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This is the episode guide for Spliced, a short-lived Canadian animated series from Nelvana that ran for 26 episodes. It centers around the wacky misadventures of the mutants and Mix-and-Match Critters of Keepaway Island who have formed their own awkward civilization after their mad scientist creator was arrested.

The episodes are listed in production order.

Episode List

1a. Bowled Over: Determined to find out what he excels at, Peri discovers the Doctor's hidden bowling alley and a natural talent for bowling - which makes him Keepaway Island's only hope when bowling pin aliens invade.

1b. Stuck Together: After getting Mister Smarty Smarts to translate one of the Doctor's old journals, Peri believes that his purpose in life is to be Entree's best friend forever and soon starts driving Entree crazy.


2a. No Play for Princess: Peri and Entree need somebody to play Bucket-Stick-Fruit-Ball with them, and the only mutant willing to do so is Princess Pony Apehands, who plays too rough for the pair's liking.

2b. Cleaning Up: Peri adopts the germs living on his body as his pets, which causes him to grow a thick coat of mucus that does not take kindly to the other inhabitants of Keepaway Island trying to clean Peri up.

3a. Outsmartered: Fed up with the idiocy of all the other mutants, Mister Smarty Smarts creates a device that makes everybody on Keepaway Island super intelligent. Unfortunately, it ends up working a little too well.

3b. Gordon: Peri and Entree discover a broken-down golf cart which they name Gordon and repair by using the brain of one of the Doctor's killer robots. Now Gordon wants to drive the pair around Keepaway Island non-stop.


4a. Fairly Odd Princesses: Peri and Entree disguise themselves as fairy princesses to get Princess Pony Apehands to do things for them. However, Mister Smarty Smarts is inspired by the pair's idea to try the same thing.

4b. Brothers in Farms: Peri and Entree discover a mutant who looks just like Entree frozen in the Doctor's lab. The new mutant introduces himself as Entree's brother Aperitif, and he soon proves to be more popular than Entree.

5a. Roots: Entree learns how to take his laziness to new extremes, causing him to grow roots all over his body that effectively turn him into a tree. Can Peri and the other mutants get him to be more active again?

5b. Two Arms Joe: Feeling sympathetic for his armless lot in life, Peri lends Two-Legs Joe both of his arms to use for the day. However, Joe ends up growing attached to them, and now doesn't want to gives Peri's arms back.


6a. Honorary Freak: Patricia is always unhappy because of how she feels lonely as the only non-mutant amongst the mutants of Keepaway Island, so Peri and Entree decide to help her feel at home with the other freaks of nature.

6b. Come to the Dork Side: Inspired by how Peri and Entree always inadvertently cause mayhem for everyone on Keepaway Island, Mister Smarty Smarts decides to try hypnotize the former of the pair into becoming evil.

7a. Best Before Date: Entree discovers a barcode on his butt that when scanned tells him that he is two days away from his expiration date. Thus, he becomes desperate to delay his upcoming death by any means possible.

7b. Stompabout: Two-Legs Joe's bad temper is causing even more destruction than Peri and Entree's antics, so the bird on his rear, Lord Wingus Eternum, breaks his vow of silence to teach Joe how to control his anger.

8a. Amazon: Patricia leaves Peri and Entree to take care of her house and pet Mole-sters while she goes on vacation, and the pair end up transforming her house into an indoor jungle with the Mole-sters as hostile natives.

8b. Juice: Entree is obsessed with becoming popular, and when he finds out the milk from his top right udder teat is absolutely delicious, he and Peri begin to sell the stuff to the rest of Keepaway Island's denizens.

9a. Stupid Means Never Having To Say I'm Sorry: Entree convinces Peri that only losers apologize after their latest round of mayhem. However, this may have to change when it gets them stranded on a deserted island.

9b. Cube Whacked: Peri and Entree think that Compuhorse is the least exciting mutant on Keepaway Island to hang around with - that is until they discover a highly addicting video game called Cubewhacker built into him.

10a. Fuzzy's Great Journey: Fuzzy Snuggums wants to visit the Island of Amaze-otopia, but since he has absolutely no hope of ever reaching there, Peri and the other mutants organize a big staged version of the island.

10b. Octocataclysm: Mister Smarty Smarts falls into a state of apathy after his latest plan is foiled, so his minion Octocat takes the opportunity to organize her own diabolical scheme for taking over Keepaway Island.

11a. Promises, Promises: Entree learns that people give you anything you want if you promise something in return. Naturally, he abuses that privilege to the extreme, and it all ends up coming back to bite him in the behind.

11b. There Will be Stomp: Two-Legs Joe loses all his stomp power, so Peri and Entree have to help him get it back. But in Joe's absence, Mister Smarty Smarts constructs a stomping machine to terrorize Keepaway Island.

12a. Taste of Friendship: Peri gains superpowers after licking a strange glowing rock in the Doctor's lab. A jealous Entree then tries to outdo Peri by licking the same rock, only to find it's actually a brainsquid egg.

12b. Sugar Low: Peri becomes obsessed with helping others to get sugary treats, which causes him to go on an extreme sugar rush that gives him super speed - and Mister Smarty Smarts becomes inspired to try the same thing.

13a. Compu-Peri: Devastated by the loss of his new pet bat-puppy (or buppy), Peri is inspired by Compuhorse's state to become a computer and purge himself of all emotions. However, his friends don't like this idea.

13b. Marzipan Meadows and the Kingdom of Adventure: Patricia is working on her Indiana Jones-styled adventure novel, but finds that she can't concentrate with the antics of the other inhabitants of Keepaway Island.

