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What time is it? CRACKPOT THEORY TIME!

See more guessing on the analysis page.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Adventure Time is a Shotout to Captain N
I saw one episode of Captain N today, and we have: One boy, one dog, one princess, and a video game console. They're a little weirder, but it seems like this is the inspiration.

Cinnamon Bun's Firehound did not get corrupted by the Fire Element's innate destructive capability because he is the same pup that was taken care of by the snow golem in 'Thank You'

Betty created Lub Glubs
Betty freaks out when she hears 'You forgot your floaties'. In Beautopia Finn, Jake and Susan fight Lub Glubs: monsters that resemble pool floaties. Betty has also wrote a book called 'Mystic Rituals And Their Space Time Applications' with Simon. Maybe one of those rituals created these creatures?

Peter Gabriel created Adventure Time 43 years ago.
When I first saw the episode "Blank-Eyed Girl", the way the titular "girls" peeled off their disguises and left those white, husk-looking bodies (*shudder*) almost immediately reminded me of this story [1], written and released by then-singer of Genesis Peter Gabriel for no reason other than to freak people out. I refer to this part in particular:

Very slowly, she starts to unzip her body... She pauses for a moment, before meticulously working her flesh apart... With tremendous effort, she loosens and pulls out a thin, shimmering, golden rod. Her fingers release their grip and her crumbled body, neatly sliced, slithers down the liquid surface of the rod to the floor. SPLAT! - The rod remains hovering just off the ground, a flagpole without flag.


Seventh season opening will be like Endless Eight in Haruhi Suzumiya
The Other Wiki shows us there's going to be eight identically named episodes at the beginning of the seventh season...
  • Jossed. Stakes was a mini-series not identical episodes.

The Seventh Seasons's next episode? It's finally revealing The Mushroom War and its aftermath in all of it's glory.
The next episode is a whopping eight-parter called "Stakes." The description? "The miniseries will follow Finn and Jake as they face a new threat brought about when one of Princess Bubblegum's science projects unleashes the ghosts of Marceline's past." If that doesn't sound like a Wham Episode to end all Wham Episodes, I don't know what will. "Stakes" will answer all the questions and events of the Mushroom War, and the origins of the Land of Ooo. They already are working on mysteries beyond that era("Evergreen" and Graybles 1000+) come to mind, so it's not like they're running out of new lore to keep us hooked.
  • Jossed, but not entirely. The mini-series does show some more of the aftermath of the Mushroom War, but there are still many questions left unanswered.

Peace Master is related to Ron James
The two look similar with their green skin, rectangular heads, and skinny necks. They also use lots of magic items. They could be brothers, cousins, or simply the same species.

A part of Darren's consciousness is now inside Finn's head
When Finn appears after defeating Darren, he is a bit slower and says "Guacamole" strangely, as if he wasn't familiar with the word...

Cinnamon Bun was never brain damaged.
There's a Nightmare Fuel entry that says C-Bun became brain damaged when he fell and hit his head on a candy wall in an early episode. In reality, C-Bun only pretended to be damaged. It was pretty much stated in Red Throne that he's not a fan of Bubblegum and her plans, so he decided to feign injury in order to stop her from making him help carry out her plans. If he is helping her, it's in a very simplistic way that doesn't necessarily hold him responsible for any bad things that occur as a result. In Five Short Graybles, he purposely shoves the Most Delicious Sandwich into his stomach without tasting it to spite the princess and express disapproval that she tortured a cow and killed a baby jellyfish just to make it. When he finally drops the facade in Fire Kingdom, it's because she can't make him be her servant anymore since he is serving Flame Princess now.

Tiffany was Finn's brother.
On the most shallow level, they are both human-shaped and blonde. Tiffany's skin is oddly colored due to mutation caused by the nuclear fallout of the Mushroom War. In "Dentist", Tiffany and Finn were shown to work well together with similar moves and mannerisms, as well as Finn saying numerous times that they are not so different. As suggested in a different WMG, Finn inherited his mother's heroic tendencies and good-heartedness, but Tiffany instead inherited Martin's "jerkiness" and selfishness. Additionally, the reason Tiffany is so evil is that he is constantly jealous of Finn and subconsciously feels like he should be in his brother's place (sibling rivalry), but instead he is constantly overlooked and never taken seriously. Why did Jake choose Tiffany to be his "new best friend"? Because he can detect that Tiffany is extremely similar to Finn, only evil, either because they smell almost the same (dogs have incredible senses of smell) or because of some magical intuition. Why he didn't know Tiffany was a human, I don't know - maybe Tiffany was raised by another species like Finn was and therefore wasn't immediately recognizable. Or maybe Jake did know but never told Finn...he isn't exactly known for being totally up-front.

Maja is Shoko's mother
For a start, there's a fair bit of physical resemblance between the two. Both have green skin, black hair, and have hints of an oriental look to them. There's also a picture of Shoko's ghost form in Maja's house, which may hint at a connection. Shoko's parents were said to be cruel towards her, to the point that the concept of parental love confused her, but if Maja was her mother, it might be worse than that. Maja apparently gains power through emotions, so she may have been deliberately making Shoko's life miserable to use her as a power source.

Finn's new arm isn't normal
If you look closely at it, it has what looks like a thorn just on the palm, when he first grows it back, and it's still covered in honey. Maybe it'll just fall off, or maybe Finn's arm now has some sort of grass blade related power.
  • Confirmed

Billy didn't tell Finn about Martin, the Lich did
Oh, come on. If Billy's so all knowing and wise, there's no way he would send Finn off to go rescue someone who apparently has committed crimes sufficient to be comparable to an Earth-Shattering Kaboom to a seemingly inhabited planet, especially if it would result in Finn being trapped in an inescapable crystal prison. On the other hand, the Lich had nothing but to gain from the situation. Sure, he might not have known that Finn would bring Prismo to him, but Finn being stuck in the Citadel not only allows him to get rid of what he perceives as nuisance, it also give him a chance to observe the process of getting into the Citadel and possibly to even follow him in. After all, it only make sense they go to Prismo to find a way in, as it had been implied that Jake had been spending a good bit of time at his place recently, and he's the only one they know with advanced universal knowledge. Billy had nothing to do with it.

Martin genuinely couldn't care less about Finn and is as much as a bastard as he seems
It's apparently a hard concept for some to swallow, between the attempts to justify Martin's actions and the attempts to paint Bubblegum's motives with regards to Lemongrab as more sentimental than she herself has stated to be capable of ("undifferentiated love", remember), but some parents just don't feel parental towards the individuals who view them as parents. Finn losing his arm wasn't something Martin could have possibly predicted, and he didn't intend it, it just happened, so it's highly unlikely he was trying to "unlock Finn's true potential" by making him an amputee. He barely blinked when Finn was stated to be his son, and barely seems to remember leaving a baby in the woods. Martin was probably imprisoned in the Citadel for a reason, and a complete lack of empathy wouldn't be out of place for someone capable of committing a cosmic crime. Even Finn's apple likely doesn't fall as far from the tree as one would think, as in recent seasons he's been shown to have a nastier, more unstable side than was apparent early on. Things aren't actually that simple and nice in Adventure Time.

Princess Bubblegum had a part in locking Martin up in the Crystal Citadel
We already know from the Shouko story that PB is several hundred years old, more than old enough to be around when Finn's dad was imprisoned. In the episode 'The Tower' she disguises herself as Martin to trick Finn. She successfully disguises herself as someone when she wasn't there the only time he was on screen. The only logical explanation is that PB knew Martin from before the episode and also knew that he was Finn's father. She had to have been there when he was locked up because she knew what he was wearing when it happened.

Martin was trying to help Finn
First off, why did Finn get his arm torn off? Because he was trying to reconnect with his dad (literally). Why was he trying to reconnect with his dad? Because he hadn't seen him in so long and he finally found him after 14 or so years of searching. How did he know where to find his dad? Because Billy told him. And now the big question here is, why would Billy, the legendary hero of Ooo and pretty much the nicest guy ever, the face of moral epitude, tell a 15-year-old boy where his long-lost father is, KNOWING his father's an abusive, selfish jerkwad, and not even bothering to mention this fact to Finn?!

Logically, Martin must not be that bad of a guy to begin with.

So why was he locked up in the citadel?! The answer's actually in the episode itself... Martin explicitly says that the Guardian's blood has "the good nooch" that keeps everyone locked up alive and well. Martin intentionally committed a cosmic crime to lock himself up, since he knew it was the only way he'd last long enough to see his son.

So why would he rip Finn's arm off after finally getting to meet his son for the first time in... what, forever?! The answer seems to manifest itself in "The Tower", where Finn grows a new "phantom", telekinetic arm through, apparently, sheer brainpower. PB mentions in the same power that the energy from his arm is SO POWERFUL... it's unstable and has the potential to hurt himself and others. We've also seen in the same episode that Finn appears to manifest it in times of extreme emotional stress, in this case, thinking about his dad. The arm "disappears" by the end of the episode, but the more likely explanation is that the arm lost power and "faded away", at least temporarily, after PB calms Finn down and knocks some sense into him. We can still see the shadow of the arm when Finn approaches Jake afterwards, hinting that it may not be completely gone and can still return... we know that there's going to be at least 6 more Martin-related episodes in the season, and I'm expecting Finn's "phantom" arm to make SOME sort of reappearance in these episodes.

I'm thinking here that Martin INTENTIONALLY ripped Finn's arm off in order for Finn to achieve his full potential with his new "phantom" arm. He probably knew that his son would adopt some sort of special powers (possibly from the mom?!) and knew that this was the only way to do it, possibly to give Finn the power to defeat some BIGGER bad than the Lich King in the future. In the end, Martin was just trying to do what's best for his son, and undoubtedly it hurt him as much as it hurt Finn.

Finn's dad is the big bad or not really is dad
He seems pretty evil even though he is Finn's dad, I mean he had to commit a COSMIC CRIME to end up in the Citadel so I don't doubt that he's evil. But just think of how epic it would be for Finn's dad to be the big bad although I guess a bit cheesy with the ultimatum of helping your dad or killing him for the greater good. Either that or this is not Finn's dad. It just seems too weird that he's Finn's dad. He even seemed to not really know anything about Finn during the Citadel episode. Whatever the case is something epic is going to happen with Finn's dad. But I also guess we are going to have to wait awhile to learn more about Finn's dad.

Martin the Human is Pals with Hunson Abadeer
Mavin's been traveling The Multiverse around to be a cosmic criminal, so why wouldn't he wind up n the Nightosphere sooner or later? You've got to admit that they've basically got the exact same personality. Can't you just imagine them having a few beers together? Just picture it, A Man and His Soul-Sucking Lord of Evil!

Finn's been an amputee since the series started
Finn has been wearing a super-realistic super-advanced artificial arm this entire time. In the episode Escape From The Citadel his artificial arm was pulled off, leaving the old healed stump. There are many ways Finn could have lost his arm in the dangerous world he lives in (injury, infection, etc). Two reasons for this theory: Finn's arm looks like an old amputation and not a new wound, and it would explain why Finn imagines himself as an adult with a robot arm as he would eventually outgrow the one he had.
  • The reason his torn arm healed over immediately is because of the Citadel Guardian's blood. If it can turn The Lich into a living baby-thing, it can certainly heal over an amputated limb.

Finn is going to grow his own arm
After the Grass Blade took his arm the drop of Guardian blood hit his arm and sprouted a flower, implying there is still a trace of the Grass Blade attached to him. Over the season (or maybe even between episodes) Fin is going to sprout a replacement plant arm rather than get a mechanical arm built by Bubblegum.
  • Perhaps he'll regenerate it like Eren Yeager.
  • Confirmed in the episode "Breezy" in Season 6.

Finn's Father's return was specifically timed:
Finn's father is returning from presumed death the day after Easter. Take that as you will...

Adventure Time's Guionists checks this very same WMG page, awaiting for someone to put a theory about...
Betty using Bubblegum's Time Machine to restore Simon's mind and youth. Come on. I can see you here, guys!

Adventure Tim has a fear of lakes, like Finn's fear of the ocean
Because his arch nemesis is a lake.

The Grass Blade is the reason Finn losses his arm
It has been severely teased across the show that Finn will lose his right arm, as his every incarnation has until now (except Fionna, but she must likely will lose it after Finn has). And now he is cursed with an irremovable sword on his right hand, when he loses the Grass blade his arm is coming off.
  • Yep, it happened.

Young Marcy really was close to death in "Simon and Marcy"
And Simon was looking for some medicine to help her recover. However, he didn't want Marcy to be scared, so he only told her that he was looking for chicken soup. Marceline never found out the truth about how close to death she was. The episode follows how she understood the situation as a young girl, not what actually happened.
  • This does explain why Simon was supposedly looking for chicken soup in a medicine store and an ambulance.
  • Word of God states that this was the original plan but they had to change if because of the network. So Marcy being an Unreliable Narrator because she was a child and Simon kept telling her he needed "soup" instead of medicine to not frighten her. Possibly further supported when Simon tells Marceline to cover her ears (so he can curse) and all he says is "Oh my glob!" over and over, because as a young child that's all she could imagine him possibly saying.

Princess Bubblegum's dismissal of Magic is due to Science Wizard being kicked out of the wizard duel.
She never seemed to care about magic not being special until recently. So, there might have been a catalyst. Perhaps she had a talk with Doctor Princess (who was Science Wizard) and Doctor Princess complained about the arbitrary distinction that got her kicked out. Princess Bubblegum realized this, and overcompensated with her "Magic and Science are not different" attitude because she stood by while Science Wizard was arbitrarily disqualified.

