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     Main Characters 

Mario (Richard Alvarez)

Debut Game: Donkey Kong, 1981

Tropes Associated with Mario:

Luigi (Chris Muller)

Debut Game: Mario Bros., 1983

Tropes Associated with Luigi:

  • Brain Washed: Luigi's mind fused with Decious to create Mr. L.
  • Break the Cutie: Season 5 got him stuck in leading the good guys in Mario's absence, as a result he got stuck making bad decisions and lost several fighters.
  • Catchphrase "So what do you want to do NOW Mario?", "Okey Dokey!" and "Yeah, what Mario said!"
  • The Heart: Sorta... he is usually the one keeping everyone together and is the one keeping Mario from killing Ash...
  • Identical Grandson: If Nox Decious hadn't had his mask he would've looked a lot like Luigi.

Wario (Matt Provencal)

Tropes Associated With Wario:

  • Evil Laugh: Seems to be influenced by Burgess Meredith's version of The Penguin.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: In season 1, he joins Mario's band despite being sent by Bowser to bring him back and secretly planning to kill him.

Waluigi (Doug Orofino)

Tropes Associated with Waluigi:

Ash (Dane Kevin Cook)

Tropes Associated with Ash:

  • The Friend Nobody Likes: In just about every episode featuring Ash, there will be a mention that no one in the group likes him and they more or less just tolerate him.

Donkey Kong (Multiple actors including Matt)

Tropes Associated with Donkey Kong:

  • Running Gag: Whenever anybody is annoying Mario or Luigi, he tends to come out of nowhere and chase them away while they scream hysterically.
    • Anytime Pauline's death is mentioned he appears out of nowhere and wails in sadness.
    Mona: Does that happen a lot?
    Wario: More than I'd like to admit.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Bananas

Yoshi (Kevin Chamberlain)

Tropes associated with Yoshi:

Link (Kent Melville)

Tropes Associated with Link:

  • The Cuckoo Lander Was Right: Turns out the talking coconut really WAS talking after all.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Had his spirit transferred into Mario so he could wield the Master Sword.
  • Informed Ability: Both Mario and the Darkness state he's the strongest of the heroes, but he loses every major fight he gets into, is captured offscreen in season 1, and dies twice. For real, the second time.
  • Killed Off for Real: In Season 5.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Non-Villainous version. His warning to Mario at the end of Season 1 pretty much does this to the series.
  • Training from Hell: Makes the Mario Bros. endure rigorous training in order to be ready to fight Nox Decious.
    • Subverted in that it amounts to them playing Super Smash Bros., but Mario and Luigi react as if the trope were played straight.

Ness (Tim Muller)

Tropes Associated with Ness:

Merlin (Richard Alvarez)

Tropes Associated with Merlin:

  • Not Quite Dead: Subverted. Although he was last seen confronting a resurrected Nox Decious, Wario confirms through the Nether Saber (which is connected to Merlin) that he is still alive. However he is in fact dead and the Nether Saber continues working because his immortal spirit lives on.

Solid Snake (Julian Petruzzelli)

Tropes Associated with Solid Snake:

Ryu (Christian Arista)

After a fall out with Ken (over their friend Tamari leaving), Ryu met Mario and the others to help them stop the Trifecta and the ninjas. After Mario and the Darkness's Armies join up he and Ken make up.

Tropes associated with Ryu

     Secondary Characters 

Brock (Austin Stevenson)

Tropes Associated with Brock:

Gary (Julian Petruzzelli)

Tropes Associated with Gary:

  • Small Name, Big Ego: He gets bonus points here. Not only does he think that he's awesome, he also has a pretty high opinion of his house.
    Gary: My house is the most awesome place in the universe!
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Ash and is better/more vitriolic friends with Brock. Although Ash has pointed out he probably doesn't have any other friends because of his arrogance.

Professor Oak (Daen Olson)

Tropes Associated with Professor Oak:

  • Cool Old Guy: Well, Gary sees him as one.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He is forgetful and acts like a child. He still formulated a legitimate, sensible and efficient plan to take down Ganondorf that no one else thought of, implying he knows a lot about the world and is one of the most intelligent and wisest characters in the series.
  • Jerkass: Especially when he turns down UPS and the flash drive DESPITE being told his grandson would be in danger.
  • Manipulative Bastard: In Season Four, he willingly tricks Gary and Brock into doing several mundane tasks for him just so they could find out from him which one of them sucks more. Oak eventually claims they equally suck for not turning down the tasks. As a result the two fight over which one of them hates each other the most which Oak uses to his advantage once more.

