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The Doctor is currently cooling his heels in a WOOHP detention cell.
Everything about the creator of all the messed-up creatures who live on Keep-Away island makes him the ideal target for the attention of young women in color-coded jumpsuits and superweapons that look like cosmetics.

The events of Sgt. Snuggums are chronologically the series finale.
Possibly, unless they decide to make a second season of Spliced.
The Wuzzles is set in the same universe.
Either Keep Away Island is large enough for two communities of mix-and-match critters, The Wuzzles is on another, similar island, or the two shows are the same island in different time periods.

Peri was created to help the doctor Take Over the World

Peri is secretly the most dangerous mutant on the island, created as the doctor's secret weapon to achieve world domination. Unfortunately for him, he was arrested before he could inform Peri about his "purpose", leaving him blissfully unaware of his sinister origins. Let's look at the evidence, shall we?

  • Come to the Dork Side: Mister Smarty Smarts spends nearly the entire episode trying to harness Peri's abilities to help him take over the island. Unfortunately, Peri wasn't brainwashed by Smarty Smjarts' subliminal messages, possibly because those evil/destructive impulses were already present in Peri's subconscious.

  • Pork Chop shows Peri becoming a sociopathic dictator who enslaves everone on the island. After Entrée snaps him out of it, he thinks it was all a dream, implying his usual personality might be the result of Amnesiac Dissonance.

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  • The episodes Pink and Nobody's Cult But Mine both show Peri "accidentally" hypnotizing the other mutants into doing his bidding (the former as a one-off joke, the latter being the plot of the entire episode).

Peri was the doctor's Plan B; Entree was his Plan A.

Entree was created to curry the favor of mainstream society; he's an invention created to cater to humanity's every need and whim, the equivalent of a Thneed or, far more closely, a Shmoo. Not only is he delicious and produces a literal drug AND an antidote for any resulting addiction, he's also the perfect servant, instinctively obeying any command accompanied by the word 'poosh'.

Patricia is actually an otter/beaver/duck.
  • Which would make her essentially the same as a platypus.
    • Jossed. It's been confirmed she's not a mutant. However, no one on Keep Away Island believes this (believing her to be a duck/beaver/snake), according to her bio at the Teletoon website.

Peri is a Beaver/Octopus/Fox/Butterfly
Beaver: Similar face and buck teeth/Fox: Orange Color/Octopus: Tentacles/Butterfly: In one episode, Peri went into a coccoon and came out with wings
  • I can do one better: Peri to me is a squid/rabbit/lion
    • Squid: Similar tentacles and intelligence.
    • Rabbit: Extreme speed when on a sugar-rush and buck teeth.
    • Lion: Similar colour and fur colour (cartoonish styled) minus the mane + butterfly. I guess that makes him a Squiddilion.

Spliced is an alternate reality of Spongebob
  • Keep-Away Island is the island that resides above Bikini Bottom
  • Peri is Spongebob
  • Entree is Patrick
  • Mr. Smarty Smarts is Plankton
  • Mr. Smarty Smarts and Two Legs Joe both are Squidward
  • Octocat is Karen
  • Patricia is Sandy
  • Molesters equal Jellyfish
  • Fuzzy Snuggums is also Squidward in that they're both Butt Monkeys.
    • That does explain why they're all part aquatic animals.

All the main characters are actually part human
It'd explain why all the major characters can talk (aside from Octocat who uses Animal Talk) while other mutants like the Wunny Sharbit, Kangacoons, or Octowolves don't, nor do regular animals like crabs or hamsters. Has some Fridge Horror when you realize Entree was created as a food animal.

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