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Recap / Stupid Mario Brothers S 4 E 9 The Great Purple Hope

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Following the events of All Good Things..., Wario discovers that Waluigi never lost his powers like the others. It is at that moment that he remembers the information Merlin gave him before he disappeared.

The Wario Brothers return to Mario to reveal the information. Waluigi decides to transfer his powers to Mario, Wario, Ness, and Luigi, despite knowing that it will put him in a coma. Following the transfer, Wario lays Waluigi to rest in one of the beds.


Snake comforts Wario in the temporary loss of his friend. When Snake asks Wario if the should resume their investigation into the beacon, Wario refuses, and brushes off his 'conspiracy theories.' When Snake tries to talk to Mario, the plumber is distracted by the return of his powers.

Meanwhile, Brock and Gary finally reach Professor Oak's house, they demand he decide who sucks more. The Professor decides to create a challenge among the two, in order to learn who sucks the most. This coincidently involves cleaning his car.

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