14a. Livin' La Vida Lava: Peri and Entree discover a remote that controls Keepaway Island's volcano and its eruptions, but the mutants' excessive usage of their new technology ends up draining the volcano of all its lava.

14b. Mo' Mayo, Mo' Problems: Fed up with Patricia telling him what he can and cannot eat, Entree decides to live on a diet of only mayonnaise. But like a lot of the things Entree does, it all ends up going horribly wrong.

15a. Walkie–Talkie Spinesuckie: Peri and Entree find walkie-talkies, which Entree uses to ask Peri for help with everything. Meanwhile, Mister Smarty Smarts invents a machine that renders people literally spineless.

15b. My Fair Sharkbunny: Peri manages to get a translator collar on the ferocious Wunny Sharbit. Now able to converse with it, he becomes determined to reform the ravenous mutant as a civilized denizen of Keepaway Island.

16a. The Mutants Who Cried Monster: After being ridiculed for raising a false alarm with a monster sighting, Peri and Entree decide they have to give the rest of Keepaway Island a real monster to prove them wrong.

16b. Pink: Peri wakes up one day finding that he has inexplicably become pink. However, he's not quite sure how to handle his new color, as while the rest of Keepaway Island likes it, Entree does not think so highly of pink.

17a. Pork Chop: Entree learns kung fu from one of the Doctor's inventions so that he can become respected by the rest of Keepaway Island, but he soon begins using his new skills to bully anyone who opposes him.

17b. Same Difference: Mister Smarty Smarts and Two-Legs Joe become friends after bonding over their shared hatred of Peri and Entree, so the two team up to get back at Peri and Entree with their own brand of mayhem.

18a. Of Masters and Minions: Octocat gets fed up with Mister Smarty Smarts blaming her for all of his mistakes, so she leaves her master and moves into Peri's place to make herself Peri's own personal evil minion.

18b. Follow Your Dreamworms: Entree doesn't care much for following one's dreams, but soon hears mysterious voices in his head telling him to do things. Could it be that he now has dreams that he needs to follow?

19a. Nightmare on Condemned Street: Peri has a recurring series of nightmares involving a monster, so he, Entree, and Patricia uses some of the Doctor's technology to enter the dream world and find out what's going on.

19b. Whirrel Call: Entree's abuse of a whirrel ends up with him and the whale-squirrel in a "Freaky Friday" Flip. Both like their new bodies though, but then the whirrel elders order Entree to destroy his old body for his misdeeds.

20a. It's Nobody's Cult But Mine: Peri grows a pair of butterfly wings so beautiful it hypnotizes the rest of Keepaway Island into revering him - something both Entree and Mister Smarty Smarts want to take advantage of.

20b. Stomach on Strike: Sick of how Entree constantly mistreats them, Entree's stomach, heart, and brain leave his body to live in the outside world. Thus, Entree gets Peri to act as a replacement for his missing organs.

21a. Sgt. Snuggums: Peri and Entree's nonstop pranking of Fuzzy Snuggums causes him to snap and transform into a hulking super-soldier who sees everyone else on Keepaway Island as a robot that must be destroyed.

21b. Living Hellp: Exhausted by having to constantly help every mutant on Keepaway Island, Patricia creates a robot called Mrs. Motherly so she can get some personal time. However, the new machine proves much too helpful.

22a. Mole-sters in the Mist: Mister Smarty Smarts shrinks everyone on Keepaway Island to a tiny, helpless size. Now, Peri and Entree must find the help of the Mole-sters - Keepaway Island's little denizens with attitude.

22b. Jetpackin': Struck with a crippling sense of boredom, Entree takes Mister Smarty Smarts' jetpack to alleviate his tedium and live his life entirely in the sky. However, his new obsession ends up going too far.

23a. Yetis Don't Care About Nothin': Fed up with how nobody else on Keepaway Island allows him to do as he pleases, Entree moves in amongst the Yetis, whose society is so carefree that anyone can do anything they want.

23b. Clones Don't Care 'Bout Nothin' Either: Peri and Entree need to be in two places at once, so they use one of the Doctor's inventions to make clones of themselves. But then the clones start taking over their lives.

24a. Helen: Peri, Entree, and Two-Legs Joes all end up falling in love with a pancake they have named Helen, and the three begin fighting each other over her affections. Can Patricia put a stop to this insanity?

24b. The Count of Pinchy Crabbo: Entree leaves Peri stuck up a tree after forgetting to rescue him. Now, a mysterious mutant has befriended Entree, and wants to play "Now That I Have Your Trust, It's Time For Revenge".

25a. Mr. Wrinkles in Time: Entree finds out that the reason Two-Legs Joe hates him so much is because he threw his stuffed hippo Mr. Wrinkles into the volcano when they were kids, so he time-travels to fix this.

25b. Bite, Shuffle, and Moan: Peri has a really nasty cold that leaves him in an almost zombie-like state, and despite his friends' insistence that he stay in bed, he is determined to go outside and have fun with Entree.

26a. One Joe Wingus: Lord Wingus Eternum breaks his vow of silence again to convince Two-Legs Joe to bring him to the other side of Keepaway Island, where his kind gathers after their annual migration through space-time.

26b. Poosh and the Quest for the Blargy Parble: Peri discovers that whenever he says "poosh", Entree will do anything he asks. When Patricia and Two–Legs Joe learn this, they send Peri to find the mythic Blargy Parble.

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