The Ice Crown can be controlled
Just like Marceline's dad Tallisman: It reacts to the wielder, and in some cases, it can twist them into "a suiteble user for its powers". But if the user is bad (or good) enough, or maybe badass enough to resist the influence, it will retain his free will. Maybe Finn & Jake (or even Princess Bubblegum ... who may ((or maybe not) be a grandchild of Betty AND Simon, try to free him from the influence, sans losins the powers.It could be the greatest story of this show!

Barring the super-robot one.

  • Most of this is plausible, but as of "Bonnie and Neddy" we know for a fact that Peebles cannot be descended from Betty and Simon (as she was spawned from the "mother gum").

The Powerpuff Girls takes place on the same world as Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and Adventure Time (but not at the same time)
  • The girls protect Townsville from gigantic beasts that could have come from the Mushroom War in Adventure Time. They might be the ones standing between Townsville becoming an inhabitable wasteland.
  • This also explains why the Mayor is still in office despite his incompetence.
  • The other cities shown in The Powerpuff Girls are actually city-states that have their own methods for defending themselves.
  • Chemical X may have been caused by the Mushroom War as well.
  • Both Mike, the Powerpuff girls, and Finn and Jake were all able to change reality through their imagination. Their abilities could also have been caused by the nuclear fall-out, as could the ability of people to create imaginary friends in Foster's Home.
  • We never see the imaginary friends of adults except for Madame Foster in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, but we do see that teenagers create dangerous creatures they use to attack each other. The adults may be using their friends to protect the town so they can go about their business as usual and pretend that life has not drastically changed.
  • To finish up the theory, it isn't the terrifying monsters that finished off the city-states. It's the rainicorns, who humanity could not believe was evil. That was why the dogs went to war with them, because they were trying to protect their best friends.

Ice King and Jake Jr. will eventually hook up.

Finn and Flame Princess are at Tier 9
in a cut scene for 'Burning Low' Jake mentions Tier 9 and that you will need a comfy place to sit because you'll have to think about what you did. Tier 9 is actually the first time you really hurt her feelings, and you need to think about what you did and how to fix it.
  • Bonus if Jake gets mad at Finn for not realizing he was at Tier 9, Finn thinks he was mad because he found out the context of the break up, and Jake ruins the moment by revealing he was mad Finn wasn't paying attention... then asks about the context because Finn seemed worried that Jake found out.

Maja the Sky Witch is going to attack the Candy Kingdom
At the beginning of the episode PB did say she detected an increased chance of an attack on the Candy Kingdom. At the end of the episode Maja said she was planning something big...
  • An upcoming episode is going to be called "Something Big". Maybe that will be her attack. Also, the telekinetic electro-emotional arm Finn inexplicably grew in The Tower is part of her plan. PB did say it was extremely powerful and could easily harm anyone in the vicinity.
  • Holy crap, you hit the nail on the head.

Peppermint Butler is Princess Bubblegum's familiar.
Peppermint Butler is implied to hold dark and secret intentions and maybe even be evil, and his aura is apparently so mindbendingly hideous that he refuses to reveal it, but he is nonetheless in the Princess' loyal service. Princess Bubblegum holds many professions, and, though it is clearly not her primary profession, and she may not even identify with the title, she is quite obviously a witch, as evidenced by the occasional proficiency she demonstrates with dark magic. Peppermint Butler seems very devoted to service, especially to the service of Princess Bubblegum. He also knows how to get to and from the Nightosphere, which appears to be the in-universe equivalent of Hell, and is good friends with Death, as would be expected of one who markets souls, such as that of Princess Bubblegum, perhaps. He has also exhibited catlike traits on occasion, such as hissing and bearing claws. Finally, Peppermint Butler has the same initials as Princess Bubblegum; it's a stretch, but it may indicate that some name-based magic was involved in his ascent to the mortal world to serve the Princess.
  • Princess Bubblegum doesn't even like magic. In "Wizards Only, Fools" she also shows disbelief towards magic, labeling it as "scientific principles presented like mystical hoodoo". Yet she has been seen using it, which makes all of this even more confusing.

The above, except that Peppermint Butler is still a good guy.
Because despite all the creepy stuff he says and does, he really seems like a genuinely good guy. Maybe he's a demon from the Nightosphere who got summoned and all that stuff, but that doesn't make him evil; it seems like there are plenty of disturbing, unholy Nightosphere creatures who would actually be pretty cool once you were to get to know them, such as Death and that big freaky mouth thing that carts smaller demons around. Maybe he heard Princess Bubblegum's call to the Nightosphere and was just happy to come up and help because he's a nice guy.

Princess Bubblegum is going slowly insane.
She's already somewhat unstable, given how Ice King keeps trying to kidnap her, she has probably outlived many of her candy citizens and Lemongrab. Through the course of the series, she's lost a good friend/and possible lover, been both threatened and possessed by a screaming reminder of the Mushroom War itself and worst of all, her entire family is in shambles. The son that she tried to fix has gone off the deep end, her grandson of sorts Lemonjon is dead (which likely contributed to Lemongrab's insanity) and her daughter/successor is like her only without conscience and with the powers of a god. Bubblegum is clearly going insane.
  • I will admit, I initially assumed this was a Ron the Death Eater guess. Now that I've read it, I wanna give Princess Bubblegum a hug.
  • While I do consider her insane, I don't think it's the way you said it. I think she's going evil insane. As in, towards the end of the series, she'll become the new Big Bad and try to have Finn and the rest of the human race exterminated for "causing mutants to exist". This leads to a whole Savages song, a massive civil war (complete with several Evangelion expies), and eventually, World War IV, culminating in Finn and Flame Princess (after getting back together since PB was involved in a conspiracy to break up Finn and FP so FP could take over the Fire Kingdom and she could plant Cinnamon Bun as a spy while slowly draining Finn's sanity) turning back time and preventing World War III between the US and Russia, which started in Ukraine.
    • Now THAT'S a Ron the Death Eater guess. While I do believe that PB is headed toward Villain's Ville, I don't think it will be due to xenophobia or any sort of prejudice. Take a look at how she treats her citizens, or anyone for that matter. She is more like a coddling, overprotective mother than the ruler of a kingdom. Her mind also works strictly in terms of logic, which has been shown to cause some Lack of Empathy situations. She also has trouble taking responsibility for her actions, preferring to eliminate the consequences to benefit her opinions and ideals (read: GENOCIDE OF SUPER SOLDIERS SHE CREATED). She's more likely to drift into the territory of Well-Intentioned Extremist Anti-Villain, desperately trying to protect the people she cares about by controlling their every thought or movement. And then, of course, destroying potential threats. Like the previously unstable Flame Princess. Or the Ice King, who has undergone massive Villain Decay and is Marcy's surrogate father. Or Marceline, who has a direct connection to the Nightosphere.
    • Why would she ever hurt Marceline?
    • Princess Bubblegum has put her duties over her own happiness countless times. If she deems Marceline a threat to the kingdoms safety, you bet your ass she's going to do everything in her power to eliminate her.

Maja The Sky-Witch is behind everyone taking a level in Jerkass
From Finn's manipulation of the Flame Princess to Lemongrab going way off the deep end, Maja's plan involves enhancing the negative traits of the people of Ooo. To have one episode where a supposedly sympathetic character acts like a huge ass would be an aberration, to have two in a row looks suspicious.

BMO's main program is actually an advanced future version of Cleverbot.
Both personalities are gender-confused computers that think they're human. They both love to play games. They'll both follow along any train of thought presented to them, even if it doesn't make sense, as seen when Jake starts to sing, "Where's Finn? Is he in the kitchen?" and BMO suddenly awakens and replies, "Does he have a pumpkin?" They're both spontaneous and a little bit crazy sometimes. When presented with a problem, they both have context-driven ideas that flow together nicely but are actually completely stupid when seen from a larger perspective, as seen when Finn loses a sock and BMO knows where it is all along, but decides to play detective instead of just grabbing it, simply on the basis that the present context is a mystery. Finally, both BMO and Cleverbot have a certain affinity for the concepts of romance and child-bearing, despite the fact that neither of them has any DNA with which to produce children. BMO is sweet and innocent because it grew up in a kinder world, and therefore had kinder input to learn from, and also because it is more advanced and therefore has a greater quantity of independent mental power with which to filter and piece together the input it receives.

The Ice King isn't actually losing himself.
Simon is still there, and isn't the least bit damaged from the crown's corruption. What is damaged, severely, is everything that used to make up Simon other than Simon himself: his sanity, his memories, his ability to reason. What really defines Simon, his personality, his soul, really, is something that cannot be harmed but by a demon, such as Hunson Abadeer; whatever paltry beings inhabit the crown can take his mind and destroy it, but they can do nothing to his soul. That's why Marceline still likes having the Ice King over, even though he doesn't remember her: crazy, irrational, and evil as he may have become, he's still the same old caring, good-humored Simon deep down, and he's still the man who adored Marceline, and to whom she feels attached. Even though he doesn't remember their relationship, they still sort of have it, owing to the fact that the relationship they had back then is simply the way that two personalities like theirs would tend to interact, memories or no memories.

Marceline's mother hated her daughter for being a demon spawn.
Hence why Marceline was abandoned and wandering around in the post-apocalyptic city before Simon found her.
  • Pretty solidly Jossed in Episode 2 of "Stakes" where we see her mom being pretty loving and affectionate. She even tells Marceline the story of how she met her dad. Which tragically means she probably died between the time of this flashback and "Simon and Marcy".

The amulet from "The Vault" will be an important item in a future episode.
  • Does popping up in the comics count?
Princess Bubblegum is trying to look for a way to be immortal.
Keeping up with what she said in "Goliad" ("I'm not going to live forever, Finn. I would if I could."), combined the many hints dropped in the series that PB has PTSD from her ordeal with The Lich's Demonic Possession of her and her Near-Death Experience, and that she's very frightened of the possibility of dying and leaving her kingdom under an Inadequate Inheritor (Lemongrab, who is completely unqualified for the job) or a potential tyrant (Goliad), as well as the fact that she seems to have given up on trying to create an heir for herself since her last two attempts have ended so badly, she's decided to go down this route. That way, she can continue leading the Candy Kingdom without worrying about anything serious happening to her to warrant someone else having to replace her and undo the good work she's done.

On Swords
Multiple ideas, related to swords.1. To save Jake from Kee-Oth, Finn will have to find his original golden sword and eventually will infuse the demon blood into it.2. Epic, Dramatic, Amazing scene will involve Finn calling Nothung.3. Demon blood infused Nothung.4. Equipment from the Dungeon Train will move up to main weapon status.

Hunson Abadeer didn't know he had a daughter until Marceline was older.
Little Marceline has usually been seen wandering alone or with Simon, no Hunson to be seen. This suggests he either abandoned her for that period of her life, or he didn't know he had a daughter. I propose the latter. Unless Hunson was a very different guy a thousand years prior, he seems like the guy to raise his kid to be like him. While he didn't intentionally abandon her, Marceline was upset that he was never there while she was having such a hard time.
  • Except that Hunson has a picture of himself with young!Marcie and her mother hanging in his house.
    • That picture could've been taken soon after he found out about her. The woman might not be her mother, or if she was, she was persuaded to come back by Hunson.

The Grass Blade will prevent the loss of Finn's arm.
The alternate versions of Finn with their missing arms were usually depicted as being as heroic as ever. Even in Dungeon Train, he was just obsessive, not corrupted, and Shoko just lived in a tough world. Maybe having an evil, cursed object as powerful as that blade bound to his arm will alter whatever events would take his arm.

Finn will never find his biological parents.
Because he's already found his real parents. Joshua and Margaret are the only father and mother Finn has ever known or needed. Joshua even left Finn the family sword. Between believing himself to be the last human in the world and being happily adopted, why would he feel the need to go looking for his biological parents?
  • He might not find his biological parents, but that wouldn't stop them meeting him.
    • Jossed unless Martin is not Finn's real Dad
    • Jossed. Finn finally met his mom in 'Helpers'.

Rattleballs is Benson from Regular Show, or is at least related to him.
Come on, they're just teasing us now.

The King of Ooo really is evil.
There will be an episode where Bubblegum tries to prove it, but everyone fights against her, believing she's gone mad and using some of her past actions as proof of that. But it turns out that she's right, and the King needs to be stopped.
  • I think this is somewhat confirmed, since his marriage speech included some caveats about Tree Trunks and her husband working at his compound for several years. However, his evil is more mundane evil, rather than "take over Ooo" evil.
  • Its seems that the King of Ooo is more like a good natured conman than outright evil. Its easy to see he's a douche, but compared to all the other villains on the show, it would be like comparing a sleazy car dealer with axe crazy spree killers.
    • By season 7 he seems much less god natured. Especially what he did last season to Sweet-P. And you know usurping PB's throne, stealing the money (and wives) of his citizens, trying to use Neddy as a way to extort from his citizens and ignored the potentially cataclysmic effects of Neddy never returning, and ordering the guards to die to protect him from the Vampire King's essence instead of trying to help his citizens. Oh and he hunted Crunchy for sport.
      • If not evil, then certainly incredibly selfish and sociopathic.

The King of Ooo is the real King of Ooo
And the princesses are in a cult to prevent the King from getting his land back.

