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Fridge Brilliance

  • In "Cube Whacked", Entree proclaims that he has no cerebral cortex when faced with the prospect of receiving an electric shock to it. This may seem like just a joke about how stupid Entree is until you realize that in another episode Smarty Smarts stole Entree's brain to power his toaster (roll with it).
  • Entree is listed on the main page as an Animal Gender-Bender due to being male yet having udders and laying eggs. However, Entree is made from several different animals, meaning he might have been made from a female cow and chicken plus a male shrimp and pig.
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  • Why is Smarty Smarts so smart? He's a cross between a dolphin and a chimp-the two smartest non-human animals.
  • In "Outsmartered", Smarty Smarts can easily make a "Smarterer", but not a "Dumberer". They say that it's because making a Dumberer is much harder, but there might be another explanation. The Smarterer required DNA from a genius in order to work. It's logical to say that the Dumberer would have required DNA from an idiot-since Smarty Smarts had made everyone on the island into a super-genius, he wouldn't have been able to find any.
  • It may seem a little strange that while non-plot important mutants like kangacoons have multiple specimens all over the island, all the recurring characters (aside from Wingus) are seemingly Single Specimen Species. Patricia is excused due to being specifically called the only non-mutant, and Joe is the result of a unique deformity, but what's with the rest? Probably because a lot of them were specifically to hold world records-Entree was created to be the tastiest animal on Earth, Smarty Smarts to be the smartest, and the Wunny Sharbit to be the most dangerous. If there were others of their kind, they wouldn't be the MOST [whatever], they'd just be one of the most [whatever].
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  • In "Roots", Entree being lazy leading to growing roots might seem like just Rule of Funny until you realize that he wasn't just being lazy-he was imitating a "slouch potato", a sloth, couch, and potato hybrid. Potatoes, obviously, have roots, and sloths grow algae in their fur by being lazy, so it actually sorta makes sense.

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