Peach (Jennifer Cole)

Tropes Associated with Peach:

Daisy (Jackie Thompson)

Tropes Associated with Daisy:

Walgina (Torye Benton)

Walugi's girlfriend. Unlike most of the characters, she is a natural resident of the real world. The two met and became a couple during the course of five minutes, while Wario was reporting back to Bowser. Wario doesn't like her and her presence eventually drives his and Waluigi's alliance to the breaking point. She is absent for most of season 3, looking for Walugi. Afterwards she and Waluigi somehow break up. Waluigi claims creative differences a.k.a. she wanted him to stop wearing purple. He was however lying and the two are still together but she was hiding to avoid the war. Waluigi left at the end to find her and live a normal life with her.

Tropes Associated with Walgina:

  • Ascended Extra: When she first appears most people think she isn't that important but by Season 3 she had a larger role searching for Waluigi.
  • The Chick: In Wario's band, at least.
  • Hypocrite: Wanted Waluigi to stop wearing purple when she herself wore it, which lead to their break up.

Otacon (Brandon Dire)

Tropes Associated with Otacon:

Coconut/Mage (Richard Alvarez as his voice and Dustin Kumar as his human form)

A random coconut, Link found in a forest in his dream, the coconut followed him back into real life and kept him company. He turns out to be a Gerudo King who's soul was trapped in a coconut. He assists Link and Wario in three acts of heroism in order to free his soul and make him human again.

Tropes associated with Coconut/Mage

Mona (Erin Henderson)

Wario's friend (and now girlfriend) whom he met up with during Season Four. She's now part of Mario's army against the Darkness and Ganondorf.

Tropes associated with Mona:

Naomi Hunter

Introduced in Season 5, Naomi is a friend and colleague of Snake's who saved from his aging problem just as he died.

Tropes Associated with Naomi Hunter:

Ken (Eric Porter)

After a fall out with Ryu (when his girlfriend Temari left), Ken became his enemy and joined the Trifecta. He is the only member of the Trifecta to survive and joins The Darkness's Army in Season Five. After Mario and Darkness's Armies join up he and Ryu make up.

Tropes associated with Ken:



Nox Decious (Chris Muller)

The evil brother of the legendary Merlin. Nox Decious' primary goal was to take control of Earth and destroy all good. After being killed by Wario and possessing Luigi as Mr. L, he has been resurrected by Ganondorf as part of his army with Bowser.

Tropes Associated with Nox Decious

  • Facial Horror: His face was badly burned by Merlin's Nether Saber. That's why he wears the mask.

The Darkness/The Voice/ The Koopa (Richard Alvarez)

A substance created out of pure evil by Nox Decious with an ancient magic spell El Nox de la Chateu, translates as The Darkness of the Shadow, Nox created the Darkness to bind his soul to the Stone of Righteousness until they were separated by the Nether Saber in Episode 30. After briefly possessing Mario, the Darkness took Mario's energy and combined it with Decious's power that it absorbed to take on the physical shape of it's most powerful host, Mario. From then on he became very evil and no longer affiliates himself with Decious. Having his own plans to take over the world.

After some planning and Humanity becoming a part of him, he and Nox killed each other. He later returned in the afterlife to let Mario have his soul back so he could kill Ganon. He resurfaced thirty years later as a crime lord named the Koopa in Super Mario: The Plumber Knight Returns.

Tropes Associated with The Darkness

  • Enemy Mine: Lampshaded in Season 5, with Wario thinking it would be expected. And they go through with it.
  • Evil Redhead: During the Season 4 Finale, for the first and only time in the series.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Had his spirit transferred into Mario so he could wield the Master Sword only because he wanted Ganon dead. later subverted.
  • Humanity Ensues: With Mario's spirit a part of him, he began to rethink his life. Now with the intention of killing his creator.
  • The Voice: When we were first introduced to him

Bowser (Josh Kling in the Movie and Austin Stevenson in Season 5)

Angered by the Mario Bros. vacation in the real world he hires Wario and Waluigi to get them back

Tropes Associated with Bowser:

  • Big Bad: Subverted in the movie. He finally appears on-screen, but is defeated by Ash, Brock, and Pikachu before he can have a final showdown with Mario and Luigi. He does manage to confront them eventually in Act II Part I.