The King of Ooo knows where the Lich is and is in league with him
Hes the King of Ooo hes probably well aware that the Lich has been on the loose since the events of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog and now hes keeping the Lich hidden to save himself.
  • If he knew where the Lich was? Why would he con and take advantage of Sweet-P the person who has the essence of the Lich inside him?

There was a King of Ooo, and Princess Bubblegum is his daughter.
First, this may go to explain how Bubblegum and so many ruling monarchs are considered princesses/princes; technically Ooo has a leader, and that's the King of Ooo. However the actual King of Ooo died/abdicated centuries ago, and as such Bubblegum doesn't accept his authority anymore. Secondly, it might go to explain why Bubblegum went off the deep end: a man is claiming to be her father, which much be really painful for her.
  • Jossed. PB was spawned from the "Mother Gum" and K.O.O is just a con-man (and also made of ear-wax). As seen in "Bonnie and Neddy" and "Stakes".

The "Fionna and Cake" stories are Simon's dreams of what his perfect life would be like, but corrupted by the crown's influence.

If you read the "'zine" that he produced that was included in the Adventure Time Encyclopaedia, all of the "Fionna & Cake" characters all think highly of Ice King, and he particularly loves Ice Queen amongst them all. It's all actually Simon's wish to have a family - wife, children, even pets who all love him and he loves them in return. He imagines a life with Betty, raising Finn, Marcie, and Peebles while accompanied by loyal pets. The crown corrupts this simple dream like it corrupted everything else about him, flipping genders and even species while showing him what it would have been like if his beloved Betty wore the crown instead of Simon. Ice King is particularly obsessed with the "Fionna and Cake" stories because, even corrupted, they're the closest thing to Simon's happiness that the crown has ever let him have.

Fionna will lose her arm in a future story.
Thus coinciding with the recurring theme of "alternate versions of Finn each losing an arm".

The Fionna and Cake stories all reflect the feelings and views of whoever is telling them.
In the first one, Ice Queen is seen, and she's not only a competent villain, she's attractive as well. Fionna and Gumball have more of a romantic relationship than Finn and Bubblegum do. These reflect Ice King's views of the world; he thinks he's competent and attractive. He seems to think that Finn has this perfect life and probably assumes that Finn is successful with Bubblegum. In the second story, Prince Gumball acts really prissy. This time the story is told by Marceline, who doesn't exactly have a high opinion of Bubblegum. In this story, Cake acts a bit more like a shallow view of Jake, which makes sense from the perspective of Marceline, who doesn't really interact with him on a deeper level like she does with Finn. The bit about Marshall Lee talking about being evil could suggest that Marceline struggles with that idea herself. After all, she grew up with a demon father who was always trying to push her into the family business of running the Nightosphere. If she grew up being told that she was evil by nature, it's no surprise that she might internalize it.

Marceline-penned episodes aside, Ice King's Fionna and Cake stories are based off of people who actually existed.
Ice King has lived a ridiculously long time, and it's not improbable that he would have encountered most of Ooo's major adventurers during that time. Fionna and Cake were real people, possibly even related to the current heroes, and they were significant to Ice King in much the same way that Finn and Jake are. Thus, these stories are his way of subconsciously remembering them, even if he is unable to consciously do so due to the Crown's influence. As the Crown gets wise to this and screws with his mind to try and stop him, the stories get more and more illogical.

There are, currently, two Cinnamon Buns.
Quite surprised this one's not here already, but basically one of them lives with Flame Princess as her champion and another at the Candy Kingdom seeing as there were episodes where Cinnamon Bun was his old usual self despite being after Earth & Water. Now, it is perfectly possible that said episodes are "out of order", CB went back for some time or CB was actually used as a means to set the episode in a specific time period; but this troper begs to differ: we've seen in James that PB sees no issue in cloning Candy People when she sees fit (and possibly doesn't think of them much higher than Magic Man thinks of everyone or Finn thought of the Little People) and then in Rattleballs we see that she likes to keep appearances. Add two and two and it's quite likely the CB we've seen still living in the Candy Kingdom is a clone of the more mature and badass "Blue Bun", after all, CB was surprisingly active in the kingdom, so it would be quite odd for him to suddenly vanish. Also, one wonders if such a thing hasn't happened in the past, what with CB having couple apparent deaths...

Regarding the future for Flame Princess and Cinnamon Bun.
First off, Cinnamon Bun's love towards Flame Princess is purely that of parent/guradian. Cinnamon Bun is currently with Flame Princess to try and help her become the best ruler she can be and seek answers to her questions as long as he can, as well as be her knight. Also, Cinnamon Bun will eventually die. He can only be exposed to so much heat in the Flame Kingdom until he starts to burn, which will of course lead to his death. At that point, he will tell her to follow her heart, and may lead to FP and Finn getting back together.

Being in the Fire Kingdom, even with the flame-proof spell, baked Cinnamon Bun over time.
Early in the series, Bubblegum comments that Cinnamon Bun is "half baked". By spending so much time in the Fire Kingdom, CB began to bake and as a result got bigger and smarter.

"Betty" will end in a Status Quo Is God moment
Yeah, hate to shoot you guys down but we might not the epic story the synopsis foretold (as is the problem with this season). Maybe it'll be All Just a Dream or something.
  • Seems to have been jossed. While not as epic as we'd hoped and Simon is back to being Ice King, Betty has been transported to the future and looking for a way to truly heal him-obviously setting up for future episodes. Less Status Quo Is God and more Status Quo's time is coming.

Finn will get a robot arm on purpose so that he can do the air-slicing trick Rattleballs was trying to teach him.
After all, Rattleballs said Finn could only be a great swordsman if "[he trains] this hard every day... for ten years... and get[s] a robot body." But Finn would probably be satisfied with just a robot arm, since it's possible that an arm might be all that is needed to make it work.

"Betty" will be leaked early.

The Ice crowns magic is growing weaker.
Which is causing the Ice King’s villain decay and might end up killing him, this is very important for my next wild mass guess.

The Ice King used to be a lot more evil.
His original goal was not to kidnap princesses but to freeze the entire world(like ice king Finn), but when the ice crowns magic started to weaken he became a evil overlord who wanted to take over ooo, when the magic continued to weaken he became similar to the ice king from the pilot and after that he became the ice king from the first two seasons.

The Ice Crown is Yandere for Simon.
It at the very least cares for him, given Farmworld!Ice Crown froze the world in grief and regular Ice Crown prevents things that should kill him easily (severe hypothermia, nuclear winter and radiation, Ricardio). Perhaps the Ice Crown is actually in love with or obsessively interested in Simon. Why does it drive him to madness? The Ice Crown is possessive, and doesn't want him to be with anyone else. This is the reason why the Ice King frightened away Betty. This possessive nature extends to eliminating even familial relationships, since the Ice Crown wants him all to itself. Ice King's own creepy and possessive nature is partly the Crown's personality blending with the Ice King.

Doctor Princess has a brother.
He's got some respectable job, like a policeman. This has led to some confusion when Ice King kidnapped Officer Princess and wound up with a dude.
  • Alternatively, he's not a police officer, people just think he is.

Princess Bubblegum isn't so much a Mad Scientist in as much as she operates under Blue-and-Orange Morality.
For one thing, Ooo is a post apocalyptic world where a lot of knowledge had been lost (either from the passage of time, or from the Mushroom War). Most likely, the rules, regulations and ethics regarding science experimentation were among those things. Bubblegum, being one of the very few scientists in Ooo, is willing to discover this lost knowledge in any way possible. Her apparent lack of ethics, by our standards, is just normal to her and the rest of Ooo's residents, who simply don't understand things like that.

The characters demonstrate the Seven Deadly Sins.
Consider the flaws of the main cast
  • Pride: Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum, who's probably the most blatant example of this. She does whatever she can to keep the populace under control(Goliad and Apple Wedding being a blatant example). Both of her kids are control freaks. She creates her own citizens and tries to master the lines of life and death-[[Frankenstein much like a certain Doctor]] famous for saying "now I know what it feels like to play God." And whenever someone tries to show that she's wrong? Like a narcissist, she reacts badly.
  • Greed and Envy: The Ice King. Yeah, lust seems a better choice, but the Ice King's creepier moments when he covets things. Notably his relationship with Finn and Jake-Ice King pesters them for their happiness, and as such either stalks them(he disguised himself as a creepy horse so he could gain a way of sleeping from them for example), or tries to live their lives in a delusional fantasy(Fionna and Cake). And there's of course whenever he tries to steal princesses. Coveting both a better life and what it would give him, the Ice King fits both sins
  • Lust: Finn. While the above are ruled by their sin, Finn is continually wrecked by it. Whenever Finn acts like a jerk? Blame his hormones. His relationship with Flame Princess failed miserably becausehe basically had an erotic dream, and when he tried to rekindle with his "ex" he forgot about the whole "tyrant Lemongrab" thing.
  • Wrath: Lemongrab. Flame Princess seems an obvious example, but she grew out of it and much of her raging since her Heel–Face Turn is justified. Lemongrab, however, is the patron saint of Disproportionate Retribution. He rages at pretty much anyone who doesn't follow his rules. He crossed the Moral Event Horizon over a toy. If that isn't wrath, I don't know what is
  • Gluttony: Bit of a stretch, but Gunter fits this sin rather well. Not the overconsumption part, mind you, but the wastefulness. For example when we wants Ice King's attention and finds an Artifact of Doom. He forms an unstoppable army and after he conquers the world...he makes them gather bottles for him to break. Yeah, that's definitely the wasteful part of gluttony
  • Sloth: Jake. Along with being generally lazy, Jake basically let himself die Because Destiny Says So-in essence he follows the "giving up" classic interpretation though without the whole Despair aspect.

Marceline is older than 1003 years
In "Simon and Marcy" she dismisses Simon's offer for a ride on his back, saying she's "not a child". This could be her trying to act more grown up, or, since we know she ages slowly enough to live over a thousand years without vampiric immortality, she was actually decades old by this point and only looks seven years old.
  • Considering her timeline, being that old would make sense. This would explain how she can remember her mother so well despite being less than three when the Mushroom War ended(in reality she was more like sixty-three) and what happened to her(Marcy just straight outlived her.) Hunson supposedly abandoning her? He thought she was old enough to handle herself. Little Marcy acts like a kid because she's still mentally developing at the same rate as her physical body, hence why she says she's a thousand years old. With all this in consideration, it may have actually been best that daddy ate her fries-any fries that lasted the decades it took for her to become a teenager would be loaded with so many preservatives you'd have to be deathless not to get horrible food poisoning.

There will be a "Fionna and Cake" installment dealing with Marshall Lee and the Ice Queen.
It will most likely end with the Ice Queen remembering who she is and breaking free of the crown's control, then hugging Marshall like a mother...and it will all turn out to have been a story Marceline and/or Betty was telling.

The giant woman seen in the promos for "Billy's Bucket List" is Billy's daughter, and a new love interest for Finn.
Jossed. It's Canyon, Billy's ex-girlfriend.

There will be an episode where Betty is seeking help from Marceline to save Simon.

How Simon will be restored and gain his happy ending.
As a form of a loophole. Betty can't remove the Ice Crown's power without it killing Simon, but she can't have him wear since it drives him insane. Knowing this, Betty will attempt to purge the Ice Crown's sentience from it, thus ensuring being the Ice King doesn't drive her fiancee crazy. Unfortunately it will turn out that being sentient is what allows the crown to work. As a result, she will become the crown's new consciousness to keep Simon going. But it seems that Ice King is still crazy...until we find out that Ice King is slowly becoming more lucid, and Betty is inside the crown, solving the labyrinth of his mind. But *shock* the Ice Crown's consciousness(call her the Crown Princess) is in Betty's body, looking for a way of reuniting [[Yandere with precious Simon.]] Sequel Hook!

In the next episode, Ice King is very close to being Simon in mind once again-there's just one mental block stopping him, and Betty is having trouble fighting it. Meanwhile, Crown!Betty has formed an alliance with Ricardio. Crown!Betty wants its precious Simon, and Ricardio is interested in the legendary Betty. A battle occurs between Ice King/Betty and Ice Crown/Ricardio. In the end, Ricardio and the Ice Crown lose and Simon finally comes back. Having earned their happy ending, Simon will use the same principle he used with his snow creatures to give Betty a remote-controlled body. After a thousand years of heartbreak, Simon and Betty will quite literally live happily-ever after. At least until the sun blows up.

  • You forgot the part where they adopt Marceline.
    • I didn't because that's obvious.

There will be a Bad Future episode.
Considering some of the growing issues of both the cast and shows, something really bad will probably happen soon-especially considering the end of Lemonhope. We know time travel and altering the timeline is possible, so the typical format of "hero sprung into the Bad Future, goes back to stop it" isn't out of the question. The character in question will be Jake, due to the impact his disappearance would have on Finn and his experience with other alternate timelines. As a result, Finn will become a brooding anti-hero, Princess Bubblegum has undergone a Face–Heel Turn, Ooo will be a Crapsack World and Mr Cupcakes will be married to Lady Rainicorn. The apocalypse we saw at the end of Lemonhope happened in this Bad Future, thus serving as an Author's Saving Throw for people upset by the ending. The conflict will involve Queen Bubblegum's attempt to stop Jake going back in time, ending up in an epic Finn vs Bubblegum fight. If the "the Lich made Bubblegum become more evil" theory is correct, the Lich could have been guiding her Face–Heel Turn to begin the Mushroom War anew. The ending will end with Jake returning, resulting in a good future with a heroic Finn and elderly Jake fighting monsters. Bubblegum will be missing, however, foreshadowing that she will become evil for real.

