right (despite guessing "baby gorilla diapers", "gym shoes" and "the bubonic plague"), so Freakella opens the box. It turns out the smell is coming from Hornhead, who says "Golly! I thought you guys knew me better than that!".


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