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The Character Sheet for the Canadian animated series Spliced.

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Voiced by: Rob Stefaniuk
An incredibly naïve and overly optimistic mutant who has no actual knowledge of his purpose in life or what he's even spliced from but yearns to find out.
  • All-Loving Hero: Considers Joe a great guy even though their interactions mostly consist of Joe stepping on him (literally), is the only mutant who doesn't hate Smarty Smarts and actually seems to like him, is always quick to forgive Entree for even the worst mistakes, and even once tried to befriend the Wunny Sharbit, who generally terrifies everyone (for good reason)-and it worked. For a few minutes at least.
  • Cartoon Creature: What species he's been created from are unknown. He looks very similar to Octocat however, and one episode showed he's at least part caterpillar when he underwent metamorphosis and grew butterfly wings.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Landers Minder: While he himself isn't the brightest bulb in the box, he's much more intelligent and level-headed than Entree.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Peri can shape-shift, detach his limbs, and turn people into his slaves with butterfly wings (when he grows some in one episode).
  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: The pilot had Peri finding the Doctor's notebook after completely trashing his abandoned laboratory, which contained a diagram of Peri along with specifications below, possibly explaining his true intent in life. Peri and Entree were both illiterate, and Entree ended up using it as toilet paper when they did find someone who could read by the end of the episode.
  • The Ditz: Although he isn't terribly bright, Peri is still noticeably smarter and more sensible than Entree.
  • Extreme Doormat: His extreme naivety frequently leads to Entree and others taking advantage of him, and he rarely tries to stand up for himself.
  • Fat and Skinny: The skinny to Entree's fat.
  • Guilt by Association: Peri is often lumped in with Entree whenever the latter causes trouble for the islanders, since he's often seen hanging around him.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Entree.
  • Kindhearted Simpleton: In sharp contrast to the much more moronic but far less sympathetic Entree.
  • Lethal Chef: In the first episode, he tried to make Entree a sandwich. It ended up as some kind of sandwich-spider hybrid thing. With tentacles. That could fly.
  • Line-of-Sight Name: "Peri" is the only part of the phrase "Failed Experiment Number Thirteen" (what he's really called) that actually sounds like a name.
  • Nice Guy: In sharp contrast to Entree, Peri is friendly towards everyone and is usually the first of the duo to realize when their mischief has gone too far.
  • Overly Long Tongue: "Stuck Together" shows Peri to have one so long that he can use it to walk on.
  • Ping-Pong Naïveté: Goes back and forth from being around as stupid as Entree to being as level-headed as the rest of the town, sometimes in the same episode.
  • The Pollyanna: Peri sees the best in everything and everyone.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Whatever he is, he is pretty adorable.
  • The Straight Man: At least compared to Entree, and sometimes to Joe.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: His optimism makes him very naïve and easy for some of the less scrupulous characters (namely Entree and Mister Smarty Smarts) to manipulate.


