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Recap / Stupid Mario Brothers The Movie Act I

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Act I of The Movie of Stupid Mario Brothers. Act I focuses more on comedy, detailing how the gang returns to normal. Well, as normal as these guys get.

Act I starts off with Mario and Luigi going to the mailbox and discovering that an angry Bowser is planning to come to the Real World to bring them back.

The Mario Brothers dismiss his claim, and proceed to indulge in a day of fun, if random, events.

Mario and Luigi hang out with the Wario Brothers and end up running into an angry Yoshi and Daisy, who have tracked them down from the Mushroom Kingdom. Meanwhile, Bowser uses one of Kamek's spells to disguise himself as a human, and attack Mario. In another subplot, UPS and Fed Ex compete to deliver a package to Otacon from Snake only to end up working together to defeat the evil USPS (the government owned package delivery man.) After retrieving the package USPS stole from them, they are angered to discover that they wasted 9 hours to deliver anime to Otacon.


Back with the Mario Brothers, Mario, Luigi, and Peach end up getting arrested by corrupt cops for assault, attempted assault, and aiding a criminal respectively. For assaulting Peach. Think about that for a minute.

Luckily, Ash gets them out of jail just in time for them to discover Bowser's return. Ash and Brock assist Mario again by distracting Bowser with Picachu.

Mario and Luigi spend the rest of their day playing soccer and racing bikes. Daisy and Luigi attempt to double date with Mario and Peach, only for Mario to break up with the princess.

Ash and Brock have their own problems when Gary comes to town with his grandpa: Professor Oak. Both of them put down Ash and Brock, claiming Gary is more awesome than them. When Ash tries to convince Professor Oak that his grandson is an idiot, he is interrupted by a killer lawnmower. The evil lawnmower also prevents Bowser from attacking the brothers a second time. Luckily, Julian manages to destroy the lawnmower with a sledgehammer.


Mario and Luigi reflect on the day, wondering if there was something they forgot.

Meanwhile, The Darkness tells his master that it is time to make their move, and the transformation will be complete. The way to chaos will become clear.


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