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Drinking Game / Stupid Mario Brothers

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A Drinking Game for Stupid Mario Brothers.

  • Drink when the Mario Bros. check the mail.
  • Drink when Luigi asks "What are we going to do today Mario?"
    • Two drinks when they run up the hill.
  • Take a shot when someone breaks the Fourth Wall or has Medium Awareness
  • Drink when someone hates on Ash.
    • Two drinks when it's Mario who hates him.
  • Drink when Ash says he has to catch them all.
  • Take a shot when someone is Back from the Dead.
  • Drink when Ken and Ryu talk and their "tension" stands out.
  • Take a shot when Bowser acts like an idiot.
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  • Take a shot when Snake acts like a badass.
  • Take a sip when a Ninja or Pirate does a Funny Background Event or just something funny.
  • When Waluigi is undergoing his "temporary narcolepsy", take a long, slow, continuous drink every time from when he wakes up to when he passes out again.
  • In the bloopers...
    • Take a shot for every bleeped-out swear.
    • Take a shot whenever someone goes "BLOOOOOOPEEEEERS!" because of a flub or just screwing around.
      • Take two shots if it's Julian as Gary who does it.
    • Take a shot every time someone says "I roll with gangs!" or "TWENTY DOLLARS!".
      • Two if it's "I roll with gangs for twenty dollars!"
    • Take a shot every time Doug (Waluigi) says "From Mona?"
    • Take a sip every time the shot is ruined by someone laughing.
      • Take a full shot if Matt as Wario or Doug as Waluigi are the ones who laugh.
      • Also take a full shot if the person who laughs isn't on camera at the time.
      • Also take a full shot if the laughter is before any characters even talk.
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    • Take a sip every time Matt, as the cameraman, focuses on a random object and yells what the object is (or anything to that effect).
    • Take a shot for every scene in the bloopers of someone getting their hair dyed.

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