Kamek (Tim Chang)

Bowser's advisor who helps to turn him human.

Tropes asscoated with Kamek

Liquid (Julian Petruzzelli)

Mr. L (Chris Muller)

Nox Decious possessing Luigi's body.

Tropes Associated with Mr. L

  • Big Bad: Act II of the movie, temporarily replacing The Darkness.
  • Enemy Within: He's Luigi plus Decious...

Blaire Vherestorm (Matt Howlett)

The mysterious leader of The Trifecta. Originally named John, he was an insecure, bullied, and ambitious teenager. Thr Darkness met with him and offered him the power that he always wanted so he can reach his aspirations. He mentions Vherestorm, a wizard that John wrote a story about for English Class which no one liked and made everyone think he was crazy. Darkness only asked that John help him with his situation and he'd give him the power that he wants to become "Vherestorm". John accepted and took on the name Blaire. Darkness gave Blaire some of his power and built a "power transfer compulsion system", or the beacon. He however screwed up and was killed by The Darkness for trying to kill Mario which in turn would make him more powerful than the Darkness.

In Season 5, he was ressurected by Ganon with the intention of getting revenge on the Darkness but Waluigi would end up killing him.

Tropes associated with Blaire Vherestorm

  • Big Bad: Along with The Trifecta in Season Four
  • Back from the Dead: He was somehow resurrected in Season 5 and has joined Ganondorf's army to get back at the Darkness.
  • The Dragon: To The Darkness, before he betrayed him of course.

Tommy Vercetti and the Mafia (Austin Stevenson and a variety of actors)

The Mafia as led by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City character Tommy Vercetti. The Mario Bros. temporarily join them, but hire Max Payne to kill them when the job gets a bit dangerous, which he does successfully.

Tommy came back from the dead temporarily thanks to Ganon in Season 5, but Snake quickly killed him for real.

Tropes associated with Tommy Vercetti and the Mafia:

Ganondorf (Matt Provencal)

Link's greatest enemy who ends up coming to the real world and becomes the final Big Bad of the show making The League of Bad Guys, ressurrecting Blaire, Nox Decious and Pauline to assist him and removing Link teleporting him to the dark realm "returning the favor" as he claims. He now controls hoardes of ninjas and wants to take over the real world.

Got killed by Mario who had the Master Sword in his possession stopping him once and for all.

Tropes associated with Ganondorf:

  • The Man Behind the Man: Both Decious and Bowser answer to him really.
  • The Unseen: Mentioned since Season 2 (Voice heard in Season 4) but finally seen in Season 5.

General (Kevin Chamberlain)

The Darkness' second in command who set up his pirate army for him and is very loyal. He is honourably discharged by the Darkness before he confronts Nox Decious.

Tropes Associated with General:

Zubashi, Master Gangles and the Ninjas (Richard Alvarez, Austin Stevenson and a variety of actors)

Ninjas led by Zubashi were hired by Ganondorf as part of his army to take over the world.

Tropes Associated with Zubashi and the Ninjas:

  • Villains Out Shopping: Throughout the fifth season, they go to the movies, go out to eat, or even try to get dates.

Captain Morgan and the Pirates (Matt Provencal and a variety of actors)

The army brought together by The Darkness to combat the ninjas since pirates don't hold back when fighting. While Captain Morgan is the super pirate that can take on any ninja (and be ridiculously drunk too).

Tropes Associated with Captain Morgan and the Pirates:

  • Bland-Name Product: They enjoy Pirate Crunch cereal.
  • Chekhov's Gunmen: We had already been informed that pirates existed in Interactive Adventure. Then they came back with a vengeance.
  • Lack of Empathy: He fights for the heroes, but doesn't really care about anything. Though he is drunk.
  • Running Gag: Throughout Season 5, Luigi or Wario would mention Captain Morgan, and then it would show him being hungover drunk. He finally wakes up in the finale.
    • In the finale, Pirate Crunch keeps coming up with new versions of Pirate Crunch cereal.

     Minor Chracters 

Scott Masterson (Scott Otter)

Johnny Mushroom and the Kingdom's temporary boss for Season 2 (and 3 for a deleted scene). He is widely disliked by the group and the band got taken from him by DK whom he now holds a grudge against now joining The League of Bad Guys under Ganondorf's rule.