Ice King will eventually revert back to Simon.
At the end of the Lemonhope two-parter, Lemonhope is seen, possibly a thousand years later, walking past a tree that appears to be a larger version of the one Finn and Jake live in. But the Ice Kingdom is nowhere to be seen. This could suggest that Ice King does eventually revert back to Simon.
  • Unfortunately, in "Graybles 1000+", we get another look at that distant future. And we see that... thing that lives in former Ice Kingdom...
    • It could be the essence of the crown or something else. Not necessarily Simon.

Finn's dad will turn out to be kind of a jerk.
Maybe he hates all magic and is some sort of human supremacist, and when he returns to Ooo he doesn't want Finn to hang out with Jake or any of the candy people, or Marceline or pretty much anyone else in the world. At the same time, he and Finn get along very well, so Finn is conflicted on what to do. He, of course, chooses to stay with Jake and his friends.
  • Kind of confirmed; he's less of a racist and more of a deadbeat.

Finn's dad will forever stay in the Crystal Citadel.

The grass blade is going to turn into a prosthetic arm.

The amulet from "The Vault" will play an important part in a future plot/episode.
"The Vault" gave it too much importance to just forget about.

The penguins are all magical.
Hence why one of them could wear the crown to rebuild the Ice Kingdom without adverse effects.
  • Maybe the Ice Crown just trusted them.

The crown only has one main wearer at a time.
So if someone other than the main person wears it, s/he will gain the powers but not the insanity.

The Lich is still somehow using Billy's voice and face to lure Finn into trouble.
According to the unused storyboard from "The Lich," the Crystal Citadel is a dimension that is easy to enter but nearly impossible to leave. While this may or may not be canon, if it is true, one has to wonder why Billy would tell Finn to go there, even if his father is there. What if the Lich just wants Finn to be trapped there as well, so he won't be able to stop the Lich's future attempts to destroy life?
  • Or maybe the Lich just learned it somehow when he possessed him.

Humans as a whole are physically far more powerful than most other creatures on Ooo.
Finn is a hero, sure, but he's also just fifteen years old - a bit too young for many of the physical stunts he has done. In Betty, both Betty the perfectly normal scientist from the past, and Simon when deprived of his crown and dying, are capable of performing similarly impressive feats that people of their profession should not be able to. Maybe everything else just devolved and are actually far weaker than they would normally appear to be?
  • Alternatively, humans are subject to species-wide Conservation of Ninjutsu. Fewer humans = significantly more powerful humans, since all that human power is now just in Finn, Susan, and Betty rather than billions of people.

Wabisuke is Marceline/Marshal Lee's distant relative
Just thought they had some sort of resemblance.

Princess Bubblegum tried to rig the the Wizard Duel so she wouldn't have to deliver the "prize".
PB has repeatedly made it clear she has no time for romantic pursuits, her kisses are not easily won (even by people she LIKES) and she has stated repeatedly that she thinks science is far superior to magic (most notably in "Lady and Peebles"). All of which begs the question of why she would offer herself (or at least, her lips) as a prize in a Wizards' Duel, which seems to go against her beliefs and personality on several levels. She was probably roped into it as some kind of diplomatic duty (another thing about being a princess that she has admitted to finding distasteful). When she found out the Ice King was a contestant, that was the last straw. Ice King is one of the more powerful wizards in Ooo and had a good chance of winning (and even if he didn't win....I mean, c'mon, did you SEE some of those other contestants?). So she convinced Dr. Princess to enter the Duel under the alias of "Science Whyzzard". PB figured that Dr. Princess, armed with science instead of magic, could win the duel and Princess Bubblegum would at least be kissing someone who was a close friend (and who, unlike Finn, wouldn't get the wrong idea). But PB didn't count on Science Whyzzard getting disqualified.

Billy intended all along for Finn to find his bucket list.
Billy had completed most of his bucket list except for three items. Two of them "Tell Finn that thing" and "Lie on my back in the ocean. Just float" had particular significance for Finn. For the first one, Billy couldn't just leave a note for Finn because he didn't want the information to fall into the wrong hands (such as The Lich). By making it cryptic, Billy knew it would pique Finn's interest. (Finn even lampshaded this when he said, "Well, that's gonna bother me forever.") The second item was specifically to inspire Finn to conquer his fear of the ocean, possibly because he would have to do so in order to find his father. It's possible that the remaining item on the list, "Take Canyon for one last ride" was meant to trigger a meeting, and subsequent acquaintance, between Finn and Canyon, maybe because Canyon can help him find his father.

Peppermint Butler is Princess Bubblegum and Marceline's kid from a previous relationship
  • He's one of the few remotely competent candy people, and "Goliad" established that stuff like that can be passed down genetically in Ooo.
  • "Goliad" also shows that Peebles is totally capable of using DNA to create new candy life; she could've totally combined her own DNA with Marceline's and made a candy person out of it.
  • Peppermint Butler's moral oddities make more sense given his parentage. Both PB and Marceline have taken questionable moral actions in the past, which could easily have rubbed off on him.
  • All of his creepy demon knowledge might be the result of him technically being Hunson Abadeer's grandson.
  • It might explain why Marcy and Peebles' relationship is a bit... odd. The creation of Peppermint Butler could easily have been what stretched the relationship to the breaking point. PB doesn't really treat him like family; chances are she sees him as more of an experiment or a helper. Marceline, who we know has tons of family issues, would definitely not be happy if PB didn't want to form an actual family, resulting in her storming out and having to cool down for a few hundred years.
  • Last, and most importantly, both Princess Bubblegum and Peppermint Butler have the initials PB. I mean, that practically confirms it right there.
  • I just got some really weird ideas from this.
  • Dare you to watch "All the Little People" with this theory in mind (specifically, the scene in which the little Marceline and Peppermint Butler are a couple and she's licking his face to the point of dissolving his body).
  • But why isn't Peppermint Butler PB's heir and what was stopping him from taking the throne when PB was too young to rule? Being a failure or PB being ashamed doesn't fly since Lemongrab was able to take the throne. Why did PB bother to make Lemongrab if she already had Peppermint Butler around?

We are in what will be the land of Aaa

  • In "Holly Jolly Secrets", Simon said that the crown was of Scandinavian origin. We're all familiar, I'm sure, with the Hans Christian Andersen story of The Ice Queen. Now, in Fiona's world, her Ice Queen explicitly wears a tiara. Ergo, the relic in Fiona's world from Scandinavia originally belonged to a Queen or Princess. That means that Fiona's world is likely the future of our world, with the story of an existing Ice Queen. And if we were to travel to the parallel world that would be Ooo, we would meet gender-flipped versions of ourselves.

The Lich is inhabiting one of Finn's previous bodies

  • It's strongly implied that the Lich took over someone's body after the bomb fell. It's quite possible that it's a prior incarnation of Finn, and in all of his incarnations, Finn is supposed to fight or hold back the force of oblivion that is The Lich. Finn remembering a former "life" as a comet suggests that he is or was some sort of cosmic entity, and the comet is all he was allowed to perceive to preserve the sanity of a human mind.

Finn's dad and the Lich have some sort of relationship.
Check out the synopsis on the wiki "In order to find Finn's father, Finn and Jake must commit a cosmic crime...unless the Lich beats them to it." This seems as if the Lich wants to get into the Crystal Citadel...but why? Could it be that Finn's dad has some connection to the Lich that he wants to remove? Given how the Crystal Citadel is home for the worst prisoners in the world, Finn's dad could be working for the Lich(or depending where he came from, helped to create), though it's equally possible that Finn's dad found some weakness to the Lich he wants to eliminate.

Humanity has all but died out. By now, there isn't a large enough human population to sustain entities that drink their blood. While you may say "but Marceline can sustain herself with the colour red", keep in mind that Marceline isn't a pure-blooded vampire; her father is basically SATAN. Marceline's demon heritage allowed her to survive on the colour of blood, but unfortunately for the rest of the vampires they couldn't do that.
  • Confirmed. But they didn't just die off, she killed them.

Bubblegum and Marceline used to be evil partners in crime.
Bubblegum was once all-out evil, hence why Goliad was so easily corrupted. Bubblegum eventually got out of that phase, and she and Marceline had a falling out over it. Bubblegum still resents Marceline somewhat for encouraging that behavior.

The Lich
will return by killing off his infant form. You honestly don't expect being brought back to life to stop him permanently? The moment Baby!Lich "dies", his soul will just be transferred to a fresh new corpse-and The Lich has a bunch of zombie servants, and noticeably a bear to carry this out. It'll be a while, though, so they can save him for the Grand Finale.

Alternatively, he was exiled back in his jar.
He really didn't expect being turned into a baby, and when it occurred the Lich was ejected out of his body. With no other body, he's stuck basically as a spirit without a body. Knowing the Lich, he's probably got a contingency plan to get a new body. Either way, it'll allow the writers to give the Lich a legitimate reason to wait until later while they focus on other plot threads.

At the end of "Escape from the Citadel," Tree Trunks was going to say "We should get a dog," not "divorce."
The "divorce" option certainly makes sense given Tree Trunks' character, but this WMG is also applicable and less depressing.
  • That could give further insight into why a baby changes everything: Tree Trunks wanted a kid, but because of her age couldn't have one/somehow she wasn't able to adopt. A dog would've been a close substitute, but with the poor sod who the Lich possessed/was born from rejuvenated she can have her baby.

Billy put Martin into the Citadel.
We haven't seen what Martin is capable of, but he takes to leading the cosmic criminals very easily. The fact that he wants to be a leader of these guys means while not committing the Cosmic Crimes himself, he probably go others to do his bidding and thus escaped punishment, requiring the Greatest Warrior Ever to intervene.

Martin isn't Finn's dad
.More accurately, he isn't Finn's dad any more than the Lich is Billy when inhabiting his corpse. Martin hijacked Finn's dad's body, and avoided answering Finn's questions because he didn't want his host to develop the Heroic Resolve needed to fight him off.
  • Or perhaps he was never Finn's dad. It would all fit into an earlier WMG about the Lich manipulating Finn into going to the Crystal Citadel. The Lich figured out some way to project himself as a Billy constellation from Prismo's Time Room, knowing that the only way out would be to commit a cosmic crime and be sent to the Citadel. The 'thing' Billy was going to tell Finn was something else, but by taking advantage of Finn's heroic nature and Jake's friendship with Prismo, the Lich knew that if Finn brought Prismo's corporeal body in, he could wake it and be freed from the Time Room. Martin is just some guy who looked enough like Finn for Finn to believe he was his dad. He was just playing along so that Finn would help him escape.

Finn will track down Martin to retrieve his original arm.
Princess Bubblegum will make Finn a mechanical arm, but Finn would rather keep his original arm so that he can forget the events of "Escape from the Citadel" ever happened.

Season 6 will have another "Simon and Marcy" episode.
The previous two seasons dealt with Ice King and Marceline's relationship, along with both of their pasts. Season 6 will either reveal how they met(and what happened to her parents), how they separated(aka what made Simon lose his mind) or both. Bonus points if this is a re-telling to Betty

The Ice King is the reason Marceline and Bubblegum's relationship turned sour.
Specifically, when the Ice King began kidnapping Princess Bubblegum. Trying to figure out how to deal with your father figure perving on your bff/girlfriend would've been really hard, and they would've had arguments surrounding what to do. One solution she tried pissed Bonnibel off and destroyed their relationship. It would also add another reason why Marceline avoided the Ice King for so long.
  • Alternatively, Marceline repeatedly tried to defend/make excuses for Ice King, something that Princess Bubblegum was not pleased by.

Marceline's mom survived, and spent time with Simon.
First, it would explain where the hell Hunson was-he thought Marcy's mom was taking care of her. Second it would explain why she has such a fond memory, despite meeting Simon at age three. The reason we don't see Marceline's mom in "Simon and Marcy" is a)she died, b)she ran away from Simon's Ice Crown rampages(explaining Marcy's fear of it) or c)she was busy searching for survivors and Marceline didn't want to mention it.

Martin will turn out to be a lot like Finn.
Much like Finn, Martin used to be a genuine, adventure loving hero. What changed all this was how they dealt with romance. Finn can go to some dark places when his love-life goes wrong, but ultimately grabs a hold of himself. In contrast, Martin refused to give up and do whatever it took to earn love. He did, but it resulted in whatever crime put him in the Citadel. His wife considered him a great hero, but the fact he committed such a crime shows that underneath that heroic facade Martin came to care all about HIS happiness. The reason he doesn't want anything to do with his son is because he wants to cut all ties from this "mistake."

Martin wiped out the remaining humans.
How direct is unclear, but regardless it may explain why he was a serious enough criminal to be imprisoned in the Crystal Citadel.Jossed. There is a surviving human civilization.

The comet is what caused the mass release of magic on Earth.
The show suggests a comet may have hit Earth, and is possibly the reason there's a big chunk missing from it. In the Farmworld universe, the comet never hits and there's little magic in the world.

There was a good reason why the Cosmic Owl appeared to Finn in "Fire and Ice"
The Cosmic Owl usually appears to people when they die (Billy) or have near death experiences (Jake, maybe Ice King in "Prisoners of Love"). It might have just been a self-fulfilling prophecy, it might have been an aesop of how young love might not really last or it might have been another reason for his appearance. Maybe in the future, FP or Finn do something very terrible to one another or someone else. Maybe they really would have destroyed the world like what almost happened in "Burning Low".

