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Where the News comes Last and the Weather comes Later.

Youtube News is a News Parody by the same people of Stupid Mario Brothers and Arthur vs. The Druids vs. The Grail a.k.a. Channel Richalvarez. It usually talks of upcoming films, games or other random subjects.

The cast is made up of Richard the anchor, Matt the co-anchor, Chris the weatherman and Dane/Julian for other reports. Doug was also in there for sports but he left.

This series has examples of

  • Couch Gag: Matt's constant pun names, Richard's time and location jokes, Richard's hatred of the weather report and the Random Bum's thought of *topic of conversation* SUCKS.
  • Covers Always Lie: The title and icon for "The End of Youtube News" suggested it was the final episode. It isn't, it just shows what happens after an episode ends.
  • Election Day Episode: How it actually got started, Wario and Mario were both running for President of the Mushroom Kingdom as part of a Non-canon cross over with Stupid Mario Brothers. Ash Ketchum wins despite not even campaigning.
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  • Halloween Episode: In which Dane interviews Alex DeLarge and gets "killed" by Michael Myers. The Tag showed they were still alive and are having tea with each other.
  • Talking to Themself: Literally in "Chris Muller News" where Chris getting revenge for being the Butt-Monkey, ties up the rest of the group and hosts the show as his own with himself as anchor, co-anchor, reporter and weather.


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