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Recap / Stupid Mario Brothers

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Season One: Stupid Mario Begins

  1. Tired of the Mushroom Kingdom
  2. A Tale of Two Brothers
  3. One Ring That is Better Than a Compass
  4. Wario's New Partner Likes Purple
  5. Make Fireballs, Not Love
  6. Why Catch Them All
  7. A Band Better Than the Jonas Brothers!
  8. It Came From Ash's Toilet
  9. Real Jobs Suck
  10. A Monkey For Your Thoughts?
  11. Stupid Mario Kart
  12. Stupid Wario Brothers And No Snacks
  13. Special Delivery From A Guy Dressed In Brown
  14. The Final Countdown Until the Next Countdown
  15. Stupid Smash Brothers

Season Two: In The Darkness Lies The Truth

  1. Link's Letter is Full of Hole
  2. Draino Won't Unclog These Pipes
  3. Wario Has Another Bad Day
  4. Soccer Solves All of Your Problems
  5. Cuccos Are More Fun Than Gerudo Myths
  6. A Day In The Life of Mario
  7. Who Is Scott Masterson?
  8. How It's Done in Hyrule!
  9. Psychic Powers Only Tell You So Much
  10. And Then There Was Nox Decious
  11. Three Objects Make A Cool Weapon
  12. Is It "Kung Pow" or Stupid Mario?
  13. Well Excuse Me Princess
  14. Two Tall Thin Men Have A Fight
  15. The Most Epic Battle EVER


Season Three: Return of the One True Hero

  1. This Time, It's Personal!
  2. Like Hyrule, But Not
  3. Metal Gear Stupid
  4. Basketball Diaries
  5. Snake Vs Guard
  6. Remembrance
  7. Old Friends, New Enemies
  8. The Advent of Snake's Mission
  9. Man is Protected From What Lies Beneath
  10. Something Crazy This Way Comes
  11. Regeneration
  12. Blood Money
  13. The Zero Hour
  14. Blood Confrontations
  15. The End of the Beginning

The Movie and Continuing Specials

  1. The Movie Act I
  2. The Movie: Act II
  3. Operation: Blind Storm
  4. The Interactive Adventure


Season Four

  1. Death is Like a Box of Chocolates
  2. Poke-Drawls
  3. The Case of the Stolen Junk
  4. A Huge Payne
  5. You Can't Read My Poker Face
  6. Poke-Suckers
  7. JMK Forever
  8. All Good Things...
  9. The Great Purple Hope
  10. Ninjas GALORE!
  11. The Trifecta
  12. The Truth About Blaire Vherestorm
  13. What Would Waluigi Do?!
  14. Plumbers and Ninjas and Snakes OH MY!
  15. The Darkness Explains It All

Season Five

  1. Dark Dookie
  2. 32 bit stealth training
  4. Shadow Scum VS Ganon....Or Ganondorf...Whatever his name is!
  5. An Unexpected? Proposal
  6. The Business Man and The Ape
  7. The Return Of The Great Purple Hope
  8. Operation: Vherestorm
  9. A "Brief" Meeting
  10. It's Never a good time to ignore your girlfriend. EVER!
  11. Imported Sunflowers
  12. Not these Ninja's Again!
  13. Fantasy Wizard Bullsh*t!
  14. "As the Fanboy's say, Only Link can defeat Ganon"!
  15. The Super Mario Brothers (Grand Finale)

Other Specials and Spin-Offs

  1. Ash and Brock
  2. Stupid Mario Brothers San Francisco Adventure
  3. Ash and Brock 2
  4. Stupid Mario Brothers Halloween
  5. Stupid Mario Brothers Christmas
  6. Stupid Mario Brothers New Years
  7. The Interactive Halloween
  8. Stupid Mario Football


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