The Grass Sword will return
And it will bring Martin with it. This this has been shown to be sentient, determined, and magical. Reaching Martin was the last command it received from Finn, and since Finn is irreversibly cursed to possess it, it will achieve its goal and it will return to Finn.
  • Your logic is sound both on Earth an in Ooo. All that's left is time. Either you ar correct, or Martin destroys the Grass Blade.

Whatever caused the giant crater altered the orbit of the planets.
Just look how large the crater is! Anything that powerful would radically alter the Earth's rotation and axis, along with changing its orbit. Because of this, the change in Earth's position would also change all the other planets' orbits-this would explain why in "The Lich" Mercury isn't visible-its orbit was altered to the point that it either fled out of the solar system or crashed into the sun. Keeping this is mind, the Mushroom War may not have occurred 1000 years ago considering that with Earth's orbit and rotation altered, day and year will have different meanings.

If the giant crater was because of a comet, then the comet crashed because of the Lich.
The Lich wants to kill all life, and what's a good way of extinguishing a bunch of life? Comet impacts. They caused the last mass extinction, so the Lich thought it would be a useful tool. Considering how massive the crater was, the Lich took a big enough comet to reduce the Earth into a molten wasteland. So why didn't this happen? The Ice King. He has the power to control ice, and comets are primarily made of ice. While he wasn't able to prevent a chunk of the Earth from being obliterated, he was able to contain the collision so that the rest of the planet didn't become a complete wasteland.

Finn's mother is still alive too.
Remember in "Goliad" how Princess Bubblegum told Finn that his heroic nature is in his genetics? You don't really think he got those heroics from Martin, do you? Finn's mom will turn out to have been an almost Billy-level hero who was the one who managed to get Martin in the Citadel in the first place. That said, she won't be without flaws of her own; she'll have a strict "I Work Alone" policy and refuse Finn's help when he finds out that she's trying to track Martin down.
  • Finn will turn out to be a genderbent result of Dating Catwoman.
    • Semi-confirmed. Finn's mother finally appears in the Islands miniseries and while not necessarily heroic (she's actually kind of a Well-Intentioned Extremist), she's also a genuinely kind person who parts on good terms with her son (unlike Martin).

The debris around the Time Room is the missing chunk of Earth
In "Wake Up", Finn wonders aloud what exactly caused the floating rocks and debris that surrounds the Time Room. Whatever destroyed the chunk of the planet blasted the pieces and Old Man Prismo into the center of the multiverse, unreachable except by beings or artifacts of cosmic-level power.

Finn will wear the mechanical arm that Shoko wore.
If Finn doesn't grow a grass arm from the flower that sprouted from his torn arm, Princess Bubblegum might give him Shoko's mechanical arm. -Kirbypinkpuff

Ice King will sacrifice himself for Betty.
In case they want to do the Bittersweet Ending for the Ice King, it'll work quite well-the Ice King spent his whole life regretting what he did to Betty, and sacrificing himself for her will finally give him the closure he desperately needs. As for who will threaten Betty, it'll probably be Ricardio. Ricardio, to win Betty over, will hijack his crown. A reverting Simon will destroy the crown and Ricardio to protect his life.

While wandering in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, Simon missed out on a chance to contact Betty.
At some point he found a wish master of some sort (perhaps the one from "The Limit" or a similar creature) and wished to find Betty. The wish master opened a portal to present-day Ooo around when Betty arrived there, but unfortunately, Simon was ambushed by goo zombies. While they distracted Simon, some other goo zombies went into the portal and Simon missed his chance. This would explain why some of the goo zombies appear in "James" and "James II," as well as why Princess Bubblegum says they're from "another time."

Origin of minor princesses.
  • Bee Princess, like Jake the Dog, is an example of the Mushroom War/magic/other crazy stuff giving animals sentience. The same goes for Turtle Princess
    • Rainicorns and Dogs have been fighting for control of the Crystal Dimension for thousands of years, meaning animal sentience predates the Mushroom War by thousands of years.
    • I call fridge brilliance on that: it's thousands of Rainicorn/Dog years, which, as established, pass really fast.
  • All food-oriented princesses are what happens when their respective foodstuff gets mutated in the Mushroom War.
  • Elbow Princess was, like in Freak City, someone who met Magic Man and got deformed.
  • Embryo Princess was someone who managed to locate the Fountain of Youth. She got her youth all right.
  • Emerald Princess and Engagement Princess were born from the remains of a jewellery store.
  • Jungle Princess a descendant of humanity, having been reduced to the Stone Age and mutated by the nuclear waste.
  • Old Lady Princess is a human who survived the Mushroom War, but unlike Marceline and the Ice King actually looks a thousand years old. She's aged so much she can't even be called a human, but the fact she was may explain why Ice King was so invested in her.
  • Princess Princess Princess was five individual princesses who had the misfortune of either being mutated by radiation or Magic Man getting bored.
  • Raggedy Princess is an abandoned sock puppet that thanks to magic came to life.
  • Space Angel Princess is an astronaut who somehow got mutated by magic/the blast. That or she's an angel from space.
  • Skeleton Princess is Death's ambassador. What species she is remains unknown, but it could be that she's a dead human brought back to watch over Ooo and make sure another Mushroom War doesn't happen.

Martin will never be redeemed as a character.
This show has a habit of dealing with issues and emotions that other shows rarely touch upon. Right now the show is addressing the missing parent issue on a deeper level than most kid shows do, and since AT does the unexpected and sometimes harsh realism, Martin is never going to be redeemed as a character. Some people are just horrible parents who are never going to redeem themselves or reconcile with the children they've mistreated. But Finn will accept that, and be happy that his adoptive father was great.

Martin fears Finn for a currently unknown reason.
Maybe Martin feels guilty about abandoning him, whether he had a good reason to or not. Maybe he thinks Finn is coming after him to punish him for whatever crimes he's done.

Ice King will revert back to Simon during one of the last seasons, though not toward the very end.
That would give the show the opportunity to explore the implications and aftermath.
  • Further addition: if this happens, there will be a new intro, with Simon (and maybe Betty) in the place of Ice King- and instead of crying, he'll be happy at last.
  • He'll probably revert mentally, but not physically. The Ice Crown is keeping him alive, and the loophole Betty could find is stopping whatever's making him insane(check my "How Simon will be cured" WMG). Simon!Ice King could gain the appearance of his "Simon and Marcy" incarnation.

The Lich!Baby really WILL solve Tree Trunks' marriage.
Tree Trunks was talking with Mr. Pig about wanting a divorce, until the Lich!Baby came to their doorstep and she said that it 'changes everything.' We know that Tree Trunks has been divorced several times before, maybe her reasoning for getting all those divorces was constantly marrying men she couldn't reproduce with? Maybe a baby really was her goal this entire time.

J.T. Doggzone isn't a real person, but Jake's pseudonym.
J.T. Doggzone is a shameless pick-up artist and we know Jake was a con man in his younger days. He could've possibly gotten together with Lady Rainicorn using his methods and essentially stopped using them. Plus, J.T. Doggzone is essentially Jake's first and middle initial with "zone" tacked onto his last name. It would also explain why he's embarrassed when Finn reads the book to try and get girls and why he warns him away from it.
  • Further evidence: In the episode "The Pit", an exhausted Jake initially introduces himself to Samantha as "Jay T." before correcting himself.
  • Alternatively, it could be Jake's brother who authored some or all of the books. They're twins, so the cover photo of Jermaine naturally looks like much like Jake.

Martin will appear later...
He's still thinking about what Finn told him; namely, that Finn is his son. He'll wonder about that for a moment with some flashbacks containing silhouettes of himself and a woman before he eventually gets forcibly taken to the Citadel, before musing aloud, "So Susan was pregnant?"
  • Jossed. Finn's mother and Susan are separate people. But Susan did know Finn's mom.

Place your bets as to who (if anyone) Finn might end up with in "Breezy"!
  • Personally, I'm guessing Lumpy Space Princess.
    • You were right in a sense because he did get with LSP but this episode had a really dark and sexual connotation to it. I get that small children who watch won't get the inference that LSP took Finn's v-card (or at least thats the vibe I was getting) but it was just a little concerning that this is the direction the show is going in. Just an opinion from this troper, but hopefully this topic isn't pursued too far and Finn gets it together and is back to the normal shenanigans, and less sex....
      • I'm not sure I'd go that far. The ending was actually more shocking in the sense that Finn gets his arm back. I also saw a bit of a "Fubblegum" vibe at the end, what with Finn's vision. So, I guess semi-jossed, semi-confirmed (also, no one else placed their bets!).

Finn is half Rainicorn livestock
The only unmutated humans that still exist as rainicorn livestock. The human meat market is thought to be just a rumor. This is why Bob and Ethal didn't seem to think a surviving human was impossible, just that they wouldn't get the chance to eat one because you'd have to be rich to afford it. Human is expensive because they escape so often.Martin was feeling lonely one night, and snuck into the Human meat farm for some fun. Finn's mother became pregnant and decided to escape and not doom her children to being livestock like herself She made it too Ooo, where she gave birth to Finn and Susan. She put animal hats on Susan and Finn to disguise them as icky tasting Hyoomans, because the rainicorns were still hunting her down. Susan stayed near the hyooman settelment where their mother left her and was adopted by hyoomans. Finn wandered off into the woods and was adopted by dogs. Being bred for meat is why Susan is so bulky.Jossed. As of season 8, all surviving humans are from the Mysterious Islands.

Erin from Food Chain is forshadowing for a possible future love interest for Finn.
  • Seconded. Erin will be the girl's name, and she'll be a human using several of Fionna's design elements to appease the Finn x Fionna shippers.

Marceline's mom is still alive, but is trapped somewhere.
In Henchmen, the way Marceline spoke of her mom (who was confirmed to have existed at Wondercon 2013) was very different from the ways she spoke of/interacted with Hunson and Ice King when we first learned about her relationships with them. There's a genuine tone of wistfulness in Marceline's voice, rather than bittersweetness. This leads me to believe that, considering Marceline's abandonment issues, she would not speak of her mother that way if her mother abandoned her/betrayed her, leading me to believe something happened to her that forced her out of the picture. But instead of going with the often speculated route of killing this woman off, the writers will have her thrown into a situation not unlike Aqua's, where she sacrifices herself for someone she loves (Marceline), and as a result, she ends up trapped somewhere and cut off from the main world for an extended period of time.
Fionna and Cake is a reverse timeline

It runs parallel to the Ooo universe. Seeing as the first episode "Fionna and Cake" Lumpy Space Prince was at the Gumball Ball. Yet Lumpy Space Prince didn't discover Aaa until "The Prince who Wanted Everything" meaning the latter took place first. To make this WMG work, "Bad Little boy" takes place in between. Though seeing as Aaa is an exact opposite of Ooo, even time going in the opposite direction makes sense. Though in that case, Fionna would have started off with one arm, and... grew one eventually? Well, it's a parallel universe. Doesn't have to be exactly the same.

There was another period of magic even before the Mushroom War, but someone or something intentionally tried to hide it.
It's mentioned that Darren and Ellie are both very ancient creatures from a much older time, which suggests they're older than the 1000 years of the Mushroom War that brought magic into the world. In the history of Adventure Time's Earth, there must've been another period of magic before the one kicked off by the Mushroom War. To further suggest this, Simon seems to have gotten the crown and the Enchiridion prior to the War. But what made so much of the magic hide away? Maybe someone did it on purpose, either to keep the power for himself/herself, or out of fear that it was going to destroy the world. A spell was cast so people would forget that magic was ever real.
  • In the episode Finn The Human, alt-Finn scoffs at the existence of magic. He goes on to describe what appears to be accepted history according to his father, that a long time previously some people pretended to have magical powers to control people and gain personal power for themselves. Maybe the Mushroom War didn't cause the return of magic, it was a result of someone finding out magic was real and abusing it, causing a techno-magical arms race that resulted in the Mushroom Bomb. In Farmworld, Simon stopped the bomb at the cost of an ice age, and the survivors centuries later with no obvious signs of magic floating around thought of the magic-users in the war era as frauds who caused a war with their con artistry. In Ooo, the bomb went off causing an apocalypse of both magic and technology, as well as wiping out generally sceptical humans and replacing them with a range of bizzare and sometimes obviously magical creatures.
  • Pretty much confirmed. The episode Evergreen takes place in the prehistoric era and shows the creation of the ice crown itself, as well as multiple magic users.

Maja is Marceline's mother.
In the Adventure Time Encyclopædia, Finn, Jake, and Marceline commented on Hunson's words in the margins. Marceline refers to Hunson as "Faja", so "Maja" must be her nickname. This would explain Marceline's expert use of magic without a talisman.

The Grass Blade will manifest its sentience as a grass-human/mutant/whatever and become Finn's final love interest
She will have a personality completely separate from PB or FP (maybe a mystic Cloudcuckoolander or something), and help Finn cope with...well, everything.

At some point, the show will deconstruct the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.
It's already done that with pick-up artists, so why not this? Finn dates a girl he expects will fix him. The relationship goes on for a while, but Finn's expectations end up ruining what they have. But he learns from the experience, and decides to put off dating for a while until he can fix his own issues.
  • This kind of happens in "Breezy" in Season 6.

