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José Luis Orozco and some of his most notable roles.
"¡Al infinito...y más allá!"Translation 

José Luis Orozco Flores (born on July 22, 1958) is a Mexican voice actor, best known in the Latin American Anime community as the voice of Beerus (or Bills, in spanish) from Dragon Ball Super, although most people will probably remember him as the voice of Buzz Lightyear (or of Tim Allen in general, since he has dubbed him more than any other Latin American voice actor).

Orozco started his voice acting carreer in 1985, and despite usually being cast as a Cool Old Guy or as The Mentor, he's quite versatile and is just as good at playing villains, anti-heroes, or even wacky comic relief characters.

His children Alejandro, Luis Fernando, and Andrea Orozco are all voice actors in their own right.


Notable Roles:



As the VA for Tim Allen

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