Voiced by: Joe Pingue
Peri's best friend; a combination of chicken, cow, shrimp, and pig who was designed to be the ultimate food animal. He's basically a bottomless pit with an attitude problem.
  • Animal Gender-Bender: He has an udder which produces milk. Apparently he also lays eggs.
  • Animal Stereotypes: His pig components match his greedy, self-centered personality, while his general gluttony matches how his component animals are all commonly consumed by people.
  • Big Eater: To the point where even his own stomach got tired of his obsessive habits of literally eating everything he sees.
  • Bizarre Alien Locomotion: He doesn't have legs; rather, he walks on eight udder teats.
  • Butt-Monkey: While all the main characters get their share of slapstick and misfortune in the show, he almost always gets the worst of it (and frequently as karma for his jerkassery).
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Entree can (among other things) fly, teleport, mind-control people, and summon sea creatures to do his bidding, all thanks to the teats on his udder.
  • The Ditz: Arguably the least intelligent character in the main cast.
  • Evil Twin: Apéritif, who's engineered to provide higher class food like wine and caviar, is much more charming, but also apparently was put on ice because he wanted to eat all the other mutants.
  • Extreme Omnivore: He actually once tried to eat his own freaking house!
  • Fat Bastard: He's a pretty rotund mutant and also quite the bastard, given his rude and selfish traits.
  • Fat Idiot: Quite plump and quite stupid.
  • Feather Fingers: His arms are chicken wings but you wouldn't be able to tell from how dexterous he is with them.
  • Gluttonous Pig: He's part pig but all glutton. He loves food.
  • The Hedonist: Most of his selfish antics come from the pursuit of self-gratification.
  • I Call Him "Mister Happy": Entree has named the teats on his udder. Except for one...
    Peri: But what about that one?
    Entree: I dare not speak his name. It gives him power.
    *cue ominous thunder*
  • Jerkass: In sharp contrast to Peri, Entree is unrepentantly greedy, selfish, lazy, and uncaring towards others.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He has his moments. When Peri is seriously endangered by his assholish behaviour, Entree will usually realize that he's gone too far and do whatever it takes to rescue his friend.
  • Large Ham: Or in this case, Large Ham-Beef-Chicken-Shrimp.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: His selfish behaviour often lands him in the worst kinds of trouble, usually of the painful variety.
  • Lazy Bum: It's not emphasized as much as his gluttony or selfishness but he certainly has demonstrated extreme laziness. The episode "Roots" is a shining example of it.
  • Let's Meet the Meat: Invoked repeatedly. He seems to be aware that he was made to be food and has no problem with it.
    Patricia: Stop! Entree's not for eating!
    Entree: Well, actually...
  • Manipulative Bastard: Despite his lack of intelligence, he often shows traits of this in how he treats Peri. In fact, most of Peri's evil or immoral actions are the result of Entree convincing him there was nothing wrong with doing it.
  • Meaningful Name: Entree is a very appropriate name for someone who was created to be a meal.
  • Planimal: He's also apparently part fruit-bearing tree because in "Roots", lazing around has him grow roots that eat for him while a tree sprouts from his head.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: His selfishness and impulsiveness is only matched by his immaturity.
  • The Slacker: So lazy that he once ended up growing roots and turning into a tree.
  • Straw Loser: While Peri is pretty idiotic and extremely naive, Entree is a completely lazy, insensitive blithering idiot who is almost entirely devoid of any redeeming qualities so that Peri looks better in comparison.
  • Toxic Friend Influence: To Peri, whom Entree often abuses and manipulates for his own gain.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: "Ma-yo-nnaise. Na-now!"
  • With Friends Like These...: It's evident that the only reason why Peri puts up with Entree's mistreatment of him is because he's not smart enough to realize it's wrong.
  • Won The Superpower Lottery: He mainly uses them for walking, but in various gags it's been shown that his udder's teats grant him the powers of flight, teleportation, mind-control, Super Strength enough to drag entire islands through the ocean, and telekinesis.

    Two-Legs Joe and Lord Wingus Eternum

Voiced by: Patrick McKenna (Two-Legs Joe) and Tom McCamus (Lord Wingus Eternum)
A short-tempered, two-legged rhinoceros with a small bird attached to his rear end. Joe is the mayor of Keepaway Island and defends its inhabitants from various threats. Wingus doesn't do much, but he occasionally breaks his vow of silence to speak to Joe when absolutely necessary.
  • A Day in the Limelight: "Two Arms Joe", "Stompabout", "There Will Be Stomp", "Same Difference", and "One-Joe Wingus" are all labelled as "A Two-Legs Joe Cartoon". The first four all feature Joe himself as the center of attention, while the last one actually focuses more on Lord Wingus Eternum.
  • Animal Stereotypes: Two-Legs Joe's aggressive nature and formidable power match the stereotype of rhinoceroses as short-tempered brutes of great strength.
  • Authority Equals Ass Kicking: As the mayor, Joe's only effective act of discipline is stomping someone until they change into another state of matter.
  • Awesome McCoolname/Name That Unfolds Like Lotus Blossom: Lord Wingus Eternum.
    Lord Wingus Eternum: Lord Wingus Eternum is short. My true name would begin with a dawn, end with the moon, and ravage your mind like a nightmare.
  • Calling Your Attacks: He names all of the different types of stomps before he does them.
  • Green Lantern Ring: His stomps seem to have an endless range of effects from earthquakes, hurricanes, teleportation, closing black holes, and even shifting the moon.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Joe has very little patience for any disruptions to the island's peace and quiet, especially if said disruptions were caused by Peri and Entree.
  • The Hat Makes the Man: When Entree switches out his mayoral top hat with a flowery, floppy one his mannerisms change from gruff to gentle, with his voice pitching into a feminine range.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While he's usually extremely aggressive and short-tempered and stomps others a lot, he's only angered when provoked and knowing how insane the residents of Keepaway Island are, it's likely that stomping is the only way for him to keep everything in order.
  • Nice Hat: Joe's top hat.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Two-Legs Joe's real name is Joseph, but only Lord Wingus Eternum uses it.
  • Pen-Pushing President: When not flattening threats to Keepaway Island, Joe is usually seen giving papers his "Stomp of Approval".
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Violent and short-tempered Joe is the red oni to the intellectual and soft-spoken Wingus' blue oni.
  • Rhino Rampage: Technically he's only half of a rhino, but as Peri, Entree, and Mister Smarty Smarts have all learned the hard way repeatedly, pissing him off is an extremely bad idea.
  • The Quiet One: Wingus speaks in only two episodes, both of which feature him very prominently. The rest of the time, he's pretty much just a feathery growth on Joe's rump.
  • Sadist: Joe takes great pleasure in the suffering of people who offend him. In "There Will Be Stomp", Peri and Entrée getting set on fire makes Joe happy enough to heal his stress-induced brain damage and restore his stomping powers. Later, when crushing Mister Smarty Smarts, Joe shouts "This is the most fun I've had in years!"
  • Shockwave Stomp: Joe is capable of creating these, among various other forms of stomping both ordinary and ridiculously superpowered. Mister Smarty Smarts, Entree, and Peri are the usual recipients of such attacks.
  • Strong as They Need to Be: Joe is able to destroy entire cities, cause tornadoes and earthquakes, control the orbit of the Sun and Moon, create and destroy black holes, and even alter the strength of gravity, all just by stomping his feet... but only if he's getting A Day in the Limelight. Otherwise he's completely helpless against all but the most incompetent of villains.
  • Ultimate Authority Mayor: Although simply just a mayor, Joe is pretty much the highest authority on Keepaway Island ever since the Doctor was arrested. Considering how strong and violent he can be, no one's got what it takes to restrain his authority anyway.
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer...: Joe's only effective method of dealing with problems is smashing them into the ground with his feet, but it consistently proves to be pretty effective, especially given how overpowered some of his stomping attacks are.