Bubblegum and Marceline were physically and mentally younger when they dated
If you check the Ho Yay page, Bubblegum apparently didn't know that Marceline could turn into a tentacle monster. If they had been mentally 18 back when they were together...I'm pretty sure it would have come up.

Finn and Martin meeting again will be a running topic throughout season 6, leading up to the season finale
Martin will try to weasel out of it by claiming that Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You (he'd be lying of corse) and then offers Finn the chance to travel with his crew and be with his father. Finn responds with "No. I had a father. And his name was Joshua." Finn then beats the ever-loving crap out of Martin, but allows him to live. (Either by remembering his responsibilities as a righteous hero or realizing that If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him!)
  • This is basically what happens.

Bubblegum trying to explain her history with Marceline to Finn and Jake will be one of the show's edgiest moments yet
Especially given that it's only illegal in certain countries where the show airs. It can't be that hard, given how long it was before the 2 Lemongrabs were revealed as brothers. Mostly because of a scene where Bubblegum asks Jake how much Finn knows about the topic. Jake responds with "yeah, I gave him that talk years ago".

Peppermint Butler was the mentor to Princess Bubblegum while she was growing up
We know that he's Older Than They Look, like her. And he's not evil, just Good Is Not Nice / Dark Is Not Evil.

Betty will appear in the upcoming episode Evergreen.
The episode description states that it will take place before the Mushroom War and will be about an ice wizard trying to create a crown. This episode may have a framing device in the form of Betty doing research on the crown to try and learn about it, and try to break the curse.

  • Jossed. She doesn't appear in that episode.

The sun will blow up at some point during the series.
But it will be fixed. And at this point, Ice King will be turned back into Simon. Death said that Simon would be the Ice King until the sun explodes, yet in the future shown at the end of the Lemonhope two-parter, the Ice Kingdom appears to be gone.

The King of Ooo has a larger following than shown in Apple Wedding
Kim Kil Won has a K.O.O statue in his home. If somebody like Kim can have that, then it's not a stretch that not only is Kim one of K.o.O's supporters, but K.o.O's following is larger than shown in Apple Wedding.

The Lich is the Last of His Kind and the reason for his campaign of destruction is to change that
"Gold Stars" reveals that the universe was a place of monsters before the current incarnation of the universe. The Lich somehow escaped whatever removed the others. He wants to bring them back, but the current universe and everything in it is in the way.

The Lich Comet was created by Ghroth.
In the Cthulhu Mythos, Ghroth is a planet-sized Outer God who causes mass extinction to the planets it visits. Perhaps the comet that the Lich came from was a way to cause mass extinction on Earth?

The Lich, the Comet and the Monsters.
"Evergreen" revealed that the Lich used to be the comet that killed the dinosaurs. "Gold Stars" implied he was alive before the universe. and as hinted above one of the "monsters." So who are the monsters, what could it do with the Lich and how does that connect to everything else?

Before the universe existed, there a Primordial Chaos. Out of the Primordial Chaos that has existed since forever, there were monsters embodying the most primal forces. For all timeless time, they dwelled. And then they emerged. The gods emerged. They fought against their monstrous forefathers, banishing them to the Void. Then there was nothing, but the gods who wished to reshape the former home of the monsters into Darkness. But the monsters were not defeated entirely-they sired an entity who would inflict vengeance on the gods. It was the Comet

The Comet dwelled in the void, and then in the newly born universe. It took eons to gain sentience, to be able to control its destination. And it found a world that it wanted to destroy: the Earth. The events of "Evergreen" occured, as its Ice Elemental forged a crown to cast off the Comet. But it droves its wearer mad, and the comet crashed. The original elementals were dead, along with 70% of all multi-cellular life.

The Comet still lived, dwelling for millions of years. Over the eras, it rose, took new form and was banished, bringing death and devestation on its wake. learning from every defeat. A storm, a plague, an outbreak of madness. Tens, hundreds of thousands of years ago, there was a race that fell, the same of which Darren belonged to. Then the age of humanity began. And it was there they discovered something lurking in a crater 65 million years old.

It taught mankind many things. It told them how to harness the atom to create a weapon to win their little war. And then the Mushroom War began. The ultimate weapon was created, and with it this voice of the ancient's rage finally gained a true body. It would take on a title befitting its newest incarnation: The Lich. And for a thousand years, this menace older than time has tormented Earth's new form, seeking the complete what it was born to since the darkness reigned

The extinction of all life.

The Ice Crown caused the Ice Age.
It's existed since the dinosaurs, so it could've been used to cause an Ice Age by someone. After all, no-one said Gunter and Simon were its only owners.
  • There have been 5 known ice ages in the last 2.5 billion years; 3 since the time of dinosaurs. Make of that what you will.

The epilogue of issue 4 of the comics shows the point when the comic and TV show timelines diverged.
In the TV show universe Little Marcie did take the Bag of Holding from the cavern, and either a still-sane Simon realised how dangerous it was and destroyed it, or Marceline never used it for anything important enough to make significant differences and it's now in the attic of one of her houses. Therefore the Lich couldn't use it to regain humanoid form and nearly destroy the world, and did his plan from "The Lich" instead.

Finn's sword is trying to kill him.
In Dentist, the sword advised him not to worry about Tiffany, despite Tiffany making it clear he intended to murder Finn (and trying to do so mere moments later). In The Mountain, when Finn asked it if he should believe the negative things he believed about Matthew, it shook it's "head" in the negative, even though Matthew's intention was to absorb Finn into itself. The sword hates Finn for causing the paradox that turned him into a sword, and believes that Finn effectively stole his life. (Why should he be the one who is trapped inside an unnatural sword when the Finn who actually caused the paradox walked away unharmed?) The sword is now trying to cause Finn's death out of revenge, or maybe believes that if Finn dies, it can hijack what he sees as the body that is rightfully its.

Cuber will turn out to have an incredibly dark origin or future role that will retrospectively turn all the "Graybles" episodes into Funny Aneurysm Moments
Even worse than any of the stuff with the Ice King or Marceline.

Princess Bubblegum was the one who took Martin on the "mission" that was mentioned in "The Visitor"
When Martin was talking about some secret mission that had him leave Finn behind, there was a spaceship that flew to pick up Martin. There's hardly anyone in Ooo with such technology, besides Princess Bubblegum. The reason for disguising herself as Martin in "The Tower" was to cover her tracks for having mucked up Finn's childhood (Accidental or Intentional, it's unknown).

The comet in "Astral Plane" was, at one point, The Star of Bethleham. And a lot more, for that matter.
In Evergreen, a point was made that even though there's a comet heading to Earth every thousand years, it does no harm (well except for when it's the Lich). In Astral Plane, we got more information about it: according to Glob, it brings an agent of change everyone thousand years to Earth. We can infer that change the last time was the Mushroom War. However since Adventure Time is set After the End of a world like our own, the multiple others times it hit must've sent a less destructive agent of change. From what we've seen of the world right before the Mushroom War, it was sometime around the late 20th/early 21st century. So, what happened 2000 years before that time period? That's right, the alleged birth of Jesus. The agent of change in this case was an agent of religious and social change, resulting in Christianity becoming a dominant force. Granted, it isn't a clean-cut thousand, but still close enough.

Of course, from Evergreen we know this has been repeating since the age of the dinosaurs, so this comet would've done other things to human civilization. There's of course the devastating agent of change that was the Mushroom War. A thousand years before the Mushroom War, the next agent of change it might have brought was the re-awakening of magic, eventually leading to the Mushroom War(explaining, for instance, how Abraham Lincoln managed to become a Physical God before the War even began), the rise of Judaism 1000 years before Jesus, and so forth. How long this comet has been traversing, who knows.

  • The yellow comet that Orgalorg tried to catch is the catalyst for the rise of humanity. Evidence for this can be suggested with Gunther being seen in the flashbacks as first part of the Ice Age, and later ancient civilization. Since Finn started as a blue comet, and Gunther's his previous life, he probably hit before "Evergreen", and may have even brought magic to Earth in the first place. With Martin taking a new mode of existence in "The Comet", he might be the next comet(probably red) to hit in the era of Grabyles 1000+

The King of Ooo is the leader of a cult.
  • He has his own "Torontian" calendar (named after his business partner/lawyer)
  • He has his own compound for people to work in, according to his speech at Treetrunks' wedding.
    • "Do you, Mr. Pig, take Tree Trunks to be your ever-wedded wife, forever following the teachings of me, the true King of Ooo? And do you, Tree Trunks, promise to love Mr. Pig forever and spend the next five years with me in my serenity compound, performing simple household repairs, to have and to hold in sickness and in health in my gated mountain compound?"
  • There is a golden idol of him in Kim Kil Whan's house in Ocarina.

Graybles 1000 Spoiler Alert
The farther future of Cuber shows that the Ice Kingdom is ruled by what seems like an even further degraded Ice King. While this hints the Ice King is doomed to become a shell of himself, notice the difference between the two: this future Ice King doesn't have a crown, just having the gems that power it as his eyes. Instead of being Simon Petrikov, this far-off Ice King is the crown itself given a body. Which hints to how Betty may cure him. The cure? She will split the Ice King in two. Simon's mind and soul will be transferred into a new body, and his now vacant body will be inhabited by the crown.
  • Possibly jossed, since Betty herself became an insane wizard in "You Forgot Your Floaties".
    • Not quite; Betty may be insane, but it's not the same as Simon. So she could still try to heal him...though that may explain the Ice Thing instead
    • Possibly un-jossed in "A King's Ransom" where it looks like Betty is still trying to save Simon by tampering with the crown.

Magic is always around even before the war.
Before the Great Mushroom War, magic and magical creatures not only exist, but they also coexist with humanity and are treated as normal by humans. An animated series set in the same universe as Adventure Time before the Mushroom War would be a series similar to Regular Show where magical creatures and anthropomorphic animals exist alongside regular humans and are treated as normal by the people that live there.

The show is just a dream
A lot of what goes in this show is very unrealistic and I can only assume the entire show is a creepy, jumbled up nightmare of a guy in the real world.

The Vampire King is the Devil
Well, not The Devil, but that's his tarot card connection. In tarot, when the Devil is upright, it means bondage, addiction, sexuality, materialism. Much like how Marceline was bound to her role as the vampire queen, and using her aloof nature to escape her pain. Reversed, is means detachment, breaking free, power reclaimed, a pretty apt summary of the events in "Stakes".

Ice King will regain his memory but not his sanity
Whatever Betty did to the crown will cause Simon to regain his memories buy it won't undo the crowns madness. Instead with his memories back he'll act somewhat more consistent and coherently.

There will be a HUGE arc about trying to prevent a Bad Future
Massive Spoiler Warning!!!!

Okay, so far, the end of Lemon Hope's arc has revealed, that Ooo will eventually be destroyed just like the world before it. Graboles 1000 also showed a glimpse into the future, where the Candy people are kept in stasis whiten the Gumball Guardians, Ooo is a wasteland, and the Ice King has degenerated even further, to the point of losing all what may have been left of his humanity.

In season five, we got a huge subplot with history repeating, only to sort of be over with in an instant. Until the Stakes eight parter, where a large part of the Vampire King's motivation is realizing that they are all in just one brutal cycle and trying to Take a Third Option, while trying to convince Marceline to do the same. We also know two of the major threats to life: Orgalorg and The Lich, are still alive, only trapped inside Gunter and Sweet Pee respectively.

I think these plot lines haven't disappeared, but are building up to something bigger. In the near future, these are all going to connect and something is going to hit the fan, and it will be up to our heroes to save the future.

The Catalyst Comet created everything.
The original Catalyst Comet/whatever it comes from was the original catalyst, the origin of everything. As it became an agent of change, it allowed time to start and the multiverse to come into being; not by directly creating anything(that was likely due to the hand of beings like Glob or Prismo), but by allowing the transition from the chaotic un-reality of monsters to void, and finally the advent of space-time. The Lich knows what came before reality because, as a reincarnation of the comet, he has Past-Life Memories of it ending the age of monsters. Orgalorg lusts after the comet's power because of its ability to change reality, and overshadow the pre-time landscape.

The comet in "Orgalorg" is a previous life of Simon Petrikov.
In "Orgalorg", it's revealed that during the Stone Age, a yellow Catalyst Comet hit the Earth, while the titular Orgalorg tried to absorb it for wisdom. The Green Comet (all that is evil) and Blue Comets(all that is good) were reincarnated into characters that represent them (the Lich and Finn), both of which played a major part in Earth/Ooo's history. As such, the yellow comet probably reincarnated itself into an intelligent, important character. While Bubblegum is an obvious choice, the events of "Evergreen" suggest she's a reincarnation of Chatsberry instead. Who else is a major character and smart guy? The Ice King, more specifically his true self Simon Petrikov. Simon can be pretty smart without the crown affecting him, having a lot of magical know-how, and discovering the Enchiridion. Simon, like Finn, is a Catalyst Comet; in his case, he's driven towards knowledge beyond his understanding. Gunther is drawn to the Ice King because he's the very comet he tried to absorb, but either can't extract any power from him, or doesn't want to hurt his friend. Unfortunately for Simon, whatever great destiny that may be in store for him was botched by the crown.