His real backstory was that his father left him when he was five to become a circus performer, and his mother sold him into slavery for $100 shortly after. Scott later ran away from slavery with a new ambition: to either run the global market, or manage a Sam's Club. He then went on to get a job at Channel 6 where he had to work with Teletubbies and mentally impaired people.

Tropes Associated with Scott Masterson:

  • Disproportionate Retribution: His entire motivation for joining Ganondorf's army was to get revenge on Donkey Kong for stealing the rights to Johnny Mushroom and the Kingdoms from him:
    Scott Masterson: Donkey Kong! You stole my band. (laughs) Now you're gonna learn what it's like to lose something you love: your life!
  • Face–Heel Turn: Now wanting revenge on DK for stealing his band. He also wants to control the world's economy via Occupy Wall Street.
  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: After DK talked him down, he considered going good... only for DK to knock him out and leave him to the mercy of some cannibals.
  • Lack of Empathy: He doesn't care that Mario got sick, the band will still play.

The UPS Guy and the FedEx Guy (Ricahrd Alvarez and Chris Muller)

Two delivery men (played repectively by Richard Michael Alvarez and Chistopher Anthony Muller) who make deliveries and do various oddjobs throughout the series. For the most part, they only have marginal involvement with the main plot, although the ending of Season 1 showed that there are exceptions. They are arch-enemies and spend most of their screen time competing against each other or trying to outwit each other. They once teamed up to capture a package USPS stole off them that was from Snake for Otacon.

They return for Season 5 with UPS's backstory actually being revealed. He was a football player. He played in high school and in college before he was drafted by the NFL as a starter for the Raiders. However, he got hit by a FedEx truck before his first game at Qualcomm Stadium, rendering him incapable of playing football ever again. Since that day, UPS dedicated his life to opposing FedEx in every way possible, resulting in him joining UPS.

Tropes Associated with The UPS Guy and the FedEx Guy:

  • Enemy Mine: To each other and DHL and USPS
  • Hidden Depths: UPS sheds light on his past and some of his true colors in mid-late Season 5.
  • Wimp Fight: They fight using Slap Combat all the time.

Max Payne (Julian Petruzzelli)

After getting into the mob (long story) Mario and Luigi are told they have to kill their buddy Solid Snake. Instead, they call up this guy to take down the mafia.

Tropes Associated With Max Payne:

  • Private Eye Monologue: He says his out loud, parodied in that Max has one in the games.
  • Trigger Happy: He was holding two guns while sitting in his desk. In his office. He and Snake are going to get along fine.

Mr. Puzzler (Julian Petruzzelli)

Rather than beginning where Season 2 left off, Richard Michael Alvarez opened Season 3's first episode with a clip from a fictional show called "Mr. Puzzler". Mr. Puzzler is portrayed as a carefree man, unconcerned whether he offends or annoys anyone. He sports a fantastic vest and is fond of at least one groan-inducing joke. Apparently, he lacks human integrity, if Mr. Intelligence is to be believed.

Sadly, his fate was left unknown, as Mr. Redhead came up and told him that his show was cancelled because people would rather see Stupid Mario Brothers instead.

Tropes Associated With Mr. Puzzler:

Mr. Redhead (Dane Kevin Cook)

Mr. Intelligence (Richard Michael Alvarez)

  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: To Mr. Puzzler due to his perceived lack of human integrity (although it may have more to do with him hating Mr. Puzzler's pun).
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: If he does, in fact, live up to his name; seems to be the case as he seems to have a good vocabulary.

The Dance Instructor (Christine Alvarez)

Tropes Associated with The Dance Instructor

Pauline (Claudia Stelmach)

Tropes associated with Pauline

  • Death as Comedy: Died of Snake's FOXDIE chocolates (which he needs to stay young and are poisonous to normal people Although as it turns out Blaire had poisoned the chocolates to kill Snake which of course backfired.)
  • Designated Girl Fight: Against Mona twice.
  • Face–Heel Turn: It seems she has joined Ganondorf's army to get revenge on Mario for accidentally killing her. She goes back to the good side in the end but decides she and DK can no longer be together despite the fact he was going to propose to her and leaves promising they'll never hear from her again.
    • However she returns in the ending montage getting married to DK.
  • Interspecies Romance: with Donkey Kong. They eventually marry.
  • Woman Scorned: Essentially once she's on the bad guy's side. But she doesn't really target Mario or try to kill him but she still blames him for it all.


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