Voiced by: Katie Crown
An intelligent non-mutated platypus who was already living on Keepaway Island when the Doctor showed up. She usually feels out-of-place among other inhabitants due to being the only non-mutant on the island.
  • A Day in the Limelight: "Honorary Freak", "Marzipan Meadows and the Kingdom of Adventure", and "Living Hellp" are all centered around her and labelled as "A Patricia Cartoon".
  • Badass Adorable: Don't let the fact that she's a cuddly female platypus fool you, she's very capable of kicking ass when mad.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Patricia's generally pretty easygoing, but even Two-Legs Joe is frightened of her when she's in a bad mood.
  • Fish out of Water: Due to be the only non-hybrid on Keepaway Island, Patricia often feels alone in their world.
  • Most Writers Are Writers: Her love of writing is frequently highlighted in the show, with her work on her novel "Marzipan Meadows and the Kingdom of Adventure" being a recurring element of the series.
  • Mouthy Bird: Her blue beak resembles a nose with a mouth underneath.
  • Only Sane Man: It's really saying something when an animal as freaky as a platypus is the most normal creature on Keepaway Island.
  • Talking Animal: Whereas all the mutants of Keepaway Island are able to speak due to the Doctor's experiments, Patricia (who just happened to be living on the island when the Doctor created the mutants) is just naturally able to speak.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: She wears a blue bow on her head.
  • Women Are Wiser: She's the most prominent female character in the show, but also the most sensible character.
  • Wrench Wench: A few episodes show that she's pretty good with fixing machines, particularly cars.

