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Creator / Alfonso Obregón Inclán

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Alfonso Obregón Inclán (to the left) and some of his roles. Collage created by Eduardo Córdova.

Alfonso Obregón Inclán (born July 29, 1960) is a Mexican actor, voice actor and dub director. He began acting at age 4 with his family and debuted as a VA at age 7, and has been into dubbing ever since then. He's also said to be into acting direction, painting, sculpting and other stuff.

Despite his rather easy to recognize tenor voice, Obregón is very hard to typecast since he's played all kind of roles; nevertheless, almost every character he voices will deal at least some degree of snark, whether they're a Large Ham or The Stoic. The younger generations will recognize him as the ogre Shrek, as Bugs Bunny and as Kakashi from Naruto, but older fans will recall him more as Agent Fox Mulder from The X-Files. (In fact he's a sort-of semi-official VA for David Duchovny, plus people like Woody Allen and Harold Perrineau)


He and the late-Carlos Íñigo had similar voices, and in fact Iñigo sometimes replaced him in some of his roles. OTOH, he had a Relationship Voice Actor with the late-Luis Alfonso Mendoza.

Alfonso's sister, Gloria Obregón, is also a voice actress.

Anime roles

Film roles (Animated and Live Action)

As the VA for Andrew McCarthy

As the VA for Chris Rock

As the VA for Chris Tucker

As the VA for Harold Perrineau

As the VA for Mike Myers

As the VA for Woody Allen

Other roles

Live Action Television

Western Animation roles

Video Game roles