Golb will be the Greater-Scope Villain of the series.
The thing can apparently kill Margles so much not even Prismo can restore her, is mentioned as a terrifying demon by the Martians, and the fact its hinted at being an Evil Counterpart to Glob suggests that it's some Satanic Archetype, The Anti-God or an ultimate evil. Golb will be revealed as the man behind the Lich, having corrupted the Catalyst Comet to manifest as an Omnicidal Maniac for his purposes(not that the Lich knows this). With the Lich canned, Golb can take over was the new Big Bad.
  • "Whispers" provides evidence for this, as the Lich states himself to be "The Last Scholar of Golb".

"Up a Tree" represents the early days of animation.
The episode in it's entirety, from the simplistic plot to the character's eyes, were all a throwback to the early days of animation - mostly because Jim Cummings guest starred. The character's eyes and overall emotion reminded me of those early days in animation.
  • It's like... the tree/animals represented old cartoons... and AT/Finn was trying to escape from conventional cartoon norms!
    • Yeah, it seemed to me that they were winking at the classic "cartoon animal" by giving them those eyes but then inverting the idea by making them a weird creepy cult...
  • Notice the jabs or winks at classic cartoon tropes. The most obvious was when the porcupine tried to boost finn up with the Looney Tunes style poke in the butt, which didn't work because it doesn't really make sense in the AT universe. Another example was when Finn just steps through the wide bars in the "prison" that looked like, well, he could just step through.
I think Pendleton has said he didn't want to have "cartoonish" physics in his show. I know AT has lots of subversion like this in it but it really showed in this episode.
  • Actually, This episode shares its title with an old Donald Duck episode.

Alternate Interpretation of "All the Little People" . It wasn't about shipping.
Instead, this episode was basically a giant metaphor for God first and foremost. Also the fact that Magic Man seems to be the manipulator of Finn says something too. Magic Man says he won't be back, now this could easily be interpreted as he's giving Finn free will over how he interacts with the mini-characters. Finn does the opposite, in that, he directly makes them do things that they may or may not do had it not been for manipulation. This presents the battle between destiny, a common theme in 'Finn the Human/Jake the Dog', and free will. Basically they are two types of gods Finn being the omnipotent manipulator and Magic Man being the watcher. Now in the end Finn says something similar to Magic Man, which leads me to believe that this was all set up to say "if there is a God he does nothing but observes, you make your own life." I mean the clues for this interpretation are even in the storyboard ie: Jake playing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."

The Lich's greatest fear is a Loss of Identity.
In "The Comet", it is revealed that Finn was a Catalyst Comet, representing "all that is good", with the Lich being "all that is evil." Despite being a comet, Finn isn't single-minded to his purpose as the Lich. Finn chooses to be human, rather than a cosmic being. The Lich, however, doesn't want to give up being a cosmic entity. The reason why the Lich is so single-minded in his desire to destroy all life, the reason why it's all that drives him? Because the other option would be to allow himself to be reborn, over and over, losing his former status and identity. While the Blue Comet/Finn was fine with the opportunity to become a new person, this is the one thing that terrifies the Lich. Even if it means forever being an engine, a slave to his function of mass death, it's preferable in his eyes to becoming a new, different person. Ironically, the Lich fears "death" in the same way just about anyone does. Thus making his Villainous Breakdown in "Escape the Citadel" all the more meaningful; it wasn't just Revive Kills Zombie, but the Lich being forcibly reborn as Sweet P, losing himself.

The most likely explanation for how Princess Bubblegum knew what Martin looked like is that she asked Jake.
In "The Tower" P.B. impersonates Martin so that Finn can get over his revenge fantasies. There have been many theories on how she was able to successfully build a suit to look like Martin when she had supposedly never met him before. The most likely explanation isn't that the princess once knew him, but that she was told what he looked like by Jake. He may not have been happy with P.B.'s need to interfere, but they were outside together watching the Tower all night. It's entirely possible that Princess Bubblegum just asked Jake about Finn's dad, including what he looked like. Knowing how he felt about her interference she likely wouldn't have revealed her plan to him, so she probably could've gotten away with casually asking about Martin and Jake loves to talk and tell stories so he probably would've given enough information for her to imitate Martin and help Finn.

Finn's shadow having two arms when he comes down from the Tower is not an animation error.
When Finn comes down from the Tower his shadow briefly has two arms even though he has only one arm again. This wasn't an animation error, or a fake out that he still had his "psychic arm". Finn may have gotten over his issues enough for the fake arm to seemingly disappear, but this was a hint that it was still there. Not only has he not quite gotten over all his issues (and this may represent that) but it foreshadows the fact that the flower will eventually grow into his new arm.

Hunson didn't know about Marceline until she was older.
It's not Hunson's style to abandon his daughter the way he did. Instead, Hunson Abadeer left for whatever reason after conceiving and didn't know he had a daughter until after Simon left. Marceline is of illegitimate birth, and only knew her father at first due to what her mom told her. That's one of the main reasons why their relationship was rocky.

Billy owned the Enchiridion.
It's a family heirloom, of sorts. Billy knows a lot of the secrets of the Enchridion, including its ability to access alternate dimensions; his jewelry is required as part of the portal for Prismo's plan. This might explain why Billy knows of the Enchiridion in Farmworld as well. Eventually he donated the Enchiridion to Mannish Man, and we all know where that led up to. It also explains why Billy's spirit knew about Prismo. One of the reasons why the Lich killed Billy is because he needed to make sure he wouldn't bungle the whole "go to the Time Room" plan up.

The "Space Wedding People" from "Graybles 1000+" are descendants of Jake and Lady Rainicorn.
They look very similar to Jake and Lady with the same eyes, and share Jake's jowls. The bride even has Lady's main pink color. They even speak Korean like Lady. Their crystal suits and ships could also be linked to the Crystal Dimension, where Rainicorns live. They are also a space faring society, and Jake was prophesied to die in space.

Given the nature of Finn's past life as a catalyst comet and his interactions with the deities and cosmic influencers of the AT universe, there's a good shot he's not just the last human, but actually there to drive the cosmic plot of Ooo forward.
At the end of last season, we saw that Finn had past lives, one of which involved him being the catalyst comet. Then Finn was offered the opportunity to ascend to another plane of reality and turned it down. He's obviously important in more than just a "kid who had some great adventures" kinda way. I feel like, from a cosmic perspective, he's got a role to play in Ooo and he only does as much or as little as he needs to do to fulfill that role. I don't think he's aware of it, like he's particularly enlightened or anything. But more that he's a cosmic actor who is violent and strong when he needs to be, and silly and ineffectual when the situation is going to be resolved without him. He just acts the way he's supposed to in any given situation so the cosmic good can be fulfilled.
  • Credit to Hibernian on reddit.

Lobster souls purify.
In "Take Her Back" we see that Peppermint Butler's poison lab has a lobster tank in it, suggesting they help purify things like poisons. This could be why Jake's perfect sandwich was near godly, the lobster soul he added to it took out any impurities in his ingredients, making it perfect.
  • Another take on the meaning of the lobster tank comes from the description of the tarot card The Moon represents "The Moon".
    • "From the pool of Cosmic Mind stuff in the foreground, a crayfish appears, symbolizing the early stages of conscious unfoldment."
      • Maybe the lobster tank is a very subtle nod to the inclusion of The Moon being the primary antagonist of the episode, or maybe conscious unfoldment relates to the purification process. A third idea would be that the "conscious unfoldment" relates to Marceline's dreams in this episode.

The Blank Eyed Girls really are tulpas like Finn theorized.
They could possibly be some form of parasitic tuplanote . Beings or lifeforms that take on the appearance/identity of imagined beings, using the belief in those things to give them energy. When they had enough energy, from Jake giving in and thinking they were real, they had enough energy to reproduce. Those seeds grow into new tulpa beings, who will take on the forms of other imagined beings, until there's enough belief for them to reproduce again. It's a life cycle.

Magic Man's Madness/Sadness wasn't intrinsic to him, or his magic (contrary to Betty's theories) but was the result of losing Margles. By reclaiming/restoring her own love (in the way that MM couldn't for Margles) perhaps Betty will cure the madness she has inherited from Magic Man.

A theory on how the door of Egress worked.
I think he needed to exit the dungeon with your eyes closed to the outside (fake) world and find it again so he could really exit it in the real world. Think of it this way: Finn enters trough door A with his eyes closed, inside the door there is a fake world (dimension) that he travels to only with his eyes closed (door A is the only door of that kind in the real world) he then in this world (dimension) needs to travel again and find the same door (door B and not a real place) and open his eyes in front of that door so he cold enter trough the door in the real world (door A). He is still, as he travels in the fake world, in front of the door A, which leads me to the conclusion that the traveling was all in his head and he needed to discover something in his own mind (open the door to his subconsciousness ) to pass the test. In conclusion he is in the real world - he never left. This is why the early versions of Jake didn't know about the dungeon- he wasn't real, but the last one did because he was the real Jake.
  • Possibly the hall was malicious and wanted Finn to give up and stay in the dungeon forever. The "fake" Jake and BMO (created by the hall) were constantly trying to get Finn to open his eyes and reappear in the hall.

Golb is the cosmic boss of Prismo mentioned in "Crossover"
They have been foreshadowing his massive presence for a while now, but he has yet to make solid appearance. Plus Prismo seems really scared of his boss when he talked about him in "Crossover" and Golb is the most terrifying "Cosmic Entity" we have seen thus far. Not to mention Golb's first appearance was when Old-Finn died in "Puhoy", which may have been a dream, which means it makes sense for him to be the Cosmic Entitiy in charge of the other Cosmic Entities that deal with dreams like Cosmic Owlnote  and Prismonote 

The Lich will be Killed Off for Real in a Finn/Ice King team-up.
Finn is the reincarnation of a Catalyst Comet, the very same entity the Lich was originally. The Ice King uses an Ice Crown, which was invented long before the age of man to destroy the deadly comet which the Lich was. At the moment, neither Finn nor the Ice King are aware of their true potential, which is why their Enemy Mine in Season 2 didn't stop him. When they finally realize it though? The two will team up and use all their might to take out the Lich at his strongest, once and for all. And with Finn knowing his origin/the Ice Crown's mysteries being decoded, it's only a matter of time.

At some point, Finn will kill Flame Princess.
For one of three reasons:

1. Flame Princess goes to war with the Candy Kingdom, and Finn has no choice but to kill her or Princess Bubblegum will send him to the dungeon for life for treason.

2. Flame Princess attacks Finn for one reason or another, and Finn is forced to kill her in self-defense.

3. Finn kills her as part of a Face–Heel Turn.

In "Bun Bun", Cinnamon Bun left the keys behind on purpose.
It's not like the smarter and more focused Cinnamon Bun to just forget his keys like that.

Princess Bubblegum lied about why she created Bun Bun.
PB intentionally created Bun Bun to sabotage the Flame Kingdom, which she almost ended up doing.

PB's friendship with Lady is what ruined her relationship with Marcie.
That "hungry-looking rainbow" was constantly licking her lips when the half-human Marcie was around but because Bonnie was interested in building ties with the Rainbow dimension she ignored Marcie's objections. Notice since Bonnie and Marcie have repaired their relationship, Lady isn't around much.

Patience St Pim is an Immortality Seeker.
Look at both her and her precursor, Urgence Evergreen. Evergreen opposed Chatsberry's passive attitude, that the elements will "live on". Patience's reaction to the upcoming Mushroom War and birth of the Lich was to immediately freeze herself to survive; it's not like she knew she'd ever be awoken, but the two incarnations of the Ice Elemental are defined by their strong sense of self-preservation. There's also the fact that the Ice Crown, who's madness and powers is a parody of Evergreen, is an Immortality Inducer(though this could just be the great power within it). She desires Complete Immortality, and is training the other three elementals to achieve this state and end this cycle of death and rebirth. She's mooching in the Ice Kingdom in part because she's interested in the Ice Crown and its original purpose of being a powerful Wish Magic. Given the world has gone through another apocalypse by 1000 years into the future, she ultimately can't fight nature.

The Lich represents the cycle of death and rebirth.
And it's why he's so determined to kill everyone. The universe of Adventure Time seems to follow cycles of mass destruction giving way to new forms of life and/or society. The age of the dinosaurs where the crown was made came to an end, paving the way for humanity millions of years later. Human civilization would be destroyed in the Mushroom War to bring forth the Land of Ooo, and we see by Cuber's time another apocalypse happened which will likely result in another world. Even the universe itself is proceeded by a timeless madness of monsters. The Lich knows this stuff because he is the agent of death and rebirth; an incarnation of him ended the monsters to allow the Big Bang, his comet incarnation brought an end to Evergreen's time and in his current state was involved in the Mushroom War. Problem is that he's an unfettered machine representing nature's apathy. There's no off switch with him, nature simply has to fight him off. Were he to succeed in the extinction of all life he'd simply be wiped out by Logic Bomb with nothing left to kill, allowing time for new life to evolve...and a new form of the Lich appears. That, or the Adventure Time universe is already due to being destroyed and recreated, and the Lich is just faithfully doing his job by destroyed reality so a new one can come into being. He manages to frighten Death because death itself is just a part of the life-death-life cycle that dominates creation.

Flame Princess is the most powerful Elemental.
So as we learned in Jelly Beans Have Power, each Elemental reincarnation has to unlock their true power via self-discovery. Bubblegum did this by talking to a past life and relating her new magical powers with science. Clearly Flame Princess and Slime Princess have not gone through such an experience despite having greater power than PB did initially. So if Flame Princess (who is already at least as powerful as Ice King, who is by default comparable on Evergreen's level) were to get a similar boost she would quickly outpace the rest of the main cast. Maybe even having destructive power on the level of Orgalorg or Grob Grod Glob Gob.