    Mister Smarty Smarts

Voiced by: Mike Kiss
A larger-than-life dolphin-chimpanzee and self-declared "evil genius" who constantly attempts to take over Keepaway Island from his lair on the island's volcano. Too bad his plans always backfire from either being thwarted by the protagonists or being anything except foolproof.
  • A Day in the Limelight: "Outsmartered" and "Come to the Dork Side" are both labelled as "A Mister Smarty Smarts Cartoon" and feature him as the center of attention.
  • Animal Stereotypes: His characterization as a self-styled evil genius who can't stand the idiocy of the other characters matches his component animals' association with intelligence and occasional depiction as immoral creatures.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: Implied several times with Octocat, as shown in the episodes "Octocataclysm", and "Of Masters and Minions".
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Nearly everyone on Keepaway Island is terrified of him, even though he's an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain whose plans foil themselves as often as not.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Takes great pride in how much of an evil genius he believes himself to be.
  • Devious Dolphins: While he's technically only half dolphin, he's certainly devious.
  • Ditzy Genius: He's a brilliant engineer and mathematician who's built countless high-tech gadgets and weapons, but can't read, thinks chickens live underwater, and believes that being giant makes you helpless.
  • Harmless Villain: His incompetence ensures that at most, he's only a mild threat to the inhabitants of Keepaway Island.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: He's not particularly good at being evil or being a genius, but he does his best.
  • Insufferable Genius: While not as much of a genius as he fancies himself as, he is certainly arrogant about his intelligence.
  • It's All About Me: As he declares in one episode, he doesn't want to make Keepaway Island a utopia, but rather he wants it to be a "me-topia".
  • Large Ham: Tends to chew the scenery with his declarations of evilness and genius-ness.
  • Maniac Monkeys: Although really he's only part primate, he's still quite the megalomaniacal evildoer.
  • Never My Fault: He frequently blames Octocat for things even beyond her control (like rain occurring while he was sunbathing) or his own stupid mistakes, but has even blamed science itself for his failures. "Of Masters and Minions" is an excellent demonstration of this.
  • Never Learned to Read: Admits to such in his first appearance, which forces him to take lessons from Octocat.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: He's nowhere near as competent or brilliant of an evil mastermind as he believes himself to be.
  • Tailfin Walking: If for whatever reason he's not walking on his hands, he's perfectly capable of walking on his tailfins. Also sometimes his pelvic fins can be seen moving to his expressions.
  • Villainous Friendship: With Octocat, who seems to be the only mutant he shows even the mildest bit of compassion for.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: He frequently uses female disguises in his schemes. Peri even compliments him on one of his dresses that were "completely necessary".
    Mister Smarty Smarts (to Octocat): No, this is not just another excuse for me to wear a dress!


Voiced by: Katie Crown
A (you guessed it) cat-octopus who accompanies Mister Smarty Smarts with his plans to take over Keepaway Island. She only speaks in meows.
  • A Day in the Limelight: "Octocataclysm" and "Of Masters and Minions", although both episodes are labelled as "A Mister Smarty Smarts Cartoon" and not as "An Octocat Cartoon".
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: Several episodes imply there to be such between her and Mister Smarty Smarts.
  • Deadpan Snarker: While we can't understand what she's saying exactly, it's pretty clear from her boss' reactions that she's got a pretty sharp tongue.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: The only people that she and Mister Smarty Smarts truly care about are each other.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: Octocat reveals this in the episode "Octocataclysm".
  • Intelligible Unintelligible: She can apparently make some very lengthy statements with just a single meow.
  • Not So Above It All: She's good at finding the flaws in Smarty Smarts' plans, but she also once decided that watermelons were a sufficient substitute for a giant death laser, so yeah.
  • The Straight Man: She's always the one to point out to Mister Smarty Smarts the poorly thought out aspects of his schemes.
  • The Unintelligible: Nearly all of her lines consist of a single meow.
  • Villainous Friendship: With Smarty Smarts, although the nature of their relationship is sometimes implied to be familial or romantic.
  • Women Are Wiser: Not as much as Patricia, but she's clearly far more sensible than her master.

    Princess Pony Apehands

Voiced by: Kedar Brown
A huge gorilla-pony with the uncanny personality of a very young girl. She does demonstrate her monstrous size and strength quite well, like walking through solid structures like they were made out of toilet paper.
  • A Day in the Limelight: There are two episodes labelled as "A Princess Pony Apehands Cartoon", which are "No Play for Princess" and "Fairly Odd Princesses".
  • All Girls Like Ponies: Her girlish interests include ponies, dolls, playing tea, and the like.
  • And Call Him "George"!: Due to her massive size and strength, as well as childlike personality, Princess has a tendency to accidentally harm those she smothers with affection.
  • Animal Stereotypes: Her girly characteristics match her pony parts while her brutish qualities match her gorilla components.
  • Does Not Know Her Own Strength: She tends to hurt others while trying to play with them or give them a hug due to her obliviousness to her own power and how she has the mental capacity of a 5-year-old girl.
  • Girls Love Stuffed Animals: She owns lots of dolls, teddy bears, and the like.
  • Gonky Femme: A hulking brute with the interests and attitude of a little girl.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: She has quite a short temper, and given that she has the strength to crack skulls like watermelons, angering her is a bad idea.
  • Hulk Speak: Speaks like such to emphasize the humorous contrast between her childish demeanour and enormous size and strength.
  • Killer Gorilla: While not actively hostile, her huge strength and short temper make her very dangerous when angered, as many of Keepaway Island's denizens have learned the hard way.
  • Larynx Dissonance: She has a deep, masculine voice.
  • Princess Phase: She's basically in one, with her appearance and strength serving as a humorous dissonance

    Fuzzy Snuggums

Voiced by: Julie Lemieux
A cute and lovable critter who lives and breathes on the urge to explore the island and visit the outside world. Unfortunately, things never ever, ever go right for him.
  • A Day in the Limelight: "Fuzzy's Great Journey" and "Sgt. Snuggums" are both labelled as "A Fuzzy Snuggums Cartoon" and star the character very prominently.
  • Butt-Monkey: Pretty much all of his appearances consist of him getting maimed and injured by the other characters or failed expeditions.
  • Cartoon Creature: What exactly he is on an island dominated by Mix-and-Match Critters is never explained. We know he was a creation of the Doctor, but that's it. It was ultimately averted as of 2019 (nearly a decade after the show ended) when Simon Racioppa finally confirmed on his Twitter account that according to original scripts, Fuzzy was meant to be part fawn, part baby fur seal and part kitten.
  • Catchphrase: Often begins his statements with the phrase, "Expedition note".
  • The Chew Toy: His purpose on the show is solely to suffer for our amusement.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: It's revealed in one episode that Fuzzy was originally created to be a fighter. However, he was TOO good at his job, and the Doctor rewired his brain for exploration. His original personality resurfaced after Peri and Entree pushed him too far in one episode.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Simon Racioppa also confirmed that Fuzzy does make it to where he wants to explore at some point... if being on fire counts when you get there.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: Whenever Fuzzy Snuggums tries to get off the island to explore the rest of the world, you can expect something disastrous to occur to him.
  • Made of Iron: Due to his original purpose as a fighter, he's nearly indestructible. Which is a useful trait for someone who frequently gets injured and maimed.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: A little fuzzball of some kind with an adorable voice.


Voiced by: Patrick McKenna
A horse who got merged with computer parts in a freak accident. Thanks to his newfound intelligence and ability to speak via voice programming, he can explain the wild phenomena the other characters encounter.
  • A Day in the Limelight: While there are no episodes labelled as "A Compuhorse Cartoon", he does feature extremely prominently in the episode "Cube Whacked".
  • Cyborg: Due to a freak accident involving an exploding computer factory, there is a computer monitor fused to the side of his body.
  • Limited Animation: Is deliberately animated in this manner. His mouth never moves when he speaks and the few times he does move, his body isn't animated in the slightest but instead floats and slides about as if he was programmed by a primitive computer program.
  • Mr. Exposition: He explains stuff to Peri, Entree, and other characters, although they don't always leave with the correct understanding of what he tells them.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: He's basically meant to be a parody of Stephen Hawking, as reflected in his synthesized computer program voice, his extremely limited style of movement, and his genius intelligence.
  • The Smart Guy: The go-to guy for exposition on all the weird stuff occurring.
  • Synthetic Voice Actor: His voice is a computerized version of his voice actor's.
  • Third-Person Person: Speaks in such a manner.

    The Wunny Sharbit

Voiced by: Jess Gibbons ("My Fair Sharkbunny"); N/A (all other appearances)
A small brown rabbit spliced with a great white shark and a chainsaw. Underneath its adorable exterior are countless rows of saw-like teeth and a mindless ravening hunger that make it feared by all of Keepaway Island.
  • A Day in the Limelight: "My Fair Sharkbunny" isn't called "A Wunny Sharbit Cartoon", but it is the center of attention in the episode, thanks to Peri finding a Translator Collar that allows it to talk.
  • Animal Stereotypes: Its shark components match the stereotype of sharks as mindless, monstrous eating machines.
  • Big Eater: Will devour any other creature on Keepaway Island no matter how much bigger they are than it.
  • The Dreaded: All the mutants on Keepaway Island are terrified of it.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Can eat through even stone and steel.
  • Hair-Raising Hare: It's an itty-bitty bunny with a mindlessly aggressive demeanor and a monstrous appetite.
  • Killer Rabbit: Literally. It's basically a ravenous force of nature in the body of a cute little bunny.
  • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: There are plenty of shots in the series showing the inside of its mouth and its countless rows of whirring chainsaw-like teeth.
  • Threatening Shark: Other than its teeth, it doesn't really have any shark parts, but it certainly fits the popular image of sharks as ravenous monsters.
  • Translator Collar: Gets outfitted with one in "My Fair Sharkbunny", allowing it to communicate with the other mutants for the episode.

    The Doctor

The mad scientist who created nearly everybody on Keepaway Island. Having been arrested for his crimes against nature years ago, he never appears in the series proper, but his legacy is well preserved by the mutants he left behind.

  • Expy: He's based on the eponymous scientist of The Island of Doctor Moreau.
  • The Ghost: Although his image is virtually everywhere on Keepaway Island, he only appears physically in the show's intro.
  • Mad Scientist: His deranged experiments in genetics and the like are responsible for a lot of what happens in the show.


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