Simon can only ever bend the Crown's magic to his will if he fulfills its original wish
Gunter's wish was either to be Master Evergreen or to have magic like Evergreen. Meaning that this WMG could play out in one of two ways: 1. If Simon were to regain his sanity for long enough to master ice magic on his own to the point of being on Evergreen's level he could reset the Crown's wish. 2. Patience St Pim briefly synchs with Simon. Since Patience IS Evergreen that should also satisfy the crown's wish. Either way if the crown is reset its influence would probably leave Simon much like it did in "Betty." That should give Simon enough time to make his own wish, which would either be to save Betty or to become an immortal.

The Ice King is slowly being restored to his old self, without need of magic.
For the most part. The Ice King has gone through a lot of development through the seasons; he's not longer the princess-obsessed loony of Season 1, and is in general more thoughtful and nice like his old self. Out of universe it's because of further establishing his Simon Petrikov persona. In-universe, it may be due to The Power of Friendship. Ever since learning who he was Finn and Jake have been more empathetic towards each other, with Finn often calling Ice King by his real name. Marceline spends more time with him. Compare this to when he was going mad; his fiancee vanished, The Mushroom War happened and he let Marcy go because he feared for his life. There was nothing to ground him, but nowadays he does and as a result more of Simon can shine through.

It's possible that, through The Power of Love and The Power of Friendship Simon can slowly bypass the wish magic forcing him to imitate Evergreen and the Ice King becomes more like his old self. Betty's plan of undoing the Ice King is flawed because he's already beginning a slow transition to becoming Simon, albeit with the body and some of the traits of his new self. In her haste she may have bungled this process up. Reminding him of who he was without coming off as (mainly unintentional) condescending, having Ice King learn and become more intelligent, all are steps that could finally bring him back. Even if it takes another thousand years.

The Lich is a Fighting a Shadow situation.
Despite being only one or two years old, the Farmworld version of the Lich hasn't shown to be any less experienced or really different than his main timeline counterpart. In "Whispers" he already knows where the Well of Power is in this universe and mentions fighting Finn in many worlds. Rather than the Lich being a singular entity, the different versions are extension of the true Eldritch Abomination. "Lich Prime" is similar to Prismo, a being who transcends contemporary space-time. For whatever reason it cannot enter the other universes, but must instead be summoned in a physical vessel.

The green Catalyst Comet opened the gate for the Lich to press itself upon the multiverse, and the Mushroom Bomb summons him into a waiting body. Of course, this can be pretty inconvenient since in some universes he is unable to enter, and in others there was no summoning. That's why he wants the Enchiridion. In case Prismo's magic doesn't affect the entire multiverse (we know he has limits, so it probably doesn't) he can use it to copy-paste his physical avatar to every universe. Possibly more than once depending on the limits of the Enchiridion.

While Finn may have defeated the Lich of his reality, the true consciousness of the Lich exists in a state he could never hope to truly destroy and will always be ready to return and threaten the multiverse. Though that doesn't mean his ass still won't get kicked.

"The Reader" is Pendleton Ward himself.

The Lich is an Expy of the Crimson King.
The Lich has elements of being a cosmic horror, a massively overarching villain and desires the extinction of all life. He also has ties to the multiverse, and most notably knows or personally experienced an age of "monsters"-an endless expanse of eldritch horrors that predate creation. This isn't that different from the Crimson King, who has ties to the Prim(also an endless expanse of eldritch horrors that predate creation) and seeks to destroy the multiverse to restore them. The Lich's motives could be similar to his, in that he wants to end all life so to either restore that original existence, or allow them dominance once more. Either because he is one of them, or a servitor of them. More likely the latter, as he describes himself as "the last scholar of Golb".

The next miniseries will be centered around Jake
The next mini-series will involve Jake's origin family and will have the opening be sung by Jake.
  • Jossed. There are no more miniseries.

Gumbald will be a Disc-One Final Boss in the Grand Finale while GOLB will be the True Final Boss.

In the framing device for the grand finale, B-Mo is telling the story of The Great Gum War to Cuber.
He's talking to someone, and hes basically the only character that already exists in the canon that in't contemporary to the modern day heroes. He also loves to collect stories, but this one is too big and significant to be only one Grayble.

The Bittersweet Ending in "The Ultimate Adventure" will involve time travel.
After being defeated, GOLB reveals himself to be a Graceful Loser, and offers Finn anything. Finn chooses to go back in time to stop the Great Mushroom War. He succeeds, and returns to his own time to find Ooo is no more. Rather, everyone and everything is normal. While he's nothing but a normal high-school student now, a few people, such as Phoebe and Simon, retained their memories from the old timeline. Finn will always remember, though, all the glorious adventures he went on.

Golb is the entity in charge of the wheel of time history repeating.
Adventure Time seems to run on the idea that history repeats-the Mushroom War was not the first cataclysm as seen with Evergreen, and it won't be the last as seen with the Flash Forward episodes. The Catalyst Comet comes every millennium to bring an agent of change. The multiverse itself was preceding by the Primordial Chaos Orgalorg and possibly the Lich came from, and chances are something was before it/something will come after the multiverse. Golb is the being who maintains the cycle.

With this in mind, Golb isn't a villain in a traditional sense, but rather a god of change that's Above Good and Evil. The Lich is evil and wishes to kill everything, but to Golb he merely exists as the means of restarting the multiverse like how mass extinction allows a new ecosystem to emerge from the vacuum. The reason why Finn's Pillow World life was deleted by Golb is because Finn has some importance to the cycle and can't die yet. Margles was taken because GGGG and Magic Man were trying to subvert or stop this cycle for whatever reason. Of course they would fear the ultimate entity of death and rebirth.

Instead of defeating Golb, Finn will end up convincing Golb that the current reality is still worth continuing. The Lich might be "reclaimed" as part of this, stopping least until it's time for reality to reset again.

Guesses for the eleventh season comic series.
  • Bonnie and Marcy will get married.
  • Finn will either start dating Huntress Wizard officially, get back together with Flame Princess, or get a new, human love interest.

The Lich comes from Mars.
We know long ago Golb arrived on Mars and swallowed Margles up. Golb seems to just exist and be an Almighty Idiot causing chaos; he only arrived on Ooo because Betty tried to use him for power, suggesting he's not actively moving from world to world unless something attracts his attention or brings him there. The Lich is implied to be created by Golb, but has intelligence and wisdom that Golb and his mutated creatures do not. Plus liches usually start out at least human. And Mars isn't just home to god-like beings, but also Martians. Maybe the Lich was a Martian from long, long ago who's responsible for Golb showing up and stealing Margles. His later form of a comet and then a radioactive abomination was the result of a Deal with the Devil; he gets to serve as a force of discord and destruction, but it'll take a while before he can manifest a proper form. His Soul Jar is somewhere in Golb's dimension, which due to Golb's transcendent existence allows different timeline Liches to share knowledge as seen in "Whispers". Probably explains why Mars' population lives in a domed city.

Golb caused the Catalyst Comet.
He's the Greater-Scope Villain, but it's suggested that some of the more positive things from the Mushroom War like the Mother Gum were the result of his mutation along with terrible stuff like the Oozers and the Lich. The Catalyst Comet is an agent of change which shows up every thousand years...and such change could be considered a force of chaos in the form of shaking up the status quo. So every thousand years Golb basically hocks up a massive loogie to cause some sort of chaos in the form of change. Finn was just some good luck and the Lich bad luck for Earth. Being merged with Betty might've stopped the Catalyst Comet cycle permanently.

GOLB actually is sapient/intelligent.
In the finale, GOLB appears to be an Almighty Idiot who causes chaos and corrupts things with his presence. However, in "Puhoy", when Finn jumped off his tongue when he tried to eat him, GOLB actually turned around and stared at him, possibly indicating he was surprised or interested. The only other time he reacted to something was when the Crown was fusing him with Betty. At that point, he seemed to be furious and actually stood up. It's possible that in the finale, he barely did anything because his power was so far above everyone else's that he believed he could easily destroy everything just by creating those abominations and watching them spread chaos across existence. The two aforementioned events were the only things he wasn't prepared for.

The Lich, or an incarnation of him, was the most powerful of the monsters that existed before time.
And eventually, he managed to kill all of the other monsters, temporarily ending all life until the universe/multiverse was formed. The Lich, wanting to repeat the cycle of the destruction and reformation of the multiverse, attempted to end all life once again.
  • Playing with the idea of the Lich and Finn being eternal enemies, he could've been a heroic monster who reincarnated to stop the Lich, while Orgalorg merely sought to survive and successfully escaped the Lich.

The whole series is a Gamma World campaign

There are actually seven elements

Fire, Ice, Candy, Slime, Lumps, Cloud and Magic.

If you look at the title cards for the Eighth "Elements" episodes, you will notice a theme in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 8th episodes. These five have one of the five elementals with a background and text based on that element (e.g. Skyhooks has Princess Bubblegum in a candy background with "skyhooks" written in bubblegum).

You will notice that the 2nd and 4th episodes do the same, "Cloudy" is obvious, and "Bespoken For" has Magic Betty coming out of a portal in wizard City with the title written in magic light. This could mean that Cloudy is the elemental of Cloud, whilst Magic Man would have been the elemental of Magic, until his power was transferred into Betty making her the new elemental.

"Hero Heart", the 7th episode, deviates from this pattern a bit. It was Fire Finn attacking a burning Candy Kingdom with the title being marshmallows set on fire. This could just me representing the elements going to war, and the chaos that happens before LSP fixes everything.

In "Friends Forever", the inanimate objects turned against the Ice King specifically because IK betrayed the Life-Giving Magi's trust
We see in "Little Dude" that the Magi's attitude affects his powers; if he's thinking negative thoughts the things he brings to life become mean and violent. So, when the Magi realized Ice King was just using him for his powers, the various inanimate objects he brought to life turned out to be condescending know-it-alls who were quick to turn against the Ice King.

Flame Kings brother was the previous incarnation of the fire elemental before the birth of Flame Princess
Flame King killed his brother to become king, implying he was dead before Flame Princess was born since that's when her dad was king.

Shermy and Beth may figure out how to "reignite" extinguished pup powers in the future.
Steve Wolfhard's artwork of the various pups goes into details of the various powers they all have, even the ones whose powers were "extinguished at birth" by Gibbon. Why bother to detail the powers those pups could've had if they'll never be able to use them? Unless something will give them back down the road?

In terms of overall series continuity, "Food Chain" was a dream Finn had.
Despite the episode being considered non-canon, it gets referenced twice later in the series. First in "The Cooler" when Finn and Jake are singing the titular song from the end, then in "Flute Spell" when Finn sees Jake turn into the same kind of bird in his dream. Finn managed to convey the song to Jake after his dream (or had been singing it in his sleep as he dreamt it), so that's why the two would sing it together later. And the reference in "Flute Spell" happened while Finn was dreaming, so it's not out of the question that one of his dreams would reference an earlier one.

All non-canon episodes are just dreams
Following the theory above, it's possible that any episode that is not canon, like "A Glitch is a Glitch" and "Diamonds and Lemons" are just dreams the characters are having.

Ice Elementals, Water Elementals and Cloud people are the same species
Flame Princess referred to Water Elementals as the opposite of flame people. Despite this, fire is considered one of the four Elements yet water isn't. Also, many episodes have Ice as the opposite of fire. It's possible that ice and water are considered the same thing like in real life. The Adventure Time wiki list Cloud People as "possible water elementals" suggesting they might be part of the same package.

This is not too farfetched since flame people themselves come in different variaties, some being pure fire whilst others are made of rock or lava.

The Momma and Teenage Bears are descendents of one of Bear Brothers .

We know that the Grand Finale of We Bare Bears shows talking bears becoming normal in society. It's possible one of the Bears eventually found a wife and had children who were around during the Mushroom War and managed to survive and produce offspring of their own.

Elise's last name is Lee.
While Marshall Lee's name was obviously written as such, from a meta perspective, to sound similar to Marceline, the Fionna and Cake spinoff reveals that Fionna's last name is Campbell, the maiden name of Finn's mother, whose Gender Swap counterpart would be Fionna's father. Based on the precedent set here, Elise's counterpart would've been Marshall's father and likely the source of his last name. Hunson Abadeer's counterpart is already confirmed to be Marshall's mother.

Betty had a bondage fetish.
Ice King's obsession with princesses is a projection of Simon's love for Betty, as he used to call her "his princess." Kidnapping them is crazy evil old wizard stuff. But in "When Wedding Bells Thaw," he ties up Old Lady Princess during the wedding cerimony, and says to Finn and Jake that it's a "traditional wedding ritual for good luck." While it later turns out that Old Lady Princess was brainwashed, Ice King still had full control of the situation until Finn found out and likely didn't need to keep her tied up for any security reasons, meaning he may have been genuine about the tying up being some sort of tradition. And since the only lady he's ever had luck with was Betty, the tradition could only originate from her...

Simon or his father is a Russian immigrant.
While Simon has a Russian surname, what we see of him and Betty pre-apocalypse heavily implies he's native somewhere in America or an English-speaking country. Ethnically he's Ambiguously Brown. It could be that either he moved to America young, or his father was originally from Russia and that's where the name Petrikov comes from.

Prismo's Boss is The Static.